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Found 393 results

  1. Hi All, We recently submitted a claim to the Halifax for PPI on a loan which was sold to us on the basis that the PPI was a necessary stipulation of the application. After 8 weeks of complete silence from the Halifax we today received a letter. The upshot is that they are refuting our PPI claim on the basis that they sent a letter to us 4 years ago stating that they had reviewed their PPI sales process and found that our PPI policy 'may' have been mis-sold. They apparently outlined common failings and invited us to respond if any of these concerned us. Now, apart from not even recalling such a letter or being able to find it in our records; is this sufficient reason to abdicate their responsibility to refund a mis-sold policy? If so, it seems to be a nice way of sidestepping the claim. Now 4 years ago I don't think we were in any way as educated to the whole world of PPI as we are now and so at the time we might not even have thought of ourselves as in the bracket of the 'mis-sold'. However, with greater and greater information and publicity around the whole scandal - we re-educated ourselves and took a longer look at our finances and historical loan applications. It now seems that was all for nought and that even if we were mis-sold, The Halifax can simply state they sent a letter 'way back when' and that's it - no redress. Am i missing something or doesn't that seem particularly unfair and insidious. Is there now anything we can do? or do we simply close this particular chapter and move on. Interested to know everyone's thoughts. Many thanks in advance Kholo
  2. hi all, I used halifax website to submit my ppi complaint. they correctly discovered my old loan and credit card 2004/6 and sent me a 7 page questionaire to complete and gave me six weeks to do so... I just had a text msg to say three weeks later they are still waiting questions: can they really give me timescales to complete their form? do i really need to complete their form... can i send them a completed fos form which requires much less information? shouldnt i send them one sar for full statement for each acciunt? any help would be gratefully received zubo
  3. Hi there I am guessing this is a common problem. Around 2 years ago, I received a threat from Cabrot regarding an £8k credit card from Halifax taken out in 2000 (I think - may have been 2001). I followed instructions and sent them a letter requesting a copy of the CCA and got the usual BS saying they couldn't find the file but I am still liable for the debt, the last I heard from them was August 2016. Anyhow, out of the blue. Yesterday, I received a letter from our beloved friends stating they had found said documents and they believe these were enforceable to obtain a CCJ. There is no signature on the forms and the page numbers do not correspond properly with corresponding numbers either missing or duplicated (I have copies attached with details blanked out - I can only upload 5 but have another 5 or 6). Additionally, there is no credit limit either, just a note to say that it will be determined and could vary. They do however, have my name & address on the top of the form. Based on this would it be enforceable and accordingly, how should I reply? I had hoped this had been put to bed but sadly not and I'm hoping I am not screwed. Thanks in anticipation. KR
  4. HI Guys, Capquest have been writing and callimg me since taking over a Halfax OD. i recently sent them a 'prove it' style - They replied. - Overdraft response was very generic: 'We have been advised by 'bank' that section 74 of the CCA 1974 provides that an overdraft on a current account will not fall within the documentation requirements of the CCA. Therefore we are not providing a copy agreement for the above' Doesnt leave me with a very good idea of anything right? My uncle has been kind enough to lend me money so i would settle, but first off i dont know who the hell Capquest are and they are not responding accordingly to me. Any advice is appreciated Many thanks Its seems not only have Halifax put a default on my file but Arrow have too!
  5. I opened a current account with Halifax in June 2015 with a £250 overdraft facility which I used on a regular basis but cleared every month. In August 2016 I ran into financial difficulties due to an increase in overdraft fees, up to £100 per month. i wrote and explained I was suffering hardship and Halifax cancelled the fees for that month. By this time I was using payday loans to keep my head above water. I struggled along until January 2017 when I again claimed hardship and more charges were cancelled. However, the charges soon crept up to £80 or £90 per month as I was unable to clear my overdraft at the end of the month. In March I opened a current account with the Post Office and stopped using my Halifax account apart from making deposits to try and clear the O/D. In October I received a letter advising that my account would be closed in 2 months. I rang customer services and was advises that if ! paid £52 to clear the excess on my overdraft they would halt additional charges. I agreed to this but my next statement showed a further £40 had been charged . I think that is the maximum since they reviewed their charges. I wrote in December but got no reply or acknowledgement. I wrote again in January by recorded delivery but again received no reply last week when I was informed that the account had been passed to Wescot. I am unable to access my account but Im still getting emails saying there is important info in my message box. What do you suggest as my next step.
