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  1. Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me sort out my sons Halifax Bank Account. He has only had this account for about 8-9 months. Applied on line and didnt take the overdraft option as he doesnt want to be using any overdraft facilities. Account has obviously gone overdrawn once or twice and as he doesnt have his wages paid into it has paid charges in the past which have cost him £6 per day. Doesnt have any paper statements. Only had a debit card - no credit card. He was recently sent a letter to say his account was overdrawn by £120. He has had the telling off for not checking the account sooner. I wrote to the Halifax on his behalf apologising for this error and asked for a breakdown of the overdraft. All we have received is another letter advising this is now overdrawn by £240. The collections department are now asking him for this payment but I think any payment he makes is wiped out by further charges being added. They are adding £42 per week in charges, so if he were to pay £50 a week he would only be clearing £8 per week off the overdraft. Is it ethical or legal for bank charges to be added in this way? He doesnt earn enough to pay all this off in one sum and his partner doesnt work as their baby is due in 6 weeks. Would anyone know how I can aproach this for him to see if we can sort this out to reduce the stress before the baby comes. For obvious reasons, he will have less disposable income then. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. (My son is 20 years old).
  2. I appreciate some advise regarding my daughter , She has been seperated from her huband for 5 years and living in the family home he purchased as she wasnt working at the time to have the morgage in her name he is in the army and living in barracks he has had no contact with his 9 year old son for 4 years and has now stopped paying his half of the morgage without warning my daughter . she is now filing for divorce and has her name on the land registry, the home has now been to court due to 5 missed morgage payments and she was advised by a duty solicitor to keep paying the mortgage. Her worry is if she pays the morgage and its in his name where would she stand once divorce is through etc. He husband wants the house repossessed. The house was bought for 99k and valued now at 130k please can you advise as she is getting nowere with solicitors ie not returning calls etc .
  3. Halifax mortgage. never missed payments until last year. my deal allowed for a repayment holiday. went into branch explained in difficulties, was given 3 months 'off'. may, june, july. my situation hadnt improved so then missed August. Saw their field agent [charged for] who took full statement of particulars etc; and i asked for help via interest only option. i made the payment for September. Eventually got letter confirming a reduced payment for oct, nov, dec. i took this for an interest only due to the figure offered. however struggled so hence the reason for Court possession hearing. based on their Court papers and then Witness statement, i have communicated via email with the solicitor stating i dispute the amount claimed [they have included the 3 months holiday and also the full amount rather than interest only amount for the oct-dec]. plus they state they dont know my circumstances etc, yet they have the field agents report, so they were inaccurate in their claim. i also stated that i felt their 3 month interest only offer was short sighted and not dealing with my request for long term help; as discussed with the field agent. additionally i was getting arrears letters and new payment amount letters during the oct-dec [harassment?]. i asked for the arrears to be added onto the mortgage [plenty of equity] and an interest only option for 2 years to allow me time to get back on my feet. they said no. they now say the 3 months holiday was just an 'arrangement' and not a formal payment holiday and the reduced payment was not an interest only option, just a reduced payment arrangement. hence how they have arrived at an arrears figure of c£6k based on the full monthly amounts, where I calculate it at approx £3k based on the holiday and reduced agreed amounts. their own criteria as i have now found out is that they can offer such a facility, interest only, but only if 6 months of full regular payments have been received., and only after another income/expediture provided. i have stated they have one from end august, paid for, and nothing has changed !! hence why i am in this financial position and asking for help. i then asked if i was to make 6 months payment at the full amount, knowing that financially it will be a burden, would i then be allowed to drop to interest only for 2 years and the arrears added onto the term. the response from the solicitors was that they would accept that proposal, but ask for a suspended possession order and also want a full inc/exp before confirming acceptance. BUT for any interest only and arrears consolidation i would have to discuss direct with Halifax.!! [they are on a direct computer link with halifax/BoS]. Additionally in their witness statement they state they have followed protocol to assist blah blah blah, including offering reduced payments and consolidation of arrears. I have replied stating that i am unhappy as there is no guarantee after financially struggling for the 6 months to comply with their own criteria for qualification for an interest only mortgage, they will be any more helpful than at present [words of that effect] due to their lack of flexibility. Also they have NOT offered consolidation of arrears, as they claim, even after my requesting it through my own proposal. Therefore i have advised them that the more sensible proposal is that which i originally asked for, 2yrs interest only with arrears consolidated/added to term., as that is a more financially viable, sensible and sound option and I will be attending Court to reiterate that offer. So.......... if you got this far !!! i have no faith in the court system [even longer story] to the point they make me physically sick but obviously have to go on friday. all my emails were marked without prejudice and i also referred to my right to produce/use as evidence in Court. Tomorrow i will print out [x2] copies of all my emails etc and create my own witness bundle and hand deliver to the Court so that the judge has it on file - i will email copy the solicitors also. If any thoughts or advices as to any case law i can refer to etc etc, i would be grateful for....... sorry so long winded but just decided to share this worry.......... THANKS !!
