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  1. I phoned Halifax about 3 weeks ago and complained that I had been miss sold PPI ( to be honest I did not know if I had it because I had thrown paperwork out because it was from 1997 to 2006). I received a letter about 2 weeks ago saying they were looking into it. I have received a letter today ( confirming I dis have it) but they have rejected my claim under 'Optionality' and it says the following: I can confirm that it has never been a requirement to take out a PPI policy in order for a mortgage application to be accepted. In addition, taking out PPI would not have improved the chances of your mortgage application being successful. I am also aware that the mortgage application form clearly demonstrated to you that your PPI was optional and I have concluded that the adviser did not miss-lead you in anyway ( how do they know this if they were not present and I bet the adviser was on commission). They say in the letter that during the original phone call I said I was not given an option as the reason. They have not rang me to ask any questions or sent a questionnaire out, so I do not know how they could have investigated this. They say if I disagree I can ring them or write to the or refer to the FOS. So I did not know I had this, I have checked bank statement and no payments to Halifax other than mortgage payment, so can only assume it was built in the payment or added to mortgage. How could I find this out? At the time this was taken out I was in full time employment and entitled to 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay, as well as 15 years redundancy. furthermore, about a year before I was miss sold this I had been medically retired from my manual job due to back problems. I was fortunate to be given a white collar job and received a pension, which was enough to pay the mortgage payments if I had of lost my job Any help would be appreciated as I am more annoyed that I have been paying for something I did not know I had or needed.
  2. I made a PPI claim on a Halifax Credit card Using the spreadsheet FOSRunningPPIv101.xls I entered all statements and got totals of: PPI Payments = £2316.02 Compound Interest = 6263.15 8% Simple interest = 1634.30 TOTAL = £10,213.47 Halifax accepted the claim, but the offer is this: PPI Payments = £2316.02 Compound Interest = 0.00 8% Simple interest = 895.60 TOTAL = £3,211.62 What would cause the compound interest to be zero, is there something I have done wrong? I will attached the spreadsheet with personal details removed. FosRunningPPI v101.xls
  3. 1st crud are buying 100s of Debts about to or if not already Statute Barred, Notice of Assignments are all dated 31st July 2012 and their Legal threat O gram,s are all dated 22 days after assignment. 1st Crud can be very Litigious so beware!!
  4. First Credit allege that they have bought from Halifax a number of accounts and debts. Has anyone else got a letter from First credit?
  5. Hello again CAG. I have been contemplating writing on here for some time with regards to this issue, and today decided I should after doing some more research. In 2005 I attended University, leaving full time employment in the Royal Navy. I was lied to by Halifax who said they would be able to do something with a credit card and personal loan accounts that I held, that had been ran perfectly with no late payments and an excellent credit history. With payments of roughly £350/Month at the time, it was not plausible to maintain this commitment once at University but had been advised that "once I was at university, something could be done". Unfortunately this communication took place over the telephone, and I assumed that they were being honest - which was incorrect, because once at university their advice was "We cannot look to assist you with reducing your monthly payments until your account has defaulted." (I actually find this amusing now, being a little more mature). Their advice to me at that point (Autumn 2005) was to allow my accounts to default. That's exactly what I did. I was still using two Halifax current accounts simultaneously to this, and they froze the accounts and took my money, and began eating my overdraft to make payments towards the loan/CC. This was a terrible situation at the time (late 2005) as this left me with absolutely no money and nowhere to turn. I opened an account with Barclays and practically told Halifax that they can get stuffed, as they nearly ruined everything for me. Once "defaulted" I contacted Halifax and they said that, now the accounts were defaulted (Early 2006), that I can make an arrangement to pay. In my frustration with them, I did this at £1 or so per month - and they accepted. This continued until some point in 2007. I obtained a copy of my credit report from Experian in 2007, and learnt that I had been lied to again - the accounts had not defaulted as I had been "advised" but in fact just late. My credit report shows late payments from 2005 onwards, of 3 months every single month until they default much later on. The result of this is that we (my wife and I) and now unable to obtain a mortgage, or even a clean credit history, because Halifax have continued this debt and not defaulted on it, as they should have done. Defaults were actually registered very late on: 06/12/07 - Bank Account - £1352 - Still Shows "Halifax" 17/09/08 - Bank Account - £936 - Still Shows "Halifax" 23/08/07 - Personal Loan - £6450 - Shows "Arrow Global" However, the Credit Card has totally disappeared, so it is likely that the CC default was applied much earlier - which is when the others should have been registered. I wrote to Halifax at the start of this year, questioning the "default" status that I was advised in 2006. They wrote back and said that, while they agree that the terminology "default" was used, this was an internal status, and by my making an arrangement to pay, the account never defaulted until this was stopped. They apologised for this, and said that the default dates will stand. Another blow from Halifax. No comment on their advice to actually default in the first place etc. I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are here - as this seems somewhat unfair and extremely bad practise. I've really been messed around by Halifax since 2005 when this all started, but this means that my credit file is shot until 17/09/2014 - for three accounts that should have defaulted in early 2006, and already be statute barred. Please feel free to comment. Many Thanks
