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Found 393 results

  1. Hi i stupidly took out a loan with PDE, i had difficulties in paying and requested a payment plan which they refused, i have 2 accounts with halifax, one for wages and savings, one for payday loans and direct debits, i had only registered the payday loan/debit account with PDE, yesterday i tried to draw money from my other halifax account and found it had been emptied by PDE i called halifax and they said it wasnt fraud despite me telling them that i hadnt given the other account details to PDE, this is wrong, PDE have accessed my account illegally and halifax wont help me at all, what should i do? i even spoke to a very helpful guy at PDE who also agreed it was wrong, can they do this? help please!
  2. Hello again CAG. I have been contemplating writing on here for some time with regards to this issue, and today decided I should after doing some more research. In 2005 I attended University, leaving full time employment in the Royal Navy. I was lied to by halifax who said they would be able to do something with a credit card and personal loan accounts that I held, that had been ran perfectly with no late payments and an excellent credit history. With payments of roughly £350/Month at the time, it was not plausible to maintain this commitment once at University but had been advised that "once I was at university, something could be done". Unfortunately this communication took place over the telephone, and I assumed that they were being honest - which was incorrect, because once at university their advice was "We cannot look to assist you with reducing your monthly payments until your account has defaulted." (I actually find this amusing now, being a little more mature). Their advice to me at that point (Autumn 2005) was to allow my accounts to default. That's exactly what I did. I was still using two Halifax current accounts simultaneously to this, and they froze the accounts and took my money, and began eating my overdraft to make payments towards the loan/CC. This was a terrible situation at the time (late 2005) as this left me with absolutely no money and nowhere to turn. I opened an account with Barclays and practically told Halifax that they can get stuffed, as they nearly ruined everything for me. Once "defaulted" I contacted Halifax and they said that, now the accounts were defaulted (Early 2006), that I can make an arrangement to pay. In my frustration with them, I did this at £1 or so per month - and they accepted. This continued until some point in 2007. I obtained a copy of my credit report from Experian in 2007, and learnt that I had been lied to again - the accounts had not defaulted as I had been "advised" but in fact just late. My credit report shows late payments from 2005 onwards, of 3 months every single month until they default much later on. The result of this is that we (my wife and I) and now unable to obtain a mortgage, or even a clean credit history, because Halifax have continued this debt and not defaulted on it, as they should have done. Defaults were actually registered very late on: 06/12/07 - Bank Account - £1352 - Still Shows "Halifax" 17/09/08 - Bank Account - £936 - Still Shows "Halifax" 23/08/07 - Personal Loan - £6450 - Shows "Arrow Global" However, the Credit Card has totally disappeared, so it is likely that the CC default was applied much earlier - which is when the others should have been registered. I wrote to Halifax at the start of this year, questioning the "default" status that I was advised in 2006. They wrote back and said that, while they agree that the terminology "default" was used, this was an internal status, and by my making an arrangement to pay, the account never defaulted until this was stopped. They apologised for this, and said that the default dates will stand. Another blow from Halifax. No comment on their advice to actually default in the first place etc. I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are here - as this seems somewhat unfair and extremely bad practise. I've really been messed around by Halifax since 2005 when this all started, but this means that my credit file is shot until 17/09/2014 - for three accounts that should have defaulted in early 2006, and already be statute barred. Please feel free to comment. Many Thanks
