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  1. Hi everyone. I am a newbie to CAG. So I need to read through everything first before I know where to post, but in the meantime, can someone tell me if 1st Stop is a legitimate Loan Company?
  2. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the forums and still trying my best not to make any mistakes or post in the wrong place, apologies to anyonw if I have. I have posted a new thread and received a reply and was asked to repost just the facts, I hope I haven't posted it in the wrong place as I haven't heard back since. Is there a way of updating a post?
  3. New here looking to get more clued up on my rights!
  4. Hi everyone I’m not sure if I’ve posted this in the right section so please forgive me if I haven’t. I desperately need debt help and a friend suggested this forum. I am self-employed and until 10 years ago had a very successful business. Over the last 10 years my trade changed so much that I could no longer compete and have had to change direction and do bits of all sorts to try to make ends meet. I am still trying to add new things but to be honest I feel as though I am swimming against the tide and I am in a terrible mess. When I say a terrible mess I mean t
  5. Found your forum via Google whilst looking for debt advice (I have posted a query in the appropriate section) however I think I will be using it for a lot more. thanks
  6. Hope we have some experts around to do with ATTACHMENT OF EARNINGS? .For Council Tax . I Have 2 at the moment , the council have now sent me a 3rd ,According to the council they not only sent me 1 set of letters , they sent me at least 3 ,really? ? they Did send my boss a form telling them that AOE would be taken until the total sum of both ,had been settled ,I DID RECeiVE 2 weeks later a letter stating the same, with a chart showing amounts allowed to be taken , Now I must admit to being number dyslexic , On a monthly wage of
  7. Hi I will try and keep this as short as possible, I'm really in no man's land at the moment. My farther passed away 3 years ago and left his estate to me since that time I have had a few problems that professionals where supposed to help me but through bad advice its cost me a lot of money. To cut a very long 3 years short it got to the point where a financial adviser found myself and my wife a bridging loan from December 2013 which was supposed to last till January 2014 we secured £147,000 to clear off the mortgage on the house my father owned and
  8. Hi. I am new here. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to consumer rights and fighting bad retailers and c ompanies. I am also not afraid to legally take on anyone at all. If I am in the right (and I will do my homework first) I WILL win! Hopefully, I will be able to give more than I take.
  9. My name is James and I just thought that I would say hello to everyone and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Just to give you some background into who I am; at present I am actually a complaint handler for a company that sold PPI policies and prior to this I was a Motor Insurance claims handler (before the dreaded redundancy came along). If I can, I will try and help anyone that has a problem with the 2 things that I am fairly knowledgeable in. Just contact me or point me to a thread and I will see what I can do to help (not making any promises though) Nice to be here, J
  10. hello to fellow aspies, but i got a job centre adviser at the moment who doesn't understand my special importance, he treats me like i'm just another person. but i consider myself to be superior needs. how can i get him to understand that what can i do? i don't want to go on esa and cop out, i just need him to understand that i cant do what he expects average people to do.
  11. hi first I am sorry aboute my badly English. I just want to help me . if somebody here receive soon a envelope from this RLP. I want to know if have some stamp on the envelope and other people can understand want is this letter. because I don't want my housemate know aboute this. I am so shame. I cant sleep cant eat I am not going to work just stay and wait for a postman.
  12. Hi everyone I am new to the forums and I am trying to find where to post a new thread in relation to the claim form In recieved yesterday? Any help would be great.
  13. Hello I have may times previously read posts from this forum but never felt I had any authority, experience or knowledge to write and place a post before now. It has taken me a while to rebuild my confidence, self esteem and self worth after one of the most stressful periods of my life. As a very proud, hard working person throughout the times of my troubles I did not ever seek help until it became a necessity legally and neither did I claim from the state or share my problems with my family. I am only telling you this so you can understand the type of person I am and whether
  14. Hi I came upon this site whilst researching ways to claim PPI. I must confess I have been extreamly impressed with the wide variety of subjects covered. I'm sure like so many that have been before me ,That I will be able to get valuable information from here and hopefully contribute o it as well. Many Thanks Barry
  15. Hi, I joined a couple of days ago and didn't introduce myself so I'm putting that right. I can not tell you how relieved I feel to have found CAG, I suddenly feel I'm not on my own anymore. I have been trying to reclaim bank fees and charges from Lloyds bank, I have read through some of the existing threads on here and they are very helpful...like I said, suddenly I don't feel so helpless. Thank you
  16. Hello all, where do I post a specific question. I'm new on here and looking for advise?
  17. Had posting trouble. Admin suggested I test post to show it is now working.
  18. have looked in forums and i want to start a new thread but can not find how to start one any help would be great please and thank you .
  19. I had a letter earlier this week which has prompted me to sort out my financial situation. With the help of google, I have found some really helpful website inckuding this one and noodle. My story is like a lot of other fellow sufferers on here. I stupily borrowed lots of money, lost my job, couldnt pay it back and I think that this contributed to me becoming ill. The good news is that Im still alive and kicking and have picked up some self employed work so looking up. Noodle isnt pretty, I have 2x ccj which I didnt know about and 6 debts which I have paid a penny f
  20. Hi All Just a quick hello, I've been a lurker on here for the past few weeks. Like many I am seeking some consumer advice and thought it was about time I signed up. So much information here, its hard to know where to begin! Thanks Dal
  21. Hi all, Hello and happy New Year! I help run a medium-sized credit union. Although I'm not here in a 'professional' capacity, I'm happy to answer questions on CUs and add my thoughts where I think it may be useful. SJD
  22. Hello everyone, I have now got my own account! This is Sandy ( B/C'S ) ex, he is no longer on here and I do not wish to speak about him I love this site and it had helped me out many times, I was the one mainly on here before, onwards and upwards
  23. Hello all. I came across this forum whilst looking for info about late payment charges from mobile phone companies. Due to me not working and my Mrs only part time we have struggled to keep up paying our debts on time, which has over the last 2-3yrs added upto a lot of late payment penalties. I was wondering if i can claim these back like you can with bank and CC charges?? If so would someone please link me to the paperwork i would need to do this. Kind regards Martin
  24. Just joined ....Hello to everybody.
  25. Just a quick post to introduce myself to the forum. Im here hoping to get advice regarding a claim I have made against SCS.....currently my least favourite Sofa & Carpet "specialist" around.
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