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Found 32 results

  1. Hi, I need some advice. I arranged for myhermes to deliver a parcel to a buyer who purchased from me on ebay. After nearly two weeks of the tracking information being all messed up (attempted delivery,returned to depot etc repetitively) I sent them an email a few days ago to express my disappointment and SHOCKINGLY received this response: "Good afternoon Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver your parcel to the address given we have spoken to the courier and the courier states it is a travellers site and has incurred various incidents when delivering previously. This parcel will now be sent back to you please allow a few days for delivery. Apologises for the inconvenience caused. Kind Regards xxxx xxxxxx MyHermes Support advisor Hermes Parcelnet Limited. Registered in England & Wales No. 3900782. Registered office: Capitol House. This email (which includes any files/attachments transmitted with it) is confidential and is intended solely for those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Hermes Parcelnet Ltd. Do i have a case for discrimination? The buyer/site recieved normal royal mail etc and just feel this is terrible. After the email stated they are refusing to deliver, the buyer then informed me that they delivered it this evening (obviously, realising that i may possibly raise an issue/case about this!) Where do i stand?
  2. I received notification that a car I purchased in May 2012 is subject to a Logbook Loan We purchased the vehicle from the Miss X who took out the loan, not knowing that such a loan existed. We did a HPI check (no Finance Listed), checked the log book received the tear of strip, service book, mot's etc Did a further check since receiving the letter (no finance listed) The bill of sale is between the Miss X (borrower) and Nine Regions Ltd (lender) dated 16th Dec 2011. I have read through many of the listed threads on this subject, OFT, Citizens Advice etc but am still a little confused. 1. OFT revoke logbook loans/nine regions 2009 2. OFT strike of logbook loans/ nine regions Nov 2011 3. Logbook loans / nine regions go into administration Mar 2012 4. Debt is bought by Hermes 5. OFT allow Hermes to use logbook loans trading name 6. Hermes must abide by OFT ruling and the Code of practice (CCTA) associated. So can anybody shine a light on the following If they are revoked and strike off how do they do a bill of sale dated 16th Dec 2011 Can a bill of sale be transferred to another company legally (I understand that the debt can by bought) If this is so, can a bill of sale be witnessed by the pawn brokers sales assistant If Hermes have to abide by the section 5 of the code of practice, why have they not registered an interest on the vehicle. If Hermes are now requesting the vehicle back have they taken all reasonable steps to obtain contractual payments by other means as stated in their Bill of Sale Information Sheet. Any feed back on any of the above would be very much appreciated
  3. right guys at my wits end here trying to speak to someone in authority is a nightmare. Loan was taken out during my bad patch, was a case of all information taken on phone approved over phone and had to meet agent the next day to sign and have my car checked this was done and paperwork was signed rushed ie sign here here here and here worst thing ever done. I was led to believe loam was 9 months its actually 18 and I was told £16 a week for 9 months not 18. The car has now been involved in an accident while driven by my partner on his own insurance policy and the insurance want the v5 but Hermes won't sent it to me. I have repair the original loan amount £400 and £200 odd interest ams they still want another £900. They want authorization to speak to my partners insurance which I am not prepared to give them. This loan has been miss old and I don't think its acceptable I signed for loan in my own car at the roadside nothing was explained and what was said was rubbish. Help guys there robbing me and if my car gets written off I need the money to buy a new car not pay a disputed debt
  4. My husband took out a loan with lbl nine regions ltd (now hermes) for £1000 nearly 18 months ago, to date we have paid back £2299.04 of the £2922.66 total to pay inc interest. He lost his job a couple of months ago and although we have tried to keep up with the weekly repayments it just hasnt been possible and have missed quite a few payments over the last few weeks, they have refused lower payments and have now demanded we pay them £623.62 and have threatened to come take the car if we dont. So i turned to the internet for advice which led me to finding you guys as we really dont want to lose the car. In response to their demand i wrote to them requesting copies of the credit agreement, bill of sale & statement of account as i cannot find my originals. I then recieved a settlement letter followed a few days later by a copy of the credit agreement and a statement of account but no bill of sale have waited 2 weeks and still no bill of sale but another letter allowing us a further 7 days to settle the account before repossession. which is up on 17/10/12 Are there any template letters i can send hermes again requesting copy of bill of sale or do they not need to supply me with a copy? I believe that if a creditor fails to comply with my request for a copy of credit agreement they are unable to enforce an agreement until they comply, is this true and does this also apply for bill of sale? I have also been told by a friend that they cannot reposses the vehicle as i owe less than 1/3 or something like that have you heard of this and does this apply to bill of sale loans also or just standard car finance? Any help and advice would be appreciated
  5. Hi there, Wonder if I can get some advice on this. Appreciate Interparcel are a common point. 2 weeks ago I sent a parcel to Amazon using Interparcel and their my hermes courier. It was worth £1500 and has gone missing. The parcel contained DVDs and is not on their prohibited items list in their t's and c's. The parcel has been showing on their tracking now for 10 days as out for delivery. Interparcel have fed me various fabricated stories which now result in them claiming the parcel has been delivered, but there is no proof of delivery, which they are trying to get me. Amazon say the parcel has not been delivered . Interparcel have been trying to get proof of delivery for 5 days, and have tried to fob me off with a spurious one already. Interparcel have pretty much ignored most of my emails, and rather than this being a single mistake, have shown a complete failing of their systems to help me at all in any way. They have even hung up on me. They are unhelpful to the point of being down right rude. I would say they have done nothing and are negligent. I have so far spent over £40 in costs calling their premium rate number. The drop down menu on their site defaults to £20, and this is the value I have given when booking the courier. (to be honest I would think if you declared it as £1500 it would be much more likely to be stolen). To insure this may cost £100, and I post them fairly often so even with this loss it is cheaper to self insure...however that does not mean I think I should not chase this. After reading the following thread: ( I cannot post links as a new member, please google search for this forum and Interparcel small claims court DHL courier service) someone claims to have successfully taken interparcel to a small claims court and won based on negligence. consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?233594-DHL-Courier-Service-lost-items-no-re-imbursement I wonder if there is a case here for negligence? How would I go about this? What evidence should I ask for, and what steps should I take. Is it worth reporting this to the police? I wonder if to justify this loss on my accounts I would need a crime number anyway. Which police force to report it to? (delivery was in Swansea). When the contents of this parcel were sold by me £650 in tax would have been generated, so in theory that would be worth the Police working on! Also it would seem a rather simple step as the parcel has gone missing while out on delivery to question the delivery driver who had this parcel last. Again any advice appreciated, any steps to take...
  6. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/83-12 Cheers Michael
  7. can anyone help me with how to deal with TK Maxx and thier couriers, Hermes? or has anyone else had the same problem? i ordered a dress in the sale with a pre sale value of £214. it hasnt been delivered. i discovered this less than 24 hours after the claimed delivery and rang customer services--assuming it had been misdelivered. However, the courier from Hermes, was rung while i held on the line and she told the tk maxx customer services people that a young woman had signed for the parcel at my address. I was told my daughter had signed. This would be hard as i don’t have a daughter. since the courier insists that it was delivered and signed for, i hae been left with the bill the courier is either incompetent or a thief and no action is being taken to rectify the situation... any advice or help? Thanks
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