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Found 393 results

  1. Hi I hope I am posting in the right place (First time) When my family moved in to our current house about a year ago we were getting calls for the previous tenants on an hourly basis. Talking to the neighbours it seems they left in a hurry and it sounds like they where in a lot of debt. The calls slowed down to about 2 a month so was not to bad until 4 weeks ago when we were getting calls every 3 hours from injury lawyers saying about our recent accident when I said that I don't have a car and have never had an accident they asked if I was Mr (last tenant), I said no and they had moved over a year ago. The person at the other end said that the number had been given to them in the last few days but would remove it from their system. More calls followed so I think that the last tenant was still giving out 'his' number... I asked my telephone provider to change the number which was done promptly and without fuss. I am now getting at least 1 call a day from the Halifax asking for someone I have never heard of. When after a few calls of "we will remove your number from our database" has had no joy I am at a loss as what to do. I have registered with TPS but this will not stop them as it is not direct marketing. When I rang Halifax I was told that with out the customer name and password etc they would not change records because of data protection Can anyone please tell me who I need to contact to stop these calls. Many thanks in advance Mark
  2. Hi there, I have already posted about a few other debts my other half has on other threads, not sure I have done this correctly. He has a Northern Rock loan which I believe he took out in 2004 alongside his mortgage, it was before we were together. I got him to write and as for a copy of the original agreement which they have sent. I find it unbelievable the interest rate that he is paying. It looks like he took out an unsecured loan of £22,498.00 with an APR of 7.1%. He has since sold his flat and paid off the mortgage with the sale. But the loan states that if paid in full the rate of interest charged goes up to 5.00% above the current standard variable rate for mortgages. So since he paid it in 2008, he is now paying a 9.79% interest and hardly making a dent in the loan. Quite unfair considering he would benefit from a lower variable rate. With a loan outstanding at just above £20k he is paying £204.70 per month and yet about £170 a month, it's horrendous, is there anything we can do about this? He tells me that he got into a bit of trouble while back and ended up paying them a fortune in charges for his mortgage being in arrears along with the loan, can we claim that back? I'm trying my best to help him and if we can claim something somewhere it might help pya off other debts. He is paying Blair & Scott I think for three outstanding debts and being doing that every month for the past two years without a fault but I know that he had charges for all of these too, what a mess, in need of help?
  3. Hi folks, I got offered a Halifax Ultimate Reward account as an "upgrade" to my Easycash account at a time when I was doing fairly well financially. I was keen to take the account at that time as I was trying to rebuild my credit rating. However, my finances took a nosedive in the middle of last year and I stopped using the Rewards account. Unfortunately I had gone just over my agreed overdraft limit and was of course levied with some charges. I asked if the account could be closed but was told that his was only possible once the overdaft was cleared. So I was in the situation of having no income, trying to pay off the overdaft but being constantly thwarted by the £12.50/month account fee, which pushed me futher into debt and incurred further charges . With me so far? After a while I managed to get them to agree a nominal fee repayment of £1/month but they were still charging the account fee of £12.50! I asked if there was anything I could do about that and was told the only thing would be to convert the account into a standard account but that the overdraft fees would be more that the Rewards account fee - so now I was stuck! A while later I had a further conversation with them and was able to get them to put a "stop" on the account so that no further charges would be levied. Once again I asked about the £12.50 account fee but was given the same reponse as before, so a little better - but not much! I had been going on like this until September 23 this year when I had a call regarding the account and once again I was able to get them to agree to continue with the arrangement we already had in place. Now comes the 1st bombshell: The person I spoke to told me that the £12.50 account fee was purely for the "Rewards" (RAC cover, travel insurance etc, etc) and that if I wasn't using those then the fee could be waived! No one had told me that before so I have been paying that fee for over a year COMPETELY UNNECCESSARILY! So now the fee was stopped and I had some prospect of making headway into the now considerably inflated "debt" of just over £427 (it was a little over £100 when this all started). Now the 2nd bombshell: I was called yesterday (3rd November) by a collections firm called "ICOR" who informed me that Halifax had passed the "debt" to them and that I now had to pay up. I had no prior notification the Halifax were going to take this action and I suspected a [problem] and told them to "foxtrot oscar". Of course I immediately contacted Halifax who confirmed that this was indeed the case. I asked the person I spoke to why I had not been informed that this was going to happen and he said "I have no idea" - great! (the words elbow and arse come to mind). I was furious . I called ICOR today and explained the situation (I am on JSA) and they then expected me to go into detailed financial disclosure about income and expenditure over the phone. I told them I wasn't prepared to do that but was willing to provide the information in a more secure manner which I have now done but I doubt whether there will be any form of acceptable (to me) arrangement forthcoming - if I know anything about collection firms - they were even making threats of "sending the boys round". So my dilema is twofold: 1. Where do I stand with Halifax regarding the unnesseccary account fees - which, of course also created extra penalty fees. Is there any way of reclaiming these? Should I have been informed by Halifax of thier intended action regarding ICOR? 2. What should I do about the collections firm? I certainly will not be dealing with Halifax in any form ever again. Luckily I do have an account with the Helpful Banking people so I am going to transfer everything over to them. Any help will be gratefully received as I am just about at my wits end with this.