  6. Hello, Sorry if this is long winded, I will try to be as brief as I can. I am having issues with Halifax regarding an Ultimate Reward current account that I had. In January 2014 I moved to another country to live, work & travel. I kept the account open as I may have needed to use it, and I did not know how long I would be away. Also initially I did have some money left in it. I didn't inform the bank as I knew I would have no fixed address due to always being on the move. I know I should have informed them now. The account at some point went over it's £100 arranged overdraft limit by £1, charges were added which went up to over £200. By the time I returned 6/7 months later the account had missed payments and had been defaulted. The bank have recently said that the account was closed 3 days after it was defaulted. I arrived back 3 days after this. I do not think I was aware it had been closed, I believe I used it when I returned and even gave the details to my new employer. I remember being able to see the account online, with the amount over £200 still owed. The day I expected to be paid I logged in and the account was no longer visible. I called them up and it had been closed. I asked what happened to my money and they said they could transfer it and I would need to open a new account. I did this and gave the details of the new account with them, they said it would be transferred ASAP. 2 weeks passed and I had still not received the money, I called and complained. I was told by recoveries or collections (can't remember) that it had been processed incorrectly and sent to different account details, this was their fault not mine. At some point I was given £50 compo into my account for this. Several days later the wages were transferred minus the outstanding overdraft, looking back it was transferred twice from different sources. Fast forward to present day. I have been looking at my credit reports and decided to enquire about the default/closed account. I called, and was passed around departments before being passed to recoveries/collections. The guy totally ignored my enquiries into what actually caused the account to be overdrawn and the subsequent default. He did bring up a double payment into the account and said I now had an outstanding balance of over £2k. I asked him to substantiate this, he just said it was owed. I said the account was closed in 2014, how can it now have a balance? Why have I received not notification or communication of this? He said I owed it and ended the call, he gave no information. Not even a demand or request for me to pay. When quizzed he said it would not appear on my credit reports but would always be outstanding with Halifax. A few days later I was called by someone from Customer Services for Lloyds banking group, we discussed the situation and she said she would remove the Default. Made no real explanation into why. She gave me £50 compo which I, perhaps foolishly accepted. 3 hours later she called back, she said she made a mistake and there was over 2k remaining balance on the account, she said she would still remove the default and could I pay the balance back. For her mistake she offered another £50, again I accepted. During these calls she was incredibly helpful and obliging, in hindsight maybe overly helpful. Later that day I made a payment of 1/3 of the balance. Perhaps this was a foolish move. The next day the default was off!!! Now the missed payments, the original c.£200 overdraft outstanding, and the account itself all showed up from Dec 17 to October 17. I now have loads of recent, red adverse marks on all 3 credit reports, the account is now showing as active and has moved to my open accounts section. 1 report now also lists a solitary missed payment and arrangement to pay over a 4 month period in 2015 when the account was well and truly closed. There are also warnings on both Experian and Equifax saying 0 months since last serious payment problem. This has had a very negative affect on my credit scores (I know the score is not important) and the overall condition of my reports are all now messed up by issues on this account. I tried for days to get intouch with the agent, she had given me her extension number. Eventually she called me back, I was now recording my calls. Her tone was totally different, she was quite rude, abrasive and had started accusing me of being deceitful. She said that I was mistaken about our agreement, she said the default would be coming off only once I had paid the outstanding balance in full (It's still currently off). At one point she said "can you give the phone to someone else so I can explain it to them, as you are not getting it". This was because I said the original default can't be used to force me to repay money that they transferred by mistake twice. She threatened to replace the default and if I didn't like it I should complain to the FOS. She informed me that the markers were correct and showed the account before it defaulted in 2014. They would come off once I had paid the remaining balance. I tried to explain they were now for 2017, she didn't listen. At a point that I was totally calm she said I needed to calm down. She became irate and then said I had really upset her. She also asked why I was addressing her as if she was responsible. She actually said in previous calls that she was in a senior department, could make any and all decisions