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Found 393 results

  1. Halifax having been charging me for going slightly into my overdraft each month. They know I am on benefits as my money gets paid into them. Can I apply to ask them to stop this or even ask for a refund.
  2. So, I complained to Halifax a few weeks ago, they 'refused' my complaint. I wrote to the FOS, who contacted Halifax on my behalf. Halifax told them that they were going to make me an offer within eight weeks (eight weeks is tomorrow). I can see in my Credit Card account (being handled by Capquest, but still visible in my Halifax online banking) that they have credited a sum to my account. I don't have a breakdown of what this sum is, but it was ever-so-slightly more than I was expecting. My question is; given that I had to take this to the FOS and their intervention resulted in Halifax paying up, what am I entitled to in terms of interest? As an aside, I see this as deliberate delaying tactics on Halifax's part, and fully intend making a formal complaint about this - again involving the FOS if needs be.
  3. I do have a thread on this but didn't put this on there in case it got missed ..Firstly I like to thank DX for his expertise Couldn't of done it with out your help AN Angel in the making .....Well Halifax have upheld my complaint no questions asked ..And are refunding £3, 100 just over a 1000 short from what me made it , But Im very happy with that ..DONATION WILL BE MADE WHEN RECEIVE AND CHEQUE IS CLEAR ..Thank you guys soooooooooooooooo much
  4. hi all.. i have defaulted on my halifax credit card . .they have been accepting 1.00 per mth for 3 mths.. they wouldnt freeze intrest or stop late payment fees. .im on benefits.. no assets in rented accomadation,no savings,absoulutly nothing,!! can i claim back the charges for intrest and late fees knowing they knew my situation ?? also im still paying 1.00 per mth ..when i hear from them again is it a good idea to ask for a CCA? cheers guys i love this site
  5. This is on behalf of my sister, I'll keep it short but the story is as follows; my sister split up from her husband 18 months ago, my sister remained in the family home with their 2 children, she wasn't working at the time, but following the split she was forced to claim benefits as her husband gives her money for the children, but nothing else. Therefore since the split he has not paid any of the mortgage or any of the bills, he now lives in another property with a loan he took out. As my sister couldn't afford the mortgage repayments alone I advised her to ask for the Halifax to put her onto an interest only mortgage until she decided what was happening. She then received income support and child tax credit, together with some housing benefit which meant she could meet the monthly payments. The mortgage is for £110,000 the property was last valued at £180,000 so she has equity in it. She has since found a part time job so now receives no housing benefit Halifax have now told her she must return to paying her full mortgage repayments, they refuse to allow her to remain on an interest only mortgage. She informed them she wishes to sell the property (marriage is over) but the house requires some building work finishing that her husband started, before she can sell. The refuse to help her in any way So she has today asked the following Can she extend the term of her mortgage to 25 years - they said no Can she put the mortgage back onto interest only until she sells - they said no Can she apply for a holiday from her mortgage - they said no She called me and was very upset, I told her to call them and ask for an appointment at the branch and I will go with her. I'd read some info on the Council of Mortgage Lenders Website about their members offering all avenues to help out their customers. So she rang them back to make an appointment, the manager at the branch has refused to give her an appointment!!! Told her she has to ring up and there is nothing they can do anyway!!! I'm furious! So they will force her into arrears despite her informing them of her difficulties and then repossess her home!!! I've since been onto Halifax's website where you can make an appointment online to go into your local branch about your existing mortgage! So I'm unsure of exactly what is going on! Any help please???
  6. This week I had a letter from the Halifax advising me that they were reducing my faciity from £1750 to £250., because " I have not been using it" I have been with them for over 40 years. The facility enables me to make "emergency payments or holiday deposits". On average my account is £300 in credit My pensions of about £900 pm is paid in directly I have not been overdrawn for at least 15 Years My credit rating is very good The account is topped up when required from my Natwest account, which receives my returns from investments. My overall credit limit with Barclaycard and RBS CREDIT cards £10.000.00, and when used always paid monthly in full. When I rang to complain, they agreed to uplift it to £1000 Max. I have written back to Halifax and told them I am agreived and to reconsider the decision, I have always been satisfied with them, but I may have to break this relationship of over 40 years. I await a reply Any comments or advice please?