  4. Hi I wonder if any one can help me as I am confused. my friend has an easycash visa electron card and he recently used it online to make a purchase on my behalf. Unfortunately the part never arrived this was 54 days ago we have contacted the firm 6 times by telephone and they keep fobbing us off saying a refund will be done soon. I wondered if the visa electron is covered by the visa chargeback scheme as this covers visa debit cards and as it has the visa logo and it is described as a debit card on the halifax site, then it should be covered by the scheme. Well that is what I think, by reading between the lines in the ts and cs of the easy cash account. But it doesnt actually state that the chargeback scheme applies or if it doesn't. I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the visa electron card and chargebacks and could advise me what happened to them. As my friend seems convinced that the visa electron is not covered by the chargeback scheme and keeps telling me to get some proof that it is covered and then he will get on to the halifax, but he keeps saying he has read online that it isnt covered blah blah and forget it and forget getting a refund. But I am so annoyed with him it is ok for him to say I have already given him the money to pay for the part so he isn't out of pocket but I am, and I can not afford to loose £72 just like that. This company has basically theived from me and i want my money back somehow. Any advice would be great thank you cher69cher69
  5. Hello Here's the story so far... I had 3 accounts with halifax, one main one where mine and my partners wages went and 2 others which were used by myself for purchasing items, playing bingo etc. Last month i tried to log onto internet banking to be greeted with a screen that said the service was down, i automatically assumed it was maintenence when i couldn't get on 3 days later i called the bank to be told to go in with some ID to make sure i was the person who's name the accounts were in, they mentioned something about fraud but said everything would be fine if i took in ID, so the next day i went in with loads of ID to which i was told that there had been some kind of fraud on my account but wouldn't tell me what exactly and that all my accounts should be closed, so i had to sign letters of approval and get all my money out of the accounts. This totally ruined the whole months, knacked all my dd's up and people never got paid. i phoned the fraud squad from halifax as i was fuming at the way i had been treated over it all (it's not like im a current account holder, i have 3 x easycash cards = basic accounts) they said that whatever it was they couldn't disclose but it wasn't enough to close all my accounts, so they were reinstated and new cards and numbers were sent out to me, i got to work this morning to try and get some wages out that would have gone in last night only to find my main account card doesn't work, i aome straight home to log onto online banking to see what the problem is and they have closed my main account....i have no idea where my wages are and again i cant pay anyone. I have phoned the bank who have argued that i signed papers to say that the accounts were closing, i have argued that the fraud squad reinstated them but no one seems to know what anyone has done...and now im stuck with no money and lots of bills. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I would like to hear from all those who have had banking fees taken from HBOS. we need to stand together and fight this
  7. Hi. I am having problems with Halifax and a debt on my account, I have a £100 overdraft on an account I hold with them. It all started last year when I relocated and ended up in a lower paid job so have a very minimal income at the moment. Obviously having to go into my overdraft on numerous occasions to get by from day to day they have a charge of £1 per day in order to use this facility. So with those charges in place my money whittled away very quickly and before not too long the bank charges they were charging me was sending me over my overdraft limit to which they charge me £5 a day to use. Things since then have escalated significantly and now my bank account is in £500 of debt still getting charged £5 a day for been in this and I can not afford to keep up with which is getting worse and worse each month, to which I have now received a letter stating that if I have not paid them back the full amount by 17/06/2011 that they will be taking legal procedures against me. Now I am awfully lost and have tried the debt advice line and not got alot of help from them. I am no longer using this bank account due to the fees that they were charging me been too much, so have opened a new bank account with no overdraft or charges in place. All in all I could do with abit of friendly advice as to how to approach the bank, if there is anything I can do or where I stand in my rights really. Thanks in advance John
  8. I am researching the methods that Lloyds have used to sell investments to their customers. I believe that there may be reasons for concern. If Lloyds, or their acquisitions, Halifax and Bank Of Scotland have sold you an investment prior to April 2010, please reply to this thread so we can discuss and I can give you further information. We may be able to help each other - and others.
