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  1. Hi can anyone help me please? I have today received 2 letters - one from Bryan Carter and one from Northampton Court. The one from Bryan Carter says> As you have failed to make repayments on the above account we have now issued litigation proceedings in the County Court. You will recieve a claim form in the next 48 hours direct from the court. Balance including interest court cost and solicitor fees is £1125 I emailed Bryan Carter this morning with the following> Ref your letter dated 18th July 2014, with instruction to pursue through court please find below Re:− Account/ xxxxxx Reference Number :-xxxx I do not acknowledge any debt to your company or its clients. With reference to the above agreement, I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond with you further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement, under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974. 2. A full statement of account. 3. A signed true copy of the deed of assignment of the above referenced agreement that you allege exists. 4. A copy of any other documents referred to in the agreement. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (Sections 77−79), I am entitled to receive a copy of our credit agreement on request. Please note that under no circumstances should this payment be set aside against any alleged debt. If you are unable to supply the documentation requested. I understand a copy of our credit agreement should be supplied within 12 working days. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with a request for a copy of the agreement under these sections of the Act. I look forward to hearing from you, as the alledged matter does not show up on any of my credit reports and i shall defend this in court. Their reply back was> LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD V xxxxxxxxxxx ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxx CLAIM NUMBER:xxxxxxxx Thank you for your email, the contents of which we have noted. We confirm that we are instructed by Lowell Portfolio I Ltd to act on their behalf in relation to the collection of an outstanding balance in the sum of £1,125.70. The debt relates to HFC Bank LTD account number xxxxxxx which was assigned to our client. It is the original creditor’s policy to provide an agreement to its customers at the point of contract and statements throughout and therefore you have already been provided with validation of the debt. Our client will provide a validation of the debt in accordance with the court’s directions. A Claim was issued in this matter on 17 July 2014. Please respond to the claim using the Response Pack provided by the Court. You should comply with the deadlines outlined by the Court in order to avoid a default judgement being entered against you. We recommend that you seek independent legal advice in this regard. Yours sincerely Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP 11 De Havilland Drive, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0YP Tel: 0845 219 8686 Fax: 01932 341 517 e-mail: [email protected] I checked my credit file and i have nothing showing on my account for this debt. The last time it was acknowledged was July 2008. I have had no letters from either HFC or Lowells. Nothing I have signed for by anyone. The date on the claim form says 18th July. The claim form says it was assigned to Lowell portfolio ltd on 23/10/2013 pursuant to the law of property act 1925 What do i do as really do not want to get a ccj as i want to move in 6 months time. Please can anyone help me ==================================================================================== What is the value of the claim? £1125.70 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Credit account for pc When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? JUly 2008 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Debt purchaser who has issued the claim Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No nothing at all. I would remember if i had Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? I think maybe so yes but if i did it is not showing on my credit file for either experian, equifax or Callcredit for anything relating to this matter Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Nope nothing Why did you cease payments:- Completely forgot about it when the now ex was pregnant and we was struggling Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Nonei know to - theyve never contacted me Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt managementicon plan? No never
  2. start date 2004 Paid on a repayment plan until Dec 2012 stopped paying when they failed to comply under a s78 cca request Have done a SAR and another S78 cca request. I have looked for the template letter ..you are in default of my CCA request, can not find it. ( definitely me..and I should send it today) Particulars of Claim The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract dated on or about 02/03/1994, in the sum of 9894.69 inclusive of interest to date of this summons at 19.8% per annum from 06/09/13 to 19/06/14 PARTICULARS OF ACCOUNT a/c no;- XXXXX DATE ITEM VALUE 06/09/2013 Default balance 8565.76 post Refrl Cr Nil 19/06/2014 interest £1328.93 Total:- 9894.69 together with:- Interest pursuant to contract at the rate of 464.66 pence per day to the date of Judgement or sooner payment regards JR
  3. hi all need some advice to help a friend out, my friend made a claim for a refund ppi from hfc in 2012. this claim was accepted and he was offered £1200 but due a break up of marriage and serious health issues he never returned acceptance form, I am trying to help him get back on his feet both physically and financially, would he need to start his claim again or is it a lost cause now .