and would be my single point of contact. I explained that I was addressing her as a representative of her company, not an individual. After the rollercoaster call I was honestly shocked to the point of laughter. I emailed her screenshots of credit reports relating to the new markers in 2017. I received a call today from the same agent, much calmer this time. She had looked at the screenshots, claimed they were correct and I was mistaken. They are apparently for 2014 and will be removed once I have paid. My main concerns and enquiries are as follows: -I was £1 overdrawn, hit with numerous charges, then defaulted and account closed. The £1 itself may actually be due to a charge or fee for using abroad. Is this fair/allowed? -They closed my account, I believe without notification and allowed me to use it before they did but after the default date. Did they allow this just so I would settle the c.£200 overdraft of charges? -They made a mistake and transferred the money to either someone else or a non-existent account. -Then they credited me twice. Never have informed me or notified me. To be fair i didn't notice or notify them at the time, I had various amounts going in from various sources that month and it was nearing payday again. -Agreed to remove and have removed default. -Effectively opened a closed account with CRA's, reported recent missed payments/arreas and have listed the account as active. -Are Demanding payment/refund for their mistake immediately or will continue to list recent adverse markers. -Threatened to replace old default at any time. I have requested my old statements and will likely send a SAR in the next few days to see what the charges are. I want this dealt with but feel they may just replace or add a default. In the meantime my credit reports have all been adversely. I feel Halifax have made many mistakes and are acting unfairly. Can anyone advise on how I should proceed? Thanks so much, I know this is a very long post but needed to explain in its entirety.
  7. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on a Halifax ISA we took out in September 2017 for a fixed 2 year rate. We took it out with £15203.51 as we had the money in a do nothing account and it wasn't expected to be needed. Circumstances have changed and we need to use the money, all of it, so we made an enquiry to close the account and Halifax have said there is a penalty of 180 days interest. Which means (if my calculations are correct) on the 0.6 interest rate we would have to pay the bank £45 to get our money back with no interest at all. I think this is outrageous as they have had and used the money since September - it is our fault as we (blame the wife) didn't read the small print of 180 days interest penalty when the account was opened. Does anyone think we have any grounds to complain and not pay the penalty?
  8. Just a general comment really. Halifax Plc, with whom many agreements were made, went down in 2008. They are now using Halifax as a division of HBOS and lloyds. Using a trading name, under company law, does not bind the original legal entity in agreements made by that legal entity. In a central recent newspaper spread, Nigel Lawson has said that bankers should have gone to jail in 2008.
  9. Hi, I CCA'd Akinika re a Halifax Credit Card that I took out in 1999 and defaulted on in 2009 for which I have been paying token payments of £1 ever since. Originally the debt went to Iqor. In reply to my CCA request Akinika sent me the visa card application form only - doesnt have terms and conditions or APR rate or how much credit was offered therefore I think it's not a credit agreement. They say "We write further to your recent communication and now enclose copy statement/bill provided by our client for your reference. We confirm that the above balance is correct and we require your proposals for settlement of this outstanding balance by return." The balance was typed in above the reference number, not a separate doc. Also, looking through a 2003 Equifax report I see that the account number linked to that credit card was marked as 'satisfied' in 2002. I vaguely remember upgrading the card at that point to a better deal with better rates and a bigger credit limit. How do I respond to Akinika who seem to think they have fulfilled their obligations? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, Hope this is in the right place... With the new Halifax overdraft charges I am seriously struggling as my OD is almost £3k I would like to know if there is a letter or anything I can send them to offer them a sum every month and to stop the charges from accruing while I am paying it off? Any help much appreciated. Cheers
  11. Hi, I've not been on this site for a while!. Does anyone have any experience with the PRA Group? I have a balance of £1297.80 from an old overdraft with Halifax/Lloyds TSB. The original default notice from the Halifax was 17/8/2011. I have been paying the PRA Group £5 per month as a token payment. PAR Group have now offered a measly 10% discount in full and final settlement. I've recently come to an agreement with another DCA and that was nearly 50% discounted . In the past I have offered to pay 30% of the debt to PRA Group but they have declined. The debt has been passed from pillar to post so they probably have paid peanuts for it. Just wondered if anyone can offer any suggestions as to how to tackle them?