  7. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of making a claim for unfair treatment under the FSA Conduct of Business Sourcebook - COBS. I think that I have a valid claim against Halifax but I was just wondering if there were any POC's around. I did start to write my POC using BCOBS until I realised that only applied to bank accounts & that any claim for a credit card needed to be made using COBS. I know that I have to make the claim for breach of contract under COBS laying out the reasons why I have been treated unfairly. I intend to make reference to The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 s.5 as well as possibly Consumer Credit Act s.140A. The unfair treatment includes increasing the card rate to almost 30% immediately after being informed that my fixed term contract had ended & that I was at that point unemployed, offering to freeze interest in writing & then refusing, offering again to freeze interest & then taking no action, refusing to accept that I have a dispute over charges, ignoring letters even those sent special delivery to named directors, issuing defective default notices, constant & provable harassment by phone from Halifax & it's DCA's despite being informed that the account is in dispute. I feel that they have manipulated my situation to make themselves extra cash knowing that being unemployed that I would be unable to repay the complete balance. They have treated me unfairly because they chosen a route which favours their own interests over mine & have failed to abide by the Lending code on the fair treatment of customers in financial difficulty. Breaching COBS rules 6 & 8 at least. The part I have a problem with is what I should request the court to rule. Rather than a monetary sum I have been led to believe that it would be best to ask the court to simply rule on the breach of COBS & possibly that I have a claim for unfairness under Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 s.5 as well as possibly Consumer Credit Act s.140A. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how to word this section of the POC correctly & also since it's not a monetary claim what the cost is likely to be. Any input would be most appreciated as I want to get this filed & stick it to them as soon as possible, at least then they might begin to take the dispute a little more seriously than they currently are. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, A combination of being out of work for a few months last year and moving to take a substantial pay cut means I'm starting to struggle financially and it's got to the point where I'll have to borrow to meet my commitments which obviously isn't really a sensible path for me to go down. At the moment I have around £280 a month left after all my direct debits etc, and I still need to buy food, gas, electricity, clothes etc out of that. I'm currently considering a debt management plan, however the bulk of what I owe is with Halifax so I was wondering what my chances were of negotiating directly with them to make payments more manageable or freeze interest/charges. This currently consists of: £10k overdraft, maxed out, paying £93/month in 'fees' - this one is the killer for me because I don't see any hope of reducing this even in the medium term with the monthly fee. There's no way I can make a dent in it so I'm just paying the fee at the moment £4k credit card - maxed out, minimum payment of ~£40 a month 3 x loans - total balance around 15k and monthly payments of around £600 a month I'm not looking to get out of paying them what I owe, because I knowingly took on the debt. I just need a more manageable monthly payment and a way of actually paying some of the capital off the overdraft rather than the £93 a month fee. Is it worthwhile contacting them? If so, which address should I be using and is there a particular template I should use? Does anybody who has been in a similar situation have any experience of this? I'm keen to avoid DCAs and having to formalise my issues with a DMP if I can, and they'd probably end up getting less from a DMP anyway.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been putting off tackling this for far too long.. Thanks in advance!
  9. The Financial Ombudsman agreed that the Halifax should refund my 'Total Mortgage Protection Plan' (TMPP). I worked it out to £6K but the bank sent me a cheque for £1.5K. They say that the TMPP is broken down into Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Payment Protection (All of which my wife and I felt pressured into buying). My question is... Should I cash the cheque or go back to the Ombudsman for help reclaiming the whole TMPP which was one plan. Thank you.
