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  1. Hello to all. New and don't want to tread on the toes of anyone by posting in wrong forum. I've looked and searched - honestly! - but can't find the one I need - I think. In brief, I owed £12 on a TSB visa card. I paid it. Unfortunately they got it a day late and charged me £15 interest. Unfortunately again, I had then moved, never to used the card again. 36 months later a debt collecting firm have contacted me saying I now owe £64 with the accrued interest on the £15 interest, and it's gone on my credit rating thing. So, could anyone direct me
  2. I'm new here, my real name is Mike and i came to the forum as i need some advice but regardless as to whether i get it or not i'll try and help others too. See you around
  3. Just found this site from a Google search. I am having some issues with M&S Money at the present regarding a credit card that I took out circa April 2006. I will post all of the relevant information in that section but I am hoping somebody will be able to point me off in the right direction. Happy 2014 all
  4. Thanks for letting me join .
  5. Hello: I just checked in here a few minutes ago. I'm pleased to have found a website which has a serious purpose in the minefield of consumer affairs. For a long while I've had the opinion that consumers in this country are not particularly well protected against some unscrupulous practices in the world of "business" - despite what seem to be adequate laws. I hope to learn more (here) about safeguarding my rights and interests when dealing with firms that have a secret policy - if they can get away with it - of running rings around the Sale of Goods Act and suchlike legislation.
  6. Hello everyone. (I am a newbie) I am trying to take up a complaint of the Mis-selling of a pension. I have all the details of the pension, date sold, policy no, value etc and also the company who sold me the pension. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the companies by name, don't want to get into trouble with my first post On the 22.10.2013, I phoned the company who sold me the pension and they advised me to send an email, to which I did on the same day. I never received any confirmation of my email, and nobody contacted me. On the 29.10.2013, I phoned
  7. hello and help I have a SLC loan that has already been statute bared some years ago. I know it is now longer showing on my credit file but is keeps chasing me I took out the SLC in 1995-1996 I was thirty eight when it end and I stated working but did earn enough to pay the loan back. This was punctuated by period of unemployment since then I deferred the loan a number of time. According to dept. company link finance the last deferment was is May 2006 ( but I not remember this) The dept company are asking for £1 for a copy of my agreement . They are also asking for the mo
  8. I have been looking at this site for a while. I am currently in debt and looking for help - in particular advice with letters to debt collectors/letters in response etc. Will post more in the main forum.
  9. bit lost ive come to start dealing with my massive debt problems but dont know where to get started any tips would be helpful thanks
  10. Hi guys just joined after stumbling across this site when researching mysterious lost entitlements on UK Driving Licences, looks like there's loads of info on here to point me in the right direction. Al:-)
  11. Hello Good to have come across your forum...... A wonderful resource for consumers......
  12. I just joined, Looking forwards to reading the posts.
  13. Hi all form Cornwall, Looks like a good forum to join and have a chat. Anyway look forward to lots of chats on this forum
  14. Hello. Just joined today. It is a great forum with lots of advice and lots of helpful people. I am now going to start a thread about Debt Relief Orders. Thanks.
  15. Hi all I'm new to this forum but unfortunately not new to the bullying tactics of DCA's. Hopefully the community will be able to help me out with my current pickle. A big thanks in advance !
  16. hi everyone new to all this been reading for the last hour or so quite touched how people help others i wish to ask advice on a matter but not too certain where to start??
  17. Hi all, I'm new here! Just wanted to post a hello to you all!
  18. Hi, would just like to introduce myself as a new member to the CAG forums! Seems like a great and informative place to be! I have posted my first thread here about Orange/EE and hope to help others during my time here! Thank you, Zain
  19. Hello to all, I wandered lonely as a cloud through Google and found you all. The info I was privy to was very useful indeed. I, like many of you have an on going issue which I seek advice on. I'll discuss this in a separate thread, but in the meantime wish to say hi to you all and many thanks for your help in advance Papa Brownie:smile:
  20. Hi everyone, looking for some help and advice as my life has a few things going on at the mo. Have experienced a few thngs so may be able to help somewhere. So hi!
  21. thought i would introduce myself . I am trying to find my way through the ESA tibunal system:jaw:..eeeek
  22. Hi guys newbie here just wondered where i post about a problem i am having with Orange i dont want to put a big essay on here if its wrong Thanks in advance Michael
  23. I'm John smith from Leigh car finance United Kingdom and I'm now on this forum, we are working on car finance, bad credit car loan, etc. Hope I have a great time with you guys on this forum. Admin if my post is in the wrong section then please move it in the proper section. Thanks, Jhon Smith Leigh Car Finance
  24. I have a Moorcroft "home collections division " letter for a Lloyds TSB debt asking me to give them £90 a month....nice try. Where should I start with tis as I have already told TSB I cannot pay due to their high requests for payment and interest wiping out the payment...help ?
  25. Hello and I am posting for the first time on here , although I have been following for a while. I have over 20 cards and loans I went through awful phone haressment for many months, now on DMP , everything has now been SAR'd. I have all my files back from the various finance organisations. I brought a trucall unit recently from the help of this forum I now need to take it to the next level can someone please guide me to where I need to go , currently all unsecured is with DMP, an secured I did all myself. Some of the SAR's show me that some lenders di
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