  6. Hello guys and dolls, I have recently joined C.A.G. and not sure if I have bitten off more than I can chew in such a short space of time. Big apologies if I have flooded the forums with my umpteen questions but I would really appreciate some assistance as I do have a " few issues ". Any advice on these through my various posts would be gratefully received. PM's also welcome. This post concerns PPI on a Halifax Credit Card. Hope you can help. Sent SAR to Halifax July 18 2012. First mistake.... Only requested information to a specific account number. Wet behind the ears and not subscribed to CAG at the time. Nice slab of paper received 3 weeks later detailing copy statements dating back to the account start date. This was 10 June 2004, of which they also sent me ,albeit a copy, the Original CCA. From what I have read on the various threads, this is unusual but welcome. I wrote to Halifax thanking them for the documents I received. I also said.. " However, I request ALL information you hold on me about ALL accounts and that the £10 fee you have already cashed would cover your fee for this service " Just thought I would try.. Still waiting for their reply but have enough info to press on I think. The CCA (credit card application) Employment value states I was a Labourer - Construction Industry. Gross Annual Income: £ 16000 I cannot remember giving an employer name or contact detail. Would that be shown on my application or another piece of data they may be witholding? To my recollection I was self-employed. What bearing would that have should I have needed to make a claim? The Credit Card Protection Cover box was " auto-crossed ". The Card Care box was NOT auto-crossed but they STILL charged me the annual fee. As I have previously stated, I am in posession of all my statements for the duration of the account. Thanks Halifax. I have a few questions I would really like the answers to before I send off the documents to prevent me making a fool of myself. 1. The FOS Questionnaire. I don't recall any events about the sale. Does that matter? Will it affect my claim? I was self employed. Is that all I have to say or do I have to go into more detail why I think the PPI was mis-sold. I only have the credit card account number, not the PPI account details. Is that sufficient? 2. When calculating the interest for the PPI, what spreadsheet is the best to use? Is PPI the same as Credit Card claims? As in Compounded Interest? What interest rate would be charged? 3. Is there a Cover Letter template to use? Many thanks to you all for your advice. Vaz
  7. I was wondering if someone can help. I obtained a personal loan from the Halifax and and I have calculated that they owe me in the region of £5,000 as a payment protection refund. I obtained my loan from a broker and the broker in question stated that Halifax will give me the loan on the condition that I took out payment protection. I was self employed at the time so on reflection the payment protection was of no use to me anyway. I contacted them in writing and asked for a refund but they informed me that as the loan was arranged by a broker there was nothing they could do as it wasn't obtained from them direct. I disagree with this and I don't know what course of action to take next, can anyone help? thanks
  8. I have a possession order due to be heard in court on 16th July. Halifax bank have agreed to extend my mortgage period from 5 years 4 months to 18 years, reducing my monthly payment. The balance outstatnding on my mortgage is £29.7k and they want £191 per month for the next 18 years. Shoosmiths (Halifax's solicitors) had said that they will attend court and apply for a suspended possession order (SOP). I spoke to Shoosmiths yesterday and they said that they were applying for the SOP because of the arrears on the account. The Halifax have capitalised the arrears and extended the term on my mortgage. Firstly, is there anything that I can do to avoid a suspended repossession order? Secondly, Shoosmiths will charge me for the court costs and this will get added to my mortgage, they have paid this, I presume. Can I get this fee refunded as I am on benefits. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for reading. After reviewing a recent copy of my credit report I realised that Halifax defaulted me on an old current account back in Nov 2010. I did not receive a default notice and was paying £15.00 per month as agreed by letter from them (a copy of which I have) stating that a £15.00 a month would be acceptable for 12 months dated 10th April 2010. I received no further mail from them and continued to pay £15.00 a month until March of this year where I paid the remaining £105 to pay it off. Accept I was some 12 months over their review date but they defaulted me within our formal agreement arrangement. I want to write to Halifax - any idea of best person/department to write to? Ultimately I'd like this default removed - what are the chances of this do you think? Many thanks.