  12. Hi, received a cheque from Halifax for CC PPI from 2001-2011. Total premium paid was £2900 and they z have paid me £2200 interest. Im guessing this is simple interest when I should have argued for compound interest? Is it too late for me to pursue this any further as I have not signed anything they just sent me the cheque? I'm guessing I have missed out on a good few grand because of this as the card always had a big balance:|
  13. Good Evening all, I was after some advice on if you think I could reclaim the late payment charges / over limit charges on an old credit card ? To cut a long story short I had a Halifax credit card running from 2002 - 2010 that I got into difficulty with, eventually running up an outstanding balance of £11,800 After many sleepless nights, countless number of letters back and forth, many requests for the singed original CCA, many threatening letters and a lot of advice from the CAG I eventually managed to get the debt written off, well not written off as such, Halifax made a gesture of goodwill payment of the full outstanding balance Yes that's right £11,800 paid by them as a "gesture of goodwill" This was all back in 2010 and I left it at that Anyway with all the PPI stuff going around I though I would check to see if the policy ever had PPI (via SAR) which it did not, but there are quite a lot of over limit charges and late payment charges so I have filled in the compound interest calculator and it amounts to over £6,500 Do you think it would be cheeky to request these charges back ?
  14. I had a halifax personal loan which was then transferred to cabot. the initial loan was many years ago and i paid cabot for a about 8 months and then havent had any contact from 2011 then in 2016 optima legal said they have the account and i need to pay them. having read through the forums i wrote to them on 24/02/17 asking for, see the letter scrip i have added below. i have had no reply from Optima legal. where do i stand legally and should i continue to pay? thanks. template removed - dx
  15. Hope someone can answer the query please. I purchased a vehicle 19-6-17 and paid in cash just a knockabout to tie us over it broke down on 12-7-17 garage say they put a new gear box in it charged me £200 paid for the repair by credit card also paid £50 for MOT due. Put it back on the road 28-7-17 it broke down again 31-7-17 same problem gears. Garage did something to fix car again it broke down again 8-8-17 the garage would not recover it it was towed away as it was causing an obstruction, garage said they would replace it if I gave them a further £200 I said I had no faith in them and should not have been charged for the gear box as only had car 3 weeks +. Found out MOT was only £30 they charged me £50 could I claw the £200 back & the £50 for the MOT from the credit card company?
  16. Would like to thank some of the peeps on here over the years for their advice. I've finally had it agreed in writing that the Halifax are going to write off £9K worth of debt. This is a big weight off me and I feel so less stressed. They will close my account and mark my credit file "partially settled". They had accepted my income and expenditure, and that I had a variety of health problems meaning I am unable to work to pay it off. One very happy chappy!!
  17. Hi, i have a halifax credit card (pre-2007) where i have issues regarding interest rates, currently with 1st credit. they've told me to write to halifax to request the documentation (original form) as they don't have it, and halifax say they don't either. at the moment, my account's on hold, but i wasn't sure if you give advice on pre-court issues....
  18. Sent off SAR request 29 January. They must be overworked 'cos I haven't heard anything. This is my problem? Sending off non-disclosure letter tomorrow giving them 7 days till I complain to the courts. Can't wait to see how much they owe me. It's a shame I have to use 2 envelopes 'cos my Sainsbury's data hasn't turned up either and the address is the shame. Hey ho
  19. We recently made an PPI Claim against Halifax. and we got a letter back from them saying that my wife hasn't had any dealings with them no mortgages or loans. when she had a mortgage with them and PPI and also badly advised on a endowment policy. unfortunately we do not know the policy numbers and don't know how to find them anyone help with this please??? these started in the 1980's
