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Found 82 results

  1. US court forces Microsoft to hand over personal data from Irish server Emails and private information from customers of US companies must be handed over – even if data is stored outside US So who takes priority here, the European Data Protection Act or the US Courts: [Careful if you have a weak heart, this will make you angry]. Privacy campaigners have warned that the decision, which would affect users of US internet services, shows "stark contempt" for European citizens and is in direct conflict with EU rules on data protection. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/apr/29/us-court-microsoft-personal-data-emails-irish-server
  2. Quick Question Wife brought a second hand "as new" pushchair around october last year this model and design was only released around a few months before that fast forward to december and its stopped folding, the button jams on one side meaning that it cant be folded or unfolded and when it does fold out it doesnt lock into position, obviously dangerous to the child thats in it now ussually with a second hand product i would throw my hands up and admit defeat however being mechanicly minded i decided to try and mend it - except i couldnt its riveted togeather decided to look into the problem and found hundreds of stories online having problems with not just this frame but the previous iteration before that as well. now this is where im trying to push it, i can prove its a manufacturing defect.. having had a good look at it there is only two screws holding this in place, one of these is missing, having manovered the pushchair around a little you can see the screw actually inside the body of the button press. before i found this out quinny would respond only with "although the pushchair comes with a two year warrenty this doesnt pass if its sold on its £40 + parts", as soon as i mentioned manufacturing issue and provided pictoral evidence theyve stopped responding entirely now im not sure what to do the frame number proves its still under its two year warrenty... (and that its made in china) Ceo email wont even respond Customer services have stopped replying im tempted to just set up a facebook page called "Quinnys shoddy products" as i know the fact it would show up anytime someone searched quinny might kick some action from them any other ideas, normally i wouldnt worry but its around £150 worth of pushchair Image showing missing screw image showing pushchair tilted at angle, showing screw through hole
  3. Hi, I'm asking for advice on behalf of my parents. To put you in the picture... Last May they bought a Ford Focus from a reputable local car dealer. The car was registered the previous September, it would have been 8 months old there or thereabouts. It had done 10k miles and they paid £12,000 for it. 2 months ago they had a leak in the car, this resulted in a pool of water in the passenger side foot well. I told them to take it back to the dealer as under the sales of goods act the car is not fit for purpose. They instead took the car to Fords who 'repaired' what they thought the fault was, it cost over £300. A month later and the water is still coming in, I'm not talking about a bit of dampness here, it's a pool of water covering the whole of the foot well, 10mm deep! Any advice on what to do from here, they are thinking of taking the car back to Fords but again my advice is to take it back to the dealer. If that is the line to take, should the previous work to rectify the problem be mentioned? Many thanks
  4. I saw this on another forum - http://pensionersclub.co.uk and thought it might bring a few tuts here. Someone please tell me what the Hell is wrong with all of the people that are running this country!!! LABOUR, CONSERVATIVES & LIBERALS, ALL say We're "broke" and can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless, etc., In the past few years we have provided. Direct cash [£] aid to Haiti - £1.4 Billion. Hamas - £351 Million, Pakistan - £2 Billion, Libya - £1.45 Billion, Egypt - £397 Million, Mexico - £622 Million, Russia - £380 Million, Jordan - £463 Million, Kenya - £816 Million, Sudan - £870 Million, Nigeria - £456 Million, Uganda - £451 Million, Congo - £359 Million, Ethiopia - £981 Million, South Africa - £566 Million, Senegal - £698 Million, Mozambique - £404 Million, Zambia - £331 Million, Kazakhstan - £304 Million, Iraq - £1.08 Billion, Tanzania - £554 Million, Giving them Billions of Pounds - and the majority of them still hate us !!! Our retired seniors living on a 'fixed income' -do they get any breaks ??? While our government and religious organisations pour Hundreds of Billions of Pounds and Tons of Food to a vast list of Foreign Countries! We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans. In the UK where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going without needed medication or fuel to heat their homes and mentally ill without treatment... etc. *YET. .. .* We still allow illegal "Deprived People" & other free loaders on our shores. While we are lining up to give them food, clothes, bedding, doctors, medical supplies and whatever else they need. Can you Imagine what it would be like if *"OUR GOVERNMENT"* gave *'US*' the same support they give to other countries. *Sad isn't it?* More ....