  10. Hi Im processing a PPI claim for my wife, we had a letter from halifax saying that we had PPI on her credit card and if we feel it was miss sold then let them know which we did as we were not even aware we had it. We told them this, we told them we didnt know the policy existed and it was never requested, if we were offered it it would have been refused, also if something happened and we needed to claim on it we wouldnt have been able to because we didnt know it existed. they have sent a refusal letter that is from what i can gather the standard one. Ive drafted a appeal letter that ive put below, can someone read it and tell me if its OK before i send it on? Thanks Dear Sir/Madam, Ref:*[insert your PPI policy number] On*[date of first call]* I called you regarding the PPI policy I was sold by*Halifax in conjunction with my application for a*Credit Card.* I have since received your reply; however I do not feel that you provided me with adequate justification that the policy was sold to me fairly and that it is, in itself, fair and reasonable as requested.* It was not explained to me what PPI was or that I was being sold it. it was just included on the credit card documents like it was a necessity. I wasn’t even aware I had the PPI protection till I received a letter from you years after the policy was set up Informing me it was there. During the Time I Have had this credit card with PPI protection I have suffered a serous car accident that has left me with constant back problems and I have had 5+ months off of work because of this. I did not claim off of my PPI insurance during this instance because I was not aware that the policy existed . This would have been the only time I would have attempted to claim but in my research for this claim i have come to the understanding that PPI does not actually cover back problems so the policy would not have been suitable for my needs. If I was actually offered it at the time of my application I would have refused it. As such I plan to take my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if I do not receive a more favourable response from you within the next 14 days. Yours faithfully
  11. hi, i sell on amazon and have been using halifax for years for my amazon payments, on the 3rd october i opened some new online savings accounts putting 1 pound of my own money in them, which i was going to use on for selling on amazon, after which my online access was restricted, i only found out about this yesterday, phoned them got through to the fraud team, which for very rude and unprofessional, intimidating almost, basicly i said i opend couple of onlinne saver as i sell on amazon, the guy said i will never need this many accounts,you could be doing pay day loan frauds with theses what ever that meant, then he bluntly said we are closing your account, go to your nearest branch and take out all your money, thats my only options there is probably over 2000 pounds in the accounts, i phoned up an complained, and they have opened a case, they basicly put me on holl for an hour after which they hung up, phoned a few times though and eventually got a case opened up, amd threatend the finanical ombudsman etc after reading this forum and hearing all the stories about halifax it would seem i might be wasting my time complaining?? anyone else any experience with this?? what would be the best way to deal with this??? the halifax account are not my main accounts but i was happy using the online banking??
  12. I am currently in dispute with the Halifax credit card people over miss sold PPI which is now with the financial ombudsman. My outstanding is around 6k, I am responsible enough to appreciate that I must pay this back. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of them returning my PPI payments. They did however offer me a settlement of half the balance a couple of months ago, ironically a similar figure to what I would expect the PPI settlement to be. Halifax then decided to hand over the outstanding debt and I received a letter 2 days ago from the delightful Moorcroft Debt Recovery, with the usual ambiguously worded threats etc. .quite honestly until the PPI issue is resolved they can whistle Dixie. My real issue is that today I received a call from my old office stating that a man called Ben from MDR had called asking for me and left a number to ring him back. Ringing me at work, really! surely thats not on and in their letter they generously gave me 7 days to respond and this is day 2 am I being harassed here, it sure feels like it.
  13. Hi, Advice please for my hubbies account, he had an account with Halifax which has now been sold to Lowells, I sent a CCA and have received the credit agreement and terms and conditions, all looks ok there, apart from receiving it in 2 envelopes with covering letters, 1 giving 7 days to reply and the other giving 14 days to reply with payment proposals. I have been looking around other threads and have found something that I think applies to him, back in 2011 he received a default letter dated 16/5, asking him to pay the arrears by 30/5 or the account will be terminated, (unfortunately we did not have the funds at that time) he then received a letter dated 27/5 that the account has been closed. I did not notice this before, can I now send a letter to Lowell that I am disputing the account, due to the discrepancy of the default and termination letter, as they have not given sufficient time to pay before closure. This account has been transferred to various DCA over the last 2 yrs, but now has been sold to Lowells I am also claiming back charges and just about reply when I have seen this. Thank you for any replies, B
  14. Hello everyone I have been dealing with the Halifax recently after searching my CRA to see that they have a default registered against an account which i had left more or less dormant. In the account i had CB being paid in and a two DD going out. I left this account as such due to me having an initial £1500 overdraft removed without reasonable warning. So i decided to change banks and have banked with a different bank since. When the Halifax decided to remove the £1500 overdraft on the account i complained about the lack of pre warning and the serious issues it generated for my finances at that time. They reduced it to £100 which was a dramatic drop. So with only CB being paid in and a regular DD going out it was left as a half dormant account. I removed the CB payment going in and DD to my new bank and left the Halifax account standing. Or so i thought. After checking my CRA file i notice i am £600 overdrawn with the Halifax and have a default registered against me, so i walked into the local branch to ask for statements for the previous year from default to find that the charges applied to the account sent the value beyond it's authorised overdraft. So i sent an online complaint to Halifax about this and received no reply after 7 days so re-sent my initial complaint. Upon which i was contacted via telephone to inform me that the bank would not move on this matter (later confirmed by letter) to which i replied with a detailed breakdown from the information i had that the total income and outgoings on that account amounted to -£7 without charges, also informing the complaint handler that should the case be referred to the FOS it would cost them more than their claimed debt amount. There answer is still the same, they are unprepared to budge. So for a claimed debt value of £600 where the initial debt value is £7 (authorised) what suggestions do people have. The opening statement i received was a charge sending the account beyond the agreed overdraft btw.
