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Found 12 results

  1. Those comedy golden days of on the buses, love thy neighbour and in sickness and in health..
  2. He was supposed to have met a couple of weeks ago with the auditors with a view to working out if the £125 level of court costs could be justified in terms of Council Tax (administration and Enforcement) Regulation 34(5) & (7). He has been posting other material on his Taxpayers Against Poverty website so presumably they have not incarcerated him but have they got to him to keep him quiet on this matter?
  3. Not that long ago, when there were uprisings in many countries such as Egypt Libya and Syria, some politicians were getting carried away, saying it was a Middle East spring, with people wanting democracy and westernised freedoms. I can remember Cameron and Sarkozy making speeches in Tripoli, talking about how UK and France had helped the lion spirit of Libyans prevail over Gaddafi. If the current state of affairs is part of this spring uprising, it worked out well didn't it ! This all starts with good intentions, but when you don't know who you are helping with regime change, it is a b
  4. After receiving Parking "fines" from private parking companies in the past (2011) I had frequently visited this site among others, where the advice was a resounding "IGNORE" I took said advice, and after around 5 letters from each, I heard nothing more from these PPCs, the "IGNORE" option certainly worked. Since then I'd been much more careful about parking, and as such haven't received any 'fines', Until now. I have just received a letter through the post from a company called smart parking demanding £40 for parking overnight (clearly not causing any loss to the company) in a
  5. Today I parked in a car park formally 'mananaged' by PCM. I some how 'parked after the expired time on the p &d ticket ' by 7mins, which resulted in a parking charge notice. This notice is from UK Parking ltd, no address, only pay by post to pcn parking .... I can pay online to....... paymypcn.net. UK Parking ltd are on the BPA approved operator list but no link to a website. PCM (UK) LTDs website link no longer works. Have the notorious clampers folded? Then come back 5mins later?
  6. 5 years ago was called into branch and was talked into converting my credit card balance which was at the time £9,800 into a bank loan, at that time i was classed as self employed and 63 years old without saying a single word about ppi they tried to sneak it in , i spotted it the next day and duly cancelled the ppi out of the blue i get a letter telling me that i would not get all the benefits on offer with ppi on my 65th birthday relating to my credit card which i had been talked into converting to a bank loan, i had been paying ppi for over 10 years on the card w
  7. Hi , Last July I received a county court claim from nationwide. I returned the AOS to my local court, but can't remember if I actually defended it. I had spoken to nationwide on the phone and told them I didn't recognise the account no. they said it was an internal ref no. and they where not allowed to put the actual credit card no. sounded strange at the time. Anyway I never heard any more, did a search online that cost £4 and it just showed a ccj that I knew about, also nationwide, but not this smaller one for £7500. Is there a way to check what happened, did they wi
  8. This video was uploaded in 2007. In the video, it is said to expect to see this innovation taking off. It is now six ears since this video and I wonder why it's taking so long to give us this economical, pollution free free, not to mention the minimal cost fuel? If anyone knows more about this, please tell.
  9. Hi, maybe I'm a bit thick (wife nodding in agreement), but I've tried searching for IND and drawn a blank. I know there are several threads about them (even contributed in a couple). So, any reason why these threads have gone? Is it that I am doing something wrong or have they been removed for a reason?
  10. Did anyone else have problems not being able to get onto the site at all? I kept getting: Fatal error: Memcache is not installed in [path]/includes/class_datastore.php on line 183 Couldn't find any announcement on t'web about it either. Assume all is fine and dandy now - but was it thee or t'was it me?
  11. See here. The outcry would resonate for decades!
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