  4. Hi guys I've received a letter from Lowell Financial this week stating that they have... ''bought an outstanding balance i 'had' with HFC Bank LTD. You have not yet cleared the outstanding balance, so they have asked for us to get in touch. We can help you clear the outstanding balance and repaying your debt may help to improve your credit rating'' I will attach a image in the next post. Where do I stand with this as this loan was taken out around 2006/2007 I believe. Thanks Guys
  5. Afternoon, Back in 1999 I purchased two items, a TV & a Hifi (on separate occasions) from Dixons on higher purchase over 48 months, on each loan. At the time I was a student with a job, and I wasn't informed about PPI being applied to the loan. It only came to my knowledge recently when rummaging through old paperwork, whilst clearing out my old room at my parents house. I have the account number for the TV loan (taken from a payment book) but nothing else. For the Hifi I have the account number, the credit agreement with amounts and printed on X in the Credit Protection Insurance section. The loan details for the Hifi are such: Sony Hifi £169.97 1+3 yr (I suspect this is the insurance) £75.00 Total cash price £ 244.97 Less deposit paid £ 30.00 Credit Amount £ 214.97 Interest Rate* 2.06% per month APR* 27.7% Anticipated number of monthly repayments 48 Amount of monthly repayments £ 7.87 The loans were underwritten by HFC The TV I think was around the same price, but without any actual amounts I'm unsure. On both of these accounts I do recall getting behind on my repayments later on into the loan, and gaining a lot of bank charges, to the point that I had to loan money from my parents at the time to both clear the charges and the loans. I've never tried to get these charges back as I didn't think I had the documents with it being so long ago. My really after some guidance as I not sure how to proceed with reclaiming both the PPI and the charges. I did recently do a SAR request using the account number for the TV loan however HSBC wrote back to me saying that they now service HFC accounts and they have been unsuccessful in their search to locate my account, using the information I have given them (account number, my name, & my old address). They have asked for: personal information - Previous address history and date of birth. legal agreement to confirm the account information bank statements to show the account had the benefit of Payment Protection Insurance, including proof of any early settlement payments. They have also said that they have destroyed the cheque for £10 that I sent to them. I am thinking of starting from scratch as I haven't sent a request for the Hifi loan and I have thought that it would be easier to start the TV loan request again along with the Hifi so that the dates will tally. Could someone point me in the correct direction, as I've been reading a lot of posts on here and several other website & forums and I seem to be getting lost in how to go about gaining both the information relating to the accounts & their charges and if I receive that information how then to proceed with reclaiming the PPI & the charges. Family & friends has advised passing it all over to a PPI company, however I would only like to do this as a last resort, as it would feel like a bit of a defeat. I have reclaimed bank charges in the past for family and some for myself but from what I've read the whole procedure has changed since 2007 when I did it for them. Thank you for your time, and I'm very sorry for the length of this post I just wished to give as much information as possible. Again thank you
  6. Hello all, To get to the point I'd actually like advice on, I'll have to run through the story so far, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Around 2-3 years ago I ran into financial difficulties and began struggling to pay the minimum amount on my Amazon credit card (administered by Halifax). It didn't take long before it was referred to a DCA but, as my situation hadn't improved, I was unable to pay the amount they were requesting. After several threats of court action but none taken, I became suspicious that the debt may be unenforceable, so I sent a CCA request. At first sight their reply looked like I didn't have a leg to stand on, but after closer inspection (and research on this site) I realised that what they had sent was merely a web application, printed and signed by me, accompanied by an unsigned CCA. The DCA continued with the threats of court action but, to my surprise, agreed to my proposal to pay a nominal amount each month, which will take more than a lifetime to discharge. I guess I could have not bothered with the payments but since it doesn't impact my life much, I decided it was the best way to keep the peace. However, the subsequent default on my credit file has impeded my ability to get further credit, especially mortgages. So it was with joy that I greeted the victory of Durkin over HFC in yesterday's Supreme Court ruling. The CAG email I received this morning reports that "the judgment means that banks have a duty of care to ensure that an agreement is enforceable before they issue a default on a credit file, otherwise they are liable for damages". This has prompted me to consider writing to ask that the default be removed from my file, but I realise that if they concede, Halifax are admitting the debt is unenforceable. It may be too early to be asking what the implications of this ruling are, but I'd appreciate any opinions or advice.
