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  1. Hello All I was recently involved in a crash where a lady drove into the back of my car as I was waiting at a T junction. So of course I phoned my insurance company Hastings Direct...my policy is a Hastings Essential policy. Initially they wanted me to use 'Albany Assistance' which I thought was a great idea until they started to ask me to agree to a hire agreement for the hire car alarm bells started to ring. After googling them I realized there was a huge danger I could be left with a huge hire car bill. Some horror stories on the honest John website where someone has had to fight a 7k bill! First off Hastings wanted to use a garage down in Southampton called Silverlake Garages latter on this gets changed to another garage in Portsmouth. So I canceled Albany Assistance and decided to take my car to my local main dealership they where excellent and gave the quote to Hastings that day! I was told by Hastings that if I went ahead and decided to use my own garage I would have to pay double my policy Excess! Apparently because I have the Essential policy. (I am going to try to find the policy documents but can they do this?) The whole process of phoning Hastings has been a nightmare ive been passed around so many different companies its hard to remember all there names and the amount of times ive been put on hold. God knows why they all use 0845 numbers too!. I have read online that often the insurance companies like to use there approved garages purely as it is beneficial to them selves and often the garages use substandard parts I dont know how true this is though. So is it true that because I use the Essentail Hasting policy they have the right to double my excess just because i wont do what i want? Thanks In Advance Paul
  2. Hi, I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. I'm writing this on behalf of my father in law. He was hit by a taxi whilst stationary at some traffic lights at the end of April. There is a really distinguished mark in the back in the shape of a grill at the front of black cabs. They've been messing him around, no offer has been made formally but he managed to get them to informally mention £2100 during a phonecall but readilly admitted that they couldn't find a match in the Auto Trader and the car is worth at least £3000. He's found his own car in a spares and repair yard in town without a word from Hastings. He duly phoned Hastings to ask what is going on as the spares yard have told him that they've been sold the car by Colport who were given authority by Hastings to sell it on. Seemingly my own car could be dismantled tomorrow for spares and there's nothing he can do about it. Hastings called him a liar and told him that the car is still 130 miles away in Bristol. He went back to the spares yard to take pictures which he will send to them to prove that he's telling the truth. You couldn't make this up!!!! Does anyone know the name of the CEO or anyone high-level within Hastings Insurance please??
  3. Been with them for about 10 years now and am more than happy with the way that they have dealt with any questions we have had including the excellant way in which they have dealt with claims. Phoned up just a few days ago to cancel the legal cover on my wife's insurance and the agent carried out the request efficiently and politely. I couldn't ask for more.
  4. Hello, I have just recently taken out an insurance policy with Hastings and, for reasons unknown, my first direct debit payment has (according to hastings) been cancelled. I have never seen the instruction on my account, and had not thought any more of it, until I received a letter from Hastings yesterday informing me of a missing payment; the letter stated that I had until 4/1 to pay £40+. I have just called to resolve the problem and been told that I had to pay the £40+ PLUS a £20 fee. I was shocked at the cost and was just told "well, do you want to or not?" How can that be right? A £20 fee!? I wish I had researched this company on here before taking out insurance with them-if anyone has any advice on these charges I'd be grateful. Thank you
  5. I too am VERY angry & disgusted with what’s transpired with my Hastings problem.... I’d just like to start by saying I have been driving for over 20 years now and I have never had problems with an insurer up until now. I sold my motorcycle & cancelled my insurance (with MCE/Norwich Union/Aviva) and bought a new motorcycle about a week, got some new quotes (I cancelled with MCE etc as they wanted over £100 increase on my premium for me having the audacity to have an extra years no claims, which is now over 10 years). Hastings was pretty cheap (not the cheapest) but I went with them as I had heard of them. I had a call just over a week ago, which I couldn't take as I was driving so my partner answered; when they couldn't talk to me they said it wasn't important