  4. Hi, Started posting recently as I'm in the process of clearing a few things up. Having signed up to equifax I've noticed a default on my record from my Halifax current account. While in the USA I was using my Halifax debit card and juggling how much I had against converting it from Dollars to Pounds. Ultimately, they authorised a debit card transaction which put me overdrawn (there's no overdraft limit on the account) Because the transaction got authorised I thought I was good for the money at the time. During this situation I was also moving banks to Natwest. As a result I never used the Halifax account again since returning from the trip to the USA. It got left and now I have a default. Is there anything that I can do seeing as they authorised a debit card transaction even though there were insufficient funds? Cheers, Limelight.
  5. What address should I use for a SAR? Confused over Leeds / Chester / elsewhere.
  6. Hi everyone Quick review, received a court claim from Cabot claiming £21,000 plus for a loan I am sure I received a statement showing zero balance. As this was before 2008, not sure I have all the old statements but will be looking for these. I sent a defence form back online to say I disputed the full amount. Timeline below: First letter - xx/9/2015 - from Cabot solicitors - Wright Hassall - about this matter threatening court etc. Claim form - xx/10/2015 - County Court Claim Form from Cabot - the gist of this is: Debts... CCA 1974 agreements. The Claimant is the Assignee of the following debts, notice of the assignment having been given to the Defendant in writing etc. Court response to my defence, acknowledged and served on sols - xx/10/2105 Second letter - xx/10/2015 - from Cabot themselves and because this is the most confusing part, they say: Thank your for your letter (SAR sent to them) We notice your change of name and have updated our records - the change of name was 5 and half years ago Unfortunately we have not been able to provide you with the requested information in the relevant time period. We shall continue to request the information... Your account Your credit agreement is currently unenforceable which means we are not permitted to obtain a judgment or decree against you in Court etc. Third letter - xx/12/2015 - from Cabot solicitors - Wright Hassall - they dispute defence etc. go on to say that they have a payment on record of £1xx.xx They state that the debt was assigned in 2008, I have no record of this. Fourth letter - xx/1/2016 - from Cabot solicitors - Wright Hassall + Directions Questionnaire for Fast Track and Multi-Track filled in and Draft Directions Notice of Transfer of Proceedings to my local court - xx/1/2016 Notice of Allocation to Fast Track - xx/1/2016 and court date in February, and the wording below. There will be a case management conference on xx February .... Phew, sorry it's such a long note but wanted to get everything down and xxd out the dates. I have a couple of questions. 1. If the credit agreement is unenforceable, in their words, why are they pursuing this? 2. What happens if they don't supply the documents in the time stipulated as the judge has ordered? 3. As they say the debt was assigned in 2008, isn't this statute barred under the Limitations Act 1980? 4. What do I need to do for the case management hearing? Very worried about this. Any help very gratefully accepted. Thanks!