  5. Hi, Not sure if I am posting in the correct place but here goes I bought a car thru a reputable dealer (trading in my old faithful car) with a car loan which they organised thru Barclays Bank. I have had the car 2 months and have had to take it back twice due to it being faulty. The dealer cannot find the fault and keeps giving me the car back saying they tried this and tried that. I have told them I think its the on board computer at fault but they are reluctant to check this as apparently its a huge job. Can Barclays perhaps assist me to cancel this agreement and give this car back and I go elsewhere to buy a car? I don't feel happy paying a monthly instalment on a car that is faulty. Any advice appreciated Thanks
  6. My partner and myself purchased a car in April from a local dealership (Tyneside Autoparc). An 07 plate Dodge with 47k miles on the clock. We paid in full by debit card and the problems with the company have been ridiculous from day one. There have been a couple of (unrelated) problems to the car since we bought it. There was a tyre pressure sensor that was broken, the dealer agreed to repair it but said it had to go back to Dodge for the work. They never arranged the work so in the end we made the appointment ourselves and got them to call Tyneside to authorise the work while we were there, although this had taken around 2 months of being passed backwards and forwards from the original retailer. There has been a squeak coming from the engine, and it has been quite 'laggy' for lack of a better term, usually when doing long distance. We have had it back into the dealership to be told there is nothing wrong. Within the last few weeks it has started juddering when in a low gear and the power lag has been getting worse. We had intended on taking it back to the dealership this week to have them look it over *again* however: On Friday evening we were driving to London. The oil pressure light came on while I was in the outside lane of the A1 in heavy rush hour traffic. This is especially odd as we had checked the car over (oil, water, tyres etc) before we set off as we were doing long distance (we do this as a standard on both our cars as we drive long distance regularly and have had a car pack up on a motorway previously due to our error). Luckily, I managed to pull off the road (no hard shoulder) down a slip road and stopped the car within 30 - 40 seconds of the light coming on. We called our rescue company, who sent someone out fairly promptly (we had our 4 year old with us and were not in the best position). He checked the oil, which was completely empty by this point. He drove me to the local services to buy some more oil to top it back up in the hopes it would do us the rest of our journey and we could get it looked at over the weekend in London. Filled it up, sorted it out, restarted; everything seemed okay. We set off, luckily the recovery driver was still sat doing paperwork as when we got maybe, 3 yards up the road the oil light had come back on and the engine was juddering badly and making an awful noise. We called the rescue company back up and arranged a relay recovery. We were halfway between home and our destination at this point (around 200 miles either way). The person we spoke to on the phone took details and informed us we would be recovered to London, and if the car couldn't be dealt with over the weekend they would simply recover us back to Newcastle. Perfect! However, they have since said that was a mistake and cannot recover us back to Newcastle. They gave us a hire car to get home and have put our car in storage down south in a local police pound until we can get a solution sorted with Tyneside Autoparc. Two mechanics that I have spoken too via the recovery companies have said that it looks and sounds like the turbo charger has gone and has been draining the oil in an effort to run. They also said that if it is the turbo charger, it is highly likely that the laggy power, juddering and squeak could all be related, meaning it may have been going on from before we bought the car. I know I can get a repair under SOGA, even if I was entitled to refund I probably wouldn't want it as we like the car. But where do I stand with being unable to get the car back to the dealership? 1) It would cost us hundreds, if not more, to get a company to tow it all that way and I'm not entirely sure the dealer would do even a half decent job after previous dealings with them. 2) Because of the type of car it is, it is highly likely they would send it to the local Dodge dealer for repair anyway, can I request they pay for the repair to be done in London at that Dodge dealership, and that way I can get the train down and drive it back at my own cost once repaired? I have a meeting with the MD this evening to discuss the situation. I'm not sure how it will go but I am more than prepared to take it to a small claims court and/or pay for the repair myself and reclaim costs if that's feasible. Any ideas?
