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Found 393 results

  1. hi all i sent a CCA request to Apex credit managment on the 21.7.14, this is the reply i got today, am a little bit confused what to do next hi this is an old debt for halifax credit card, of approx £8,500 dating back to 2005 which my husband has been paying a token payment of £1.00 for the last 9 years
  2. Received my SAR from Halifax and have all the statements from 2000- 2008 and a copy of the credit card application. For the first 14 months there was no PPI added but after that it was. The application states that I ticked NO to any kind of PPI. Added up the PPI and it totals almost £2000 without interest. I'm sure I can make a claim but after having little success in the past claiming back contractual interest should I just claim the 8%?
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first post I hope I'm posting it in the right place? I had an incident with the Halifax recently and I'd like to get a few opinions on how to complain about it. I entered a branch with my little boy to ask about opening a bank account for him. The man I spoke to took us into a side room to talk about it. He very quickly sidetracked the conversation into talking about Halifax insurance options. I didn't ask about insurance, but he was telling me about it anyway. I politely told him that I wasn't interested in any insurance, to which he replied "You can't afford not to, imagine getting home today to your house being burnt down, imagine your sons toys and clothes all being burnt" He told me I couldn't afford to take the risk and that I needed Halifax home insurance. I told him firmly that I wasn't interested. His first response was "Imagine if you died, who would take care of your baby?" I instinctively responsed "My mum would" he carried on his irritating pitch with "Well, is she rich?, you need our life insurance" It was a very akward situation, in order to stop him I told him that I would discuss life insurance at home with my family. A few days later he rang me and started to badger me again about the insurance. He told me to come back in to buy some. I didn't. I don't know much about this sort of thing. Did this man break any rules when he did this? Or are the banks allowed to use scare tactics to try and sell insurance? I am intrigued to hear other peoples thoughts on this? It was very irritating and rude I think for him to be so graphic. Is it worth a complaint? Thank you for reading, any views would be very much appreciated
  4. Have received a letter from the Halifax re: "the concerns about the suitability of the policy", much to my surprise as I had no idea I had ever had any PPI (as I keep telling the frequent annoying callers). It appears I did!!! After ringing them today it relates to a loan taken out in 2005. I was told to send in the questionaire. It takes me all my time to remember what I did last week, let alone nearly 10 yrs ago, so how much detail/accuracy do they need? At the time I was employed and got full pay if sick. I have been disabled since the 80's and have had cancer so always refused ppi as I could never have claimed it. I have no idea under what circumstances I would ever have been persuaded to take it, its a mystery to me.
  5. Hello, after reading so many posts on the forum I decided to join and seek my own help and get advice so please take it easy on me as a logof the terms used I am still getting used to. My problem. I havehad a Halifax Credit Card (MasterCard) that I started on 27/5/2008 now likemany others I got carried away and over spent on a lot of things and even usedthe card at times to withdraw money from ATMs as I was short on cash and only hadpart time job and the Card was only way that I could pay bills and other dailystuff. Now as the months went by and I reached my limit of £2950 I found myselfunable to pay the month repayment fee and the card started to build up oncharges forcing to it to go overdrawn due to late payment fees and interestcharges. I did call Halifax and tell them of my financial difficulties andthere was no way I could make their minimum payments which at the time werealmost £500 per month, tbh they didn’t seem to care and just said that my accwould go into default if I did make payments. Then on the 23/11/2010 I was ableto get some money together and paid them £100 but at this stage I knew it wastoo late and my acc was heading for default as it was overdrawn by almost £300. The months went by and letters arrived asking for payment but only being parttime I just couldn’t afford it. Then on the 1/6/2011 I got a letter saying a defaulthad been registered on my credit file by Halifax for the Credit Card. Now fast forward till today and I have got a full time joband have decided that I would like to pay this debt off, I first contactedHalifax and asked them for all the statements of the card from day of openingtill day that it was registered as a default , I have received them all butHalifax told me that the acc had been passed on to Debt Collector called BlaireOliver and Scott, so i