  10. Hi, I currently have a credit card with the Haifax. In the past I also had a current account(opened around 2002) closed in 2009, and a loan (got around 2004 and has been paid off in full) with them. I don't have any details about the current account or the loan, so just wondering if I send them a SAR will they send me any information on these two things too? As far as I'm aware I didn't have PPI on the loan but I'd like to know for sure! Also would I have to send £10.00 for each one? Thanks Thriftyloz
  11. Hi I recently SAR'd Halifax to get my old credit card statements, this account has been in dispute for years due to them not having a CCA. I still keep getting threatening letters from DCA's so I am now going down the charges route hoping to pay this off. I sent a SAR request and £10 but they have written back saying they cannot do this without a valid signature. Obviously I do not want to provide this as they may fake a CCA so how can I proceed? Regards
  12. Hi, I had a £20k loan with the Halifax. I took out the loan in June 2004, It must have been when I remortgaged from the Abbey and had the£ 20k as a seperate loan. I came across this fantastic site by chance, and after scrolling through different threads, decided to call Halifax to see if there was any PPI on the loan. Incidently, I paid off the loan in full in December 2005. They were quite helpful on the phone, and informed me that there was indeed PPI linked to the loan. Within a week, I have recieved a letter saying they are sorry to hear of my complaint, and are " gathering information and documentation relevant to my complaint ". They have requested I fill in a F.O.S. designed Questionnaire. They say they need as much information as possible to assess my complaint. The questionnaire asks lots of awkward questions which I am not sure I know the answers to. For instance: I can't remember what job I was doing. Whether I was self-employed or not. What I used the money for, dates of when I took out the Insurance, who sold it to me, etc, etc. I called Halifax today to request some basic information. I wanted to know the start / finish dates of the loan. What the payments were. What PPI premiums I paid. They said they hold no records over six years other than the start / finish dates. I borrowed 20k in June 2004. Paid the settlement figure of £19896 in December 2005. I would like help on the following please: 1. Do I have to fill in this questionnaire? I don't want to jeopardise my claim by putting incorrect info. 2. I think I may have been self-employed, will this affect my claim? 3. Does my Wife being employed be detrimental to my claim? 4. What PPI would I have paid on the loan? Estimate would suffice please. 5. What can I claim back and how? Thanks to this site and its fantastically knowledgeable members, I have started the balls rolling on lots of other sharks. Barclaycard, Abbey, Halifax Credit Cards. Abbey Loan, Studio, Littlewoods, Gus, Arrow Global, and a big pain at this moment, Gmac and/or Paratus. Many thanks in advance for your help guys. Really hope you can help. Vaz.
