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  1. My husband was self employed up to 2006 and then changed to a limited company. From 2006-09, he was employed by his company (not self employed) which paid his taxes. The company then became insolvent. HMRC are saying he owes £10k tax. Any advice?
  2. Hi, cut a long story short an argument with my daughters mum escalated when she pulled her half of her family out of our daughters 6th bday party. Leaving us with no food party bags of cakes, therefore ruining the party forcing it to be cancelled. She ignored me and I got wound up and kept calling and txting her. I was very upset and angry and send a few abusive and threatening ones. She made a complaint to the police pure and simple to get back at me. This has all stemmed from me getting a new gf and not having my daughter one weekend when I
  3. Hope someone can help me, my partner is being harassed by Erudio, despite giving them everything they have asked for more than once (and being subjected to a harrowing interrogation on the phone from a completely idiotic know-nothing for about half an hour!)! Are they allowed to demand (this time by post) a stamped SA302 form from HMRC to prove his self-assessed income? If HMRC electronically generates a completed form for you, why isn't that good enough? Are they allowed to change the T & C's from what he had in place with SLC since the late 90s re: deferment? Is there a form le
  4. hope this is in the right place, if not could a mod please move as needed. A finance company that I have had to have dealings with was constantly ringing me a while ago. I suffer with nerves and panic attacks at the time it was leaving me quite distressed, despite verbally asking them several times not to call they carried on doing so. After getting some advice, I sent them the template letter which is available on the internet regarding telephone harassment and the fact it is an offence. My letter was acknowledged in polite terms and the calls d
  5. Dear CAG I'm encouraging a friend of mine to sign up but while she's in the process can I get some advice for her please? Following substandard work completed at her house, it then transpired that the handyman in question had not given her the cancellation rights she was legally due, thus putting him in the position of committing a criminal offence. This has been confirmed by Trading Standards. The handyman is aware of this and admitted it in writing. In the same letter he confirmed that he was in any case putting this in the hands of a debt collection agency, which has been in touch
  6. Hi I'm not sure if I am posting in the wrong area so I'm very sorry if I have! I applied for a payday loan last night with Peachy loans. I was declined (I'm actually glad of this now) but as the page was loading it advised if I was declined it would send my info to another loan company. It didn't give me the option to stop that happening. it redirected me to Mr Lender website but I didn't want a loan from them so just closed the page. Within 10 minutes I had 3 emails and 2/3 texts from Mr Lender saying please come back and sign a credit agre
  7. Here is the text of my post on another thread, suggestions please as to how to sort these persistent muppets: Just had an up and downer with Crapquest. had 25 calls from Capquest over the last 2 days many silent; answered one today, some muppet asking for a wench who has never been associated with my llandline number. The drone was most upset when i told him i would be initiating a complaint with the FCA regarding their calls as my number which I have had for 18 years was being abused by a bottom feeder DCA regarding a debtor with no connection to it. Told the drone that I wou
  8. Hello, This week a BAYV rep called at my home to speak with friends who are visiting me for a short time. The BAYV rep spoke with my friend and then spoke with myself. The BAYV rep said he would get the police to let him in the house if I did not let him in. The BAYV rep freely discussed my friends personal business with myself as well as letting other people outside hear. There was even slander - the slander was that I am a criminal and that I had just assaulted the BAYV rep! I just laughed at the BAYV rep when he said this and again said to him that I am asking hi
  9. Can anybody please advise. Tonight I had a visit from the police asking me to sign a harassment warning, which I refused. I am supposed to have harassed my neighbour by photographing a courier van parked on my property and then contacting the courier company telling them not to park on and block my drive again. Should explain the neighbour has a right of way over my drive but no right to park on my property. That I am harassing my neighbour by his garage door being within the area of my cctv camera capture. Thats about as much as they would give me, am I not entit
  10. Hi there, New to the forums but always find quite a lot of interesting reading. Recently, I have been receiving calls and text messages from motormile finance, regarding a debt for some woman (I have no idea who she is). I have debts like most, but are all well within my means and my credit profile reflects this! I have sent them a couple of emails telling them i'm the wrong person, and it has been ignored. I'm not prepared to call them as it mentions about a premium rate number. I'm at a loss of what to do really, they call all times of the day (while im at work, in work
  11. I'm a single parent of a wonderful 12yr old . I unfortunately became unwell & had to undergo the ordeal of claiming ESA. I failed the atos medical assessment, appealed & won only to have another atos medical assessment sent to me a few week later. Even though the GP & Medical professionals had written to say my recovery would take no less than a year the job centre was told by atos i would be better in less than 3mths! I was then referred to Ingeus. Ingeus gave me forms to sign & I didn't sign any of them. The jobcentre gave Ingeus details of my address & phone number
  12. I used to have a credit card with Vanguis, and for two and a half years have had all kinds of problems with them. In 2011 my income dried up as a result of government cuts which removed my workstream. I was unable to pay Vanguis as a result; prior to this I had paid my balance in full or near enough every month. I started to receive telephone calls from them up to 10 times each day, and each time they called they demanded money on the spot. The sums varied and every time they called I had to explain my circumstances afresh. Their staff were in general abusive a
  13. Hi, I've joined this forum to try to get some help for my husband's elderly parents, who have been receiving frequent messages from these people, and are causing a great deal of distress. They have been hounded by nuisance calls generally, which lead to them reporting it to the police a few months ago, and getting their phone number changed. My MIL almost fell foul of a 'Microsoft' fix-your-computer [problem] call, which we think might have got them put on a sucker list. Anyway, they have a new number, and have gone ex-directory, but have since started getting calls from MMF tha
