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  1. Hi Guys, Some guidance would be hugely appreciated please. I've been working in a frontline NHS department for three years, and previously another three years in another department. A new Dr started working here approx' two years ago and made his strong religious beliefs widely known. He's made a few comments here and there regarding his disapproval at my same-sex relationship amongst other things, albeit always polite (and slightly condescending) He has also made comments to nursing staff regarding his disapproval at their being pregnant whilst unmarried etc. Several members of staff
  2. Good evening, I am off from work ,signed off by doctor due to stres at work already twice in row, first for 2 weeks and again for 2 weeks. I am witting the grieavance to our HR but I am scared what will happen to me . I know I will lose my job if I return to work ,they will do their best to put me down. The grieavance is about bulliyng me ,ignoring me,removing my reponsibilities,overloading me and etc. I work for them over one year. Do they pay me full paid while I got doctors notice that is wok related? Can you advice me about my rights and what I should do ? To be honest I feel pushe
  3. Hi everyone, I'm asking this on behalf of my sister - she can't get onto the CAG website at work. She is frantic - any advice would be very greatly appreciated. This is a long story but I'll try and summarise: My sister and her other half bought a house from OH's parents 18 months ago, and her OH's parents moved out. My sis and BIL live there with their daughter, who is almost 2 years old. Her OH grew up in the house - his parents lived there for over 20 years. The next door neighbours have a long history of harassing her OH's family. The neighbours are council tenants.
  4. My mother has been renting a house for just over a month now. Yesterday evening she arrived home from work to find a letter that had been personally delivered (envelope contained no stamp or address) that had written on the front 'the tennant - important legal'. The letter was from a company called Ascent Contact, whom are a debt collection agency I believe specialising in the area of mortgages. Basically the letter stated that they had been instructed by Birmingham Midshire to possibly start the proceedings of Law of Property Recievership. The letter continue to states th
  5. Hi, this matter has been ongoing for some time, and I really need to sort it out now. Myself and a colleague made a report on somebody at work for gross negligence. Now I'm really not one for telling tales, but this person was responsible for the death of somebody in their care and was about to do it again, so I think we were justified. The person in question was suspended but reinstated after the management identified a "training need". Since this person returned to work, both myself and my colleague were threatened both in person and by malicious telephone calls. The police
  6. Hi all, I am desperate for any help on the following. We rented a property directly from the landlord, as an HMO, about a year ago. The landlord harassed us and threatened us with eviction and we are looking for compensation as a result. The issues have been listed below as it's a bit long lol: 1. There were raw sewage floods in the kitchen and bathrooms due to an incorrectly installed pipe. This destroyed many of our belongings, left us without basic facilities, was a health hazard and we were left to clean it up ourselves numerous times. Finally, private sector housing became invol
  7. Hi In December 2010 a customer was refunded for a repair that we could not complete. In June 2011 the company (Company 1) went into liquidation. In July 2011 a similar named company (Company 2) was formed. In November 2011 the customer went to the small claims court for compensation against company 1. Additionally the claimant also mispelled the company name. It appears that he won his case for compensation and has approached company 2 for payment. The court have written to company 2 and the bailiff has visited a couple of times. I have written to the court and explained to the bailiff t
  8. For the last year I have had 3 debt collection agencies contact me in relation to a gas supply to a flat I moved out of in 2005. The gas bill of £111.44 is in relation to a period of 2006 to 2008. The previous 3 DCA's stopped contacting me after I provided a court order evicting me from the property, a letter from the landlord confirming my eviction agreeing full and final payment, and a letter that I wrote stating the same. It is really starting to wind me up now, and I have had a new debt collection agency contact me this week with another demand. How am I able to get th
  9. So I'm with the work programme and have been taking temp work with agencies for a few weeks here and there over the last few months. I sign off JSA, then do a rapid reclaim so that DWP know the situation. I don't always tell my Ingeus Advisor and over the last week he has been demanding to know all the work info which I didn't think was relevant for him to know. After bombarding me with phone calls and answer messages, he phoned one of the agencies and they gave him details of all the temp work I had done. I would just like to know where I stand. How much information do I have to give to Ing
  10. Hi I hope this is the correct forum for my post. I'm a private tenant and have been in my current property under a Statutory Periodic Tenancy for six years. Last year, due to illness that prevented me from working for 4 months, I fell into rent arrears. The letting agent has now served me with a Section 8 Notice using ground 8 for more than 2 months rent arrears and also grounds 10 & 11. The notice period has now expired and the letting agent begun court proceedings a couple of days ago. The letting agent periodically shows up unannounced at my property to "check on me". He keep
  11. Hi there, I have been browsing through the forums for information on these people and have come accross a few interesting posts. Let me tell you my story! My partner & I rely on benefits for income (No surprise for a PH Customer). My partner is Sick & Disabled and in receipt of disability benefits and I have a weekly Carer's allowance for staying at home and taking care of us both. Back in 2010 we got a Washing Machine from them and then 5 weeks later they allowed us to get a Laptop. Now the account is always paid up to date. However, it often goes a week into arrears b
  12. Some months ago I read that a number of people were grouping together to take some sort of legal action against Vanquis Bank for harassment. I lost the item but it was probably on CAG or something similar. I have recently won the financial side of a small Vanquis claim out-of-court, but did not pursue the harassment aspect because I wanted to work together with those others who want to deal with Vanquis harassment separately. Is there a thread on plans for legal action against Vanquis Bank for harassment?