deciced to call them but they told the acc is now withCapt Quest, I now call CApt Quest to setup a repayment scheme, 6 days aftercalling Capt Quest I then get a letter from Moorcroft saying that the acc iswith them now and I need to call them or a local reprehensive will call to myhouse. I picked up the phone and called Halifax directly to ask why the acchad passed from agency to agency. I would also like to note that since joiningthe forum I have made a claim against Halifax for the PPI I was paying on theCredit Card so I am awaiting the outcome of that claim. that’s my details, my problem is, the Debt now sits at£3482.17. I need to get it paid off ASAP but need advice, as there is 3 debtcollecting companies involved. Also is there any way I could complain againstHalifax as some of the charges that were happening were almost £100 a monthalong with late fees. If there is any other info required please let me know andid be happy to help Thanks Gary
  6. Hi, I'm after some advice about what to do to clear an old debt. I took out a loan with Halifax (RBS) about 8 or 9 years ago. I was suffering from a gambling addiction and spent 10 months in rehab for this. I defaulted on the loan and made an agreement to pay back £25 a month, which is still ongoing. The debt is currently £4500ish, at the current rate will take 15 years to clear. As the default was over 6 years ago it no longer shows on my credit file and I am not accruing any further interest, there isn't a massive incentive to pay the debt off at a faster rate. Now the positive, I have managed to get my life back on track and have recently bought my first house, having cleared all other debts and currently have no credit cards or overdraft . I have recently been made redundant, but have a job offer, so things are looking up . I have just had a call from iQor asking to review the payment plan and explained that I was in the process of being made redundant so it would be better to review the plan in a couple of months once circumstances were more stable (hopefully). I asked about any possibility for a reduced settlement and they offered 25%. It was also stressed that this would show on my credit file as partically settled - I pointed out that the debt was so old that it was no longer on my credit file so that that was no incentive to settle in full. In reality, it would be better for me to use the redundancy money to reduce my mortgage once I am settled in a new job (or save to clear the help to buy element), but was wondering if I would be likely to get a heavily reduced settlement on this debt. The basis for this being that they wouldn't have to wait 15 years for the balance, they aren't benefiting from any interest being added and the default has fallen of my credit file and I was able to get a mortgage this year. Any advice would be really appreciated .
  7. Hi All, I had a Halifax Amazon CC which was in arrears (5k) and Halifax took me to the court in 2009. I pay them £25.00 monthly. was wondering if still I can challenge this? I have similar 2 cases with JOHN Lewis CC and Northern Rock which went to court and NR loan and JL cc amount was attached to my property. NR loan is now sold to Marlin Finanacial service. Just wondering shld i keep paying or challenge it. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone I hope someone can help me. On the 17th July I received a letter from Bryan carter advising me that they were taking me to court and I would receive the documents within 24-48 hours, I received the court document the same day from Northampton court. The debt is for Halifax 2009, a debt which was an overdraft (£69) and ended at £539.00 I don't remember this debt and vaguely remember the overdraft, never that amount. I checked my credit file to obtain this information,although that hasn't been updated since December 2009. I have requested an CPR 31.14 from Lowells as these are the claimant and shall enter my acknowledgement of document tomorrow as there is an error on the website (444 error? ) the date of the court document is 17th July. The debt was purchased by Lowell in June 2013, which I had no knowledge of. Now with my defence can I dispute the amount owed ?, what is my next steps once I acknowledge the forms ? Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi, I have received a letter from Halifax in the post for a loan i took out just about 6 years ago. It is a form to fill about Payment Protection Insurance. I remember taking the loan out on the internet, but obviously I can't remember ticking a box for PPI or an explanation about why I need to take it out. The fact that they have sent me a letter suggests I may have a case to reclaim this money. Can anyone advise on what grounds I would have to claim this back? I have filled on some of the forms, and have my document checklist of CCA, Policy Booklet and Demands and Needs Statement. I was part-time when I took the loan out and I still am. The questions I am not sure what to answer with are:- Why did you decide to take out a PPI Policy? Why are you unhappy with your policy? What information were you given before you took out the insurance? Can anyone guide me as to what type of answers i am looking for? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a great forum, sometimes there is too much information to take in! Thanks Jane