  3. Hi, I had an overdraft with halifax for a few years with a £500 limit. When i signed up to it, if i was close to my limit i would be charged a few pounds a month interest at most. Unfortunatly for me Halifax decided to 'simplify' my overdraft fees by changing it from a few pounds a month interest to a minimum of £28 (£1 per day) THANKS HALIFAX! As it happens i was unhappy with this and asked if i could make partial settlement of my overdraft - maybe around £30 a month.... - and close my account (i wasn't/am not in a position to pay off the amount in full - JSA claimant), needless to say they, for whatever reason, would not allow this; so to prevent halifax taking 1/7th of my monthly income on arranged overdraft fees i set up a new bank account to have my moneys paid into... this left my halifax account at -£499.98. For about a month maybe 2 this account remained inactive then one day halifax decided to take the £1 a day fees out of my account taking me over my overdraft limit to around -£560. The result being an even 'simpler' £5 a day fee resulting in a monthly charge of around £150. my account now stands at around -£980. I told halifax of my financial situation/difficulty and they agreed to stop the 'fees' although maybe for simplicity sake they actually didnt stop them...as it seems they continued for another month. Have now had letter from SCM Solicitors, whom i tried to contact and was promptly told to not ring them they would ring me, they didnt. I tried again a week later, i was told my debt had been passed on and was given a number, rang it.... was again told i had the wrong people eventually i found out i had been referred to BLS dca. Just wondering where i stand with this, im guessing Halifax have their bases covered with the whole overdraft fees etc... but is it really acceptable to put somebody into the red using exorbitant fees resulting in charging even more exorbitant fees none of which were present upon signing of contract (obviously the contract would have said something like "we reserve the right to change anything and everything you have just read and signed..." kinda brings into question the purpose of the contract but yeah whatever..). I have told BLS of my financial difficulties and have had my account placed on hold for 30 days (about 20 more to go), would it be worth my time and my £10 to send a subject access request letter? Can i contest the fees/charges placed on my account? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Basically I got a PPI offer for my loan and CC from Halifax they sent 2 cheques one for ~£150 one for ~£3700 but the smaller cheque got returned (bounced) saying there was no account. I have made various phone calls and they said it was cashed on a particular date. So then I sent a letter with photocopies of all documentation from Natwest (my bank) proving it bounced along with a screen print of my online banking seeing the amount go in and 3 days later leave! I can't seem to get an answer to this please can someone offer advice this is more a matter of principal than money. I am thinking about sending a CCJ to them.
  5. Hi took out a credit card with the halifax around 1995 and did not know i was paying for ppi until september 2003 when i broke my left leg in two places . I rang the halifax about a personal loan i also had and because at the time of my accident i was self employed they refused to pay out . I got into a heated argument with them at the time but to no avail . So i asked to be put on the credit card side to see if that was any different . They also refused my ppi at the time so i cancelled it CC ppi . Roll on to march of this year i rang them to complain about the ppi loan as to why they did not pay out in 2003 and they paid me nearly £3500 even going back as far as 1998 on a previous loan . I decided to claim on the CC ppi and have just got back a reply today saying its rejected . I have downloaded the form from FOS is there anthing else i can do .
  6. Morning all, Went to court a few weeks ago for a reposession hearing on my house, judge granted it at £81203.00. I have been very lucky in sofar as i managed to find a buyer that has agreed to let me stay in the property for a year minimum, providing i agreed to a lower sale price (87500). Based upon the fogures given at court i agreed and am just about to exchange contracts, but the halifax have decided to add on nearly £4000 in early repayment charges, leaving me with nothing. Going on the figures given at court, i have requested these be waived as the origional ammount was misleading and not a true representation of the final ammount owed?? anyone else got an opinion??