  9. Made a PPI claim ...letter from offering to make a ex-gratia payment (amount not stated) to the third party who bought my original debt from them. Want me to sign a document " I understand that you will use part or all of the refund to repay any of the debt that was sold to the 3rd party debt sale company" I need to write back to them : how much is this payment? and i would prefer they returned the money to me as it was miss sold in the first place therefore it is not their money to be making a decision about how it is spent. Am I correct in this and could anyone help me with a letter please. thanks Mrs AllanLyn
  10. Hi Everyone i am in need of help...got a letter of a court hearing for respossesion by halifax. I do have arrears from an arrangemnet that had failed due to jobloss.the last agreement i missed 2 months and then in june my fixed interest rate came to an end bring my mortgage to considerable lower monthly payment ....halifax asked me to do a budget which i did offering to pay £100 on top of the now lower mortgage ..which i can afford easily. they accepted the offer via writting from their solicitors and asked me to make the first payment on 28th june which i have paid promptly...but they are still taking the matter to court to reposses the property....in the letter from the solicitors after agreeing to the arrangement..they stated ......"that they would ask the court to grant an Order for Possesion suspended upon the above agreed terms at the forthcoming hearing.Provided the agreed payments are maintained in the future, our client will be unable to obtain an eviction date by enforcing the order for possesion'' Please what should i do? .....i have always been in contact with them since the issues started....please what should i do....I am married but no children yet....i have the copies of all the letters. Can they still go to court to reposses despite having agreed to the agreed and I having paid.Is there something i can do to stop them I also noted that there has been several £35 charges throughout the start of the mortgage...i dont know the sum but with all times i have been seeing those charges letters it might be more than hyalf of the arears...if not all.Can i use this charges in my favour as i think it isquite unfair thanks for all your help...the hearing is on 28th July 2010
  11. So, the story goes.. My paypal account was hacked.. twice... both times money was taken from my linked bank account.. a halifax cardcash account After going through paypal's resoloution center they agreed both times they were unauthorised and reversed the payments, unfortunately there was not enough cash in my bank account both times to cover the transactions so I was charged £15 by them! After speaking to them they will not reverse the charges! Now if I had made a genuine mistake with a direct debit or cheque bouncing I can kind of understand (altho i'd still be annoyed) but this is just unfair! Do I have a leg to stand on? Who can I contact about this? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi - thought I'd start a thread as these are my second most painful creditor after MBNA. I thought I'd diary these last awkward creditors as much to share victories as to pick your brains as I've had quite a few complaints and things upheld so far. Background: We got into difficulties in Autumn 2007 when the company I worked for stopped paying me without bothering with any of that redundancy stuff and eventually went into liquidation. I was then out of work for about 3 months until started own business which did OK in 2008 but folded in 2009 (our main customers were banks - you see the problem!) For that 18 months I was on about 40% of previous salary. From Summer 09 to Summer 10 I had ZERO income and we were both living off a just-under-average wage with a very over-average mortgage, and threat of eviction. The house was on the market for a lot of this period. I found this new job in the nick of time and we're now paying the massive mortgage at the same rate, plus arrears on top, so there is nothing in the pot for unsecured debt until the arrears are cleared (2015 or so!) My issue is that I.F. were the first to know I had problems, way back then. They spent a year telling me they "would stop charges and payments if I could agree a repayment plan" - which I did on the phone verbally about once a month, with many many different departments, and was always told confirmation was coming, but conveniently never formalised at their end. All I was doing was servicing interest. Eventually we got to the point that the interest was going to push me over the limit. This was August 2008 so was still earning then, but struggling badly as the mortgage company would not come down though my income had halved, and I was still foolishly paying full whack on other debts. I phoned and agreed that I would paid £50 per month off if they would stop the £28 charges - I had agreement there and then and a reference for the payment, etc, etc. They added the £28 at the end of the month. At this point I phoned and told them that after a year of paying out money but standing still on the debt we needed to do something else. They passed me around a few teams and eventually I just stopped paying as I couldn't see what else to do given that they were clearly going to keep piling fees on anyway - I might as well spend the money on stopping other accounts going into crises. They phoned for a while and eventually