  14. Hi, can a manager be asked to either resign or be sacked for continual harassment, victimisation and bullying of staff. The bullying and victimisation is being done by the manager in front of other staff members and customers of the company. This is not being done in front of the MD who I have written to and await his reply due to be given in a face to face meeting. Does the managers actions constitute gross misconduct and would he have any claim against the company in the event of him being asked to resign? This has been going on for some time now and is getting worse due to the fact that t
  15. I have an agreement with Brighthouse and I have fallen behind by one payment because I was away visiting family over the new year, now I'm being constantly called 12 missed calls since Saturday from 8:30 in the moring to 7:40 in the evening. Would this be breaking the Protection From Harassment act 1997 section 1 prohibition from harassment which is below. Prohibition of harassment. (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other. (2)For the p
  16. Please can someone help us? We are sick of BG and their letters/emails saying we have cancelled our payment plan with them when we have not. We are in arrears on both Gas and Electric since Pete ( Bobcat ) lost his job and have never caught up so we pay them £15 every 2 weeks for gas and £15 for electric, never miss a payment, have got receipts but they keep saying we have cancelled the plan! The latest sage is they are now demanding we pay £36 on both every two weeks. The told us that as long as we did not miss any payments that we would not get any more letters or email dem
  17. I have significant debt in uk. I don't currently have any funds and will be looking for a job before i can make repayments. I need advice on how to avoid harassment by debt collectors during this period. For example if i were to take out a phone contract , will the debt collectors be able to find me by searching my credit file. Should i avoid getting into any new contracts until i have finances to negotiate with debt collectors?
  18. Hi all, I have made an injunction under Section 3 of the Protection from Harassment Act, against a tenant that harass and intimidate me since several months but the County Court has now ordered me to make a Claim Form and Particulars of claim. Also I would like to know : - if the right form to file is the Claim Form N208 and that the my witness statement could be consider as Particulars of claim or if there is a specific document I equally have to file for this purpose (Particulars of claim). - Should I make the claim 'for damages for Breach Of Quiet Enjoyment of Property u
  19. Hello all, I hope I've posted this in the right place. I need some advice/general pointers on an issue a friend is having. He's Autistic (Aspergers syndrome) and has been a BG customer since May 2010. So it's a rather long story but I shall try to give the key points as best I can, if more info is required then I'll be happy to fill in the blanks best I can. He switched over to BG on to a 'web saver' price plan on moving into the property. Web saver offered online billing, energy monitor, was slightly cheaper deal than his current supplier. All seamed well he received the usual
  20. Hi there - I'm an American, now married to a Brit, who lived in the UK for about 10 years. In my first few years in the UK I did not make very much money and foolishly ended up getting into debt with credit cards and a loan in order to keep my head above water. I ended up amassing about £10,000 worth of debt, which I ended up facing up to in 2006. I contacted creditors, set up payment arrangements and all that stuff. Thanks to the help of this forum I ended up getting several of them written off, and I paid the ones I believed I was legally obliged to p
  21. This co has been ringing roughly 2-3 times a day for about a fortnight. Only one of them calls actually had a human at the other end, all the others were an automated service. They use two diff nos (i have caller i.d. and have saved one in my phone under 'do not answer this call') They are after my husband and i do not believe that they have our home address and I do not want to give it to them. My husband rang them yesterday and they wanted to confirm his address but he said he would not due to the fact he didn't know who they were and that they could be easily be
  22. I received this email from my landlord " I will issue a writ at the studio where your where you have not given notice. when I get judgement I will make application for bankruptcy and then see if you think it’s amusing" The landlord terminated my assured tenancy agreement on the 12 th August 2013 which gave me 2 months to move out, which I did on the 1 October 2013. His claim is that I didn't give him notice that I was moving out. The guy is crazy that is for sure. He is also holding my deposit which he did not lodge with any of the organisations that you have to.I owe him noth
  23. Apologies if this is in the incorrect forum,but i would be grateful for advice on my current situation.I have a loan agreement with Barclays partner finance(BPF) for a car purchase taken out in 2010, all payments made on time as agreed for the last 3 years,having suffered from depression i had to reduce my working hours leading to a drop in income i contacted all my other creditors explaining mt circumstances and all have accepted my reduced payment offer,which was worked out using the" My Money steps" website some have defaulted the account but have still been understanding,all exc
  24. Dear all, I will try and keeo this brief and appreciate any help or addvice as I'm unsure where to go or start. I was moving back to Leeds after a short spell with my parents as I'd found a job there, a place to stay and to be with friends and family in the area. It was a single bedroom basement flat advertised on Gumtree at £400 pm. I arranged to view it, handed over a deposit of £450 and offerred a few months rent up front to help things along and sicne the paperwork / tennancy she didn't have right then. This was to be by direct debit and I duely requested bank details.
  25. Following the recent Court of Appeal decision in the case of Roberts v Bank of Scotland there are some key points that creditors should take away from the decision.The outcome of this case is likely to have ramifications for creditors who are attempting to contact their customers in relation to defaults on their account. The appeal was made by the Bank of Scotland, following a decision against them that their conduct amounted to harassment and intimidation of their customer, with the Judge awarding damages to the customer as a result of the bank’s conduct.Bank of Scotland appealed the decision
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