  7. HI - I would appreciate some advice for hubby. He has a Halifax CC which he opened in 2004 - the bank matched his previous CC and transferred the available balance as the same although this card was cleared off. Everything was fine until i had to stop work suddenly through ill health - we pre-emptively phone H CC and told them of the situ and that our income was halving although it was still very good with just one earner - but we said we were unsure how we would manage. They advised us to pay minimum amount and try to keep payments - we managed but did miss one months payment and paid late and not in full the next month HCC then phoned us and suggested we contact PayPlan and they would deal direct with them as we would have interest cease etc and wouldnt need to make payments until a plan was in place - we did this and were told by PayPlan 4 months later that we didnt need their help! We went back to Halifax and continued to make payments although by then the card was 2k over limit and was in default - we questioned/complained about the default as we had followed their advice but they said it stood! We made efforts and paid off a fair bit to bring it under the limit and continued making payments - we wrote letters of complaint and had a couple of fairly lengthy phone calls asking why 1. there is no access to the account (card expired in 2006) but interest is still being added and charges were on the account regularly at the beginning - but they dont seem interested. We asked for the charges to be refunded and got nowhere and also feel as they created the debt/default through their advice we should be entitled to some rebate on the account. Basically I want some advice on where i go from here - complaints have resulted in nowt - they dont seem to feel they should refund and say that the interest freeze would only have occurred if we had continued with PayPlan. Im frustrated and want this settled as its all we have hanging over our heads other than one statute barred debt which im waiting for a DCA to ask for .... Anyone got any ideas what i do now? Basically we are left with a credit card with no card! Thanks for reading I know its a bit long winded.....Any comments welcome
  8. Received a letter from Halifax to basically say that they had not found sufficient evidence to agree with my allegations that PPI was missold!!! I did send away a SAR and only received charges of account for late charges and overlimits with no mention of PPI. I did have Card Care and cancelled this a few years ago. Where do I stand - I am not sure if I did have PPI?
  9. After almost a year of requesting a CCA from Halifax credit card services' I received T & C's. Today I received what Blair Oliver Scott call an agreement as it has my signature. It's headed "Our Priority Reservation Form"consists of my details but there is a paragraph headed 'The Agreement" which states; CREDIT AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 The parties to this agreement are Halifax plc and the applicant named above.I request that Halifax plc issue a card,PIN and cheque book to me and to any person named as an authorised user. I understand that Halifax plc may use credit scoring techniques to assess my application. You are authorised to share information about me and my account with other lenders through credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies in order to make credit decisions, trace debtors and prevent fraud. I have received a copy of and agree to be bound by the Conditions of Use. All information provided by me is true and complete. Then there is a signature box (signed) which states 'This is a Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Sign it only if you want to be legally bound by its terms. I am not very proficient with the internet and am unable to post the form. Is this just an application form or an agreement as BOS are becoming very nasty. With Thanks
  10. Just very recently got the dreaded letter from Halifax. I know it's been in the news but it must have got under my radar so the letter came as a mighty shock. Been away a while so I have less than three weeks to sort something. I have written to Halifax explaining pretty much what is recomended by the contributors on these various theads and explaining that in an ideal world I'd like their insurance to carry on so my dog would be covered for its existing problems. Assuming this isn't going to happen them I need to consider the "compensation" route if it comes to it. How do I calculate compensation? My dog Ellie is a rescue Rottie x Lab. Between the ages of about twelve months and thirty months she suffered kennel cough (never recurred), catarract in one eye (operated on twice and not recurred), pancreatitis (treated and never recurred) and mega oesophagus (treated and never recurred). Age about four years she was rushed into the RVC where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and almost died. She is now five and still going strong. She is on long term steroid treatment; not ideal but she is alive. Are all or none of these ailments going to recur and how long is she likely to live? This is why I would prefer the insurance to continue running as opposed to compensation. Compensation would need to cover worst case scenario as her treatment has been expensive so I would need say five years at £6000. Clearly this is over the top (hopefully!). In an ideal world Halifax should lodge this money (and everyone elses) in a compensation fund. If your dog needs treatment for an existing condition then the new insurer should be able to draw on it up to the value you were insured for. £6000 p.a or whatever. As an aside in other threads the 20% "co-insurance" has been mentioned. This clause appeared in my renewal contract last year for dogs of six years and over. Finally I was offered insurance with Petwise in my letter from Halifax. It doesn't cover existing condition cover. It has a limit per condition of £5000 and is about £35 per month (from memory) which is seven pounds more expensive than what I am paying Halifax at the moment. I went to the Petwise website and got a quote and it was about the same as I'm paying now. Halifax have been working hard on this alternative deal - for whose benefit I wonder?