stopped, but the Default was a long time coming - to ensure as much interest as poss went on meanwhile of course! In early 09 we got into full crisis and started missing payments on the mortgage, so at this point I just stopped paying unsecured creditors as I had no other choice as I saw it (obviously older and wiser now!), and I opened a Basic account elsewhere. I should actually have gone to £1/month with unsecured a lot earlier than I did, in retrospect. The stupid thing is that if I'd agreed something useful in 2007 I'd probably still be paying it now as would have prioritised - so they've done it to themselves. I have written to I.F. twice with a full I&E and explaining financial difficulty - once in December 09 and again in September 2010 as we have a definite arrangement to service our mortgage arrears. New job is under half of 2007 salary and our mortgage amt hasn't come down as much as you'd expect - still paying >6%! I've had no reply at all other than form letter to tell me I was in breach of T&C as not paying salary in - about a year after I'd stopped - and the final Default Notice. I have had no sensible reply from I.F. themselves in all of that time. They passed me to our friends Blair Oliver Scott without bothering to tell me. B O S phoned me a ridiculous number of times, even after a phone harassment letter, but eventually accepted my I&E and even sent me slips to pay in. I thought this was a victory but the very next week I found myself with some other outfit in Manchester. (Will have to dig name out.) They were quite good and immediately understood it was can't pay not won't pay. I wrote to them explaining I wasn't happy with the fees & interest from 2008 onwards and they put the account on hold, and wrote to me (twice!) saying they'd written to I.F. That was three months ago, and so... today... ... I had a text from iQor. (For anyone Googling iQor 0845 1460186 - 01772 832188 gets you through without paying the 08 charges - have added that to saynoto0870.) I phoned to find out which creditor it was - after reading about them here I've no intention of sending them any personal financial information. So far I had quite a good conversation. I started by explaining that this had been going on > 2 years and I knew the law backwards by now, and I was down to a basic bank account so I couldn't pay by Debit Card over the phone even if I wanted to, so it would be best if they listened. I offered them £1 per month and explained history as above without giving too much detail. She said they couldn't accept £1/month under any circumstances so I asked her not to waste her time and money and just pass the account back to IF - apparently that's out of her control too. I have advised that I am not doing anything until I see written confirmation from either I.F. or iQor that the account is now with them, so we'll see what happens. She wanted me to write in with I&E immediately but there's no way I'm doing that until I have something in writing from them, especially since they don't have a form for it. Says to me they're not really interested and just want material for later bullying. ("You could spend less on etc etc.") I'll see what their initial contact letter says when it gets here. If I don't have one I will ask for calls to stop twice, politely, and then send out harassment letter. There's no question that I had an OD and that it was around £1400 on a limit of £1600 when trouble started, so I'm not looking to make this unenforceable. However I am now wondering what sorts of fees and interest I should look to get back. Presumably anything after the point I told them I was in trouble is on shaky ground? There were several occasions before that where I was charged £28 on going over by £1-2 which I'm now thinking I might ask back on principle. And - should ALL of the £28 since I opened the account be reduced to £12? BTW it started out as an offset account, but after several charges for nonsense and acknowledged errors on their part - but no money back! - I wrote to them and told them I was going to move my mortgage away from them unless they could do something for goodwill. They didn't, so they lost the mortgage business. So - given that we've been going in circles for almost three years - what would you do next? I'll post updates on what happens with iQor. First thing is to wait for the letter. Meanwhile: my partner has a Halifax overdraft which is over the limit entirely through interest and charges added after we told them we were in difficulty. It was well under when we started. We've had a number of "we can't accept £1" letters threatening legal action, and that is all - no actual replies to correspondence. This week we've had a B O S letter and we've replied pronto explaining that so far Halifax have done nothing to address the situation and we will be contesting the balance, meanwhile here's £1 - we'll see what happens. We also included the phone harassment piece as they were calling work number, home number, and mobile, in rotation, every day. Calls to the home have stopped because they were in working hours and I was repeatedly answering them - luckily the bill is in my name, so I threatened them with Ofcom action as they knew fine well they couldn't speak to her at that address at that time of day but kept calling, which constitutes harassing me. Seems to have worked. Are calls to workplace ever acceptable? Anyway, there you go. Any thoughts welcome on either situation, thanks!