  13. Well, Now turning my attentions to Halifax and reclaiming the charges they slapped on my credit card. Sent my prelim letter off on the 03/08/12 and have today received my response, which was a resounding no. They assert that the charges are fair. I have attached their letter. So in for another fight. I presume the next step is a letter back challenging them. Any advice, help or pointers gratefully received. Many thanks Halifax CC response page 1.pdf Halifax CC response page 2.pdf
  14. I just need some advice as to whether I have a case against the Halifax for mortgage arrears fees. The charges date from 1997-2001. I have been to the Ombudsman who said that as it was more than six years since the event and Halifax stated that I knew about the charges back then, the ombudsman cannot investigate. If however I only became aware of the unlawfulness of the charges recently, does this mean that I have six years from the date that I knew that they were unlawful? ie. when I got the SAR through and noticed the charges? I am going to sue them in court if this is the case.
  15. Hi, Just wandered what your thoughts on this are. Have been in dispute with Halifax for ages. They imposed a £90 charge in July 2007 and this spiraled into bank charges totaling £2100. They never explained this charge despite numerous letters. These charges clearly affected my ability to pay off other Halifax products forcing me into default. Went through debt management with cccs and stopped paqing around April 2010. They 'gesture of goodwill' refunded £400 in May 2012 because of my financial circumstances. They closed the account June 2012 and sent me a cheque for £217 overpayment. Now August 2012 Moorcroft debt **** are claiming the full £2100 as due. Seems very bizarre to me. Would the £217 be illegal lending if they are claiming it as part of the debt? Is the best bet with this a complaint based on the banking code 'Levying charges upon charges' Surely you can't close an account with no notice at all send a customer £217 and then set the debt collectors on them for a balance ignoring a previous refund. Thanks
  16. Hello In first, sorry for my bad english, im french ! I would like to talk about my problem, i explain the situation step by step : - In may i opened a basic account with halifax, a guy asked me my agreement and my french passport, i gave them ! - He asked me what i do in england, i told him im a professionnal gambler in sports, so i wouldnt like any overdraft, credit, checkbook, and just a simple card for withdraw my benefits ; thats a fifty-fifty relation ! - Few minutes later, my account has been open, and that was ok. - Two month later and many withdrawals from sportsbooks after, i receive a letter at the end of july. - In this letter, halifax ask me to give one proof among them : passeport, wage slip, or proof of credit. - Naturally, i gave once again my passport, i still dont understand ... finally i understand thats a pitiful trap for see if they can found any problem for closure ... - I must clarify that im french guy, with french id, and french passport, not a romanian, or extradited policy of course, no legal problem in england, all of my bills has been paid. - I made essentially withdrawal by wire transfer from my sportsbooks, deposit by cash ( biggest of 3000 £ ), and two deposit by check ; one is a big check of 10000 £ another of 700 £ - I have around 40000 £ in this account, thats the reason why im afraid ... I sold my car and bought another with the same account, and i use this account for my car's insurance, internet, gym, and water The problem is i cant access at my account, i cant buy what i want, and i cant paid anything, that include the most important : water ... Do you know how many time i need to wait for unfreeze my account please ? any guys ( or girls ) have this problem ? Thanks in advance !
  17. Hi everyone, Will make this short maybe you can help? Wife had a credit card with halifax, they asked her a few Questions about me (my credit rating was poor a few years back due to unemployment) Soon after that they raised her APR to 29.9% (she has never missed a payment in the 8 years she has had the card!) She complained and got the APR back down to 9.9% BUT they have closed the account with a remaining balance, so she still making payments and has never missed a payment. Now she has other credit cards both in good order, they offer her a 0% transfer ... BUT she can not take off the Halifax card due to no active account (you need an expiry date for a transfer) So she has never missed a payment Had the account in great working order She has done nothing wrong! We have tried to complain to halifax so we could transfer money off the remaining balance (this would speed up to clear the account) but they have said no. (no doubt they are making money out of this) Question:- Do we have a valid complaint for the financial ombudsman??? Yes my credit file has been effected by unemployment but hers has not! Thank you if you reply! gman41
  18. Hello! Please could anyone help. My husband had a Halifax One Card between 2004 and 2008 we have found out that he had PPI on this account. We're trying to find out how much we paid and have been on the phone for about an hour speaking to 6 different telephone numbers and are still no further forward with how much we paid! Each dept gives another telephone number and we are going round in circles. Not sure how to get this info as the account has been closed since 2008 and they say they haven't got this info! If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance. x
  19. I have an ongoing claim with Halifax BOS regarding credit card charges. I raised the complaint via letter on behalf of my partner and without my knowledge they responded by telephone toady saying that they could only repay charges dating back 6 years. As the bulk of the charges were before this date this is not the response we were looking for. Is this correct and is there any way I can stop HBOS responding by telephone?