and that they would put it in a letter. Well, imagine my surprise when I got a letter approximately one week later I had a letter waiting for me at home demanding i pay £777.04 extra on my premium + a £35 admin fee (oh and I pay monthly but Hastings do it over 6 months not 12) To TRY to cut a long story short, they could not get confirmation of my 10 years a claims bonus, (because I lived at a different address?) Surely this is not something new to insurers....people moving house? Also my previous insurers (this will be repeated on THEIR thread too) have said that 'at the time I took insurance out with Hastings I was still insured with them and as a consequence of this my no claims could not be used for my new insurance, hence the large hike in price! As of Friday 21 September 2012 I have spent over three HOURS on the phone talking to various people from both MCE & Hastings Direct at a cost so far of over £40 (again my fault as I have the audacity to NOT have a land line to call from!) MCE have a record of someone going into my 'file' around the date I said I called to cancel but no information was placed in the file! also I should have received a document to sign to cancel my insurance with them (which I was neither informed of or received) BUT....MCE advised me if I sent documented evidence of me selling my old bike and buying a new one with all the dates on, Norwich Union/Aviva would 'backdate the cancellation' to which Hastings said they would update my policy 'as is' and would even 'waive the fee to change my policy' After having scanned the documents into my pc and emailing them as I was on the phone to the advisor, two days later (last Thursday) I received a call to say 'it was all sorted' All’s well that ends well i hear you say..... I’m afraid not, i’m not that lucky... I had another letter through confirming my 'new pay schedule' with over £1200 to pay in the next few months, I called Hastings Direct to see what was going on and I was told 'yes your ten years no claims were confirmed but Norwich Union are saying my policy ran until the end (and so overlapping my new insurance by one day I believe) and it was 'against the policy that they signed up for with the Motor Insurance Database to backdate anything', which I would have thought the broker would have known and NOT offered to me in the first place.... So I am left now with the choice of cancelling my insurance, although Hastings are saying they want the full £1200+ if I do. I have just finished my complaint letter to all concerned and to the OFT, FOS & FSA hopefully that might kick some common sense up someone somewhere’s backside! So my advice is make sure you get your WRITTEN cancellation if you’re getting insured quite soon after, also WRITTEN confirmation of no claims to pass on to the new insurer and I would probably steer clear of Hastings Direct AND anything to do with Norwich Union/Aviva. Amos
  6. Hi.. Following with interest, as I am having my own issues with HAstings D. HAve you managed to get it sorted yet?
  7. Around a month ago I was sitting in my parked Audi tt quattro...I was then hit by a driver who came across 2 lanes of traffic and ploughed into the front of me Fast forward to today..Ive just been given what i can only describe as a very poor offer by Hastings. I told them i wasnt happy with their offer...their response was to cancel my courtesy car and issue a cheque for the amount i rejected. After phoning them i was told to send in 3 examples of similar spec car for the car to be revalued...i sent in 5 examples from each of the top car selling sites (ebay autotrader gumtree etc)...all examples were the cheapest in the whole of the uk for each site and all more than double the the offer i was given. I was then contacted by somebody from Hastings informing me that the car i own was a cat D in 2005 so the poor offer has now been reduced further. so through no fault of my own ive been left in real financial difficulty.Ive also been left semi stranded due to the courtesy car being withdrawn. I have been recording all my call from Hastings Direct and i have hours of constant lies now saved away. This was all done without my car being properly inspected. The so called engineer who wrote my car off didnt have access to the car and only did a look from the outside.didnt open the bonnet or doors,didnt check the mileage( so classed it as average mileage even though its way under average) but yet still came to the amazing repair bill of nearly 5000 pounds...even though 2 local mechanics have laughed this valuation off. i shall be contacting my lawyer to pursue this matter further as im far from happy. Any advice in the meantime would be appreciated