  7. my 19 year old son brought his first car 5 weeks ago from a car trader. 2 weeks after buying the car it started playing up loss of power (not going over 25 miles an hour) and a warning light came on. The car came with a warranty that says he must pay for diagnosis to be done and the first £100 of any work that needs doing. I contacted citizens advice and was told the warranty is not a replacement for his consumer rights and as he had had the car such a short amount of time he should write to the garage he purchased it from and ask for his money back, which he did. he has recieved a reply this morning saying he needs to get the car to their workshop at his expense within 5 working days (the workshop is miles away from where we live and he works fulltime) he would then have to pay £50 for them to diagnose any fault and if it is a mechanical fault he would have to pay the first £100 towards the repair. He cannot afford to spend anymore money on a car he has only just brought. I'm so upset for him he has worked so hard and saved for so long to buy his first car and now he has nothing. we dont know what to do next. Please help
  8. HI there, I brought a Toyota avensis estate T180 D (43100 miles on clock) from a skoda dealer on 25/5/13. The car came with 1 year warrenty and RAC cover. I was assured that everything was covered in the warranty (I did not read the booklet) and all was going to be well, considering that I would be doing long journeys with young children in tow! 2 weeks after buying the car I went on a longish journey and the car broke down, with a fault on the EGR valve. I called out the RAC who managed to get the car working, but I emailed the dealer to let them know of the problem and as they owed me an MOT took the car in and asked them to investigate the cars lack of power considering the break down that had occurred. I was assured that these would be investigated and when my husband took the car in I was told all was fine. This week after having the car for nearly 11 weeks, the car broke down again well away from home. The RAC were called. They switched the fault off had me drive around the car park I was in and said I would be fine. Ok I thought I will have to go with that. 2 hours later I left the place I was at with kids in tow and it broke down again after 10 minutes of driving. The car went into limp home mode, so I got back to holiday park and called out the RAC again. The RAC came out and told me the car would have to go to a garage. I called the dealer I brought it from who were unhelpful and just told me under warrenty it could go to any garage. Number 1 garage could not fix so it was sent to a Toyota garage who informed me that the CAT would need replacing and the EGR valve. On phoning the warranty company I have been told that these things are not covered so I will have to pa the £2500 bill myself. I phone the dealer back who I brought it from and had words. The car has now been lifted back to there by the RAC and I am to go in on Monday to discuss the matter with them. When I was sold the car I was told the warranty was all singing all dancing and I had people there with me who would verify this. I paid £7600 for the car and simply cannot afford another £2500 on top to fix the car. I need to know where I stand with this when I go back on Monday, as I want to refuse to pay, and for them to either pay or give me a refund. Am I justified and within my rights to ask for this? The car was sold with a 30day 1000 mile return thingy on it and it has been over this on both counts. If I have no rights I am to put it very mildly stuck with a car that does n't work and won't work as I can't afford to pay for it! Since having the car I have probably done 2000 miles (can't recall the exact mileage). Any advice (if you can understand my ramblings) welcome Many thanks
  9. Ok, This is a bit of a different problem, We rent our house as many people do, but our landlord occupies the granny flat that is ajoined the house, also uses the same front door Our rent includes all bills inc council tax, this is in our agreement. How ever, Our landlord has not paid the council tax, he has been taken to court, the bailiffes are from rossendales, they attended our property about 3 weeks ago, i spoke to the guy who asked for our land lord, i explained he was at work. the bailiff looked at me suspiciously, I know he thinks i am the person he is after, he did ask who i was and at that time i said it was nothing to do with him, he asked why i wouldn't say who i was, cos it is irrelevent who i am, all you need to know is i am not who you are after, you will have to catch him at work. I told my landlord and he shrugged it off. To day he came back, but simply posted a letter, as we were out, upon looking at the letter, it is not addressed to us but our land lord, from what we can see through the clear window, there is talk of seizing goods. My wife called the local authority about the letter, they told us who the bailiffs. My wife has tried to cantact them but as of yet no one has got back to us What do/can we do about it, if they come back what can they do, The debt is not ours, we are tenants and as it happens the landlord lives on site and it is his debt