  11. I have an overdraft on 1500 with Halifax. I have been on a DMP since September last year. Unfortunately I have been unable to pay anything off on it - but still keep within the limit and haven't been overdrawn on any occasion and charges are paid on time. I have my wages going into a different bank and my child/tax benefit into Halifax. My question is - is there anything that i can do to stop paying the fees? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi Last year in June before I was made unemployed the halifax agreed to a 3 month payment holiday on my mortgage as I was experiencing financial hardship. In August I then became unemployed and the dwp agreed to pay£174 p/m to halifax to cover interest on my mortgage. Halifax then contacted me in Jan 2012 to discuss arrears on my mortgage and advised that due to the payment break between june july and august 2011 they were unwilling to switch to interest only payments starting Sept 2011 onwards, therefore the dwp payments were not enough each month to cover full mortgage payments. Since then I have received charge upon charge and fallen further into arrears. I complained to the fos and added in correspondence to halifax hat I had complained to he fos and questioned why wait until Jan 2012 to contact me, they agreed the £174 was sufficient in Sept 2011. Despite my efforts the charges are being applied and now that I have resumed employment I face an even bigger struggle. I thought charges couldnt be applied if the account was in dispute. Of course the halifax staff are as helpful as usual, one of them actually asked me what id being doing with my time, why didnt I have a job yet and finished off with some much needed advice, if i was working then I could avoid arrears?????? pleae help me im goingcrrrrrazy
  13. Hi All Here is my predicament. We are expecting another baby in Sept and my wife will go on mat leave for approx 6 months. She is the main earner in the household so we are going to lose approx £1200 per month. Est income will be £2000 Est outgoings will be £2600 Outgoings include £900 of loans, credits cards and other finance. If I could 1/2 the payments I am making to these lenders in the short-term (6-12 months) and make a few cutbacks elsewhere, I think I could make the books balance. Finance includes the following: Private loan £20k @ £280 p/m Personal loan of £8k @ £230 p/m (halifax) 3x credit cards of £6k @ £140 p/m (halifax, barclaycard, vanquis) DFS @ £70 p/m Solicitor @ £100 p/m What I plan to do is write to all these creditors with an offer: Are they likely to listen and help? Is there any chance they might freeze interest? Would DFS try to reposes the sofa? Any other advice? I know this is going to affect my credit rating and quite frankly I would be glad of it. Finance people throw credit at me and I am not responsible enough (see above). The alternative is IVA or BR but I think as it's a short-term problem and we are homeowners, I should avoid that. I would be extremely grateful for any advice. Thanks Ryan
  14. When Halifax decided to change their OD charges from calculated interest to a daily charge of £1 per day, I complained most vociferously because it meant my monthly charges would double as I had an OD of £1500 which we were permanently in because our income closely matched our outgoings. I offered to carry on making the calculated interest charges and would try and clear the OD as I did. They weren't interested, and said that they can change their T&Cs as and when (which they can) providing they gave me notice (which they did). I said I don't agree to the changes so they said I should close my account, but added that I couldn't close my account whilst I had my OD. So in a nutshell, I couldn't close my account because I couldn't pay off my OD. Whilst the account was still open, they would start to apply the new charges which would then cost me approx. another £15 a month. I wrote several times saying I don't agree, that they cannot force me to pay them because I don't agree regardless of whether the account is open or not because I explicitly told them that I wasn't in a position to pay off the OD before the new charges took effect. The only way I could avoid these charges was to jump ship and I moved to Alliance & Leicester who in comparison were a fantastic bank. I monitored the Halifax account and they carried on adding their new charges and then after a while starting complaining that they were building up as they were now charging the £5 per day unauthorised charge. I wrote back repeatedly saying that I am not liable for charges I didn't agree to pay. In the end, when the account was £1600 in the red, I asked them to supply irrefutable proof that I had agreed to the charges. Their response? "As a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to refund the (new) charges to the account and will no longer apply any more." Huzzah! Result I thought, but there was still about £60 I couldn't account for as I was certain it comprised of the charges I had not agreed to. After many months of arguing about it, they refused to budge on it, I thought "F**k them, they can chase me for it properly, I've been reasonable and made fair offers with reasonable conditions. Since I skipped banks, the agreed minimum £1000 per month had not been paid in and so they had been filing a missed payment mark on my credit record. I set up a standing order of £10 per week to be paid into my old account. A few weeks later, I checked the Halifax account and discovered it had disappeared! I cancelled the standing order and checked my credit record. They had filed a default. Gee thanks for that. I then had a variety of DCA chasing me, so in the end I set up another £10 per week standing order. Now to the crux of my post. I noticed mention of BCOB on here. Can I use this to force them to remove the negative marks on my credit record? I believe I have been unfairly treated. It was they that put me on the back foot, giving me no option to take the action I did, which led to default. Thanks in advance, Bigyeti