  20. The main chaos was all about the cowboy builder to ask the facilitating payment fraud just after the garden wall he demolished in his plan. Make long story short ( go to the paragraph 14 ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claim Case registered in March 2014. * However, Halifax assigned its panel*claims management company (LAS) 7 July 2014 handle my case. * on 7*July 2014 The loss assessors provided by LAS confirmed the two hours*appointment commencing at*4pm,*10 July 2014. * LAS emailed me with offer*£65.01*(they actively*already deducted the excess fee). This amount is very unreasonable, and I had rejected it and made request to fix the damaged. Later on, they made second offer £523.97,*I rejected it again*because I just want the damaged got fixed. * I complained to Halifax about the surveyor*non-professional behaviours because I was been advised this is essential two hours slot appointment, but*he came late nearly*1 hours, and work less than 30 minutes then leave the job without some damaged check such as leaking in shed. * On 12 August 2014, I had contacted Halifax to have follow up my complaint, and requested of another company to have re-assessment, and I had clearly request to fix the damaged by insurance and disagreed LAS suggestion to use the claim case to make a money. I also make encounter offer another £500 back to Halifax to have damaged fixed. (voice recording: Call162644.wav) * I had requested to send me the official letter if they unable to fix, then I can escalate this to ombudsman. I contacted them. However, they had no response and even no setup the complaint. * On 20 Nov 2014, I had contacted Halifax home insurance and insisted insurer to fix it, and disagree their intention to close the case. ** Insurer had closed my case, I complaint they should not close the case without my consent and should not ignored my request to keep it open until getting fix the damaged. * Finally, Halifax appointed the beta-coveXX to do the survey becasue they know they are in wrong position. I had received the email from*Beta-coveXX's Inspection and Claim reported in 25 Jan 2016, and contacted with Beta-coveXX(Mandy) about the details of*repair tasks, and she sent me the three documents which are*authorization Mandate,*Conditions of Work and*Approval Letter Nick on*27 Jan 2016. In 25 Feb 2016, I had returned three documents with signature and*with bank*cheque (22Feb2016-slip.jpg) by post to*Beta-coveXX after all parties*( Halifax/ Beta-coveXX and I) had clarified the work details. I found the cheque bank in at 26 March 2016.* * During the period from January 2016 to February 2016 , I would like emphasis that I decided to give up some tasks such as shed roof felt and its leaking*rather than reach an*impasse that Halifax only*accepted the full wall cover, and the rest of building tasks they had "successfully" avoid responsibility. * In Mid March 2016,*I was given the*Beta-coveXX staff (Pxx) mobile number to find out*when the work schedule commencing. Original work was*scheduled in early May 2016, however Pxx contacted me in late*April 2016*about the brick type issue*which*he cannot source it (this first type was proposed in 21 April 2016 with proposal date), and he requested to have second type of brick option which I had confirmed in 28 April 2016. Therefore, the schedule were finally*postpone to 25*July 2016 ( 5 days work). I had chasing*up him about the work schedule since Mid March 2016. In afternoon of 25 July 2016, after Beta-coveXX staff completed the few hours wall brick demolish, and Pxx asked £160+vat for brick release from sheffield if I want them to continue tomorrow work. I complaint this to halifax and claim team staff had struggled for an hour and finally agreed to pay it. * In 26 July 2016, I found no brick delivery, and no man to resume the work. In 28 July 2016, I contacted Beta-coveXX, they tried to be disappeared. Finally, Halifax transfer my call to talk to them and find out they had not placed the order before 26 July 2016, now told me the delivery will only take few days. Finally, I was been told this is available 9 August 2016, wasting 14 days.* * I had complaint the poor qualities of service provided Beta-coveXX, and cheating behaviour. I also requested*Halifax appoint another company to carry out the job.*Also reported the no wall causing the two*trespassing cases*issue, and requested to have temporarily wall built and cctv. However, Complaint Manager Mxx Wxxx decided to give me £100 but I*made encounter-offer to Halifax £200 (double of their compensation), and at least re-insist the temporarily wall and or cctv. However Mxx Wxxx insisted close my case and ignore my request to keep the case open until the damaged get fix. The same request I had made to Stuart, however he rejected it. * Complaint Manager ( Sxx Rxx) confirmed he*took*the decision from Personal Claim Consultant report to provide the his final decision letter. * Personal Claim Consultant( Dxx Txx) confirmed he took*the survey report from Regent Group to create his report*.* * Regent Group (Rxxx) confirmed he do “NO TEST”. He rejected to accept the £523 pounds to take over the rebuild work, and said non-sense offer. * My original complaint setup is 26 July 2016, which handled by Mxx Wxxx and she insisted to ignore my request to keep the case open and deliberate to close the case. When I complaint this again, Sxx Rxx setup as NEW case for same complaint to take advantage of 8 weeks rule setup and not accept my request to re-open the original case. During Sxx Rxx time off, I was advised to they can do the investigation more than 8 weeks, and I am not allow to put this case further (Ombudsman) until they finished the case. Finally, they took 12 weeks to issue the report to me. In fact, Mxx Wxxx, Sxx Rxx and Dxx Txx they had taken their holiday plan and leave my case aside. * The extra entities and process such as*Personal*Claim*Consultant and Regent Group, which is redundant, and interference the case.