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  1. Just a quickie - what is the LAW on harassing phone calls. Welcome Finance are now phoning my husband at work (he is unable to take calls), sometimes 3 times a day. They have been phoning at home but I've had their number blocked as all correspondence should be in writing only. I have written to them (on several occasions) to tell them to stop, but clearly they've just ignored me!
  2. Hello, Today when I arrived home, my partner was distraught. He was accused of sexual harassment at work. The accusation: He said that he sent two text messages to a mates of his. The text didn't go to his mate instead they went to his female boss. One of the text suggested that his friend use a few condoms. The other text said, "David, call me, I'm worried about you." HR called my partner into their office. His female boss had complained that the texts amounted to sexual harassment. HR read him the riot act and sent him home early. HR expects to come in on Monday, but
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone here can offer some advice. I moved into my current home in March, since then I have received five visits from foul-mouthed aggressive scrotes claiming to be bailiffs and/or DCAs. All of them are looking for the previous tenants or more accurately the family of the previous tenants (It appears the entire family were giving the address to credit companies and the DVLA even though the place isn't big enough to house them all!). The bailiffs all try insisting that I have to prove I'm not the debtor but back down when I quote the OFT guidelines to them. Due to pre
  4. Hi Guys, I have been having alot of problems at work it started when an collegue became very agressive with me at work and pushed me, I put in a grievance and it caused me alot of problems, I was off for months and when there hearing came around it was in my favour, she then done a counter claim and it was not in her favour it was suggested that mediation take place to which she refused so the company said there was nothing that they could do and offered me a compromised agreement to leave, which I refused. Since this time I have had nothing but trouble upon my return to work my col
  5. I have a creditor making a claim against me using a firm of solicitors who appear to be behaving incorrectly. The claim has been made and a defence will be filed. However the solicitors have proceeeded to send me two e.mails with PDF versions of the claim complete with responce pack, then amazingly the details of claim appeared at my workplace in an open envelope with no address or covering letter. God knows how many people have had access to this info. This must be unethical, and possibly illegal. It appears just to have been done maliciously in order to bring pressure to bear. Could you
  6. Starting at 8.30am every morning for the past few weeks, I am getting literally dozens of telephone calls from these idiots. Each time I say I am not prepared to speak with them over the phone and askid them to write to me (no letters have appeared). I have sent them a template letter asking them not to contact me by phone any longer, and just now I have had a call from them. The *ahem* 'gentleman' on the other end of the phone was, in tyical DCA fashion, aggressive and argumentative, and told me when I pointed out the law he was breaking that it is 'up to us, not you how we contact
  7. Hi all,I’m in a bit of a bad situation with my former landlord and need some advice. It’s a bit long but please bear with me. I moved into his property, which is a shared house private accommodation, just under two years ago. I moved out on May 7th 2011 and gave notice on May 21st 2011, but paid him rent for May in lieu of notice. The reason I moved without informing him was because I had just split up with my partner who I shared the room with, meaning that I had to find a place to move pretty much immediately. I know I should have given notice, but I have no written contract with him and
  8. A private ltd. company I used to be a director of claimed in the small claim action that my company shares were paid for by my director's loan account in 2001 and that I'd never paid the director's loan off. Now as I did have a director's loan account but it was £70 in credit from 2002 until I left in 2009 and had never had the share debt in there, I know this wasn't true and was prepared to argue this in court. As it happened, the judge immediately told the company it was statute barred anyway, so no argument was ever heard. The company has now written stating that, in fact, the shares
  9. Hello All The ET accepted my claim (sexual harassment, discrimination, victimisation) and I have recieved the ET3 responses (1 from employer, 1 from manager) both basically the same and prepared by their rep from the EEF. This rep is the same person who advised the repsonse to the Statutory Questionnaire that I issued to the company. This was given to me on the last day of the 8 week time limit (and a week after the last day lodgement to ET) and was signed by a HR rep rather than the EEF rep (even though it was she who drafted the response). The response left a large number (
  10. Hi Forum Members, I have been getting letters from Lowells demanding payment of outstanding credit card debt for over a year now...Every time I write to these jokers they ignore the content of my letters and persist. They know without a doubt that I have two permanent medical conditions, and that my benefits income is 'inalienable', and they have received a voluntary statement of income/expenditure that proves I cannot repay anything ( this was "kept on file" and duly ignored !). Their response was to demand monthly payments in excess of my total benefits income. Now they threaten with ho
  11. a few weeks ago i got a letter from ccscollect saying that they were collecting a debt for the DWP, adding "as this is a govt account, if repayment is not received deductions can be taken from future benefits or state pension you receive" - it sounded serious. so i sent them a letter (i got from here) that i've used before saying it's not my debt, etc, and added bits about no visitors and no harassing telephone calls - it worked last time, so why not this. it didn't! yesterday i received another letter detailing a stream of social fund crisis loans plus a couple of similar DWP type payme
  12. Hi All, I’m having even more trouble with Orange PLC and I was hoping someone might be able to help with a few queries. Basically, my Mrs cancelled her contract last year in writing two months before the official ending date, Orange wrote back advising the letter hadn't been signed ( My Mrs. swears it was), and requesting a further signed copy, we gladly did this (recorded signed for) and heard nothing for months. We then started receiving calls from Orange PLC requesting payment of a bill we knew nothing of, then the invoices started to appear. I wrote to Orange PLC and querie
  13. I have been getting daily texts from fredrickson asking me to call despite them failing to provide a CCA Has anyone else had text harrasment from fredrickson. Im investigating how to get these blocked with Vodafone. But if anyone else has any experience of this let me know i suspect its going to be tricky to get this stopped as i doubt laws that cover phone calls cover text messages as well.
  14. 1. The issue I bring to CAG is a matter of alleged harassment of a Debtor by a Creditor. In that My wife and I allege that the course of conduct complained of constituted a course of conduct which on the balance of probability a reasonable man in possession of all the facts would consider to be harassment. 2. The Legislation The relevant language of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 reads as follows: Prohibition of harassment. 1(1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a) which amounts to harassment of another, and (b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to haras
  15. Hi, I have a 24 month mobile contract that I took out in Jan 2009 while I was working full time and meeting payments regularly. Towards the end of last year I was diagnosed with a mental disorder and consequently could not cope with working at all, though I did enrol onto an FE college diploma shortly after I left work. As a result of leaving this job, I was unable to continue making payments for the phone and while my circumstances were explained to the provider (O2), my phone connection was understandably cut off. My problem is not with O2's actions, but with the debt collectors Bu
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