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  1. Just to provide some sort of background: My wife gave me a daughter in November of 2011 after a particularly difficult preganancy which resulted in many trips to the doctors and a week in the maternity unit mid way through her pregnancy, she was due to return to work on or about the end of July 2012. she works for a post office/coner shop type business. I am in full time employment and can to some extent "carry" the reduction in income for a short while. We found out she was pregnant again in April 2012 (I know, I know) and as with the first pregnancy, she had difficulties which resulted in her going on the sick straight from finishing her (first) maternity period. She has kept in touch with her employer at all times and produced sicknotes from day one, she submitted her MAT1B a couple of weeks ago and told her boss that she would begin her maternity on 22nd Oct 2012. We thoroughly expected that she wouldn't qualify for SMP and would have to apply for Maternity Allowance, her employer would need to return her MAT1B and supply her with an SMP1 form, from there she would need to apply to the Jobcentre for MA. She contacted her employer on Monday to ask when she would be receiving her SMP1 and her employer responded with "you'll get it when I have time to do it, and as I haven't done it yet, you'll have to wait" :-x this has gone on now three weeks with her boss refusing to supply the document and my wife unable to apply for MA because she MUST have the SMP1 signed by her employer - catch 22
  2. Hi all I’m getting in touch on behalf of the Electrical Safety Council – the UK charity dedicated to reducing electrical accidents and deaths in the home. Electrical accidents currently kill around one person every week in their home and injure 350,00 a year. We’re currently running a campaign about faulty electrical goods and we need your help. Have you or a family member ever bought second hand or cheap electrical goods online or at a market stall and run into problems? Perhaps the product didn’t work, overheated, or even caught fire. If so – we’d love to speak to you. If we use your story you could get a reward. Contact me with details at Rachel (@) forster.co.uk
  3. hi there, i have bought a second hand car from a private Car Trader and i didn't get V5C along with it.i have paid him in cheque for the car and applied for V5C at local DVLA but dvla said it would take 4-6 weeks before they can issue me a new V5c on my name. but i am not sure if the person who own this vehicle (who sold it to trander) refuse to accept change then what option i will have to recover my money or keep the vehicle. i also spoke to big name Garage and they have confirmed me that trader is trustworthy and they can produce an invoice which shows they sold this vehicle to private trader. sorry if i have created any confusion here. thanks and i appreciate your feeedback on this matter.
  4. Hi all, this is a long story but I am so frustrated that im not sleeeping too good and this has been going on just shy of 6 months. Any help or advice gratefully received. Purchased a used BMW at the end of February from a second hand dealer, not a BMW dealer though. Car was £10,500 which was over my budget but my dream car so borrowed a bit and got it. Its 2005 and was described as superb condition with comprehensive warranty. Got a train to get it and drove it the 300 miles home and all was good but 3-4 days after an error message came on the dash with a suspension warning. i phoned the dealer and he said dont worry it just needs resetting. Phoned a local independent who had a look and reset it and was very helpful and all was ok for a few days until the dreaded light came on. Phoned the dealer again and he said was probably the compressor and that there was one on ebay for £100 and was worth a try so I should buy it and if it fixed it he would refund the money if it didnt he would have it as a spare and give me the money anyway. I also chased up the warranty paperwork which had not arrived. Got the compressor and the independent fitted it and all was well for a few days. (at this point I had him look at an anoying squeak that was there and the rear bushes were pulled apart and deemed dangerous even though it had 12months MOT and the dealer paid for this to be rectified) The warning light came back on again and I contacted the dealer again. He said to book it into the main dealer as they would diagnose it straight away. I contacted the main dealer and explained what had happened and who had looked at it and they said there was no point in using them as the independant used to work there and was very experienced and also had all the same diagnostics. I relayed this to the dealer and was told to hang on to claim on the warranty as there was a 30 day no claim period. Waranty arrived and I read through it it has a £500 individual claim limit and doesnt cover the suspension which is what the error is with. Contacted dealer and he said dont worry he would sort it. Book it in and he would pay. So to miss out loads of unneccesary bits took it to the dealer loads of times and he tried many parts and didnt charge me for any that didnt fix it and didnt charge me for much labour. Dealer was kept informed and towards the end of the second month said he would collect the car and refund the money. I said that as I had travelled up to get the car and had a tracker fitted I would rather try once more to fix it. Dealer said he would give me £11,000 back £10,500 spent on car and £500 for tracker etc. He also told me to tell the independent to lie on the warranty claim and claim loads of small bits to make up any parts which I told him I wouldnt ask as he had saved so much money on the job and it was not fair to ask that of him and not right. Eventually a part was put on that made the light stay off over 5 days when usually it came on after about 3. I phoned the dealer and said I had paid for the part and it was approx £460, I was told he is a business and cant keep spending money out and he would go halves, I said not good enough and he said tough. I told him I need time to think and I would phone in a few days. Eventually I though OK if its fixed keep it get the major bill refunded, loose the £100 for ebay part and enjoy the car. I called him back and asked if he had thought any further about refunding the repair cost and he said half or nothing. I then told him if he did not pay it I would claim it of my credit card (put £1000 on credit card) he swore at me and told me if he ever sees me I shoudl cross the road and that he would pay on receiving a letter stating I except any further faults with the car. I didnt want to do this so said I would write asking for a contribution of £300 towards the part to which he replied