  8. Had an accident about 7 weeks ago and seem to be having one problem after another with my claim. I was not provided with the hire car I had paid for in my policy. After 5 weeks of constant complaining I was finally given a hire car with no explanation or apology for the 5 weeks I had to go without. I received a letter from Hastings 2 weeks ago to confirm that the other party had admitted liability and that they had waived my excess and allowed my no claims bonus. However, I have now received my renewal letter from Hastings which does not take into account the 4 years no claims that I should have. After speaking with Hastings they are now telling me that I will not be given my no claims bonus until they have received all the costs from the other side. The letter they have sent out saying that they are allowing my no claims bonus is therefore clearly false. I am now in a position where I will have to renew my policy with Hastings or I will lose my 4 years no claims bonus! They have said that if I stay with them they will reduce the car insurance accordingly when all the costs are finally recovered but they will not provide me with any proof of my no claims to enable me to get my insurance elsewhere. My car was a total loss and I was given a valuation which was unacceptable. This was referred to their revaluation department who I was told would be in touch within 8 working days to provide me with a new valuation. Over three weeks later and after much chasing up I have still heard nothing. I was also told that an interim cheque for the initial valuation had been sent out to me over two weeks ago. I was told after chasing this up a week later that the cheque had been sent and therefore it must have been lost in the post. They have said that they have reissued and sent out a new cheque, but again this has not been received. The staff on their claims line are unhelpful and when you ask to speak to a manager or someone more senior you are told that even though there are managers in the office they will not speak to you. Apparently it is there procedure that someone will call you back 24 hours later. I have asked for a manger to do this on several occasions and have received no calls. I made a formal complaint over four weeks ago and have heard nothing from Hastings. Am fed up stressed and left wondering what i've actually paid them for.
  9. Hi all, Please can someone help me with this problem. I signed up for Hastings car insurance and sent my "no claims" doc's from my previous insurer to them. I have now received a letter stating that my no claims has been reduced to zero because of no proof. So the are charging an additional amount of £446.07. They have said the are collecting this from my account within 7-10 days. The letter is dated 1st June 2012. I arrived home on saturday because I work away on contract, and only go home every 3-4 weeks. I have sent the documents again by email on saturday. I can't get over the amount they are after. Is there anything I can do? Do I cancel my insurance? or get do I get legal advise? Regards William.
  10. Based on my experience with this insurer I would not insure with them again. The Oft have made a provisional referral to the competition commission as it considers that some insurers are engaging in anti-competitive behaviour. Basically, when you make a claim they run up huge bills for replacement hire cars. This increases the costs for other insurers and pushes up premiums, which the insurance company has a competitive incentive to do. You can google it for details. I referred my concerns to the regulators. If you have any concerns regarding any insurance company engaging in such anti-competitive behaviour or not dealing with your claim fairly or trying to settle 50/50 when it's not jusitifed, then email details to the FSA and OFT. Some insurance companies say they can do what they like as the terms and conditions give them the right to deal with the claim. That's not the case and abusing such a term would be unfair and should be reported to the FSA. It's on the grey list of indicative unfair terms: "excluding or hindering the consumer’s right to take legal action or exercise any other legal remedy, particularly by requiring the consumer to take disputes exclusively to arbitration not covered by legal provisions, unduly restricting the evidence available to him or imposing on him a burden of proof which, according to the applicable law, should lie with another party to the contract."
  11. I was hit by a third paty who pulled out from a side junction into me both myself and the third party are with hastings. He has admitted libailit so that side has gone smooth. However, hastings called last week and said they would offer me £3100 for my car as it's a write off, I said I would think about it and let them know the next day, next day without warning the courtasy call is cancelled and they reduce the offer to £2400 - not very good as especially as £3100 was only just about market value for my car Can they do this change their mind for no reason about what they offer? Don't they record their telephoen calls so I can prove they offered me £3100 originally?