  20. On returning from Greece after 8 years of successfully running a business with a friend I wished to remove my name from a Halifax joint current account we used for UK Direct Debits. I was surprised to learn that Halifax, without, it would seem, informing their Scottish customers, had closed all their branches in the country. Their parent company, the Bank of Scotland, told me that they were unable to action my removal from a joint Halifax account and that I would have to present myself in person at my nearest Halifax branch. I live in the Highlands of Scotland. My nearest Halifax branch is in Berwick.....300 miles away. I contacted the Halifax directly who informed me to put my request in writing as all they required was my signature to compare against their records. This is what I did. Now, over a month later, I am fielding calls from various Bank of Scotland branches telling me that my letter has been forwarded to them by the Halifax and that they are not in a position to help. Indeed the last call from a very sympathetic bank employee informed me that the only way forward was for me and my friend to close the account in person and for my friend (who wishes to keep the account) to open another thus requiring all the various correspondence to Direct Debit recipients this entails. We live over 200 miles from each other. Fortunately my friend and I are still on speaking terms but what would happen if we weren’t? My name remains attached to the account. I seem to be banging my head against a brick wall here and do not understand the difficulty. What am I missing?
  21. Just had an interesting conversation with Halifax regarding loans and credits cards taken out 10 years ago. I was totally un aware of how much these totalled too. Im waiting to call back tommorrow for amounts of which we are owed as insurance was paid on all. Have any of you had any dealings with Halifax and was it straight forward?
  22. Hi - i don't know if anyone can help on this. I was sent a Banker's Draft from Halifax by my grandparents. I have Ultimate Reward account with Halifax. When i went to pay it in, i was told it would take FIVE DAYS to clear. I'm going on holiday tomorrow so this is a masisve pain in bum. Is ithis normal? I can't believe that i'm supposed to accept that it takes 5 days to cash a BD which is effectibely a cheque from the same bank!!! Does anyone have any experience of this?
  23. My barclays bank card was taken today and I was shown out of one of the 2 supposed friendly banks for "bankrupts" Co-op also won't open an account because they say they have to link it a previous account (again another basic account) that got hammered by supposed brokers when I was up to my eyeballs in payday loans, once upon a time So the Halifax could be my last resort, before I have to think about a managed paid for account I have NO debts at all with the HX, but will I be ok to hold an account with them still? I did have a very strange thing happen a few months back in that I think the Easycash acc must have allowed me an upgrade and so I was given a current account ! (decided not to have overdraft but was glad to be finally allowed counter service at the Halifax) as well as keeping the Easycash account part too therefore am I right in thinking I don't really have to inform them of my DRO, unless I was trying for credit which isn't about to happen anytime soon!
  24. Hi all, sent 2 SARs weeks ago to the halifax, to reclaim PPI on my loan and mortgage, and to also reclaim penelty charges. Well received a letter back saying they cant process it as it has........(come to their attention that my signature does not match theirs on the database, and can I go to my local branch with ID to update and verify my signature) The SARs I sent were joint ones with my partner, we both signed the SARs but put crosses through, so it could not be copied. Yet they only need mine. The reason for that is they collared my partner while she was in bank and rushing, and told her to sign something as they needed to update and were telling all the customers to do it..........(yeah right). They were kind enough to send back both postal orders however lol So any suggestions guys what I can do...............without them getting my signature Thanks.
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