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Found 82 results

  1. Looking for some advice please. I bought a second hand car just under six months ago, it is on HP. I also took out an aftermarket warranty with Warranty Direct. The dealer gave a 3 month warranty but I know the company they use are rubbish so I decided to get my own. A few weeks ago it broke down. Had it towed to my local garage (didn't take it back to where I bought it as its quite a way from where I live and they have any proper workshop facilities). To cut a long story short the engine has been stripped right down, and the diagnosis is seized oil control rings. Warranty Direct sent an engineer out who has reported back to them ( I am getting a copy of his report) and they have refused to pay out as in his opinion the fault has been present since before I bought the vehicle and has just got worse over the time I've owned it. The car only has 77000 on the clock and has a full service history so no one had expected an engine of that age to have this fault. I'm now left looking at at £1300+ bill. Given that I have something in writing to say that the fault was present when I bought the car do I have a claim against the dealer and/or finance company? And if so how should I proceed? Thanks for any help
  2. Hi i bought a 2nd hand car 5 days ago costing £5300 after paying £250 as deposit to secure the vehicle while it was sent to have its MOT done by a MOT station of the dealers choice, i returned the following day and i paid £4250 via bank transfer and a further £800 by credit card i was told it had full dealership service history, 12 month MOT, it also was given a pre-delivery inspection by the seller himself. When i got home i was inspecting the service record and noticed it had not been serviced for 17 months some 20,000 miles ago in fact it had only 1 service in 4 years (50,000) i took it for granted when the seller give me a quick flash of the service manual showing the 7 previous services. I felt a bit conned after my phone call to him asking about service history, and on my viewing i was also told in front of a witness that it was full dealership history, i would not EVER buy a car without this criteria, the value drops considerably without this. I then got my local garage to service the car this was only 4 days into ownership at my cost, the garage then picked up on the hand brake not working at all and should not have past its MOT or a pre-delivery inspection by the seller. I rang the seller who's response was that the warranty would not cover it as its wear and tear and any repair would have to be at my cost at this end, i offered to have an independent inspection ie AA or RAC to have a look then it could be fixed at my end. I was finally offered the chance to take the car to the seller some 50 mile away to have a look, this could take upto a week to fix and i would have to arrange my own transport back home then back to pick up the car with no promise that its their fault. Any advice would be very welcome Thanks
  3. Hi there. I have wasted so much time and stress trying to get a good condition/new set of garden funiture from Argos. It's been 3 months since we ordered this Furniture set:http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6523835.htm We didn't get a confirmation email after ordering this furniture. After calling Argos they said that there was an issue with the ordering system which meant email confirmations weren't going out that day but confirmed the order was successfully placed. We ordered this furniture in mid March. The product page stated delivery within 14 days. We were given a delivery date for about 2 weeks after order date. Just before the delivery date, we received a call to advise that there was an issue and that delivery would be delayed by another 4 weeks! Finally, on 13th May we received the furniture. Now this furniture is BIG! The boxes they came in do not fit through a front door and so I had to get delivery team to leave the boxes on our driveway and I opened them after they left and we carried the all the furniture through the house and into the garden. Upon close inspection we found several scuffs on the rattan effect plastic weave: Here the weave has been done incorrectly. These strands should be tight. On the other sofa it is nice and neat. I had a live chat with a customer service advisor and sent them the photos. You can view the transcript (guy was a bit insensitive) if you're interested here: http://pastebin.com/CTv5W3d9 They confirmed that it shouldn't have arrived in that condition and that the weave was defective. I offered to accept the furniture if I could get a discount for the defect and damage. After initially offering £29.99 they said the maximum they could offer was £49.99 plus delivery charge so I rejected the offer and asked for a replacement instead. As I was about to go on holiday in a weeks time so the next suitable delivery slot for the replacement furniture was 14th June. When this replacement set arrived it had even more damage! So I did a video of it to show Argos: https://youtu.be/T7LW8qypRTc I contacted Argos publicly on their Facebook page with a link to the video. They replied and apologised and said that 'small' cosmetic damage can happen in transit. They arranged for another replacement to be sent. This 3rd replacement set arrived on 17th June at 3.30pm despite time slot of 10am-2pm and I was on school run at the time (more stress!). This set was by far the worst of the 3. Damaged in several places (broken rattan) and the middle section was clearly very used and filthy! Here's a video of the 3rd set's condition: https://youtu.be/lzF0kDACckw I complained on their Facebook page again and asked for a manager to contact me. They replied to say that I can have a replacement or refund. I asked again for a manager to contact me and they replied saying that my complaint had been passed onto management who would be in contact as soon as possible. That was 20th June and no contact but I think I won't hear anything more now. We will see. Obviously I could just get a refund but I really want this furniture set. It would look amazing if it was in new condition. There are many many 5* reviews on the product page so other buyers aren't getting the same issues as me. My reason for posting is because I would like to know what I can realistically ask for in compensation, IF I actually manage to get a set of this furniture I am happy with. Here's a summary: 1.Delivery took 6 weeks due to 4 week delay despite Argos quoting a 2 week delivery on product page when we ordered. 2. Three sets of furniture delivered. All damaged/second hand etc. 3. It's been 3 months since they took our money and we still don't have a furniture set that we can use. As a result we have had no garden furniture to sit on since April. 4.I have had to miss out on 3 days work for deliveries 5. Stress and inconvenience of the whole thing. Thank you for reading this far and I'm sorry it's so long. Any help you or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated
  4. Hi I'm posting this on behalf of my Mum who purchased her car in November 2015. She bought a ford C Max 55 plate for £2795 which came with a 3 month warranty. She's barely driven the car only having covered 500 miles since, but the car is starting to have quite a few serious faults, mainly with the ignition and some warning system regarding acceleration. None of it sounds very good and the AA have had to come out a couple of times to get her started. She's booked it in to the garage she originally got it from to be repaired and was wondering if the dealer is responsible to pay for repairs under the Consumer rights Act as there appears to have been new laws made from October 2015? I found the following on the Which website and hope someone can confirm it to be correct...... First six months - if you take the vehicle back within six months of purchase, the dealer should accept there was a problem when the vehicle was sold and offer a partial refund or to repair or replace it. If the dealer doesn't accept there was a problem when the vehicle was sold, they'll have to prove this. Any advice appreciated as I'm really pee'd off for her as she bought this car in the real need of having something reliable as she's on her own and quite disabled. Thanks for any advice Lisa
  5. Hi All This is a long post so bear with me. I've done a lot of research and I think I know what I'm doing but I would really like to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions on my tail so far. At this point in time small claims is unavoidable so any suggestions where my claim is weak and what I could do to address it would be greatly appreciated. I have laid out the story so far in a time line below. Many Thanks Jonathan At the beginning of May I purchased a Mercedes A Class A200 for £3000 including delivery. I stupidly bought it unseen from a dealer over 150 miles away using my debit car for the deposit and then the balance. I did call the dealer and ask a lot of questions before hand and do a HPI check which was clear. The car came with a 6 month third party warranty from WorldofWarranty.com which I now know is not worth the paper it is written on. 03/05/2015 Called dealer, Confirmed specification, Asked pointed questions about rust as 2005 mercs can have a problem, was told the car was good and although rust had been there is had been sorted. Paid deposit and received receipt for deposit stating car identity, amount and number of miles on clock was 105K 06/05/2015 had to chase dealer to pay balance 14/05/2015 Car is delivered by a driver, I have no time to look at the car as I have to give the driver a lift to the station to get a timed train. I do notice the instrument cluster display is blank/faulty I am unable to see mileage. 15/05/2015 I email the dealer say I am unhappy with the car and it is not as described. I outline the following faults which I have found. Ask dealer to call me · Engine is overcooling · Engine light on due to faulty glowplugs · Obvious and advanced rust in both doors and tailgate · 7K more miles on clock than advertised · Service history missing last two stamps · Instrument cluster faulty, no mileage displayed · Passenger side folding mirror faulty & unsecured · Both front tyres need replacing · Warped front brake disks, and rears badly corroded. 16/05/2015 email dealer chasing reply, I get what looks like an automated response saying I will get a response in 48 hours 17/05/2015 received email from dealer, says that the faults are not that serious and that he has already spent money fixing the car, stated that he has already spent putting a brand new shock and spring on the front and a hand brake cable. Dealer offers £100 as good will. 18/05/2015 I respond to dealer stating that some of the faults are serious and need to be addressed. I try to be reasonable and state that I will keep the car if they agree to two things They source two replacement doors in the correct colour within the next 6 weeks and I will fit at my expense, They arrange to have the glow plugs replaced at a garage or their choosing, near my address. If they agree to this I will fix the remainder of the faults myself. 18/05/2015 I get almost immediate automated response stating I will be contacted in 48 hours 21/05/2015 in the morning I send chaser email as I have had no response. Not long after this I spot a very similar car being scrapped on ebay. I contact the scrap yard and an able to do a deal for two doors and a tailgate for £75 each plus £80 delivery. 21/05/2015 I email the dealer stating I have found these doors and suggest that if they agree to pay for the doors I will pay for the tailgate. A couple of hours later I receive an email from dealer stating that he agrees to pay for doors but not postage???. I feel as they are agreeing to my terms outlined on the 18th that I will foot the postage just to get this sorted. That evening I receive an email asking for an email confirmation stating if they pay for the doors I will agree that they have resolved the issue and have been very helpful. 22/05/2015 I send email saying I am happy to state the replacement doors will resolve the rust issue but that I am still waiting for the glow plug issue to be resolved. 22/05/2015 late evening I receive £150 from dealer into my account for the doors. Over the next two weeks I chase the doors and get them fitted and sort out a trip to the garage to get the car looked over. Perhaps naively I assume the dealer is sorting out somewhere to get the glow plugs replaced. 