  7. Hi Guys Just looking for some advice, My daughter opened an account with HBOS when she was a student in 2007, Stopped using it in 2008 when she ran up an overdraft, and completely "forgot" about it, She has now received a form N1sDT from Northampton County court signed by Lowell Portfolio demanding nearly £1500. The original overdraft was £500, The claim form states "despite repeated requests for payment" But she swears that she has never had anything from these people, (She has moved house about 5-6 times since leaving her student digs though due to her occupation) Where do we go from here Is it too late to request a SAR and a CCA? What does she put on reply form to court Thanks in advance Cosy
  8. Hi, we have a suspended repossession order from 2010 (when my partners ex wife was still on the mortgage, she is now no longer) and we have fell into arrears of 6100 over the 5 year period due to unemployment. We made a partial payment in august last year and missed a payment in November last year other than that we have maintained our mortgage payments and have been paying some off the arrears each month for nearly 2 years, now the Halifax have said they are going to be seeking an eviction date if we don't pay £3000 by the 28th of this month. We have kept them informed of the payments missed and have tried to come to new payment arrangements with them each time. We spoke to a man at the Halifax in December who said that we had to pay the full arrears or it would go to repossession, we explained that we didn't have access to that sort of money so we couldn't pay that much, then we spoke to a different woman at the Halifax last week trying to come to an arrangement were we pay £100 extra a month to clear the arrears quicker and she said that if we paid £1400 it would stop any more proceedings, then we got a phone call on Friday saying that we had to pay £3000 by the 28th of the month or they would seek an eviction date, we explained that we didn't have access to that sort of money and that my partner didn't get paid until the 29th of the month and we would be making a payment of £625 (which includes the £100 we said we would pay to clear the arrears quicker), she then replied that they would be sending us an eviction date. We are panicking now as we have 3 children, our eldest child is in her final year at juniors and we are currently waiting to hear if she has got her secondary school place, she also suffers from anxiety, our second child also has epilepsy and possible autism (we have just got an appointment with a specialist doctor after a 19 month wait) so everything is in place at his school for his needs, the Halifax are aware that we have children and one with a disability. I had to give up work in June last year due to severe hand eczema and stress and anxiety, however my partner has a good job and can pay the mortgage and the arrears no problem. I am really really worried they are going to repossess our home as I don't drive and we won't get a private rent in the area and if the council put us in an area where I won't be able to get my children to school, I don't want to have to change my children's schools as there is support in place for them at the schools they are currently in and it could change my sons hospitals and doctors if we aren't in the catchment area. I am going to write to the Halifax with our proposal again, with a breakdown of how long it will take to pay the arrears back, I just don't know what else to say to them and I think it will be rejected as well, I just don't know what else to do.
  9. Long story short i had an old Halifax CC opened in 2006. The CC is in my name, but the debt was not run up by me, but.....by my old man who then refused to pay it, but i think thats by the by. And no, he's won't cough up to pay it. I received 2 letters before xmas, one from Halifax saying the debt had been sold to Lowells in 2014! And the other from Lowell saying they'd bought the debt back in 2014. Now, its not SB as the last payment, of a pound! was made in 2011. Second letter was a nicely nicely letter than i got yesterday telling me i won't have to pay what i can't afford. We struggle to pay our own bills, let alone anything extra. For now, i think my best bet is to ignore the letters? Or do i start the "3 letter process"? Many thanks
  10. Dear All, i really would appreciate help and advice on how to deal with my situation. I visited a country on three occasions from last year to date. On each occasion i notified my bank the dates i was going to be away and the country to which i was visiting so that the Halifax knows exactly which country i would be visiting and how long i would be away. On each occasion of my travel i phoned and advised Halifax but more than that, i specifically asked them if it would be possible for me to use my debit card in that country. On each occasion, the Halifax said there was no problem and i could use my debit card there. On the last occasion i met with my account manager on 18 Nov and explained quite specifically that i shall be visiting this country and shall definitely be using my debit card there. he told me that there was absolutely no problem. Whilst i was away on 08 Dec. my account was closed by the Halifax I found this out by chance because someone gave me some money which my partner tried to pay into my account. She was unable to credit my account when she asked the bank, she was told that my account was closed down because i used my debit card in a sanctioned country. As soon as i learnt of this, i phoned Halifax and spoke with a manager there. I explained my situation and explained that i have to pay a hotel bill and i needed to use my debit card. I explained that i advised the Halifax etc. but the key thing was i needed to pay my hotel bill. The manager said he will see what he can do and will call me back. He never kept his promise. I had to settle the bill in cash which my relatives in the country lent me. Had i not been able to pay the hotel bill i would be in prison now. This country is pretty strict. I had banked with the Halifax for 20 years. I have not defaulted on my account. rarely do i go over my credit limit. i returned to UK over the weekend. i have no idea what to do. Will some one please advise me.? What can I do? How can i get my account re-instated? How do i claim compensation against the Halifax? this is rather urgent because, i now have no bank account. (I am trying to see if i can open an account with another bank) but these things take time. Already, my standing orders are effected. please advise me on what i can do thank you Wrecked.