* The location of wall is now open, but*I was been*advised*by claim team staff*I have to*accompany*with Personal Consultant and Survey company*(appointed*Regent Group), otherwise dismissed my case. This caused me wasted two half days off. * In 17*Nov 2016,*Jxx from Claim department actively*proposed me to have cash*settlement by using my own*constructor, provided me the website by email**as well*as guide to find the contractors to*fulfil*their*cash settlement request (Voice Recording*from 16:34).*She understood this is difficult to find the contractor in the wintertime, and fully aware it might take 6 months and agreed this can be last to*April 2017 to have solution. * In 21 Nov 2016, *Jxx confirmed only one quotation need*(voice recording from*9:39); She confirmed Halifax cannot provided*a settlement offer even they had*estimate( voice recording from12:55). * In 31 Jan 2017, all in sudden Jxx*can make up a settlement offer and set the offer only 5 days(, then close case at 6 *Feb 2017 if I not responded.*I had responded*to her email sent on 5 Feb 2015*with quotation they requested, which fulfil what she promised in the phone (17 and 21 Nov 2016).However, afterwards Katie( help Jxx) responded she would*close*my case if they had not heard from me next 14 working days.*Next response that is final response from Natasha agreed to follow my decision the case escalate to Financial Ombudsman. The whole case last nearly 3 years.* Ombudsman response, they offered me £19XX + brick delivery is fair. It is usual the Halifax can have better rate from their business parter Beta-coveXX, the total is £39xx is lower than your quotes. Deduct the brick cost which is £18XX, the rest is £19XX...correct. Ombudsman reckoned the delay causing down to me because I had not contacted them for a while. I am going to response to Ombudsman, and request them to have review the document because the investigator have preconceived opinions which caused the ombudsman believe I actively ask for cash settlement, and I had not pay the excess, and delay the case myself. Just before ombudsman write the final decision letter, the investigator still ask me had you paid the excess( your duty)? Can I use the following ground to challenge ombudsman decision? (1)reasonable time to fix? (2)reasonable skill to fix? (3) make up premier brick cost under the business partnership? which is 1.4 times higher than the retails price you can walk-in to pay, and using this cost figure to reduce the amount you can have to fix it yourself. (4)reasonable business behaviour in Halifax to make the different offers for the same wall repairing, in my case, firstly offer me £65, then £523 and now £19xx + brick/block you fix it yourself. (5)reasonable behaviour to force customer to accept the offer otherwise close my case without notification. (6)reasonable to close my case even I had insisted to leave it open everytime they asked? (7)reasonable to sub contract the work to another contractor and this contractor to subcontract again to another one-man band without my consent/ notification? Pxx is not staff of Beta-coveXX, and the man demolished the wall is got the contract from Pxx. What I want it is only Halifax assign the repairing work to another builder to fix it. Much appreciated if you can give me the advice or your point of view. thank you!
  21. I had to reregister. I was pj2, but CAG no longer has a password renewal option (or it doesn't work, as the page doesn't exist), so there was no way I could get back into the forum. After years of paying an old debt slowly, Robinson Way sent me a letter: "our client is today offering you a 50% reduction of the balance you owe in settlement of your account. Paying XXX will clear your account and you save XXX and become free of this debt. Please note that where this account is recorded on your credit file and you pay by reduced settlement, this will be updated as partially settled with a zero balance outstanding, and not as settled or satisfied however our client will not pursue you for any remaining balance. We may even be able to accept this over 3 monthly instalments... when you contact us, one of our customer contact representatives will discuss your current financial circumstances with you to ensure that any reduced settlement arrangement you commit to remains affordable". I would be very grateful for advice: how can I make sure I can't be pursued by anyone for the balance and that the balance cannot be sold on to a DCA. Shall I write and say I would like reassurance on this point specifically? Also, how do I avoid full disclosure of financial circumstances? Maybe email is better than phoning them but I don't see after years of paying that they have the right to trawl through my circumstances.. Could I just say, "I could raise" the money to pay it (without stating whether I already have it) and don't wish to discuss further, but agree to their offer? Thanks for any help.