  7. Hi, I’m seeking some advice on dealing with Arden Credit Management. It relates to a loan from HFC bank which was in a DMP. After CAG advice last summer (not enough posts to insert a link to it) HFC Loan, started in September 2004 still with them £3,800 outstanding. I sent a CCA request to HFC in July 2013, but never heard anything back from them and consequently stopped paying them. At some point HSBC took over the account more directly, but apart from a few texts saying call this number, I heard nothing from them. Since then: October 2013 Letter from HSBC saying that account number so-and-so has been sold by HSBC to Britannica Recoveries. Letter from Britannica Recoveries SARL to say that they have purchased it and that Moorgate Loan Servicing Ltd will be administering the account on their behalf. December 2013 Default Notice from Moorgate asking me to pay or they’ll terminate the loan agreement Early January 2014 Moorgate letter terminating loan agreement I then sent Moorgate the ‘Letter for a Failed CCA Request’ from the library telling them I’d made a CCA request to HFC in July 2013 and not received a response. Mid January Moorgate letter saying that they have appointed Arden Credit Management Late Jan Arden letter saying that they have been instructed by Moorgate I then sent Arden the same library letter I’d sent to Moorgate Mid February Arden letter saying non-payment is not acceptable and they might send someone around and start legal action. These two letters are the only communication I’ve initiated since the CCA request and I’m tempted to continue to otherwise ignore them. However they call my mobile most days – I’ve had 19 calls and 13 texts since 29th January. I always ignore them (but it’s irritating if my phone starts vibrating when I’m trying to teach which is what I do for a living). Also I’d hate for them to really send someone around when it’s my wife at home most of the time and I know she’d be upset. Should I continue to ignore and hope they go away? I’ve looked at my report on Noddle and the account is no longer there. Is there any chance they’ll stop? Or should I send a new CCA request, recorded delivery (to Arden or Moorgate?) Or send the Harassment and Doorstep-Visit Letter? As ever many thanks in advance for your time and advice.
  8. Hey Over the last 14 years, ive sporadically paid scraps of money to various DCA's through Payplan. The last time I paid anything to Payplan was a few years ago, now i'm looking to start paying my debts off - well - the ones I can track anyway. One of them was a HFC debt (loan ), i took out in 2000. The last record I have in terms of the debt existing, the debt was with TBI Financial Services, although I am not sure they are still operating judging by a Google search? One of my current DCA's recently agreed not to pursue an old debt because I asked for a CCA and they couldnt present it - I am hoping to do the same with HFC debt. Problem is, how do I go about finding out who currently has the debt if it's not TBI? I am in the process of asking for original copies of CCA's from those debts which are older than 6 years old, as the likelihood is, they won't have it. What should I do about the HFC debt? Shall I contact HFC directly and ask who they sold the debt to? Then again, it's probably been sold on several times to varies DCA's that they probably won't know. Any advice would be appreciated - thanks
  9. Hi Had a few past loans with ppi claims from 1988 onwards, now been with FOS for over 16 months. I found 4 copies of legal agreements in the loft but the bottom part of the agreements were beyond repair and could not make out at all, the top parts of each agreement were readable and you can clearly make out my name, address, the acc numbers, ppi showing single premium, life cover, sickness and redundancy cover with the figures showing and total figure with interest added and the optional box has a cross already in the box which is printed rather that been ticked with a pen and each agreement at the top has the HFC stamp on paid in full with the date it was paid off. When I originally sent copies of the info I had to HFC as above they stated that since it was over a six year period that they have destroyed all records, and although they have acknowledged they were copies of legal agreements they needed info as to why I thought they were missold. I can remember when the loans were taken out that I was told in no uncertain terms on each occasion that unless I took the ppi out that I would not get the loans regardless of my employment status, and since I have found the information from my employer at the time to prove that I got paid work or play, had life cover and got redundancy pay along with a pension. All the above info was then sent to the FOS over a year ago, but now because then agreements don't show the term of the agreements ( ie) how long they were taken out for due to wear and tear the ombudsman is now stating that he needs to ask HFC for more information regarding the terms etc which obviously as per HFC final response letter which the FOS has had a copy they are not going to have as they have already stated they have destroyed all the records so I don't see what that is going to achieve, and even if they do find anything surely then that is illegal to say they have destroyed all records if they have not! But now I get the distinct impression from what the FOS has told me that if HFC have no info regarding this issue, then without that it is down to HFC bank as to whether they accept my claim or reject it based on the information I have managed to salvage and from the vibes I was getting from the ombudsman if HFC have not got any info regarding the terms then HFC would reject my claim and the ombudsman would side with them. It seems to me u cannot win with these people even if you have got evidence to prove that u have had single premium ppi with interest added and box pre crossed and then stamped with HFC stamp PAID IN FULL with the date paid and you can then prove as to why it was missold with evidence from your employer at the time l though that would count for something but obviously not, has this been a complete waste of my time and effort. Any thoughts please.