22/05/2015 Concerned about how the car feels and sounds and now loosing trust in the dealer I put it into a local garage for them to service and look over. The following faults are found on top of what I had already discovered · Fuel filler pipe corroded · Centre exhaust corroded · OSF shock & spring broken ( the one they said they had replaced) · Flywheel worn I ask about flywheel and was told that although it is noticeably noisy there are no other symptoms like vibration, slippage, or poor gear change so just keep a close eye on it. The mechanic also stated that in his opinion no service had been carried out on this car for a very long time. The air filter had a 2011 date stamp on it and was effectively blocked. Having a broken spring and shock renders the car dangerous to drive so I booked the car in to get this replaced. 23/05/2015 two front tyres replaced £182 at my expense(I have not claimed for these) 24/05/2015 Instrument cluster from ebay fitted at my expense(I have added this to my claim) 29/05/2015 Replace all brake disks and pads at my expense(I have not claimed for these) 08/06/2015 I contact the dealer stating the doors have arrived and been fitted and that the rust issue is now closed. I request that we deal with the glow plug issue. I provide 3 quotes from local garages ranging from £220, £300 and £500. I state that I wish to go with the £300 one and in an effort to be reasonable and bring this to a conclusion I will pay the difference between the lowest and the middle quote. 10/06/2015 I request a response to my email from the 8th 12/06/2015 Again I request a response to my email from the 8th 12 06/2015 I get the front shock and spring replaced at my expense (I have added this to my claim) 13/06/2015 I receive a response from the dealer simply asking me to resent email 14/06/2015 while driving the car develops strong vibrations indicating the flywheel has taken a turn for the worst 15/06/2015 I resend my email from the 08th 15/06/2015 I arrange the car to go into a local Mercedes specialist to diagnose the vibrations. I give them the warranty information I was supplied with the car which appears to cover flywheel faults. Later that day they confirm the flywheel is faulty and could possibly disintegrate if driven. They tell me they have been in contact with the warranty company who will be sending out an engineer to confirm their findings. 16/06/2015 I receive an email from the dealer simply stating the final payment has been made and matter is closed. I don’t know if this meant they have sent payment for glow plugs or are just talking about the doors so I send an email asking for confirmation about what payments have been made and when. 17/06/2015 I call the Mercedes garage. The engine has been removed so that the flywheel and clutch can be closely examined. This was at the request of the warranty company. He confirms that in his opinion they are beyond repair. He confirms that the warranty company have sent an engineer to examine the flywheel clutch. He tells me I am looking at over £1000 for replacement. He will get a more accurate estimate when he gets the actual cost for the parts 17/06/2015 I immediately email the dealer stating that the flywheel and clutch have failed and that the warranty company are looking at it. I state that the warranty only cover up to £500 and the actual bill will be significantly higher. I state that as I have only have the car 5 weeks and have done less than 250 miles in that time then the fault was clearly there at time of purchase. I state I wish to invoke my rights under the sales of goods act and will either return the car for a full refund or accept a substantial contribution towards the repair. I ask them to call me to discuss. 18/06/2015 the warranty company call to inform the garage that the clutch and flywheel are not covered as they have simply come to the end of their life rather than suffering premature failure. They state due to the short period of time between the the inseption of the warranty (ie when I purchased the car) and the failure that the fault was already there when the warranty was started. 18/06/2015 I email the dealer stating that the warranty company have refused to cover the flywheel & clutch. I State they are now liable for the full cost of repair or I will accept a refund + plus the costs of diagnosis. I also state that the car is currently taking up a ramp at the Mercedes garage with its engine out and needs agreement today. I also state that given the time they usually take to respond to emails that I require a response today or I will be forced to have the repair done at my expense and will seek to recover the cost from them. I give them the number of the Mercedes garage and again ask them to call me to discuss. 30 mins later I get the following email form the dealer Sorry to hear once again from you that you are complaining about something else.We are surprise to hear every time you email us you come with new issue I spoke with gaffer and he confirmed that full and final payment of settlement has been sent to you last time when we replace the door and we have email to confirm it there will be no further emails. We are not here to make cars from Old to new You been given warranty Best warranty cover for this age and warranty allowed us to grant under the Act or under any condition on second hand car dealers are not liable for wear and tear That's why warranty been given so in case of any issue you can contact with them and get it repaired Unfortunately on this occasion i am unable to help Thanks Trying very hard to keep my calm I immediately send a response outlining all the faults to date. I pointed out the lied about the mileage, they lied about replacing the front strut and spring, they lied about servicing the car before delivery, they lied about it having a full service history and they lied about obvious rust being present. I pointed out they they have made very little effort to address the issues I had raised and that they where legaly obliged to do so. Yet again I stated that I either wanted a full refund including the cost of repairs to date or they paid to have the clutch and flywheel replaced. An hour later around 12:30 I received the following We received your email and pass it to legal department so they will answer you within 14 Days Thanks So I was left with a car in pieces in the garage and the garage pressing me for a decision as it was taking up a ramp and space. I could have simply got the car put back together with the faulty parts at a cost of £600 labour or I could go ahead with the repair at a cost of £1300, the only silver lining is as the engine is out it is very easy to replace the glow plugs and thermostat so that would only cost £100. I figured at this point it was reasonable to conclude that the dealer has no intention of refunding or repairing the car, they said as much when I asked about the glow plugs before the flywheel issue. If I simply paid the £600 and to put it back together I could get it home but it would be unsafe and unusable and a complete waist of money. Also I need my car for work. So reluctantly I reached for the emergency credit card and asked the Mercedes garage to go ahead and replace the clutch flywheel and glowplugs. 