fine. i though it better to loose £130 than sign something I didnt want to so sent the letter and waited for the cheque which never turned up a week or so after this the error message came back anyway so I contacted the dealer and said I had had enough it was messing up my head and I was having sleepless nights so forget the cheque, come and pick it up and give me the £11000 he had promised. I was told he would check his book for the guide price, I did say why would you do that, knowing full well what was coming. He then said he would give me £8000 as that was the trade in price, I told him I didnt want to trade it in I wanted the refund he had promised he said he couldnt I said your taking the p**s and he said I will terminate the call for being abusive. So I got of the phone and sent him a recorded letter saying that he had 7 days to reply and I was rejecting the vehicle under sale of goods act, this wasnt answered but after 8 days a £300 cheque came in the post with the date written as 2 weeks before but no response to the rejection letter. I kept the post marked envelope and cheque and went to see a solicitor. Solicitor wrote giving him 28days, he didnt reply so solicitor phoned and he was away for 2 weeks so he was given an extension, finally a letter came stating that he has been trying to fix it and been there every step of the way and I was delighted getting a car advertised at £12995 for £10500 but I have a copy of the ad for £11000. Upshot is that the dealer wanted to take it away 300 miles and book it into a main dealer which I didnt want him doing so I have it booked in locally for Tuesday as the solicitor said we have to give him a chance. My main worry now is if its not fixed which Im pretty sure it wont be my solicitor has sent me a letter with terms and conditions etc and it has scared the life out of me saying if I loose I will have to pay his costs and even if I win I might still have to pay my costs, now I really cant sleep. what do you guys reckon? Points to note are my gf noticed the dealer when he filled in the sales invoice that he slid the top copy over and put the value on his copy as £8000 before sliding it back before giving it me to sign. Also have a receipt from 3 months before I got the car for the dealer I got it off having suspension parts replaced on the car. He had the car as a personal car for about a year before I got it and my suspicion is he got it cheap with the fauly used it then got it repaired to try and sell but light came on so he had it reset and sold it to me. HELP!!
  5. Wizz air introduces new cabin bag charges. If anyone is confused about why some airline companies have reduced card surcharges following the OFT investigation,then even more confusing is how some are seemingly already taking measures to recoup any shortfalls by introducing new baggage charges. Now traditionally the major airlines have included hand baggage within the base ticket. Up until 9th July Wizz Air did so too...and 10kg at that. Today they announced their so called "New Cabin bag policy" So for those who are wondering,Wizz are now defining between a small cabin bag and a large cabin bag. A small cabin bag is what they deem as 42x32x25cm or smaller.The weight allowance of 10kg remains the same. This size bag will be free from further baggage charges from 9th July. Any bag that exceeds this size,will now cost 10 euro. But it still must be the same size as the prev limits for fitting into the overhead bins. Wizz say they are introducing this new baggage policy as a trial to "Incentivise passengers to bring smaller baggage aboard the aircraft " This seems odd since there are very few passengers who board flights with only a laptop bag. Wizz claim this trial on selected routes will improve on time performance and result in better travel experience... although they are not so quick at how they have arrived at this amazing feat of ingenuity. They add; With fewer large items onboard, the cabin will be less crowded and the boarding process will be easier and faster for the benefit of all our passengers. Now assuming that the smaller baggage will all be under the seats (which they tell) that means LESS space around the seating. No I am afraid I am not convinced at all. Even if they were to scrap the £14 per return card surcharges...they will still be 6 euro in pocket. Nice try. They have not updated their website either with this as of 16.49 on 9th.July. The notification has gone out by emails. http://wizzair.com/en-GB/useful_information/baggage
  6. I recently bought a car for £2895 - £2595 p/ex for Nissan Note and £300 by debit card. After picking car up 3 problems were found(oil cooler/air-con not working/warning chime going off for no reason that was obvious). Car was returned to the dealer within 24 hours. Informed dealer of the issues and they said they would resolve. After 1 week was told all issues resolved - collected car and found only 1 fixed(air cooler) and 2 others still remained. Returned to dealer within 10 mins and he said would fix others. Today collected car and still not sure air-con is fixed - does not seem cold. Also the warning chime kept going off for no reason - dealer said it has been fixed however I think he has just disconnected the warning chime as none are now working. Dealer says he has spent £1000 on this car and will spend no more - warranty limit on website says £500 max. So he has offered to return my p/ex vehicle plus my cash to me - however he says in the last 2 days the auto gearbox has gone on the p/ex car and needs £500 spent on it. He did say that there was no gearbox issue when he first had it - he did not drive the vehicle when we completed the deal - and I have had no issues whatsoever with the Nissan (only replaced 1 tyre and rear wiper blade in 2.5 years of ownership) . So he says only offer is for me to keep the one I bought from him(Chrysler) or I can have my p/ex (with broken gearbox) and cash back. What rights do I have - he has not supplied any warranty paperwork for the vehicle but says he will provide copies of the invoices for the work he has carried out on the Chrysler. When I left him earlier I said that I had not fully accepted the car even though I had to take it to get home (my son witnessed the whole conversation). I have called the Gearbox garage he says he has taken it to (told me i could call if I wanted) and they have had no Nissan Note cars in to look at in last 48 hours so he is not necessarily telling the truth there. So any advice much appreciated - ideally I want a full refund or a fully working Nisan back and £300 cash.
  7. According to a report following FOI requests to 71 councils. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-2149731/A-parking-fine-handed-4-6-seconds.html
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