  11. hello I have just found(searched the house) the actual agreement of Halifax personal loan wondering if someone could help me work out how much I can reclaim ? Taken May 2005 Credit: £6500 Arrangement fee:£65 total charge for credit 1799.68 48 monthly repayment of 172.91 APR 12.1% monthly Interest rate 0.928% Insurance premium Tax included, insurance premium at 5% with this information can I send letter requesting refund, I need a spreadsheet but can't open any of the spreadsheet links on here, can open spread sheet relating to bankcharges from 2007, is the spread sheet the same
  12. Halifax is imposing a fee of £1 a day from arranged overdrafts of £0.01 to £1,999 as from 1st Dec 2015. No interest rate is charged. So if one has an arranged overdraft of £100 and goes overdrawn by £0.10, a fee of £1 will be charged and by 100 days, this £0.10 becomes a unarranged overdraft for which a fee of £5.00 is faced. Is this imposing excessive charges or treating customers unfairly??
  13. My son had a student account with Halifax when he first went to university. Sadly, due to mental health problems, now diagnosed as bipolar disorder, he dropped out of university. Halifax agreed to freeze the account. In recent months his health has deteriorated again, and he is now claiming Employment and Support Allowance and living back at home with us. Halifax have recently decided to charge him £16 per month for the overdraft, but as this month's payment has put him into 'Unplanned Overdraft' he has been charged another £5 per day on top of this, so the debt is now mounting . I've put some funds into the account to try and alleviate the situation, but wondering what we can do next. He's not in any fit state today to speak to anyone at the bank.
  14. Anybody got an actual E-Mail address for the executive of Halifax without going through the rubbish customer complaints area??
  15. I have received a county court claim form for an overdraft I had with Halifax, the claimant is cabot. I do owe the money and don't deny it, how best should I proceed? thanks
  16. Hello I have / had a credit card debt with Halifax which was defaulted over 5 years ago which I have been paying a small amount since direct to Halifax (debt is still in 5 figures). For some unfriendly reason the Halifax recently sold the debt to cabot. I received a letter from Halifax and in the same envelope was a letter form cabot also - so I do believe the debt has infact been sold and my credit file does show the Halifax acct as 'settled'. My questions though is it worth sending cabot a s77/78 request before I start paying them? having brought this debt, as it is a large amount I would expect they want to know they can legally claim it before doing so? The amount stated on their letter is also wrong (in their favour) by a small amount, but could just be as payments / letters have crossed. And if I do want to make payments, why do they not have their bank details on the website - they are essentially forcing people to make contact. I suspect I will have to continue paying this debt down (which is fine) but as is the case, just want to ensure it is all legal before doing so - thoughts appreciated. Regards Outadebt (oneday)
  17. I'm not sure if I have a case? I was a first time buyer if that helps to say in my case? Just looking through my files, the first year (aug 2001) of my mortgage for PPI all I can find is the Halifax mortgage letter saying thank you for applying for a mortgage "As the loan amount you require exceeds our basic lending limit it is necessary for us to arrange additional mortgage security. you will be advised of the fee in due course. Please note that if you are borrowing less than 90% of the lower of the valuation or purchase price we are currently paying this premium." Then on the mortgage offer letter At the end of the letter it says (oct 2001) SPECIAL NOTE We strongly advise you to consider arranging insurance cover to protect your ability to keep up your mortgage repayments if you become ill, lose your job, etc. You can obtain details of such mortgage repayments insurance from from any of our branches or your financial adviser... Then a few weeks later the halifax letter of acceptance for my mortgage says an additional mortgage security fee of £419 is also due. We will pay this fee. (explaining that they are lending me more than they normally would and additional mortgage security is required) But exactly one year after my mortgage I started paying PPI monthly for the next 12 years to St James Place. So who do I apply to and how do I explain the first year? Very confusing. By the end of the first year I must have believed I needed it but £419 per year is extortion, so I must have shopped around. I've never been in debt, ill, lost job or took out life insurance. any advice gratefully accepted thanks