  10. Hi, I have an old Halifax credit card account in which I believe I was miss-sold PPI. The issue being is that it was passed to 1st Credit after encountering some financial difficulties quite a few years ago, in which I have a repayment plan in place. Who do I send the CCA Request to ? Thanks
  11. Hi Just after some opinion I had a HBOS current account that has been with Wescot and has now been sold to 1st Credit Arranged payments were being made on it until about Jan 2012 In my many correspondence with Wescot , amongst other things they claim that there was never an OD facility on this account but when you consider that for most of it's life there were periodic debit balances of over £100 and no charges that is easily shown to be a lie. Anyway it was sold to 1st Credit so I wrote asking for the statements etc that they should have been sending me. They have come back with statements from opening until Sept 2011 . The odd thing is the final statement says 25th August 11 balance -716.10 12th Sept closing balance £00 but nothing to show where that money went The summary sheet also shows closing balance 00 and £444 of fees paid Since that date a further 6 monthly payments of £1 have been made which reflects in the balance The account number in question is definitely a current account with cheque book etc but the final pages refer to it as being a cardcash account. Now I did also have one of those but a different number. Has anyone any thoughts In summary they are chasing me for £710.10 but the statements show a balance of £0. The statements refer to it as a current account but the sheets relating to charges etc refer to it as a cardcash It seems to me that they have no idea what is what
  12. I only know certain details (will add more as I know) but thats so much to all who give advice. Truly appreciate it. Lets say it's like this for now (Don't punish me, i'm just the messenger): My girlfriend got a CC out with Halifax. For whatever reason she had problems repaying it. From what I heard her Monthly charges got out of hand and became more than what she can afford to pay back per month. She asked for an interest freeze and a repayment plan to be set in place.... They said nope. She has been trying to repay bits and pieces when she can (Literally on a shoestring budget for repaying). A while later she applied for a halifax loan.... Nope... as we could expect. Now what? Surely the bank should or would enter a repayment agreement? Having the whole sum with the current interest when they know she is having financial problems is better than refusing to freeze it, her entering bankruptcy and the bank losing out of around £1000 that is owed?
  13. Hi i hope somebody can give me some advice. I have received a letter today from robinson way saying i owe halifax £241.77. I had a bank account with halifax approximately 5 years ago which is has been closed for at least 3 years. I have never owed halifax a penny or had any debt with anyone. I did apply for a mortgage via a broker with halifax about 3 months ago but see no reason why it could be for that, there was a fee of £300 paid at the time which is morethan 241 pounds in any case. I have spoken to halifax on the phone who cannot help me locate any alleged debt. What should i do??
  14. Hi all, A few weeks ago I received a letter from Halifax telling me they believed they MAY have mis sold me PPI on my credit card because I am self employed and I would not of been eligible. My first reaction was to think it was a [problem] mail, as I do not have PPI so I rang the bank directly (ignoring the telephone number on the letter) to verify the letter who advised me they would never send letters out inviting me to claim and it was indeed a [problem] and to disregard the letter. I then noticed that the pre paid envelope enclosed was addressed to the banks address in Leeds where I have sent them letters before so I googled the address and the address matched exactly the address the bank use. So I called again and directly asked the question do I have PPI. They advised me I do not and have never had it. They then transferred me to another department who advised me I do have PPI. I was pretty shocked as nowhere on any of my statements does it even mention anything about PPI. I made another call to the banks main number and again asked but they said I don't have PPI. Anyway, I filled in the claim form, only adding my name, address, account number and ticking the box that I am self employed. I left the rest of the form blank. I have now received compensation for being missold PPI (only 400 quid) but what is really bugging me is the bank say I don't have PPI while the PPI department says I do. I askd for it to be cancelled only to be told I don't have it to cancel. I honestly don't know who to believe. Has anyone else experienced this?