18/06/2015 I send a final email the the dealer thanking them for the confirmation that they would not be addressing any issued raised. As they are apparently an AA garage I send them a link to the AAs website where it outlines my rights as a buyer and ask them to send all my emails so far to their Legal department for review. I again outline the circumstances and their legal obligations and the consumer rights act and give them one more chance to pay for the repair or I will be forced to let the small claims court decide on all the issues. 19/06/2015 I send them a registered letter outlining the above except AS I was being forced to go the small claims route I was now including full repair costs for the flywheel, clutch, glowplugs, instrument cluster, Shock and spring plus a small amount to compensate for the additional 7k miles the car seemed to have traveled from me paying my deposit to it arriving. In total £1840 and I gave them 7 days to reply. 20/06/2015 at the suggestion of a friend I look up the cars MOT history online. It turms out that it had an MOT in March this year where among other things it failed on osf shock and spring its mileage at this time was recorded as 112K, no retest was done. Its next MOT was on the 12/05/2015 2 days before delivery, it failed on OSF shack and spring, it was retested the following day and passed with a recorded mileage of 112K. The OSF shock and spring was the one I had to have replaced. I think this establishes that the garage think nothing of selling cars with dodgy MOTs and that they knew the mileage when they sold the car. I have to date received no further reply from the dealer.I have retained all receipts, replaced parts and emails sent and received and I received from the warranty company an independent engineers report stating the flywheel and clutch where faulty when the car was purchased. Tomorrow I will send a final BEFORE ACTION letter and give them a final 7 days to reply. IF I don’t get a response by then I will start proceedings. As mentioned above any thoughts, comments and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks Jonathan
  6. apologies if this is long-winded. Basically I have a hunch my vehicle has clocked mileage, there are some tell-tale signs like the wear on steering wheel. the vehicle came from Southern Ireland, so would possibly have had KM clocks, but now has mileage clocks and is in the UK, the UK MOT certificates show corresponding mileage to what the vehicle now has. I don't know if the vehicle came to the UK privately, or with a dealer of some form importing the vehicle/first MOTing vehicle. the vehicle was written off in the UK and I bought as a damaged repairable from a salvage site, which did have a disclaimer relating to mileage, the owner at that time would probably have been the insurance company. I have driven the vehicle for 18 months, and obviously spent money fixing the vehicle, so do NOT want a full refund or anything. Is it worth checking the vehicles computer for mileage history, etc. I haven't bothered to date, as I didn't think I had any course for claiming. Many thanks.
  7. Hi all, I purchased a second-hand freezer for £40 from a second-hand shop two weeks ago. My father and I loaded it into the back of his car with the help of the shop assistant. We drove it home, unloaded it carefully and plugged it in. I threw some frozen food in there the next day and, a few days later, went to get it out. It was all melted, because the freezer wasn't working. We unplugged it, plugged it back in, fiddled with the dial switch ... Nothing worked. When I went back to the shop to tell them this (they offered a one-month guarantee that it would work), the manager asked me if I'd plugged it in immediately when getting it home. I said yes. He told me I should have waited 12 hours, as sometimes the gases in the freezer can be dislodged if it is laid on its side. A quick Google revealed he was right about this, but I asked why I hadn't been advised of this when I purchased it as it doesn't strike me as common knowledge. He went quiet and told me he'd get back to me. I called again today. He told me again that it was working perfectly when he picked it up and it was probably a result of me plugging it in immediately that has "broken it" and, once again, he's said he'll get back to me. I have no way of knowing whether it did work when he picked it up as it wasn't plugged in in the shop. I have no way of knowing if it was a result of plugging it in immediately that caused it to stop working. But I do know that I wasn't advised to wait 12 hours, that he's sold me a freezer that doesn't work and he's not taking any steps to solve the problem. I've had a look at the Consumer Rights Act, which suggests second-hand goods purchased from a second-hand shop are the same as those for new goods. My question is whether I have a leg to stand on if I was the one to "break it", even though the perils of moving a freezer weren't explained to me and we can't prove it either way. I'm trying to think of another example to use to get my point across to him that it was the shop's responsibility to instruct me on this, especially as they sell a lot of freezers/fridges, but my mind's a blank. I know it's only £40, but it's the principal and the hassle of having to move the thing again, then buy another one, move that ... and I'd like to prevent him doing this to other people in future. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Capybara