  22. Just a quick one before i jump in and start filling in forms thought i had reclaimed all my PPI years ago, however i recently went through my statement and realized that i had two direct debits to the halifax for a bit i thought it was for the home insurance i moved a while ago - then realized it was morgage protection thinking back i can remember them saying that our morgage application would be looked on more favorably if we took it on... now for the first two years of the morgage this was about £50 a month, until we rang them up as it was really high and they removed things like the illness cover and just left the death policy on it at which point it went to £17.07 - which we're still paying apparently 9 years on is this something that its worth complaining about as i had and still have a death in service benefit of 4x salery (about £100,000), we were told that it was more likely the morgage would be accepted if we took it we're also looking at cancelling it as for the same price we have been offered life insurance at a payout of about £150,000 (vs the £25,000 left on the morgage) is that the best route?
  23. On friday (12/05/2017) I recieved a letter from court containing general Form Of Order saying: The date on the order was the 20 April 2017 but the the date on the covering letter that came with it is 05 May 2017. I didn't receive the letter till the 12 May 2017. The background to this case is as follow: Around 2008/2009 due becoming unemployed, Halifax got a suspended possession order against my property. I managed to to get back into employment and kept up with the payment terms and eventually the arrears were rolled onto the mortgage. Unfortunately in 2015 I lost my job once more and have again fallen behind with my mortgage again. Due to only being able to get temporary agency work I tried to make payments towards the mortgage whenever I could afford to. In January this year I started work as a self employed minicab driver. Also around this time I was contacted by ascent legal saying they had been instructed by Halifax to start legal proceedings repossess the property as they still had the possession order from 2008/2009. One of their agents also visited the property but I wasn't home at the time and left a card. I called him back and told him I was working on a income/expenditure budget with Stepchange which I would forward on to Ascent when complete. I emailed (to email address on the card left by the agent) the copy of the budget together with an offer to pay
  24. Hi Im new to the site and am looking for some advice so apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. A few years ago I had a unsecured loan and overdraft from Halifax. I became ill and unable to work, did not have insurance and was unable to pay the outstanding money. Stupidly at the time I ignored the letters of demand and eventually they stopped. I obtained my credit file from experian about 15 months later and noticed that two defaults had been registered against me for each debt { the date of defaults was Aug 2002}. As far as I am aware this should remain on my credit file for six years from the date that the default notices were issued, can somebody just confirm that for me please? Also will it automatically be removed from my file or do I have to make an application to have it removed?? My main problem seems to be that since the deault was issued in 2002 that I have had no correspondence from Halifax at all, in fact I was not notified of the actual default notice, had the threatening letters which I ignored but never a letter to say they had gone ahead and filed one. The debt now appears to have been sold onto debt collection agencies, since 2002 I ve had various companies write and threaten home visits, bailiffs court action etc if I dont repay the debt, normally I write back 3 or 4 times explaining my position, inability to pay and request that they cancel the debt, I never normally hear back from them after about my 4th letter then normally 9 or 10 months down the line a different collection agency contacts me about the same debt and the cycle starts all over again. The latest debt collection company wrote to me this week and I have replied to them explaining the above, just out of couriosity I obtained a copy of my credit file and it shows the debt still listed as to the Halifax, same default date but says that is settled with a part payment, now I havent made ANY repayments so I presume this part payment is the payment received once my debt was sold on?? I can handle the debt agencies but my query is this, once the six years is up although the Halifax arent the ones chasing me will these debt agencies continue to keep passing my debt around?? None of these agencies are listed ANYWHERE on my credit file / report? Hope this all makes sense, thanks to anyone who can help me Thanks Jem x
  25. Hi I made a claim for Mis-sold PPI to Halfifax for my CC. Initially used the FOSCI spreadsheet. Wasn't expecting any uphold, however, just received a letter upholding the claim. However, the offer is 1/4 of the amount. I've now got all the statements, so going through to use the FosRunning spreadsheet instead, so I can back up my reasons for their offer being too low. My issue is that over the life of the CC, the interest rate has changed 10 times. How do I incorporate that into the FosRunning spreadsheet? Thanks in advance for your help. CookieRocks
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