  15. Has anyone ever came across anything like this before? Today I recieved an email from queries@littlewoods.com, which is the real littlewoods email address. Here is what it said There was an attachment on it that I assume asks for all my banking details and such, that I did not open. Now, I am used to getting stuff like this from spammers, but NEVER an official company email like this. I have forwarded this onto halifax and they advised me to delete the email aswell, but I'm not sure if I should? If I do I will have no proof further down the line if I should need it that littlewoods actually tried to hack my online banking :/
  16. Hi all, On the 18/3/2014 I wrote to the Halifax BOS with a CCA request for an account I have been paying via Payplan for the last 6 years. This was on the advice of someone else on this forum - same person advised I post here when I had a response. On the 15/4/2014 they wrote back to me enclosing a copy of the original signed form and the signature is mine and does relate to my account. This is one of 6 accounts Payplan were distributing payments to on my behalf and to date, is the only one to respond. My question is, what do I do now? I cannot restart the payments with Payplan as I've not had a response from the other creditors and I think I'm correct in saying that the account is no longer "in dispute" as they have responded? The estimated total owing on my Payplan account is considerably less than the amount Halifax claim I owe on the account. I'm desperate to clear up my credit file (the original default has dropped off my file, but I don't want anything new registered on my file). Any advice anyone has at this point would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, JJ
  17. I took out a mortgage with Halifax BS between 2003 and repaid it in 2009. I had been payment protection on the mortgage. I would never have taken out the cover but was informed when arranging the mortgage it was a requirement in order for the mortgage to be secured. I believe this to be a case of mis-selling? Does anyone agree? I also do not recall seeing any Policy Documents for the PPI. Is this something I should have received? Do you think a 'SAR' will uncover these documents? Thanks for any responses in advance Regards Dave
  18. Hi all, Need some advice please. I have just switched my bank account from HSBC to Halifax using the 7 day bank account switch which is backed by the government. On the final day of the switch my car insurance went out of my old hsbc account and not the Halifax account like it should have. After taking to halifax and elephant i was told that if it wasnt taken when it should have been then they will just replay and do it 7 days later. I didn't think nothing more of it, account moved and Hsbc closed. I got a letter on 24th March from hsbc £68.68 had been taken out of the account and that it needed paying. So on the 26th March i rang them up, paid it and was told my account would now be closed. I got a statement today out of the blue showing that hsbc have added £25.10 in charges to the account, so i rang them explained everything and they have point blank refused to close the account and will not remove the Charge that they have put on. Can anyone advise me on what the best course of action would be please,
  19. Hello Short background My mother passed away 6 years ago and the estate still has the house. Initially the mortgage wasn't paid for 18 months after her death - neither myself or the co-exeutor were working and in 2008 HIPS were still enforce and there allegedly wasn't any money left in the estate to pay for a HIPS so the house couldn't be sold (there should have been enough money for 12 months of housing costs but co-executor spent it all in six weeks down at Tescos). Roll on to now. I have been in and out of work, used a PPI win to avoid repossession in Oct 2009 (literally arrived back from arranging the transfer to find the court papers on the doormat) Arrears built again - were cleared again - built again were cleared again - currently cleared and my work situation is looking more stable after changing industry - the right decision my income is much healthier than it has been in about 7 years (council tax arrears are next to be cleared in a few months) Halifax did what all mortgage companies did - the computor send the same letter out every month the only difference being around £300 arrears, and £1700 arrears where the wording changes but essentially the same. They charged £35 for these letters. A year or so ago they restructured the mortgage into 2 accounts the capital account and a secondary account of about £2K which I understand is where they put all the charges and fees There is also two sets of legal fees - one for when they used the court to have myself and the co-executor declared the legal owners - co-executor swore he had completed and sent in the probate forms - more lies he is good at lies and bugger all else. Took me two days to sort it after I spike to the probate office and they told