  18. My CRA file shows that I both defaulted on and satisfied a Halifax credit card account on the same day. Is this possible? There's no dispute that my account was in arrears; I'd had a horrendous couple of years with a messy divorce and contact battle, and had lost the plot as far as my finances were concerned. My life is now settled, and I'd love to remortgage my house onto a more competitive rate (I'm on the Santander SVR at the moment), but this is the only thing which is currently stopping me. What's the best way to tackle this to try to remove the default, if indeed it has been recorded incorrectly? Ta, OSB
  19. Has anyone had problems with Halifax losing claims. I have just phoned to make sure that claims sent recorded delivery and signed for on 29th October are being dealt with and have been told they haven't got them . There were 4 seperate claims in the same envelope plus a letter of authority . The person at the other end couldn't put me through to anybody as they were in the Phillipines. So now have to resend and wait anothet 8 weeks
  20. Hi All, I am in dire need of assistance! I have recently been applying for a Mortgage which has been declined last week due to a default being placed onto our credit files (Me & my wife) by Halifax for an old basic current account which we have not used since 2009. A brief timeline of the events so far.... 17/07/2015 - Applied for mortgage via broker, lender credit checked and issued DIP the same day. 31/07/2015 - Unknown to us until yesterday a new entry for "Halifax" added to both my Wife's and my credit files. 17/08/2015 - Formal mortgage application sent to lender. Lender conducts another credit check and obviously discovers that a default has been added on since the initial credit check they carried out in order to issue the DIP. We had already chosen the property, had the offer accepted etc. The solicitor has ordered the searches as well so we could be considerably out of pocket. I have not had an adverse mark placed on my credit file in over 4 years so to have a default placed 2 weeks before a formal mortgage application is just about the worst thing that could possibly happen timing wise!! What is even worse is that the default is for £39!! The entry on our credit files is as follows: [ATTACH=CONFIG]59110[/ATTACH] As above this account has not been used at all since 2009, we have zero communications from Halifax no statements, letters nothing whatsoever. I managed to find some old paperwork with the account number on it so called into a branch today to en quire as to what had happened to cause a default to be placed suddenly after so many years of inactivity. The chap I spoke to in branch trawled his computer to find the last transaction and issued me with a mini statement which reads as follows..... Sheet: 1 Of 1 Date Issued: 13/02/2010 Date Activity Paid Out Paid In Balance 13Feb10 0.00 13Feb10 CHG ACCOUNT CHARGE 15.00 0.00 15.00 DR TOTAL PAYMENTS/RECEIPTS: 15.00 So as you can see the balance on the account was zero, then for some unknown reason Halifax applied a charge of 15.00. Presumably this has been incurring interest for the past 5 and a bit years hence the default of £39.00. There are no other transactions recorded for this account after Feb 2010. I appreciate the correct approach to this would be a SAR etc.. however as explained above I have just had my mortgage declined. Our existing tenancy agreement terminates in October with no change to renew. And I dare say we will struggle passing the stringent credit checks carried out in the current rental market. So I need to fix this problem as quickly as possible, we also have an appeal in progress with the lender which I am pretty sure will not succeed whilst these marks remain on our file. In summary Halifax have put us into a dire position by registering defaults based solely on a single bank charge some 5 and a bit years down the line!! Without any notification whatsoever. Obviously I need to send a letter asap but my head is a shed at the moment and would appreciate someone giving me some starting points.. Many thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