  13. Ivanbb

    Halifax Changes

    Halifax are to be taken over by Lloyds, and this created a question for me re: security. Before anyone replies I should point out this is not about the most probable outcome, but the worst possible scenario. This is because in my experience "It can and does happen." Banks are permitted to transfer money from one account to another belonging to the same person. This is IMO a security risk for the following reasons. First the links: 1) PayPal are part of Google are part of Ebay. PayPal can debit your linked bank account in the event of a dispute, and Google accounts have been known to be "hacked" on a large scale. 2) Halifax are now part of Lloyds who recently were on TV about transferring funds between accounts without the users permission. Now consider this scenario: User goes on holiday. A PayPal complaint goes in following a Ebay sale. Paypal contact the user who is unavailable. Paypal serve notice and debit the Halifax account while dispute is being resolved. Halifax account goes into debt and Halifax deduct funds from the Lloyds account to settle. (This action has been confirmed correct by a Halifax telephone representative.) But the Lloyds account is a business account, and as a result the business balance isn't met at the end of the month and loan payment fails. If the buyer has no real claim and should it go to court insurance will most likely not cover this, and as it's contract law this must be heard in a high court... Very expensive. You should be able to see where this could go, and each stage is quite legal and permitted. With small businesses a great deal of trust is placed in the reasonable behaviour of the banks, but lets not forget the banks are here to make profit, and in the event of any discrepancy most banks will have no quandary performing a risk assessment. Once the figures are seen the reason is of no concern. The company credit rating is adjusted. I don't think it should be legally allowed to debit a healthy limited company bank account in order to cover a private debt, even though the Company director may be the same. I've had 25 years of trouble free banking. Care has been taken to ensure in the event of fraud or theft damage is kept to a minimum however over the years seen lots of potential security problems. Recently the appalling attitude and actions of the Nat West which although not directly related still involve "fine print" have caused me to examine the above procedures in detail. Do the public have ANY protection now? or do the terms and conditions you sign when opening an account make it cut and dry? ( I.E. It's your fault unless you can prove it wasn't) Once again any reply on the lines of "Oh that couldn't happen." or "it's very unlikely" should be ignored unless actual figures can be verified.
  14. Hello All! I sent a letter of complaint to Halifax customer relations in August of this year. The complaint related to many areas where I felt we had been very badly treated as customers. Included was the mis-selling of ppi insurance on our personal loan. The main complaint with the ppi was not the fact it was mis-sold to us and we were not elegible to claim, but just 9 days after we agreed I tried to cancel but couldn't. We were told the only way of removing the insurance was to entirely replace the loan with a new loan. However the rate quoted for the new loan was more than twice the rate of the first loan! So in short, this was not cost effective and we were basically forced to keep the insurance! Anyway a couple of weeks after sending our letter of complaint we received a response from Halifax customer relations. The letter basically stated that they had investigated the complaint, and offered to return us to the position we would have been in had we not been mis-sold ppi on our loan (+8%). It went on to say that it had been passed to their redress team to calculate the amounts payable to us, and they would contact us within 5 working days to confirm these calculations. This however did not happen. We called almost daily for four weeks after the five day period originally promised by them. To begin with we were told that they had a back log but we should be fully redressed in the next few days. Then we were told that they did not have a system to calculate how much we were owed...and they were currently working on a system to do it. Apparantly it was a very complex calculation...because we did later replace the loan...so we paid too much interest on loan 2 also. (I was able to calculate the compensation payable myself in about 15 mins?? So why can't they?) So we continued to chase Halifax daily, until the beginning of October! We were then told that they were sorry but they were no longer processing my complaint!! (Due to the judicial review) Apparantly they were holding all cases that may be affected by the results of this review! even though they had fully investigated my complaint and were in the process of redress!! I do not believe that they could not calculate my compensation in 6 weeks...think they were stalling for this judicial review! The same day they told me this I submitted a claim through the small claims courts. They have 14 days to respond initially and if they don't I can file judgement and win by default. Unfortunately they filed yesterday an acknowledgement of service with only hours of the 14 days left to spare. This gives them another 14 days I believe to build a defence? Or deal with the claim? The copy of the response arrived in the post today....titled acknowledgment of service...ticked I intend to defend all of this claim...and signed by a litigation lawyer. Do you think I will be ok here? They did write to me confirming that they would pay out. (will this stand up alone in court?) Will it go that far you think? Any comments, help appreciated. I will keep you posted as things progress. Apologies for any bad spelling / grammer...I'm tired... hope it reads ok.
