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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all. I got a letter from Moorcroft in April asking me to contact them urgently to discuss an overdue account; very few details given, date and amount was missing for eg, creditor was shown as Arrow Global. I contacted them by letter and informed them that I didn't acknowledge the debt and that my credit report was perfect, showing no late payments/defaults etc, so the debt would be statute barred in any case. They wrote back to say the account was on hold while they looked into it. I received a letter saying that they had heard from the creditor (who were no longer Arrow, but Vodafone) and that the debt wasn't statute barred because they had received a payment from me last year on Aug 5th.. Absolute rubbish! I've had a contract phone with o2 for the last 11 years, so even if the vodafone debt (for £100 odd) were mine, it had to be from well over a decade ago. I checked with my bank in case I had had a temporary lapse in memory/sanity and had made a lone payment. Of course, I hadn't, not to Arrow/Moorcroft or Vodafone, neither in August or the last 6/7 years we checked. I have printed off a letter, so could someone give it a read and let me know if it's any good please? I'm so unbelievably angry about this (irrationally so), and I'm racking my brains to try and remember whether I (stupidly) may have signed my last letter to them. I doubt it, but would you put it past them to try and lift my signature? Would I be able to prove that? here's what I want to send them. Thanks. Dear Sir/ Madam. I received a letter from you in April, requesting payment for a debt allegedly in my name. The creditor was Arrow Global (who I now understand are your sister company). I disputed the debt in writing, and as my credit report had no mention of it, declared that even if the debt were mine, it would clearly be statute barred. I received a response from you that the account was on hold and that you would respond within 30 days. I received your response, that you had spoken to the creditor who informed you that the debt was not statute barred because I had made a payment on the 5th August 2013. This is absolutely false, I would never make a payment for an account/debt that I did not acknowledge. I contacted Moorcroft (who said that the creditor wasn't in fact Arrow Global but Vodafone) to reinforce this and also informed you that I had checked with my bank, and NO payment to Moorcroft/Arrow Global/Vodafone had been paid, either in August 2013, nor as far back as 7 years earlier. After seeking legal advice following our telephone conversation earlier today, I am no longer just disputing this debt, I am now requesting proof of the debt and in particular, this payment. I suspect fraud has been committed and wish to be able to present any forged payments claiming to be from myself, to the police. If you are alleging that I paid by credit/debit card, I would like the account/card number and sort code; if by cheque, the account number and sort code, and if by postal order, the PO details. I know, with 100% certainty, that I have NEVER made a payment for this alleged debt, either to Moorcroft, Arrow Global or Vodafone. I am also sending a copy of this letter to the OFT to add to their files, as I feel strongly that you are ignoring my assertions that this debt, if mine, is clearly statute barred and continue to harass me for payment. I have never acknowledged this debt. A ''relevant acknowledgement'' as stated in the OFT Guidance 2003/2011 is made by ''(a) making a payment and or (b) An unequivocal acknowledgement in writing that the obligation still subsists''. If you are still insistent that this is my debt and do not have proof of payment to provide to me, then you should absolutely take me to court. Sincerely,
  2. For those who have had bad treatment from Harrington Brooks then this may offer some comfort. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/firms/debt-management-firm-harrington-brooks-redress
  3. HI, I have also had a few (27000)problems with HB I also set up a DMP to clear some old debts, these ammounted to around £3000. After paying their extortionate fees to set up the program,I thought everything would get sorted out. However, they decided that I owed the Department for Work and Pensions, £27018.11 how they came by this figure, I have no idea. I called and told them I didn't owe that amount, I called DWP and they confirmed this, and finally HB agreed. 8 months later, I find they have been paying off this debt anyway. I have never owed this sum, I have told them this and had it confirmed by DWP yet they have ignored this and continued paying over £800 to the DWP anyway. Today, after being on the phone all day, I finally got then to agree that this debt was not mine, and the agreed to repay the outstanding £800. However, (again) After calling the DWP to reclaim my money, I was told that the DWP has not recieved any money from them, yet I have statements saying the opposite from HB. I would like to know what I can do in this matter as they have also been taking £23 per month management fees to put me in this much debt, I would also like to know how much damage they have cause to my credit score with thier mistakes and if there is anything I can do to repair this damage. (preferably by suing the **** out of HB!) And suggestions are greatly appreciated
  4. Hello This is just a little warning for anyone searching for information on the following three companies.harrington jones limited, cobley johnson partners ( cjp) and consumer claims ( consumer-claims dot com) They are all sening letters to people fishing for work, they are not including their fees and cleaverly miss out vital pieces of paper work where these fees are contained Do not sign any letters of authority from any of these companies hopefully people searching will see this and be warned.
  5. is here to read. I cannot post summarised link as is on banned site. http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/committeeevidence.svc/evidencedocument/work-and-pensions-committee/employment-and-support-allowance-and-work-capability-assessments/oral/9582.html So it seems was a lot more issues than exposed in the 2 documentaries, notably he agrees with me that they shouldn't be looking at work capability but employability instead. He also had a team which were supposed to implement his changes which got disbanded.
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