  15. I have a default on my CRA filed by the Halifax/Bank of Scotland in June 2011. The account has been terminated and passed to DCA, including additional charges above the credit limit. However, I do not remember I had ever received a default notice from the bank. Around that time I had medical problems. The upshot was that I paid little to no attention to the monthly credit card payments which resulted in a default on my CRA even though the bank failed to present a formal demand with reasonable time to respond - as I'm stipulating. I read the CAG forum and attempted the removal of the default. I sent a first letter (a template asking the bank to substantiate the copy of the default notice) to Halifax early May to which received a reply with a copy of the original terms and conditions and nothing else. It was noted that the copy of the original signed application form would follow but I haven’t received it since then. The letter was also silent about the deed of assignment if the debt was sold. I sent a second letter to Halifax late May insisting that they would substantiate the default notice and answer my questions within 28 days. I have received no reply to this letter. I sent a third letter to Halifax after 28 days passed advising them they would have to answer my questions within 7 days, otherwise I would take action and inform Banking Ombudsman, Office of Fair Trading and the Information Commissioner's Office. Since then three weeks passed and have received no reply from the bank. I sent Subject Access Request letter to The Bank of Scotland using their ICO address on July 17 and awaiting for reply. All the correspondence was sent signed for. My questions to you are: 1. Is it ‘normal’ for the bank to ignore its client and what the lack of reply indicates? 2. Is my position strong enough to get in touch with Banking Ombudsman, Office of Fair Trading and the Information Commissioner's Office and succeed in my pursuit of the default removal? 3. Should I wait for my SAR reply before taking an action? 4. Should I pursuit an alternative strategy? I’d be grateful for suggestions and might consider a donation once my finances get in a better shape!
  16. I am looking after some debt on behalf of my girlfriend. I have been provided with the free CRA report from Noddle and it shows on there that one of the debts is a Halifax Unsecured Personal Loan. The status of the loan is default but regular payments are being made to a DCA. There are no real issues to speak of as of right now. Investigating myself and reading around the forums I have had a thought that maybe there is a PPI refund due on the account. What would be the first steps to take in order to find out whether anything is due? Is it due even thought the status is default? I don't have a copy of the agreement so would it be to ask them for information? Will they be honest? Please help!
  17. I have been having an ongoing hellish situation with Halifax - it's a long story but the gist of it is that my account was suspended/made inactive while an investigation took place, I was never told any reasons why this was taking place (despite asking continually) but I assumed it had to do with a £12,000 transfer I made from Barclays to a Halifax account that I did not regularly use. This money was made up of backdated sick pay and wages from my NHS employer and I was able to prove the money was legit through wages slips, letters from my employer etc. Anyway, in the 3 weeks since I have been "cleared" and told by Halifax, that all is ok, I have largely been unable to transfer or withdraw funds. I have had the odd few days where I can withdraw a small amount of money but then I am locked out again. Pretty much every day, I have had contact with Halifax customer service, either on the telephone or in branch, and been passed around to different departments who always tell me that the problem has been resolved only to find out it hasn't. On their advice, I even opened a new Halifax account and transferred the money in to that but I am having the same ongoing problems. I have been told that there is a problem associated with my with my name due to fraud happening on my account earlier in the year ( this was a result of Halifax sending a new debit card and unrequested pin number to an old address and someone at that address used the card and pin to take money) and the above mentioned transfer. This has all been happening when I have been recovering from having had 4 cycles of chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Anyway, at wits end and want to go as high up as possible to get this sorted.