  15. Taxpayer-backed bank Halifax will pay £100 to anyone switching to a current account over the next month, it announced this morning. The offer will return to Halifax branches from 6 June, but is already exclusively available online from today. It revives the same deal it had in place at the beginning of the year, which it said resulted in ‘unprecedented demand’ from customers wanting to switch banks. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2152096/Halifax-revives-100-incentive-switch-current-account.html#ixzz1wPSRov8F
  16. Hi all, This is for a family member, Their partner failed to let them know they had a "Ultimate Reward Account" with the Halifax. Any way they pay £15 per mth for the account, they have a £200 overdraft facility. The bit here now is they have been regularly going over the planned overdraft, so they have been incurring Unplanned overdraft fees, some months is £35 some it £60 £70 etc. To say the least the account has not been used correctly, I have had a little read of the fees but don't actually understand it all, I did read that they should send out a letter to let them know, so I would presume that these letters should go out every month there is a charge. Well that does not happen. In short do they have any chance of reclaiming back theses unplanned overdraft fees at all. Thanks
  17. Hello all, I am struggling to work out through Google who the current managing director is of the most beloved CCA – Wescot Credit Services Ltd. (WCS). I left HBOS with an o/d of £600 but after they charged me multiple times for going overdrawn when I didn't and then refused to correspond with me about it (either in person at the bank or in writing) I just gave up and things spiralled out of control with the account until HBOS closed it and passed the debt to WCS. The debt reached about £1200 when it was passed to WCS and after many arguments about not owing that much to HBOS and a few years ( I was explaining on the phone about accepting £600 as was my original o/d that was never cleared but if they didn't take me to court soon over the rest that I would start proceedings myself against HBOS/WCS. The bloke on the phone said they would probably accept a reduced figure that would be close to the £600£700 range and I said I would look at it when it came through in writing in order to give me a few days grace to work out if I could afford it - the deal being that I would have to pay the agreed sum within 3 months of me accepting it, the debt would be marked as 'satisfied' (though not paid in full) and this mark would remain for 6 years. The letter came through very soon (19/04/12, dated the 17th) and it is from their solicitors – Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors (NG&PS), Kent – I believe this to be a firm of solicitors owned or run by Wescot. The amount on the letter states £1257.68 as the total owed and a 50% agreement of £628.84 being acceptable if I call Wescot. This I tried to do on the 20th but their phone operator kept cutting off, I find this happens a lot on Friday afternoon with companies like this. I spoke to a colleague of that operator and was told no agreement had been set up which was to my advantage as I called back on the 23rd and set up the agreement and got the standing order details set up through my bank. About a week later I called back and asked for the agreement to be confirmed to me in writing and the operator at that time quoted £700 as the amount agreed which I disputed immediately and we both agreed the original £628.84 agreement. The letter finally came through, this time from WCS, not their solicitors (dated 10th May but received 15th) and the numbers do not match up to any previous letter. The full amount owed has gone down from £1257.68 to 1209.28 but the agreed repayment amount has gone up to £700 in their letter and they know that I can not achieve this nor was this the agreement. Furthermore the letter does not state a commencing date of the agreement or an end date by which I have to pay it by. I am now writing to WCS and am copying in the Solicitor’s as well as it was their letter that quoted £628.84 and I would like to also copy in their Head of Compliance, Charlotte Allen as surely this is not compliant to any code of conduct or law but I would like to address the main letter to the managing director(s). Is Mr Jonathan Andrew Graham or Mr Paul Jenkins the current MD, or is it someone else? Would the MD be the MD for the whole company or would Hull and Scotland use different MD’s. I am planning on writing to Hull as it is this office that wrote to me but I am also planning on CC’ing Saltcoats, Ayrshire as this is their registered address according to both their letter and their website. All-in-all I am planning on sending the letter to: 1.) WCS Hull: correspondence address; 2.) WCS Hull: Head of Compliance; 3.) WCS Ayrshire: Registered address; 4.) NG&PS: their solicitors. Please can you let me know if this is too much and also help with the names of the MD’s as after reading much about WCS on the net I am worried that no matter what I pay them and how quickly, they are going to try to sting me for the full £1257.68. Sorry to have given so much detail but I do not want to leave you without info you may need ANY help will be appreciated, thank you.