  10. i wil give a short outline to see if its worth going into more detail. i had a loan with HFC bank who sold the Debit on to TBI financial services. due to ill health (mental health) of which TBI is aware i am no longer able to work. i took out 2 loans with HFC one as a personal loan and one as a sales agreement trough PC World in 1998 and 1999 both unsecured. when TBI brought the loan they started off ok then because i was unable to pay the amount they wanted citizens advice negotiated a payment of a pound a month which they at first they took then they took court action to get a charging order at first in reading county court this was refused and they were awarded £20 a month. they then got a redetermination order in my local county court and was granted the charging order. since then several things have happened firstly i found out i had PPI on the loans and HFC now HSBC agreed to pay me the amount back. but instead paid it to TBI Financial Services i took this mater to the financial ombudsman and he agreed that this was wrong and now HSBC have agreed with him at the last second . they have said they will pay me back still waiting but they have 4 weeks left to pay. so the amount they took me to court for was wrong ? the other thing is on further looking at the loan agreement for the personal loan i have seen that it looks like i signed the agreement on the 30/8/1998 but the person who signed on behalf of HFC has dated it as 30/5/1998 is this valid as his date is 3 months be for my date. TBI have informed me since the charging order that they are charging 15% apr and even if i pay this off they may be other charges palaces on the account but do not say what charges they are or how much. any more detail please ask Albert: mad2:
  11. Hi everyone, Great to hear the success stories on this site of people being able to get their mis-sold PPI back. Hope I can do the same! I have just put in a phone call with HSBC/HFC for a loan that I settled in January 2008 (so just within the six-year point after which my information will be deleted). They said they would send out an acknowledgement letter within five days along with a questionnaire which I needed to fill out and send back. I don't have any of these statements or the loan agreement any more, I chucked them a few years ago, so it's vital that I put the complaint in before my records were deleted. However, as they take 8 weeks to investigate the complaint and make a decision, this 8-week deadline is obviously after the date on which they can delete/shred my records so I am concerned that this will be done before the complaint will be processed! Can anyone advise on this? Now that I've lodged the complaint are they obliged to keep my records open until it is resolved? Thanks in advance Lee
  12. Hi all, I'm really hoping someone on here can assist me with my dilemma, its rather long winded so please bear with me.. I took a loan out with HFC Bank in 2001 with my at the time partner (and father of my child). I was pregnant at the time, so HFC said it would need to be a joint loan as I was due to go on maternity leave soon, so it ended up having his name on it too. He wasn't working at the time I must add, so found this all a bit odd!! The loan was for £4000 over 60 months @ £140 p/m. Anyway, ALL the repayments were made by me, came from my bank and I never missed a single payment right up until when the loan was cleared. Also, I split with my partner in 2003. So, this year I decided to see about reclaiming the PPI back that I paid on it, as when I took the loan out I was told I had to have PPI added or wouldn't be successful. The box on the credit agreement was already ticked for me so I never really would have had much choice! (I had also taken out another loan with HFC in 2004, but this was just by myself and was for a purchase agreement for about £1500 so added that one to my claim as well). So after a few letters going back and forth to HFC, or HSBC which they are now better known as, I was eventually awarded a refund of £3250 which I was more than happy with. All I had to do was sign the paperwork that accepted the refund (and a signature from my ex partner), then send it back to them which I did. But two weeks later I received a letter from them saying my ex partners signature does not match what they have on their records so would need either a copy of passport or drivers licence to verify his signature!! But who's signature would stay the same after over 12 years??! The bug bearer of this is that my ex partner does not hold a passport nor a drivers license so that would be a no go. I phoned HSBC and was told that a photocopy of my ex partners bank card, front and back, and stamped and signed by his bank would be accepted. It should have all been straightforward from now onwards, but it has been anything but. The first time my ex partner eventually went to the bank for me, he only got a bank statement stamped by his bank which needless to say HSBC rejected. He then told me his bank refused to photocopy his bank card for him but they gave him some sort of list of bank cards, and never stamped it which again HSBC rejected. Its difficult to describe the sort of person my ex partner is, he doesn't like going out of his way for anyone regardless of the fact that I am the mother to his child but I have been asking him now since July for him to do this for me but all he's managed to get is what I am not asking for! And now he keeps fobbing me off, is too