  18. I lodged a complaint over the phone with Halifax in early May and obtained a reference number. Halifax failed to issue any correspondence or response to the complaint and after more than eight weeks I referred the complaint to the FOS. I received back a letter saying I must first take up the matter with Halifax and my complaint had been referred back to Halifax for handling. I phoned the case handler and he said that because I had not included the final response or any other evidence of making the complaint, he wasn't going to take the complaint forward. This despite me saying that I hadn't received the response within the eight-week period, nor anything else at all. Halifax is proceeding to re-ignore my complaint (assuming it was ever sent back to them in the first place). Any ideas on what to do next?
  19. I have recieved a repossession hearing date from the courts for Capstone Mortgages, due to being self employed my payments have always been a week or 2 late but I have always paid. However due to the 2 recent bank holidays the cheques from my customers arrived even later, which put me one whole month in arrears and the next month 2 weeks overdue. Which they said amounted to £960. However upon phoning them one of my payments had crossed the letter in the post and I was only £460 in arrears, but they were going to add on £115. I paid the £575 and they then give me until the 15th of this month to pay this month mortgage, which I have paid and I am up to date. Their solicitors Lightfoots however have told me that they are still going to go for possession even though I have no arrears, the hearing date is 9th July, what do I do to stop this, I am going to lose my home and I do owe anything.
  20. I have a Halifax One Credit card, the balance of which has been around £2400 for a year now, with me paying around £40 regularly, but not paying off any debt. I missed the payment by a week last time for the first time, but paid the amount, £38 a week late. now I have incurred a £12 late payment charge in addition to my monthly interest. This is the first such charge on my account. If people believe these charges are illegal, can I simply pay my next payment without the £12 charge and let the bank know I dispute the charge? Or should I pay it anyway and then argue about it? I have had this credit card since about 2010, and although I sent off CCA request today, I think it is likely the bank has all the documentation in order for a card that is relatively recent. If I stop servicing this old debt, how high can the bank take the balance? Eg the £2400 already includes mainly intereset, and if I don't pay can they add interest until its £10K and more, or do they have to move it to a DCA and stop increasing the balance at some point?
  21. summer holidays about to start, expecting children over for the first week of the holidays. vodafone decided yet again to overcharge me this month and bar my phone, nothing new there, however went to shops to get credit for my pay-as-u-go and first time ever my bank card doesn't work, 4 times, so needing money and phone credit to contact the x i go to my bank who i've been with for 15 years plus, and they all know me there, however on inserting my card in the atm for a mini statement the atm grabs my card, i go to the counter and join the proverbial long cue, this is when i find out all my accounts have been barred because according to the bank i've received a fraudulent cheque, on verifying the details i go home to retrieve the receipt for the cheque paid in which transpires to be one paid to me by a friend who did an end of term school disco and had hired disco equipment from me to do so. not the first time for this school either, on producing a receipt and details to the counter staff, they call the head office who inform them that i have to produce an invoice for the transaction, i explained that the transaction was done third party and the school wont know me also as this was the first day of the holidays my friend had left for his holidays and the school was now closed for six weeks, and i needed to get cash that day but they insisted my accounts were barred and all dd and so would also not be paid from any account, i insisted on talking to head office to escalate a complaint and get an explanation, and on many calls from the branch being cut when put on hold i finally spoke to a lady who informed me that she didn't believe the cheque was fraudulent but they will continue account barring till i produce an invoice Fraudulent,cheque,really, even though i reiterated the details of being a long term client, highlighting why id be stupid enough to pay a fraudulent cheque in my account, and also the cheque had the primary school details printed on it as it was paid from their bursary, and the need for cash at the holiday start, this sis when they said i could still make withdrawal over the counter but couldn't use my debit cads???? i asked for the details to be confirmed by letter to me and left it at that. off i go knowing i've no card facility for six weeks, and £70 down in my account, as i wouldn't be able to contact the school till then or contact my friend for two weeks to see if he could get any contact with them