  10. I have 1st Credit chasing me £1420 which is the remains of my Halifax OD after I jumped ship nearly 4 years ago when they imposed their new overdraft charges regime. Given my current financial situation, I doubt I could pay it off except at a pitiful amount per week. What I'd like to do is force their hand and make them take me to court because I'm 99% certain that a judge will either order a tiny payment of a few quid a month or even write the debt off altogether, especially given the grief I've gone through over this so far. I was planning on making them a full and final offer of about 10% of the outstanding balance paid off by standing order at a few quid a month with the condition that no further correspondence will be entered into if they do not agree. And under no circumstances bother showing up at my door. Is this worth trying, and will it work? Regards Bigyeti
  11. Hello! I'm not sure this is the right place to post but is the most accurate I could find for the problem I have. I have actually seen another thread about the company I'm complaining about here, but for now I'll hold on the name. See if someone can guide me in this situation I find myself now: I brought my car from Spain a few years ago, registered it here and some time later I decided to sell it. So I contacted a company I found on line, specialized in buying and selling second hand left hand drive cars here in the UK. All seemed good, a guy came to collect the car in London and took it to their showroom. No news from them for a couple of months, I emalied them then asking about the car, asking if they had anyone interested. After a few emails looked like someone would buy the car and we agreed an amount. They transfered half of the money into my bank account and asked me to post the spare key and the V5 and so I did. The problems start here. After a week or two I hadn't heard from them so I emailed them again, they told me they hadn't received the key and the V5. I posted the package with recorded delivery and Royal Mail confirmed the date when it was delivered and even the name of the person that signed for the delivery. I went back to them with this information and barely heard from them again, once they replied never showing any interest to sort the situation out. I phoned the company many times asking to speak to a manager and they never got back to me of course. It's been almost two months since they received the package. So they have everything (I don't believe the stuff has got lost and that there is a costumer waiting otherwise they would be trying to fix the problem) and I'm still waiting for half the amount, not replying to my emails, not getting back to me over the phone... Which are my options? Thank you very much
  12. bought a car from a local garage it had been advertised on their website howver when I asked if I could pay by credit card I was told no as it wasnt through the garage it was the owners own car the invoices etc give his private address but the v5 shows the previous registered owner as the garage and it was insured via the garage. As it was an mgtf we specifically asked if the head gasket had been done as this is a known fault. I said I could just about manage to get the cash as full payment and checked that there were no problems explaining I had a commute to work from wigan to preston daily.I purchased the car on*2/5/2013*As soon as getting it home the alarm continually went off and I returned to the garage and was told it was the way I was turning the key and to keep practising. The immobiliser then kicked in and the car wouldnt start at all. I contacted them they came and took it and I asked for service history old mots etc but got none with him saying I'm sure we have some at home but weve just moved so can't find anything. The whole key sytem needed replacing and I picked it back up on*7/5/2013.On the 8th I managed to drive to warrington but on the way back the battery light went on and the car was dead again I contacted them again and it was the alternator which they repaired.9/5/2013*I picked the car up again and managed to get to work for 5 days. On the 19th I went up to windermere as I was running the marathon and on the way back the car broke down on the reebok roundabout as the slip road exits the m61. A pipe had burst off the radiator so there was some pressure built up in the system to cause that initially the recovery man said it was the head gasket. The pipe was resited and the next day I travelled to work breaking down on my way to work on the m61 and again was brought back by the recovery people who said it was the head gasket. A friend looked at it and said they thought it was an airlock which can happen when air