  8. Hi all, Posting this on behalf of my friend that purchased a used car from a small dealership in the North West. It was a Vauxhall Vecta 1.8L petrol on a 57 plate. The car looked and drove well, it has some minor scratches and a fault with the electric window that they are aware of an willing to put right at a later date convenient to him. The issue started last week, he was in the boot and all of a sudden the boot lid dropped on his head, it turns out the gas lifter had popped of as there was no retainment clip on the ball joint, then then caused the boot lift to get wedged in the gap between the boot lid and rear tail section of the car. This has caused the window to completely shatter and some body work damage (paint has come off and metal has deformed where the gas lifter got wedged.) The window was then repaired next day via Autoglass due to it being a car he has to use to get to work (no local transport to his area of work,) at a cost of £75. The next day he is driving to work doing around 45MPH and the bonnet all of a sudden flips up and smashes the front window screen and puts several huge cracks down it, this again has cost £75 to replace. The bonnet has also been damaged in the two corners as they have bent backwards due to the force of impact and the center of the bonnet has 4 huge dents where it initially hit the window screen. After getting home he has checked the safety latch on the bonnet catch and it was rusted stiff (he has taken a video of this to show it won't move,) he has sprayed it with some WD40 and with some force managed to free it as again he needs to use it to get to work. The question is, is where does he stand in regards to getting the money back for the costs of window screen replacements and getting the bodywork issues fixed ? The car was only sold to him 10 days ago. Thanks in advance
  9. I purchased a 1999 Mondeo yesterday from Carlton Motors in Gloucester with a full years MOT for £500. 75k miles and felt good to drive. Took my boys to school this morning and had the engine die(rpm dropped to 0) twice in space of 150 yards. eventually got it home only to find an horrendous noise from the water pump area of engine. Does sale of goods act apply?
  10. Hi all My partner purchased a second hand car from a dealer on friday for £2600,on sunday two warning lights appeared for the power steering and the braking rendering it useless unless the problem is found On contacting the dealer this morning my partner was told that the car was sold as a private sale on behalf of a private individual and that therefore he was not liable for any repairs to the vehicle My partner also somewhat naively signed the invoice/reciept which states "this vehicle is a private sale on behalf of the above customer and no warranty/guarantee is implied or given"(the details of the private individual are given) she did believe that she was purchasing a vehicle directly from the dealer untill this invoice was handed over for signing and signed it with out proper thought on the matter , the money was paid by bank transfer directly to the dealer not the private individual. I believed that we had rights regardless of a warranty under the sales of goods act and would be grateful of some light on the issue and any advice on our next step thanks
  11. Ok.. Im in a self managed DMP after an attempt at a DMP with stepchange failed..My creditors have all accepted my offer of £5 a month each and its being going fine for 6 months untill one more debt turned up I had forgotten about.. This debt which was a £52 payday loan had become £181 and although they accepted the £5 offer I looked up the original paperwork and found that the last balance with the original firm ( Ferratum ) was £92...but since being sold on had virtually doubled to £181... This led me to having a look for other paperwork and on my credit file and I discovered that appart from a couple of high street bank debts which have not had any charges etc added nearly all the 'payday loan' type debts have all nearly doubled or in some cases tripled the original debts due to multiple charges..and Ive now worked out that at the current value ti will take me nearly 9 years to pay off all these debts but if I only paid the original amounts ( including interest just not charges ) it would be only 5 years.. Is there any thing I can do about these charges as these firms all seem to be able to charge what they want literally willy nilly and Im not happy to be paying silly over the top charges if I shouldnt have to.. Any advice welcomed
  12. Me and my partner bought a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 Sri cdti 150bph on the 22nd September 2015 for £3500 from a second hand dealership. The car went off for a MOT before we got it and it came back with advisories which the dealership dealt with. We waited 2 weeks after payment before we actually got to drive it home. A Week later thick black smoke was coming out the exhaust, we immediately took it back to the dealership and they said they would sort it as it was still under warranty. (Swirl flaps needed replacing) they had our car for over a week and when it came back they hadn't done the job properly, they had botched it up. Instead of replacing the swirl flaps they put blanking plates either side of the egr valve and capped the swirl flaps (temporary fix) A day later the car lost power and was in limp mode, when I had a look at the engine the main air intake pipe wasn't even bolted on properly one bolt was missing and the other was extremely loose. The sensor for the swirl flap wasn't connected and was left hanging, the inlet manifold had been taken apart and new bolts put in (not nessesary comes sealed from factory) there is silicone all over the bottom of the manifold where the swirl flap is, the fuel lines were hanging loose, there is a bracket now missing from the back of my engine and nothing was attached. When I rang the dealership they just fobbed me off saying that they had done the job properly and what was I complaining about, when I asked if they would reimburse me to get the car fixed properly they said no as they had done it properly. (I've taken it to a garage for a second opinion and they are agreeing with me, poor workmanship and it needs to be fixed to repair the damage the dealership has done to it looking at £500) I just don't know where I stand. Help me please Thank you in advance
  13. http://digiguide.tv/pick-of-the-day/1+September+2015/documentary-cash-in-hand-payday-loans/ Looks like Uncle Buck is the subject of this programme.