me they hadn't received any forms - he didin't seem to know about a few things required when filling these forms in so I know it was lies not lost. The second set is the fees up until issues the court summons for repo - that was stopped a week after I sent the lump sum from my PPI in. I suspect that there is another fee for a visit - I told him to get lost I am going to start with a SAR to find out all the fees added since my mother died. I want to try and sell this year so the getting the fees back is within my remit as executor to maximise the estate value. Lower mortgage left more left for the beneficiaries - me and the lying theiving co-executor. So SAR next week and then the rest of the process starts The mortgage is in the name of personal reps of Mrs XX but the mortgage compnay has a copy of the probate documents so they know I am partially liable for the account Not so brief afterall:oops:
  20. I have called Halifax twice about a company called pointpay. they are taking money each month, I have no account with them, have emailed them. Called halifax. I had one payment pending this weekend which I need for a flight tomorrow. Halifax want to open a long investigation but wont stop the pending payment. what can I do
  21. Hi, New poster on here and a bit long and complicated this one so bear with me and I hope someone can help. I have raised this as a complaint with The Halifax. In summer 2011 I put my house on the market as I got a better job in another area and the commute would have been too far and costly. The sellers market was not the best at the time and I struggled to get any interest even with a lower price. I reluctantly decided to rent out the property and phoned The Halifax to inform them of my intention, the first person I spoke to said all I needed to do was call back when I had a tenant and they would note it. When a tenant was found I called The Halifax back to inform them. But this time I was told I would need to go on a consent to lease mortgage that attracted a higher rate, increasing my monthly payment by £200 and a £1499 product fee would be added to the mortgage. I explained that this increase would be detrimental to my circumstances several times, also that the last thing I wanted was to be a landlord, just to get rid of the house and move on. The alternative was a lower paid job or the dole. I also complained at the time about being given the wrong information about consent to lease, for this, they waived the valuation fee of £110 but I made clear I was still unhappy and only continuing because I had no other choice. I moved out to a rental property nearer to my workplace and informed the local Halifax branch of my new address and also informed the mortgage centre of the new correspondence address. Turns out that they continued to send letters to the mortgaged property and luckily the tenant kept them to one side and did not open them, I phoned the mortgage centre to tell them what had happened, they apologised and made a payment of £35 as a goodwill gesture. I was able to transfer to a nearer workplace tho my mortgaged property so I gave my tenants notice to move out. I informed the mortgage centre that I was moving back in and again asked them to update my records and take the consent to lease indicator off the mortgage. I wanted to check my credit file so to make sure everything was ok both with the mortgage and with other accounts and I noticed that the address on the mortgage detail was an address I had not lived at for two years. Also, they have not removed the consent to lease. I also read the MCOB guidelines and interpreted them as saying that if a product was unsuitable then it should not be sold and that the customer should seek I independent advice, I was not informed about any of this when sorting out the consent to lease, despite me constantly saying it would cause difficulty and asking about other solutions. I would like to hope that MCOB applies in some way because I really do think that there was another solution. I would imagine Halifax's response would be that because I was no longer living at the property and it was no longer a residential mortgage, there was more risk involved for them, ignoring the fact that it made my position worse and added more onto my outstanding mortgage balance. With regards to the poor handling of information I gave them, it was not just the once, but three times they failed to update the address accordingly. This is not just a mortgage centre problem, Halifax credit cards also have difficulty in updating addresses as they did the same thing, luckily our mail was redirected and we were able to change it, but with the mortgage, for some reason the address reverted to an old one, who knows who got hold of any letters. Any advice on my next move, anyone with knowledge of MCOB and wether it applies in this sort of situation, or some general pointers on what my next step should be when I get a response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your patience in reading this.