gets in the system and bled the system. The next day*22/5/2013**got to work but on the return journey the heating indicator was going up again so I pulled over and was again brought back off the m61 at midnight following my late shift at work having spent an hour and a half on the hard shoulder. The system was bled again on*23/5/2013but before using it again I asked the local garage to have a quick look over before using it and they said there is something seriously wrong with the cylinder head. I text the man to tell him and he rang and my partner answered the phone and said to him to take the car back and give me my money back and he said thats not going to happen. He then said he would have a look at it so it went back to the garage they still said it was an air lock and would try to sort it. As itwas bank holiday I left it with them on the 29 I was told it was the head gasket 600 plus vat and he would take it to be done and would pay half to which i agreed(despite the head gasket supposedly having been done we suspect it hadnt as there was radweld in the water system).What are my rights as this car was obviously not fit for purpose?Julie WilliamsonToday*4/6/2013*I still have no car and apparently it needs a new cylinder head for £260
  13. Travelling to Zambia from Heathrow with BA, we decided to 'take advantage of the generous hand luggage allowance' as BA encouraged one to do. We turned up with two sets of hand luggage which were purchased to fall inside the measurement criteria i.e, one large hand luggage and one handbag each. At Heathrow the BA Customer Services Manager!!! denied our handbags with the spurious reason that they were neither briefcases nor laptops and he pointed to a sign which mentioned briefcases and laptops but had no mention of handbags. I objected that online reference is definitely made to handbags but I was flatly refused. There was no opportunity given for us to measure our handbags in a handbag bin (I do not even believe I saw such a bin-only for the large handluggages which our large hand luggage fitted) and a tape measure was certainly not used to dismiss our bags which anyway were within the 45x36x20 cm limit for handbag, briefcase or laptop. On complaining to BA I have merely been told they will not refund me but their reply did state that hand luggages included hand bags!!! Big deal! How can I take BA to court since they wrongly charged me 270 pounds for these hand bags which were within all the criteria of weight and size and type. I still have the handbags and the recent ebay purchase information of our hand luggage/hand bags as proof of sorts. The maddening thing is that the reason for rejection was so spurious!!!!
  14. hi all looking to get advice my son who is 18, bought a 2nd hand car from arnold clark a c2 within 3 days of having it 1/2 of the dash started flashing on and off going over bumps, he went back to ask if they can fix it, and they said NO the dash would have to come off and as it was from there value range, £3500 not cheap for anyone these days. there hands were tied where does he stand on this. cheers for any replies steve
  15. Hi, i have a question because i am a little bit confused as to what happened when i was driving past a mobile speed camera van today. I have seen this van before in the local area and it always parks with the rear facing camera operating out of the back window which opens up and has a lense sticking out. Only, as i was approaching the van, i could see the white windows on the back were closed, as if they had already packed up and ready to go (it was almost 6pm). Then as i was about to go past, one of the officers rapidly jumped out the van and took a photo of my car with a digital camera. There is a chance i may have been doing more than 35mph upon inital approach to the van but i did slow down. I'm just wondering why he did this, is it because the machine couldnt take a photo due to the latch being closed, so he had to take one with his camera instead? Are they going to try and match his digital camera photo to some data on the machine? There was a car right behind me so how do they know it was the car behind which triggered it? I don't understand what happened to be honest or how that could stand up in court? Maybe i'm wrong, but some advice would be nice, thanks.
  16. Hi could some one help me with this scenario ! i have recieved a statutory demand for a an old credit card but the date on the demand is dated 26 of march 2013 so seeing that it is now the 20th of april i presume they are trying to pull a fast one as u only have 21 days to apply to have it set asside ! what can i do now as i sent for the original cca in 2008 to Capital one they sent me a bodged up application at the time so i sent another letter saying it was now in dispute later that year i was sent another leter by then Lowell. i replied saying Capital one was still in dispute now this demand is from BWlegal !! help woukd be most appreciated !!