busy, isn't well, or some other excuse why he cant do it. It seems that he just doesn't want to do it, despite knowing what it is for and insisting he knows the refund is all due to me! I've even offered to give him some money out of it which again he has refused! Also, he lives quite far away so my child only see's him during school holidays, so its not like I see him regularly. The thing is, HSBC are not budging on this and I desperately need this refund as quite frankly, its my money. I'd just like some advice on what other routes I can go down, as now it appears that I may ending up falling out with my ex partner which means I wont get the information I need at all! And that's exactly what HSBC said, without that I wont get my refund which I find incredibly unfair as he had nothing to do with the loan. I hope I've explained all this clearly enough, its all driving me round the twist as this money that is due to me is still tied up with a bank that ultimately screwed me over. It was information on this forum that got me as far as I did with my refund, so I'm really hoping you can help me with this final piece. Thank you in advance
  13. Hi guys, you've helped me out many times and I come asking again. When I was young, naive and irresponsible, I said to many forms of credit when I wasn't in a secure job. I have 4 defaults. 3 are settled are will all be older than 6 years old in January. One however is causing me some distress. The account start date is 27/12/2006 however the default date is 30/11/2011. I cant remember what is was for, all it says is unsecured loan. I am sure the last payment I would have made would have been in 2007 at the very latest as looking back at bank statements which go up to 2007 online, I have no payments going out for anything credit wise. Also my credit file only has information on the balance of this defualt from 12/2011. No previous balance history, payments etc. Just a account number with most the number starred out. My questions are: 1. How can I find out who the debt is with? 2. Can a default be placed 4 years after I stopped paying? 3. If i send an SAR, who do I send it to. I'm sure this debt should be statuate barred or nearly there. If I could find out what the debt is for I could prove when my last payment was. Any help would be amazing as Im going for a mortgage in 6 months time.
  14. This is the first time I have used the site so please bare with me. I have searched and read through a lot of succesful cases on here but unfortunately I have not been so lucky and I'm looking for any advice that might help me turn this around. I have 3 Negative markers against my credit report. 2 defaults and an arrangement to pay marker. My first default is by Hutchison 3G for £12.00. I had problems from day 1 with 3G. I had taken out one of those internet dongles back in 2008 and it was basically useless, it was replaced countless times by 3 and resulted in me refusing to pay for a service I wasnt receiving for a small period of time. Although I didnt want to I did continue paying as I didnt want to end up with bad credit but having thought the account was closed and settled, I find the default for just £12.00 registered against me. I have written a polite and apologetic letter to 3G explaining I'm looking to apply for a mortgage, financial problems it is causing for my family, that it's such a small amount and the adverse effect it is having etc. 3G have written back a tiny 1 paragraph letter basically saying it is a true reflection of how the account was managed and they wont be removing the default. My second default is with T-Mobile. I moved home and did not realise I had one final payment left on my contract. The outstanding balance was £57.17. This appeared on my credit report, I contacted T-Mobile who advised the debt had been passed to a DCA and they could not accept payment but passed me the DCA details. I contacted the DCA who advised the settlement figure was £45 which I paid immediately. I then find a default registered against me by T-Mobile for £7.17! I called T-Mobile who said they don't know why I was told to only pay £45 and this time they were prepared to accept the remaining £7.17 directly. Similar letter (as the 3G one) to T-Mobile who have responded advising as the DCA told me to pay £45, despite the default being registered by T-Mobile, to take my issue up direct with the DCA, who can't do anything as they didnt register the default. T-Mobile are just advising there is nothing they can do. Finally, HFC bank have registered an "arrangement to pay" marker against me. I never needed an arrangement to pay for the account and never agreed to one. My payments remained the same every month apart from 1 late payment until I settled the account early. Again, similar letter to HFC but they just flat out dont respond. Sorry it is a bit of a rant I just wanted to be clear about my situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello all! I was wondering whether I can reclaim a collection charge on the same basis as credit card penalty charges with interest in restitution? It is on an old credit card that I had with the dreaded HFC. They applied the charge, in the sum of around 2k, well just shy of that. The charge was added in 2006. The debt has been sold on as well. The way I am looking at this is the collection charge never formed any part of an agreement with them, added to the fact that the agreement is entirely unenforceable. All advice appreciated! Figgydoody.