  14. Hi. I took my BMW 3 series to my local garage to have a 2nd hand engine put in as my last engine died due to no oil after a leak in that engine. the RAC took it to the garage and the garage gave me a quote of £800 that's the engine and delivery then about 30 mins later they rang me back and said it was £900, so I paid. I got the car back after about 3 weeks the engine was fitted and they also charged me for a new clutch plate but not the labour this was an extra £250 that they didn't even ask me about. altogether I spent £1,900 on this engine and I drove it round for a week and it started making a noise and loosing power again so once again I called RAC and they said I had an oil leak. so took it down garage and they said they couldn't find a leak but cleaned the engine and told me to go back in a week to see if they can see where its coming from. in the mean time I took it to another garage for some advice and they said I have 3 leaks in this engine. what can I do to make sure they repair the engine and also they said that if they have to take the engine out to repair it it will cost me labour even tho its their fault for not checking before putting the engine in. PLEASE help Thank you
  15. I bought the Beko CDA648FS which is a double fridge freezer for £80 on eBay. I found that it is running constantly and doesn't turn off, which points to a faulty thermostat. Anyway, after searching parts, I found that the particular model is due for a recall because of a house fire a similar model caused. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011322/Beko-fridge-freezer-recall-Bermondsey-tower-block-warning-half-million-families.html Do I have any hope in a refund, or even replacement from Beko? EDIT: Nevermind! I used the Beko checker and it said my one is not affected. Feel free to delete!
  16. I wondered if I can seek advice? Iv had an RBS since 2001 and kept it in good order, however in 2011/2012 I had 1 missed direct debit and this is now how the account stands on my credit file Date of default 31/10/2012 Default balance £ 721 I wrote to the bank in 2012 and also wrote to Financial ombudsman but I only ever received 1 letter back from the bank to say that these charges had not been unfairly charged. Recently the same thing has happened to my partner. He was with Santander and the only thing that ever came out of his account was iTunes, For the sake of £3.41 his Santander account now stands at £600 overdrawn and is still increasing.. .. we need help, we need to know what we can do and if I can still do anything with RBS now that the account hasn't been used for 3 years? These accounts are stopping us from getting a mortgage... does this mean we can claim compensation for the damage? I have read a lot of articles but still unsure what my rights are.
  17. I need some advice please on how to get a deposit back after placing one on a 2nd hand car. 2 weeks ago we found a car at a small 2nd hand car dealer but it had some issues. The deal was we would purchase the car if the issues (repair some bodywork, pass MOT, fix door seal, stop car veering to right when driving) were rectified. We agreed and I placed a deposit of £495 (Car cost £3995) on a visa debit card, signed an agreement and left. I have returned today to collect the car after being told all repairs agreed were fixed and the car was ready. On arrival we found that only the MOT and the door seal was repaired. The car still veered to the right, the original bodywork damage hadn't been sorted and in fact there were more paintwork issues since we first inspected it and agreed the deal. The salesman offered to repair the bodywork issues for £100 discount or they would repair them but we had to come back a week later. I was not happy with this offer and instead requested a refund. Ultimately they had gone back on their word and now i didn't trust the deal. The sales man said he couldn't authorise the refund and put me onto a call with the manager. The manager listened to the issues raised, provided the same offer of £100 which I declined. He then told me it was his policy not to offer a refund and if I wanted my deposit he would "see me in court" after a heated exchange he then threatened to "send the boys round" I understand that if you change your mind you shouldn't be entitled to a refund but surely in this case i have a right? 1. he breached the original agreement 2. The goods are faulty and have not been supplied correctly. the car is actually still for sale on a number of websites so surely i can also argue that he is not at a loss. what options do i have? thanks for any advice
  18. Hi I was wondering if I had any recourse to reclaim some costs from a 2nd hand car dealer. I bought a Mercedes C180 with a 57 reg last week 13th January. When I bought the car I noticed that it was flashing a message that it was 266 days overdue for a service. When I pointed this out to the dealer he said that the reason for this was that it had been sitting since it’s last service and this was just an automatic countdown from the cars computer, whereby in reality it did not really need a service. Stupidly I believed him. Had I checked the service history I would have seen that the last service was in fact 10,000 miles previously at 52,230 miles and the car was now at 61.700 miles. Anyway I bought the car as it had everything I wanted on it and although a bit more than I wanted to pay, I was desperate to get a car as my old car had literally given up the ghost. I booked it in for a service with a reliable Garage that specialise in Mercs that I have been using for nearly 20 years. The car was due a B service which costs about £225 anyway and I would have been happy to pay for this. On inspection the Garage owner told me that there were a few things that were needed to make it road worthy. 