  13. Can someone please point me in the direction to find harassment letters to send to two companies who are pursuing debts owed by another person ( her son ) . Letters are frequent as are phone calls , the companies have been told that her son doent reside in the house but take no notice !! thank you rs
  14. i am girl and i rented a flat through an estate agent.(its a flat above the shop) On day one i moved to the house the landlord came without any notice, not even knocking the door and told me to leave the property with out asking any question.then i told him i had sign the contract with your agent and i show him all the paper work.then he left. 2nd issue early morning 7 am i heard noise that some body walking on the roof,then i went out side too see i saw my landlord were down and builders were changing the roof and installing a window.i surprised to see that.there was no notice given
  15. Hi, I am in the process of making an appeal for a grievance I bought about with my line manager in my office. To cut a long story short, he has been bullying, harassing and intimidating me on and off for over two years. The final straw came about in February this year and I started to document everything daily that was said and done to me. Others saw what was happening and I put them down as witnessess, but they told me they were too frightened to back me because of the worry of them losing their jobs as the manager was the hirer and firer. Anyways, last week the outcome of all my 2 page state
  16. Just a quick post so anyone can point out to me possible pitfalls or things to watch out for. After a long history of disgusting treatment by LLoyds bank I am now taking them to court to claim damages and costs relating anxiety and loss of earnings caused by their most recent disgusting activity of telephone harassment. To cut a long story short, their collections department 01273 743574 was repeatedly phoning me. I don't owe them money. They had no reason to be calling. I asked them stop. They didn't. They would ring at all hours of the day. I continued to ask them to stop. They wo
  17. What's the difference, in employment law, between bullying and harrasment?
  18. 8 months ago I challenged my union official over his confrontational behaviour to other work colleagues. This did not go down well with him and so began his emails to my manager about my alleged poor work ethics.Prior to my challenging him I never had any complaints about my work. Finally I organised a vote of no confidence and he was ousted as the union rep and I was elected in his place. As you can imagine this did not go down well with him and at every opportunity he would send an email to my manager complaining about me. A lot of these emails I was not copied in on. After 8 mo
  19. Lloyds sent me a letter in July claiming an account was in arrears and demanded payment. I immediately wrote back to them disputing their claim. They have now employed 6 debt collection agencies to deal with this account and each time I have send a CCA and followed up with an Account in Dispute letter and they (DCAs) have not responded again... until now. I sent the last agency the Account in Dispute letter (12+2+30) at the beginning of November and they have replied saying: “ If you read our letter on 22/10 you will see that we returned your fee of £1 advising that the
  20. My husband and I have 3 agreements with brighthouse the last one being taken out last summer. We are both students and understandably our finances fluctuate. We always maintained our payments until july this year when we fell 2 weeks behind I phoned the Chester store and asked to speak to the store manager, only to be told that he was on annual leave. I was out onto a chap claiming to be the deputy manager. I explained that I was 2 weeks behind and needed to split the arrears over 2 weeks in order to get back on track. At this point the deputy manager started shouting that I had signed
  21. Hello I'm new to this forum and am hoping someone can give me some advice. For a couple of months now I've had telephone calls from this company (I originally thought they were trying to make me use them for a PPI claim) so I avoided the telephone calls. They have rung me on three different numbers now (traced back to them) many times during the day, sometimes as much as 20 times until 9pm. Last week they left a message on my answering machine asking me to phone an 0870 number but the message was garbled so the full number wasn't given. Then a few days ago I accidentally picked up t
  22. Just signed up to see if anyone could give me advice on possibility of taking this DCA to court for harassment. This saga is a long one and the DCA and its client have continually ignored what I have had to say and have constantly replied with an incredible amount of non-sensical garble / evasive tactics. I will try to summarise this as shortly as possible - but for anyone willing to read - a brew / sandwich may be needed. Here goes..... I received a service funded via the DCA's client from 2009 - 2011. I should only have been liable to make a contribution towards t
  23. Last year we were forced to move a boat from its mooring by the mooring owner. We received a letter of eviction with no real reason and saying we were also in debt of £2,000. Later we received an email with final bill amount that was incorrect. We told him to review it. 8 months later (march 2012), we get a letter with same amount - same answer from us this time by mail / signed for explaining why we think the bill was incorrect. Next thing is we have been harassed by a company called Final Demand Ltd.4 letters very aggressive in 2 months time, one showing some interest being added to the
  24. Hello all, this is my first post but need to ask you for my advice. Over a year ago I rented out my house to a tennant at short notice. I had previosuly just changed energy suppliers to scottish power but i had confirmed with them before the tenant moved in that I was not a customer yet and my previous supplier EDF was still supplying me. I rented it out via my letting agent have had not contact with the tennant. Last week a letter appeared on my doorstep a FORMAL DEMAND from PDCS acting on behalf of scottish power demanding over £70 in my name for energy used. I rang scottish
  25. Hi Caggers Just after your thoughts on dealing with this on behalf of a friend. Now approx 2yrs ago they took out a small load all payed off and settled. Since then Shopacheck has constantly been sending out letters trying there best to get them to take out another load even though they never agreed to these letters. I have the latest one which he gave me and I was quiet surprised at there tactics to basically try to keep people that for whatever reason they end up using these companies in there debt with these constant letters. I have even seen the BBC article from 20
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