  17. Hi Everyone, I've recently began my claim after reading a lot of stuff on here, on an old HFC Personal Loan Plus account that ran from 2001. to 2007. So far I have done a Subject Access Request and got a list of transactions and a copy of the credit agreement from HFC. At the moment I'm stuck with the spreadsheets to work out the interest I can claim. Do I use the Compound Interest calculator to work out the 28.9% APR for each monthly PPI fee for the time the loan ran which is MAR 2001 to FEB 2007. Then Statutory Interest of 8% added to each payment from the date added to present day? This is all a bit confusing.
  18. Hi all, a previous credit agreement i took out a few years ago for a cooker through curry's which was financed through HFC, i was mis old the PPI on the loan because i do remember the conversation and was told that the product was an added benefit that i wouldn't have to pay for, and as i was a full time student at the time i was only able to make the bare repayments on the product itself, so am i right in thinking that as i was a student i wouldn't have even been able to claim on the PPI thus compounding that it was mis sold? The problem is the Loan was cleared around 3 years ago and i have no record of the account number, i just know which branch of curry's i took it out with, that it was with HFC and which addresses it was registered to, i want to pursue this PPI claim without the reclaim companies but i am looking for step by step advice if someone could help i would really appreciate it, i think my first step is a information access request or something like that, is this right? Tenat87
  19. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I had two credit cards both taken through HFC around 1998, I sent HFC a SAR to gain information on the two credit cards. Goldfish & Marbles. They sent a letter back and my postal order saying that they have no information on me at all but they didn't reply regarding the Marbles credit card. I contacted Marbels who say they also have no information on me either. Unfortunately I do not have any paper work or credit card numbers. Is this a lost cause?
  20. I have been paying a loan off through attachment of earnings from start of 2010, i have been paying a 100 pounds month which comes out of my wages, i have rang the solicitor this morning and asked how much their charges where etc, they are going to ring me back, but i think their charges on top of what i owed hfc was around 1000 pounds, this actually went to court before, its not a ccj, but the loan originally was 95 pounds a month for 5 years, the judge originally said i had to pay 150 pounds a month, i stated that the original payments where only 90 so he agreed a 100 pounds, i did not have a solicitor with me because i could not afford it at the time, wish i did though. .. is there anyway legally i can get the charges knocked off?? maybe a silly question
  21. Hi all, I had a HFC Personal Plus loan. One of those credit card style rolling credt accounts where the min amount is paid by direct debit and you had a cheque book. The account ran from Feb 2001 and I stopped paying in FEB 2007 when I moved house, as I was paying over £60 a month and the balance hardly decreasing. In 2010 the account was sold to 1st Credit and it's now Statute Barred, as I took great delight in writing and informing them they wouldn't be getting a penny from me. The HFC account had PPI added at 0.55% of the outstanding balance each month. Just waiting for the SAR to return statements so I can do the spreadsheet and work out the 8% interest. I also noticed a front loaded 5 year life insurance fee of £495. Now as this was a rolling credit account, can I claim compound interest of 28.8% for the life of the account for this £495? When I stopped paying the balance was only £200 lower than the £2000 I borrowed at the start.after 6 years. How I should work this out? I'm not sure what percentage of the life insurance would have been paid off each month and it doesn't state this in the credit agreement. The loan was to settle a previous loan, and I'm hoping the SAR will give me documentation to claim on that one too.