1. It needed two new rear tyres as that on had a few miles left in them 2. It needed one rear brake pad 3. It desperately needed two new Rear Brake Discs as the old ones were badly corroded. Total Cost for these including VAT was £306 over and above the normal Service charge. There were a few other things that needed replacing over and above what is normally included in a B service such as Oil and Air Filters, but I am prepared to swallow that and in all fairness the Garage said that they could probably last until the next MOT due in November, but I said that I would prefer to get it all sorted in one go. So in all the service cost me £766. I would have thought that the 3 items above were essential and have been checked prior to selling the car to make the car roadworthy In the SoGA it reads Roadworthiness 5.17 You should ensure that you have procedures in place to check that vehicles you supply, offer to supply or expose for sale are safe and roadworthy. It is not sufficient to rely on MOT or service histories. This will usually mean arranging for a suitably qualified or competent person to carry out pre-sale mechanical inspections of vehicles and any problems that make them unroadworthy must be rectified. On another note, the dealer also sold me an extended Car Parts Warranty which I have since found out is next to useless. I asked the dealer to cancel that and to refund the money two days after taking it out. He told me that it was not refundable, which I know is an outright lie as I asked to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and have since requested this to both him and the insurance company in writing. He has emailed back stating that it is not refundable, I am waiting to hear from the Insurance company (WMS) but am confident I will get that money back, but it was his outright lie that got my back up, and him thinking I did not know my statuary rights. If he lied about that what else did he lie about. Because my back was up about that I thought I might investigate the possibility of getting some money out of him for the tyres and brakes. Any thoughts whether I have a leg to stand on or not?
  19. Hi there,this is my first post so if i do anything wrong please forgive me. I purchased a used audi a4 for £1800 from a dealer on 24/10/14 and i've done approx 250 miles in it,i paid £300 cash and part exed my vectra,two weeks later the water pump failed,i took it to a local mechanic as i didn't think it was worth going back to the dealer for,just over a week after that the coolant light came on,i refilled it and checked it periodically and noticed the coolant in the tank was staying cold even when the engine was up to temp,it was suggested to me that this could be a head gasket fault,so i contacted the dealer and he said he'd take a look,he did so and told me that it was just an air lock,i drove 5 miles from the dealers and the engine management light came on,i rang the dealer and told him,his reply was 'next time you're passing through bring it in and we'll switch it off for you' as you can imagine i was very unsatisfied,so i decided to take it to an audi main dealer and have a full check over,they told me in no uncertain terms that the vehicle is unroadworthy and did a complete report,should i contact the dealer first or the CAB,or should i just reject the car? i'm quite happy to show a list of faults if anybody wishes to see them. sorry for the long winded post. Stan.
  20. Hi My husband has been at the same company for over 30 years. He remembers distinctly when he joined he worked a week in hand. He has now resigned and going to work at another company. The company he originally worked for were acquired by a big blue chip company. He has emailed HR and that say that the onus is on him to prove that he wasn't paid the week in hand when he changed from weekly to monthly paid about 20 years ago. He does not have his wage slips for 20 years ago. Is the onus really on him? He distinctly remembers not being paid that money and he wants it. Any advice on what the law really is. Thank you
  21. Brief Overview: I purchased a car around 5 weeks ago from a used dealer for around £1900 on the proviso they arranged for it to be serviced as advertised (it hadn't been). Post purchase we arranged for the cambelt to be done at the same time for an extra £230. After getting the car back various bits of trim had been put back shoddily and the car was seriously lacking power compared to before. Turns out the dealer users an 'ex-ford specialist' mechanic moonlighting from his normal job and not an actual garage. A week later it goes back to them to be fixed as the timing is clearly out, I get it back and whilst it seems some power has returned it now idles at around 1200 rpm and sounds bad. I also notice at this point that the Engine Management Light bulb has been removed although I foolishly didn't check this pre-purchase. I take the car back again and leave it with them for a week while I go away and am told they will send to a different garage as I didn't want the same guy working on it. I've picked up today to be told there is a fault P1381 - Variable Cam Timing Overadvanced (Bank #1) but they're not willing to spend any money fixing it as it drives fine and must only be a fraction out. I drive the car home and it's clearly in limp mode. I decide to get it looked at by an independent with a view to getting it fixed and claiming the costs back from the seller. The car has been looked over and come back with the following faults: P1383 - Variable Cam Timing retarded Serpentine Belt in poor condition Oil and Coolant Leak Bolt in top of rocker cover stripped of thread Engine Oil Overfilled Front and Rear Brake discs badly corroded Exhaust Blow, Cracked Catalyst No locking wheel nut found Based on all this and the fact I've given them ample opportunity to fix the original issue, which still isn't fixed I want to reject the car for a refund but am unsure of the exact steps to do so. My understanding is as follows: Write a letter of rejection with reasons why Await response If none then send letter of intent re small claims court If no response then start moneyclaim proceedings. A couple of questions though... What happens with the v5 document if I'm rejecting the car? Do I mention the fact that I will consider court action if we can't reach an amicable arrangement. Do I call to tell them that I'm rejecting the car before the letter? Do I insist that they come and collect the car from me? Sorry this is quite a complicated first post, any advice is gratefully received. Cheers Dom