  18. Interest rates remain at 0.50% and banks such as Halifax and others have increased repayments as of this month. How can this be allowed?
  19. Hi all, I have been reading the site for a while with interest, following a failed business investment 3 years ago, I have been in a poor financial state, and had the usual threatening letters/calls from a myriad of DCA's. I have ignored them up until now, and reading the advice on here from similar cases has helped lots! However, I have just receieved yesterday a letter with a computer generated statutory demand from Cap Quest, relating to a debt with Halifax bank for an unpaid overdraft. The SD signature is computer generated, and some details are missing, so I think it is a scare tactic. However, should I start the route of getting it set aside, as well as contacting Cap Quest by mail with a CCA request. Also, should I now contact Halifax with a SAR? A couple of points to note, the address from Cap Quest is incorrect (they missed part of my house name off, the postman obviously knows my name though so I have received it!) and the SD was sent by standard 1st class mail. The SD is dated 12th April, but I only received it yesterday (17th) does the 18/21 days start from date of issue or receipt? Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated. g40_boy
  20. My wife has a court claim against Aquacard for charges, their date for AOS was 15th Feb so she requested judgement and it was issued 16th Feb, today received a defence from SCM that has been issued on 23rd Feb 7 days after the deadline, what is the chance that they will get the judgement set aside, also the defence is the usual drivel and a typical "fold before court" what would be the situation as wasted costs if they apply for a set aside and then settle before court?
  21. DRO dates 22nd July 2009 - 22nd July 2010 I've had debts passed on during my DRO but in November 2010 Halifax/Marbles/BoS/whoever they are sold my account to Capquest. Due to me moving around I've only just received this. I have a letter dated 11th November, from halifax, stating that my default is now satisfied. This was after I contacted them after my DRO ended trying to clean up my credit file. It appears on 27th November BoS/Marbles wrote to me at an old address saying my debt was past to Capquest. Capquest come up on my call credit & equifax files as an open defaulted account (this is via checkmyfile), I also have Marble/Halifax on experian as closed, defaulted and settled. Capquest have requested my DRO info so I've sending copies of everything including the letter from Halifax. This should close the account but can I do anything about them being on my file in the first place?