  21. Basically my completion date was set for next Tuesday. I am buying the house off my mum and dad. House is valued at just under £60k and they are selling it for £36k which is fine to me. Mortgage was agreed with Halifax, they credit scored me several times and I passed. There were a few amends to the offer but they amended and made another followed by credit scoring etc. I passed them all. Mortgage adviser phoned me today to tell me they had withdrew the offer after they credit scored me today. I have checked my report on all 3 credit report sites and absolutely NOTHING has changed. I have no outstanding debt, I have never had a missed payment, I do not owe anything. I recently closed a bank account and that is showing as a negative on Experian. I changed bank from one to Halifax after we had agreed on the mortgage offer. I asked Halifax if this would be an issue in branch and they informed me it would not affect my mortgage application whatsoever, but that is the only thing I can think of. Nothing else has changed. The house is being sold below its actual value. Everyone is making money here. Can anyone please advise me? Everything had been set up with the Halifax to release the funds on Tuesday and they had agreed to do so, but they have pulled out at the last minute. They have said it is due to a credit score, but again they have repeatedly credit scored me and been fine and have told my adviser that I had passed their scoring criteria. I am at my wits end here.
  22. Hi there, I had a bank account with Halifax from 2002 to 2006, could i potentially claim back bank charges on an account so old? kind regards
  23. Hi, I took out a halifax card 30 years ago, i was unable to keep up the payments as i am now out of work they came to an arrangement with me where they have frozen the interest and I pay 5 pound a month. I have looked on my Noodle account and see that i am in default. The balance on that account is 12k. The debt is now with robinson way. I have also been unable to pay my Barclaycard for 4 months ( balance 5k) , they rang me yesterday , i went through my spenditures with them and they advised me that i am in no position to pay anything off it as i have more going out than coming in.. ( Even though i said i would pay a pound off a month) They are holding the interest and i have to contact them in 30 days.? They also said to contact halifax and explain that i can't afford to pay the 5 pounds? I am new to this forum so please bear with me, but i am a little nervous to why they are being so nice. Would someone guide me and set out the does and donts of this arrangement Thanks in advance
  24. Hi all, fantastic to see so many people bunching together to get some fair play out of the system. I injured my back 2012 and consequently struggled to keep up with credit card debt, couldn't keep up with offered payments from halifax so gave up. Have received calls letters from first credit in the last year or so. Have twice sent my step change papers asking for time to pay and temporarily offering £1 per month but have received no response or acknowledgement. Yesterday received the claim form, debt approx £3800. I need to avoid a CCJ at all costs but can't get the money together to pay the whole amount in time to avoid it, I work as a builder and accounts for suppliers, phone contract, van lease etc etc will be gone if I can't avoid it so may as well just give up. Any advice as to how I could get past this would be hugely appreciated!!!!! regards Another flipper Also worth adding I have received all sorts of letters offering different payment options but no letter to say they were going to take me to court if I didn't agree to one. No warning. J ust bang CCJ papers claim.
  25. I just read (in brief) the new Halifax terms and conditions. Check section "25 - K" Does anyone else think a synopsis might read: "If our system breaks down, or anyone else connected breaks down we're not responsible because it's unusal" and: "We can breech our agreement if any regulation (Not Law I might add ) requires we do so. Really! This reads like "It's not us, we were not there, and if you say we were we will deny it and refer to our terms and conditions."
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