  15. Hi all, this is my first post and I'm hoping for good sound advice. My daughter, through no fault of her own I might add, had her apartment repossessed 3 years ago by the Halifax, it was in joint ownership with a friend. The repossession was done and she was asked to take the discharge letter into the main Halifax branch in Birmingham city centre along with the keys and she was told that was it. Last week she received a letter from the Halifax demanding £22K (as was her former flatmate) stating that it was the amount owed to them after they sold on the apartment. She has no assets now and is currently out of the country and won't return until May 2011. She's due to marry in April 2011 and is afraid that the debt could be passed on to her husband to be. The question is what are her rights and could they claim the so-called outstanding amount from her husband to be even though the debt was incurred before she met him? Why has it taken them 3 years to decide that she owes them this amount of money? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thankyou.
  16. Hello, I've been looking through this forum for a while now and I'm still really confused as to what mode of action I should take first. I have a credit card with halifax on which I owe about £2650. I can only afford to pay £70 a month. The interest they charge is roughly £42 a month. So I'm not getting far with repaying them. I'm not sure what steps to take in asking for 1. A refund on the interest and charges 2. A freeze on the interest they currently charge. So do I send them a Sar, Iba or just a letter asking them to freeze the interest? Please . If someone could talk me through the steps, I would be eternally greatful Oh, I've had the account for about 3 years now.
  17. Afternoon, I'll jump straight in with this, I had a Halifax Credit card which I got into payment problems after losing my job in Nov 2002. I then had an arrangement to pay until Feb 2004; where I got the account back into order. my account was then in order until Sep 2006 when I closed the account, however the arrangement to pay is still shown as the effective reason for my rating to be low. quoted below from check my file from the Equifax report "Payment Performance" "You have an account with an Arrangement to Pay on your credit report" "You have 8 accounts reported on your Equifax credit report. Of these, 6 are reported as being currently active." "You have 1 arrangement to pay on your credit report." Every other section of the report except the number of credit searches(which is 0) is reported as being good. my credit card usage is at 50% which is apparently Bang on perfect to be considered credit active and the number of accounts is also apparently bang on perfect at 6, all accounts have have been operated correctly for over 6 years, I have been confirmed on the electoral roll, I have no CCJ's or Judgements or Insolvency ever. My credit score however shows at 540 or 1 star and I am an unacceptable risk to lenders. this is still keeping my interest at stupid rates of upto 39.9% on some cards, as you can tell keeping this at 50% is costing me a fortune. I also have to rely on pay as you go mobiles or venture in higher cost mobile contracts. can I get that record stricken from the book as the bad balance will show until Sep 2012, or do I have to wait another 2 years still. are banks doing this deliberately to make sure you pay them higher interest rates on everything you buy. any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi this is my first ever post on this site,please be gentle My sister had a LARGE refund on mis-sold PPI due to this site so I thought I'd give it a go. In August 2006 I was made redundant with a £12000 pay off from work, while living it up, the Halifax kept contacting me about the money in my account and offering appointments and advice, so my wife and I went to see them and during our advice meeting we got round to the talk of loans, we spoke of home improvements etc.etc and somehow we managed to walk out of the branch with a freshly signed loan for £28000 for home improvements. It wasn't a 'straight' loan, i believe £15000 was added as a 15 year mortgage and £13000 was a loan. What my question is should the Halifax have checked that I was actually in employment ie. Pay slips,contacting my employer etc.etc.?? Any advice would help me greatly Ps I am in the process of writing for the original agreement,should be with me next week Kind regards Jamie
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