  17. I bought a 2008 vehicle with 51000 miles from a dealer and took delivery just over 1 week ago, I found the following problems straight away 1.steering wheel shakes badly @65 mph 2.steering pulls lightly to left 3.heater only works on number 4 position 4.gear grinds going from 3rd to 4th 5.mirror control fell off in hand. I have contacted them to say I want to reject the vehicle but he insists he has the option of repair first, I simply don't want to see it again after all these issues in such a short time but can I insist on refund as I would like? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi All Just wondering if anyone can help? I run a small business that employs 6 people. We sub-contract to national carrier delivering office Supplies (clues in the name), they have just appointed a depot manager who is hell bent at reducing costs no matter what it takes. He recently asked me to take a cut in rates as they were not making any money. This is despite the fact that we are doing the work for approx £100 per week per route less than they can do it themselves. as you can imagine we are down to the wick on the rates we are paid already so I informed them that we couldn't do it. This was approximately 2 weeks ago and today he has rang me at home (im off as i was in hospital for surgery on Monday) and informed me that he would not require our services as from the 3rd March.The problem i have is that we have a service contract which states that they have to give us 90 days notice in writing, which he clearly hasn't done. He can only terminate with immediate effect if we commit a severe breach of the contract (which we have not) and again this must be in writing. Again if there is a drop in service they must inform us in writing and give us 10 days to improve. We have serviced this contract for 2 years and feel that they must honor the terms of the contract. Im also worried about my staff! Surely they must offer them positions under Tupe law as we have not become insolvent or breached the contract. If anyone could give any pointers Im worried, not just for myself,that my staff who all have families to support are going to be thrown into the gutter through no fault of their own.
  19. Good Evening all. Yesterday I purchased a sencond hand car from a Dealership. A second hand Fiesta Zetec (2000) for a run around. On the test drive all went well & the car looked in good condition. After purchasing the car, the salesman & myself drove to the Post Office to tax it, on the way it started stalling and running abit rough. He said it had been laying idle for a few days and just needed a run out. Having little mechanical experience I accepted his suggestion. After a 20 mile journey home, I tried starting the car again, it didnt want to know, finally I got it started and the revs were going through the roof. Ive spent today looking for mechanical answers, and have now had enough. I am looking at dumping the car back at the dealership. Can anyone tell me if or what my rights are about with. Totally stumped.com Many Thanks Rob
  20. Can anyone give me any information or advice on the following: I'm trying to get insurance for a left-hand drive van with Spanish number plates in the UK. To register the van in the UK I need a British MOT, insurance and tax disc. I've had no luck trying to get insured with some of the big insurers (Direct Line, Tesco, amongst others) and ended up getting a quote from Bewiser Insurance for £753. So far, so good, it's expensive but what the hell. However, reading some of the customer reviews about insuring a vehicle with this company has left me frankly worried about having anything to do with them. Has anyone had any experience insuring a foreign-registered vehicle in the UK? I'd appreciate any help or advice with this matter.
  21. Hi guys, brought a car from a trader about 3 weeks ago now, about a week ago it developed a fault and i had to be recovered and has now left me without a car for about a week The seller is saying that all he will do is give 5% of the purchase price which is classed as their warrenty, so this means ill only see £85 to get the vehicle transported to a garage, diagnosed and repaired.... but does this go against the SoGA or is £85 the best ill see? if i had the car longer than 2 weeks when it developed the issue then i wouldnt be as annoyed but 2 weeks is silly! any help would be great
  22. Hi all I had a credit card with MBNA but stopped making payments in September 2007 when I was made redundant. Not long after I had an accident and have been unable to work since. I have today had a bailiff round handing me a Statutory Demand from BW Legal Solicitors on behalf of Lowell. The letter states that Lowell bought the debt from MBNA which I was unaware of. It states the Default date of 30 January 2010, I do not recall receiving this. The debt on the Demand is £1XXX, however I seem to remember the original debt was around £1300. I own my own home which has equity in it. I also owe other credit card companies, who I have not paid since 2007. I am on benefits due to my ill health and currently have 56 pence in the bank. Have no idea what to do. Please help.