  22. Hi all, Looking for some help if possible. Have just been to Halifax for a mortgage application. Now I wasn't declined straight away for some reason on the initial meeting which the adviser says is strange and has a ray of hope as usually this gets declined straight away. However met them today and he couldn't process it or take any money as he wasn't sure if he can get us the mortgage, due to this default which has been settled. He has said it has to go onto the underwriters where they decide. I'm not hopeful at all. Now I bought some stuff through Next in which I fell behind of payments due to no work as a self employed sparky, tried to sort this with Next but debt sold to Lowells. I never signed up to an agreement with them so I assume they didn't or couldn't default me. The debt was sold to Lowells who then sent me a letter harassing me to pay. I never received a default letter or any notification that this would happen. Now I am really stuck as to what to do or find out who actually set the default, as both companies deny it. What now?? Thanks all
  23. Hi, Ive recently had a fraudulent payment from my bank account, the Halifax have said they dont see it as fraudulent and have refered it to there disputes team, as a result its cost me £110 & today they have offered a £40 compensation payment to me, can anybody help me please & also can someone advise how I should proceed. many thanks lee
  24. My issues began when I sat trying to organise my finances, as having recently become a single parent my finances are going to be extremely tight if I'm not careful. My sometimes awful management of money cannot continue. I had an idea come to mind. It involved creating an individual savings account per event, per bill and per any other expense envisioned. I went about putting this into practice. Created the accounts, named them as per their purpose and even added what amount is due in each ones title. It worked, I could create as many savings accounts as I desired (14), then have all my money transferring on pre-determined dates as required. That's where I left it for now though - I'd have came back on to set the transfers another day. Soon [1night, or 1or2 days] after I've done this and the bank has let me create these accounts, my internet banking becomes blocked by the bank. On my first phone call, I was told quite literally: Close these accounts or find another bank. I react by showing surprise (in tones mainly, few non offensive nor aggravating words), but soon accept it's their show. I fully agreed to closure of those accounts in order for me to regain internet banking access. I'm told my internet banking should now allow access. It doesn't, so I gave it a day or two. (This operator handling the above had the most awful manner. I'm a polite man (I hope). Her undertones were though - whilst remaining employable - those of a discreetly belittling context.) The second phone call. More of the same (except for a great attitude from operators from here onwards). A different variation on the explanation for why the bank is not allowing my multiple accounts, but told the delay on regaining access is due to closure of the savings accounts taking up to 4 days. A week later. Another call or two. I'm now told I must take identification into the bank ...then... my problem will be resolved. It's feeling a very drawn out issue by now, even the phone bill is entering my mind. But, I reluctantly pop into the local Halifax branch as requested. The gent takes my ID, makes his call to resolve the problem, He came off the phone and informs me I've been sent a letter, stating that all bank accounts are being closed in 60 days time. (!!!!????) He also mentioned that a repayment plan will "probably" be set up in order to repay the overdraft. I feel utterly gob-smacked, penalised and a little bit humiliated - particularly after having been a customer for 12 years. I'm sure I've not got a leg to stand on. But now feel completely deflated - taken steps to move on with my tail between my legs - but wondering if I've just been bullied out of my Current Account for unfair reasons. If they'd spent I feel mere minutes, they'd have seen the accounts have not been used fraudulently. My minds floating between... Account closed due to them; A combination of their lack of having a limit in place and then lack of properly looking into my case? Account closed due to me; I'm at fault, as they should never have been expected to limit number I could create through their internet banking site? There has been only a matter of 40 pounds shared between a few of these savings accounts, if the history is properly reviewed, it's clear I've done no wrong. If they'd SIMPLY had set a limit on the number somebody can create, I'd not be here now and still have my 12 year old bank account. I have to wonder, would they have done this to a man with millions, would he have the time invested into justly treating him? Please. Any advice would be appreciated. Am I being penalised? Or does me being penalised for their poorly implemented limitations matter? I'm not even sure what to ask. I'd just be grateful for any direction. I'm more than happy to answer any questions (I think). ~ Neil
  25. Dear all I have received the informartion from Halifax on all charges on my current account and now need to know how to progress. Do I just highlight these and send to the bank or FOS? Do you have a letter template I can use? I am a single mother who works but have experienced payday loans excess charges and thus causing fees on my account and also passing to other companies who have taken too much. I am in serious debt and although work am making it hard to make ends meet. Halifax have refused to help me with any charges apart from cancelling these for 3 months but I want to claim back precvious charges. Please help - thanks so much
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