  22. Hi, I am new to this so hopefully i'm posting this in the correct place. I have / had several loans dating back to the 1990's to present , all except the last two (which are still running) included PPI and each loan paid off the previous one. I cannot remember ever remember receiving insurance certificates from Barclays on the loans taken out back in the 1990 to around 2005. Is this normal for the bank not to issue a certificate?
  23. Hi All, I have chased this myself as my claims company in 2010 were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Basically HFC apparently made an offer in 2010 via the claims company which I never received. After not hearing I totally forgot about my claim until recently when i contacted HFC bank. Apparently they had made an offer of £2600 but they wanted to pay this to TBI Financial Services. I never received any of this correspondance. I wrote to them challenging this as it according to this forum and other forums not legal to pay a third party the PPI refund. I have taken a photo of their latest letter ( we are going round in circles ) and they state this is their final response. Could someone take a look and advise please as I am not one to let this outfit get away with this.There phrase " we have the obligation to forward the PPI on " is surely not a legal one? [ATTACH=CONFIG]42915[/ATTACH]
  24. Hi I need help urgently hope anyone can help? I took out an unsecured (rolling) loan with Hfc in 2000, I got into difficulty in 2007 when i was really ill, account was passed to weightmans who informed me that they had obtained a charging order on my house, (I have never seen proof of this & stupidly never asked) to cut a long story short, I have never heard from HFC themselves since Nov 2006 & weightmans since sept 2009 ( i stll have the letter, which in it refers to the charging order) I have buried my head in the sand & havent paid any thing on this account since 2007! Like I said I have never heard from HFC until I contacted them in Sept 2012 regarding a PPI claim, when they then started persuing me for payment, the letter stated they had wrote/phoned/text on several occassions which is all lies! Next I received a letter headed Beneficial finance, then they got reestons solicitors involved This all happened within weeks!! but when I wrote asking for more details proof of agreement etc they were I feel purposely slow to response & sending un-readable copies which I had to re-request! The next thing I know they were taking me to court, I did reply but think it may have been a litle late & before I knew it was granted in their favour due to not replying & wanted full amount forthwith! I can not afford it it amounts to £4400! so I have filed a N245 form, was this the correct thing to do? a couple of days after I received a transfer of proceedngs to kings lyn county court for enforcement, what does this mean? I am so scared the baliffs will come, my husband thinks I paid this off ages ago!!! When weightmans told me previously they had a charging order do you think they were trying to scare me?? Can Hfc take me to court twice for the same debt if they already had a charging order? If they didnt have a charging order what are the chance they will go for one this time, I would rather have this than the baliffs come! How much time do I have & how does the N245 work? I so worried, I keep searching the internet for answers & just get myself more anxiuos!!! so sorry if it all seems so messed up & rambled!!! xxxxxx
  25. My aim is to clear these debts at the lowest possible cost to myself. I have other defaults on my credit file and I dont want it to get any worse. If someone can tell me if I am doing the right things here and what action I should take next, it will be very much appreciated. Type of Debt: Personal Loan Collecting: HFC (OC) Status: 3 Late payments Balance: £273.00 (as per credit file). Penalty and interest charges already reclaimed. 06/01/13: Letter sent requesting CCA. 14/01/13: Received a reply asking for a signed request and photo ID before they can comply with CCA request. 31/01/13: Letter sent offering F&F and reminding CCA request. I offered 25% F&F on the basis that they have not been able to produce a valid CCA. 04/02/13: Received a reply refusing my F&F offer and asking for copies of payslips together with a repayment proposal. Then another letter, again, requesting a signed CCA request and photo ID to comply with CCA request. 11/02/13: Letter sent asking to reconsider F&F and advising time limits of CCA request and that ID, payslips etc are not required. 21/02/13: Received a letter recognising my requests and my complaints. Apparently a 'full investigation' will be conduction regarding the issues I raised. 07/03/13 I received a notice advising me that if I did not remedy the late payments on the account by 30/03/13, further action would be taken. 11/03/13 Received a letter today to advising me that HFC intend to issue a default notice in no less that 65days from the date of the letter. 14/03/13 Today I have sent a letter to HFC ( thanks to BRIGADIER2JCS for the template) to question their need to signature and ID if they have been sending statements etc to my address for months and also to formally put this account in to dispute. ... Where to go from here?
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