prior. six weeks went by as myself or my friend were unable to do anything till the school opened again, and by per chance i went to the bank again prior to the school term recommending to make a withdrawal but the counter assistant said i was unable to due to my account being blocked, on reiterating the details over the counter albeit humiliating, she looked at my account details and said that all bars had been lifted as the cheque was fraudulent, i was dumbstruck being that my friend would now have gone to the school to chase up details and subsequently look like an idiot or accusing, and i would have to explain to him now that it was a bank fault ?? i escalated complaints with the manager and after going over details i received an apology from her, despite the fact it was nothing to do with her or the counter staff, and then came that question and the reason i've written all this on this forum......what would you like??? oh dear, initially i though of all the humiliation and hassle, agro with two children having to waste time in bank ques to get withdrawals and only at my local branch because my accounts just showed up as barred anywhere else, the worry having to carry around cash enough to facilitate the childrens needs whilst out, mostly the loss of £70 for a six week period, then i remembered that id not received any letter of confirmation about the details id requested that i would have needed had i been able to contact the school, which also highlighted the fact to me that id not even been informed that the bars had been lifted on my account/s and had found that out by chance. the question of how much compensation, i am not a complaining type of person and don't get time to do what i've had to here, i have complaints with now almost all of my domestic suppliers due to incompetence on billing and am currently waiting to get time to chase up another two banks and two network providers that have promised compensation due to failure in services but have subsequently disappeared. what does one ask and what will compensate such an experience, who knows, as this may have ended or been resolved in the banks minds but for me the escalation of complaints and e-mails shall go on and on as that is the only port of call for complaints available nowadays. i am awaiting a call from the bank manager with proposals but whether it is satisfactory or whether i take it further to watchdog and /or the fso will yet to be seen. i better get used to this sounding off i suppose as i still have all the other complaints to tackle yet....... .....just let them go, not on your nelly having been a loyal paying customer for years with most of them i should expect and receive at least a generic customer service level yet i'm abused, ripped off and played about along with the rest of the decent general public and it should stop. i guess the figure i may ask for is the figure that such a hopeless company as vodaphone just sold themselves for, 82 billion pounds, and good luck to the new owners, energy suppliers i think ill leave till another time, but the elderly i feel sorry for, i'm 50 and i find all this stuff quite overwhelming, especially when they don't put there hands up, tho subsequently its now no better when they do.... .hmmmmm.... .End Of Constructive Unpunctuated Rant any replies or ideas welcomed.
  22. The second of my new list of threads: I CCA'd Cabot who replied. "There is no need for us to provide a copy of your credit agreement under the CCA for Current Accounts and Overdraft Facilities, as Part V of the CCA does not apply to these types of accounts. The exclusion of Current Accounts falling into Part V of the CCA is set out in section 74(1)(b). Therefore, as will not be processing your request for this account we have returned your fee with this letter. For your ease of reference the outstanding balance on the above account is £3,675.01. We trust we have set out our position clearly." It's not clear to me, what does this mean and what should I do next ? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks TG
  23. Hi there I've recently had a charge to my bank account from a MYLOANS (with a long number attached) for £69.99. Upon further investigation I find out through the internet that it's a 'broker fee', I did not and would not ever accept charges like that to my bank account. So I phoned Halifax today regarding the issue and they say they can't do chargeback on Broker Fees which to me sounds ridiculous because I didn't request a service or receive one and I was still charged so this is fraudulent! My question really is where do I go from here? I've seen comments on similar forums saying I should be demanding chargeback and not requesting it, seen as how my debit card is a VISA there's no problem there I assume. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi everyone, I'm new on here as a member, but have browsed this site for a long time.. in fact this particular debt had "gone away" due to letters I had previously sent from researching here, but has now resurfaced and I just want to check I'm in my right to go down a certain route with it. So, some background. I had a credit card with Halifax from 2004 to 2008. The non-payments happened as a result of a silly career choice in going self-employed and if I didn't make sales I didn't earn so I started having difficulty making payments from early 2007 onwards and the late charges (£35 a pop) in those days soon started to stack up. Pretty much all of 2007 I was paying the account at least a month overdue so getting charged each time. The default is listed as mid July 2008 so I fell totally behind early 2008. The total balance ended up over a grand higher than the card limit - all due to penalty charges. I was aware how serious the situation was so I was writing to Halifax to stop charging me interest, and I wrote them at least 5 letters, however I was getting no response and I now have no record of the letters! Pretty soon after it defaulted it went to a DCA and we were discussing repayment plans etc and I paid them £10 a month for two months in late 2008, and that's when I managed to fend them off with a dispute over charges letter because I think around the time there was that whole issue about charges being punitive and excessive and it all went really quiet. I stopped the £10 payments. Then it got passed to another DCA, and then they closed it and passed it back to Halifax after they sent me the "you will not receive any more correspondence from us on this matter" letter (I was resending the same letter about charges!) and this repeatedly happened with 3 or 4 DCAs. Plus I'm pretty sure I was doing CCA requests which they couldn't provide but I'm a bit hazy on that. Then radio silence for a couple of years, and now I have just received this letter on Halifax headed paper: "Your account with HBOS PLC with a balance due for payment of £X was sold to Lowell Portfolio l Ltd by us on the X August 2012 and this letter is give you notice of the assignment of the debt. We have not been made aware of any reason why the debt should not be paid and as Lowell Portfolio l Ltd are now the legal owners of the debt any payments you make should be made to them and not to us or any of our previously appointed agents. If you have any query, want to discuss the debt or repay what you are contractually obliged to please call the number below. Any further communications and payments must be addressed to Lowell Portfolio l Ltd at: Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds LS11 9BH Telephone: 0844 844 4716 Yours sincerely, (digitised signature Craig Ballantine) Craig Ballantine Manager Collections & Recoveries" The letter is accompanied by an intro letter from Lowell, basically detailing the amount I owe and what the phone number is to call (yeah ok!) etc. I've noticed as well that Lowell have put a duplicate default on my credit file, so my total debt appears double what it was. This default was the only glitch on my credit rating and now it looks twice as bad! Thankfully the date has remained the same but even so! I have been in contact with Equifax and Noddle (and I guess I will have to re-activate the £15 a month to Experian to get them to talk to me) about contacting Halifax to remove the first default. I was thinking to try and get the first default removed, then work on Lowell. Can I ignore Lowell just now until I get somewhere with getting the original default removed, as per ICO guidelines? Equifax responded with : "Thanks for getting in touch. Your unique tracking number for this query is X. In order to resolve this query, we've contacted the company to examine their data. This process can take up to 21 days, but as soon as we've got an update, we'll let you know." What's Lowell's next move? What do you guys think my next move should be? What's changed if anything in the last couple of years? Surely Lowell have wised up a bit? Halifax saying they "know no reason why I shouldn't pay it" is tosh - several DCA's tried and failed and always passed it back to them. My ultimate goal is to play this so cleverly that I have Halifax remove the 1st default then go at Lowell's with something that makes them remove theirs... but am I dreaming? LOL.. if it does all go a bit pearshaped, given that the debt is £2k ish what do you think I can get away with offering Lowell in F&F with removal of the default? Appreciate your help.
  25. I have been struggling with the last 11 payments on my 25 year mortgage for the last few years and have not been been able to make a payment for 15 months. I self employed and every month I say I must contact them and make an arrangement, but there is never any money available after I have paid everything else. I'm probably a nine (out of ten) on the CA debt scale. I received a letter from the Halifax a couple of weeks ago to say they were arranging a home visit and charging me £125 for this and £100 if I am not there. Last Friday I received a letter from their agent saying to email or ring them. The same day an agent called while I was our, and on Monday an agent and my wife answered the door requesting I call him. I have not done anything yet, as I feel making contact would be to condone their fees, which I certainly do not. I feel I should write to the Halifax with a payment plan, but have I left it too late? Can I refuse their visiting charges? Thank you for any advice. Tom
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