  22. Hi Guys I bought a '10' plate BMW 3 series from a car supermarket in Hampshire for ~£14000 including a 3 year warranty. I paid by debit card with about £6000 trade in from my old car. After 3 days and just one short journey, having driven the car 12 miles (possibly 14, but I filled it up with petrol as soon as I got it and reset the mileometer) the engine management light came on. I took it back to the dealer. I implicitly gave consent for them to repair the car because I was going away for a few days and didnt need it. They said it would be ready when I got back. After a week, it was still not available. I asked for a refund in writing. Eventually their legal people sent a letter saying I had no grounds to reject the car because I had given consent to repair it already. They replaced all of the fuel injectors. I caved in and went to collect the car - only for it to break down literally as I tried to drive it home. I had to get a policeman to help me push it to the side of the road and wait to be recovered. This time I explicitly said I am rejecting the car. They fixed it anyway, and today called me at 16:51 to say I again have no grounds to reject the car. This time they have replaced the exhaust gas recirculation valve. They wrote another letter saying the egr valve appears to have failed due to natural wear and tear and so doesn't fall under the Sales of Goods Act 1979, so I should come and collect the vehicle. Obviously I don't want to have to take a car sold to me as reliable that has broken down twice in 15 miles. What is my position here?
  23. I am really needing some help. I have a house valued at £110,000 and a mortgage of £105,000 which I may need to sell. The only problem is I have a secured loan of £34,000 on my home through Picture (or whoever they are now) which has arreas of £650 and they will only get bigger as I am no longer able to afford the loan. What I am wanting to know is am I allowed to sell my home even though the secured loan won't get paid off. I am intending to rent if I can sell my home. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't want to sell if I don't have to but will Picture?? take my home even if they won't get any proceeds from the sale.
  24. Hi. This is my first post but I have used some valuable information from this site in the past. I recently bought a Porsche 911 from what appeared to be a very reputable dealer. I had Porsche perform a 111 point inspection yesterday. They informed me of some serious engine problems and advised returning it. I called the dealer with this information and today I sent the following letter accompanying the inspection report, recorded delivery: On 29th June 2014 I purchased, and took delivery of, the above vehicle from XXX. On 2nd July 2014 I discovered that it was not of satisfactory quality. This was highlighted by the report produced from Porsche East London after an official 111 point inspection (attached). Within the report Porsche indicated the following: · Knocking noise from right-hand side of engine, suspected bore/piston issue. This was backed up by evidence of discolouration of left-hand side exhaust pipe caused by increased oil use on the right-hand engine bank · Right-hand front coil road-spring snapped · Brake pipe support bracket securing bolt snapped It was also indicated, which I had experienced from day of purchase: · Judder felt through steering when 1st applying brakes Section 14 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 requires dealers to supply goods of satisfactory quality. However, the vehicle is clearly not of a satisfactory quality which is defined as free from minor defects, safe and durable for a reasonable length of time. You are therefore in breach of contract. I am legally entitled to reject the vehicle and to be reimbursed for its full purchase price of £xxxxx. I will give you seven (7) days to reply to me accepting, unconditionally, my request in principle and advising me of a date by which I will receive payment. If you do not respond, or you do not respond positively within this time period, I shall send you a letter before action that will outline my intention to recover the full amount plus interest , costs and compensation through the Courts. Once an agreement has been reached to the points contained within this letter, you are entitled to the return of the vehicle to your business premises (at your own expense). If they ask to inspect the vehicle do I have to permit them to take it away or can I refuse and demand a refund? One final note, I paid for the majority of the vehicle on Credit Card to cover me under Consumer Credit Act. Thanks,
  25. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help, my girlfriend's car has been sitting outside our house for a month or so, under a tree which has been dropping little buds and with it sap onto the roof of the car, so the car got pretty sticky, so after she had taken it back from the garage she took it to a hand wash to get rid of the sticky black sap as it looked bad, then took it back home, when I got home tonight I went and had a look at it, and you can imagine my horror when I saw that quite a lot of the lacquer on the top of the roof had been removed as well. big strips of lacquer have been removed and there are now big patches of damaged paint, including on the bonnet. When I complained to the carwash, he said it was our fault because the paintwork hadn't been looked after and maintained. The car has generally been looked after very well, it's an older car but only just done 50,000 miles and the only time there's ever been an issue was the sap from the tree. The guy is saying that it's our fault because the paintwork was in bad condition, something that I just don;t agree with, and anyway as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't have started it if they thought it was in such bad condition but they're saying that they couldn't see what bad condition it was because of the sap etc. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do next ? At the end of the day it happened on their property, and was done by them regardless of anything else, but they're saying it's our fault.
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