  23. Good Evening all, and I apologise in advance for the long post, but I feel I need to try and give as much info in the hope that I'm understood regarding the events that have taken place .. About a month or so ago my little boys mother ran into some money trouble and decided to do a "deal" with a local car salesmans staff member where she would trade in her 04 Plate Peugeot for a little "runaround" VW Golf, plus £700 cash to help her money problems. Cleverly this deal was setup by the car salesman who within a day or so "bought" her Peugeot from his staff member and now has it on his forecourt. (He himself tried for months to buy this Peugeot from her, always offering too little so she turned him down) From about 2 or 3 days into using the VW Golf, she noticed that there were problems with it, little problems that you'd associate with an older car like this. Until however she was driving along a main road with my 1 year old son in the back when the car lost all power (still ticking over due to it being an automatic, but nothing even with foot to the floor) , halfway through a set of traffic lights..cars were having to swerve round her and it was a very scary experience for her. After about 5 or 6 seconds it suddenly came back to life, shooting up the road and hitting 40mph before it would jump itself into 2nd gear. She pulled over and called out the AA who found a number of hoses connected to the engine that had been stuck on with black tape, and various other issues that he said aren't really safe. He escorted her and the Golf home. The car now does this losing of power every 2 or 3 minutes and is now too unsafe for her to even take up the road to the shops.. It spent this week in a Garage where the result of that is that the amount of things wrong with the car would far far exceed the value of the car, (possibly a clutch and gearbox issue or one of the two at least) and he has stated that it is in no way fit to drive it and he will write a report to that nature too. The Car Sales owner and his staff have basically refused any knowledge of such problems with quotes such as "sold as seen" "you got a great little car" etc etc My question is: As technically the guy that works for the owner of the car sales premises was the one that did this "deal", does this mean that she literally can do nothing? Even though it is blatantly obvious that the owner instigated the whole thing and now has her old car on his forecourt? She (and I) will basically see this through to the end as we know she is not the first to be ripped off by these guys.. We just basically need to know where we stand in a legal sense. Many Thanks in advance for any help that you can give Simon
  24. More than 80 payday loan websites are breaking the law or are pushing the limits of existing rules to woo customers. Financial Mail has uncovered sites targeting the vulnerable, offering damaging advice and potentially bending the rules. A dossier containing the results of the investigation has this weekend been passed to the Office of Fair Trading. In it we name lenders that regularly advertise on TV. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2237977/We-hand-payday-firm-dossier-OFT-80-firms-breaking-law.html#ixzz2DLnNdBUc
  25. Ok, earlier today I was in a bit of a worry because of this Equita bailiff notification I received due to Council Tax money I owe. I made the mistake of ringing the MOBILE number given on the letter. The guy told me I owed certain amounts which I thought were massively disproportionate. He wanted to pop round mine to 'discuss the debts.' So I decided to leave that, because it felt dodgy. I rang Manchester City Council (whom I had called earlier and they had told me to contact the bailiff, which I'd done, unfortunately) and said I wanted to pay what I owe. I paid the sum to the Council, got my receipt reference number and whatnot. So the KEY debt is out the way. However, I go downstairs (I live in an apartment block) to go to the shop and find a NEW hand delivered letter by the door from the same guy I'd spoken to on the phone before. It reads like this: "BAILIFF REMOVAL Payment due in full - 24 hours I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding Council Tax Liability Order and any additional ENFORCEMENT COSTS incurred. No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is required in full in clear funds only. I will re-attend at your address with immediate effect and may REMOVE goods even in your absense. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number below to arrange prompt payment of your debt. No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay." --- I've paid my Council Tax debt now though! What do I owe to to these bailiffs? Phantom visits? The guy didn't even ring my apartment buzzer. What course of action should I take to resolve this?
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