  12. I had an accident at the end of January. After sending all my documents in as requested, the underwriters have voided my policy. They say that I didn't tell them about 2 SP30 convictions. My position is this: I believe that I declared all accidents and convictions when applying originally online. I never received any documents at all, which I only realised at the time of the accident. I always keep the insurance certificate in my car. It wasn't there. The attending police officer at the accident informed me who I was insured with, as no contact of any kind had been received from Hastings since buying the policy. If I had received the documents I would have checked them, as I always do. I would have noticed the missing information and contacted Hastings. Their underwriters are saying that because I didn't contact them about the missing documents they are concluding that I did receive them and they have voided the policy AND cancelled my policy on the car I've had to buy in the meantime. They have informed me that there is a third party claim, and said I must complete and return a "Form of Consent and Indemnity" so that Hastings can deal with the third party claim on my behalf and then bill me for it. Is this last part a joke? I withdrew my original claim a few weeks ago, having had to contact them again after my initial request apparently was ignored. Hastings Direct are the worst insurance company I have EVER dealt with. EVER. I have told all my contacts and business associates the same to save them form the miserable experience I have had since the accident. Any advice on this would be great. I'm hanging fire at the moment, but I'm thinking that I need some legal advice. By the way, the person named by the third party (motability) as being involved in the accident is NOT the person that was driving the car. I don't know if this is relevant.
  13. Hi, this is my first time posting here and I'm having a ridiculous amount of hassle from Hastings Direct over a claim I made on the 30th of Jan. Basically the car was recovered and transferred by the insurers to a private body shop where it was awaiting assessment of the damage done. I received one letter following my phone interview for the claim from an advisor asking me to post my V5 and car service history as it "looked likely" that the car would be written off. Following this letter about five days ago I have had no contact with the insurers, but I have made it clear in previous communication with them that I would prefer to pay for the car to be repaired privately by myself as my excess is £745 and as the damage appeared to be largely cosmetic before the official assessment I didn't want to make a claim and lose four years of no claims bonus for the sake of a scuffed bumper and some scratches. Not to mention I could probably repair the car AND pay the recovery costs privately for less than my excess price. I did not hear from the insurance company again following the letter that requested my documents, however this morning I received a voicemail from the body shop telling me they had received authorisation from my insurers and the repair was underway and estimated at £890. Following this I then spent a good 40 minutes on the phone to a lady who put me through to the garage and Nationwide Repairs several times as she clearly did not know what else to do. During our phone conversation I asked her somewhat frantically to stop all repairs on the car, I had not authorised them and I did not want to claim to complete the repair either. She assured me that she would ring them straight away and ring me back. One hour and 45 minutes later I still hadn't been contacted so I rang them again and was put through to someone else, spent 10 minutes trying to explain the situation yet again only to be put through abruptly and with no warning to the body shop. The body shop informed me that all the parts had been ordered and the repair was more than 70% complete and continuing. At this point I then had to ring Hastings and after another 30 minutes of reiterating my situation (all while the repair is still undergoing) was finally put through to a supervisor who informed me that he didn't believe that I hadn't given my consent for the car to be repaired and that I was effectively now forced to pay the excess for a repair that costs barely £200 more than my excess cost! I have contacted FOS but the person I spoke to could not advise me if the company is legally required to gain my authorisation before proceeding with a repair, or to even inform me that that was the decision so I could put a stop to it before the repair began. I now find myself in a situation where it looks likely that I will not only lose my no claims bonus and increase my premiums by over a £1000 a year, but the cosmetic damage which had no effect on the function or legality of the car will be repaired whether I want it or not and I will lose my excess regardless of whether I choose to proceed with the claim. I'm sorry this is such a long and poorly typed post but having been on the phone for a good 5 hours and being passed from pillar to post by inexperienced and incredibly rude employees all while the repair I do not want is continuing I find myself in somewhat of a state! I honestly feel that being a young driver the company has seen my high excess, metaphorically rubbed their hands together and proceeded with the repairs knowing that this would end up costing me the most money. I am at a loss as to what to do, fearful that I will not be able to get my car back without paying an extortionate price or taking them to court, and confused as to how I stand legally.
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