  22. Hello Everyone, I received a letter today from Halifax about a mortgage I had with them. They repossessed the house and we moved on obviously they sold the property. However this was at least 15 years ago maybe longer. They are pursuing me for shortfall, now I know that debts are statute barred for credit, however surely they must be some law for the same. I have never contacted Halifax about any debt/shortfall ever, they have now apparently passed it to solicitors Walker Morris. Any advice gratefully received any letters I can send (couldn't seem to find one in library). On one point the mortgage was an endowment which wouldn't have covered the total (do I have a claim against them for mis-selling it wouldn't it be funny if they had no claim against me but I had claim against them and their persistent cost them money. Also this mortgage was with Ex Wife and was in her name so surely they should be pursuing her too? PS the mail is going to address I left 5 years ago ( I lived with in-laws due to us having severe money problems all sorted now and due to fact we cleared all debts I suspect they got that address via credit file showing me paying debts off and thought lets get our cash too) so they have no knowledge of my new address nor will they. Thanks in Advance of help
  23. Hello I'm not sure if I am in the right thread but need advice regarding my Halifax bank overdraft. Basically I had a student account with Halifax bank which ended in June 2010 when I finished University. My total overdraft currently stands at £1400. Because my account is no longer a student account I also have to endure £1 a day in charges because I am in said overdraft. I am currently unemployed and cannot afford to pay off my overdraft and my fear is with this £1 a day charge the total amount will rise further and further and I will be further into debt. I have googled information about overdraft charges and it seems you are unable to freeze the charges? When I went into my local Halifax and spoke to them about all this they said that I could not freeze the charges and speak to their "collections department" so I could arrange a payment plan but if I haven't got a job I cannot afford to pay anything and with the interest it really would spiral out of control. I'm at a loss at what to do? I'm scared some debt collector is going to come call at my parents house and demand a payment or something. Any advice would be greatly received. Many thanks and sorry for the long post
  24. Okay I've been paying bills through something called 'bill payment system' with my bank Halifax. This was setup over 5+ years ago. Basically I make a bill payment for Electricity/Gas/Council Tax etc and they just keep a record of it so that I can make the same payment again without having quote the sortcode/account nos and reference nos each time. Until recently June 2011, All my bill payments for electricity had been received without any problems. I got a bill in October 2011 and paid it by contacting my bank, like usual automated menu driven. About 7 days later I got a reminder about non bill payment from my electricity company Npower. So I checked with my bank and learned that the 'bill payment to electricity' had infact somehow gone to Eon my gas supplier. I contacted Eon and they confirmed they had received the overpayment and that my account was now in credit and agreed to use this for future bills. I assumed that this was an error on my part when selecting the option over the telephone to pay the bill. Anyway I then contacted my bank again and got them to make another payment for electricity and not gas and making sure the correct option was selected this time and just forgot about it. About another 7 days later I got a second letter from Npower - collections department about non payment and they would enter my home etc etc. Now I was getting really "£$% as I've never had problems before and having been paying my bills like this for over 5 years for all utilities. Again I checked with my bank and found that again the 'bill payment' I made had gone to 'gas' and not to electricity. I got the bill payment details from my bank which I've had in place for years to check with Npower. I contacted Npower and tried to confirm what I currently had from my bank but they said they didn't recognise the sort code or the reference number that my bank gave to me. But for all these years Npower have been accepting the monies I have been paying for the bills including June 2011 bill. Instead they kept pointing to the sort code at the back of the bill letter which was different to what I had in place. What I want to know is why didn't they notify me that the sortcode/reference no had changed. They wouldn't admit the change. Another point. I can't believe that I made the payment twice to the wrong company, I think the payment must have bounced or something which my bank are not telling me, So instead what they did is pay it to Eon my gas company instead. Nobody is admitting to anything. As a last resort contacted my bank and updated the bill payement system for Electricity to the new sortcode and reference no from my latest bill and made the outstanding payment that was due. What I want to know can Npower make changes like this without making customers aware. Also luckily in this case the monies went to another company on my list of bill payments - Gas. But what if it went somewhere else that I could not track as my statements from my bank only show 'bill payment - Gas' and the amount debited. Who's responsible for chasing and getting my money back, Halifax or Npower? Do I have a case here?
  25. Hi, I wanted to know how I could get into an unarranged overdraft. I'm aware the fees are higher but Halifax have refused to increase my current arranged limit of £200. When I first opened the account they gave me £500. I've applied via internet banking to get this back but they refused. How can I use this money anyway? I am prepared to face the charges later, I really need to borrow the cash now. It's either overdraft or Payday loan and I really don't want a payday loan. My questions really is what will work? If I attempt to charge my card will it simply decline if there is not enough? What about a Bank transfer, cheque etc, will anything go through? I only wanted a few hundred not grands, can't believe they refused my request. Any imput highly appreciated. I have a Halifax Reward Current account BTW. Thanks
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