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  1. I took out a pre-approved credit card with Halifax bank in 2007 because the cashiers kept trying to sell the card to me every time I went to the branch, saying it was already approved and all I had to do was to sign some papers. I did decide to take out the card as I didnt have any credit card at the time. Three months later, I became unemployed. I didn't get back into employment until June 2010 and that lasted for 6 months until I had to relocate outside the country. Sometime in July 2012, I received a letter from Halifax advising my payment protection policy was been transferred. I then contacted Halifax saying I never knew I had ppi on the credit account and that if I knew I would have claimed since I was unemployed and was at that time facing serious financial difficulties with keeping up with payments. I was then told by the customer service person that the ppi policy had already been cancelled as I wasn't keeping up with payments. So that meant I never knew I had a ppi policy and didn't get a notice of cancellation.I was then asked if I wanted to make a complaint or do I want to make a claim which I replied to that I didn't know what the complaint process is? I was given refernce number and was told I will be contacted in due course. Then received a letter dated 1st sept 2012 stating ppi claim wasnt upheld and they had tried to contact me even though I never received a call or letter. Letter stated complaint was CONSENT TO COVER and findings was: '' Sales process at the time required additional consent to confirm you wanted a PPI policy to be added to your Credit Card. I am persuaded that this would have required a verbal explanation ensuring that you were made aware of what you were purchasing'' ''It can therefore be concluded that you knowingly consented to the addition of a PPI Policy to your credit card'' After receiving that letter, I then decided to let it rest as I didn't know how to go about fighting the decision. It would be 6 months since the receipt of that letter in March. Hence since I discovered this website, there is not enough time to do a SAR request as that will take 40 days or follow procedures stated. Please what do I do now. Should I write to the Financial Ombudsman Service and what should be the content of the letter!!!
  2. Hi All, I'm new and just wanted to ask a bit of advice please? I had a Halifax Credit Card upto 2006 when I got into arrears to the tune of £5400. At the time I was in quite a mess as my father died and it was all quite a horrid situation and took me a long time to get myself back on my feet. Anyway, I got in touch with the debt collection side for the credit acrds and was told that my outstanding balance was £5400 and I agreed a re-payment plan of £70 per month which I have managed to stick to. All these years I have paid it back thinking - 2012 will be the year I am free. Only it seems not. I called Blair Scott Oliver today to ask for a statement as I have never received one from them - they say they have had post returned from my address which I don't think is true as I have never had problems with post at this address. They then gave me the shock of my life by saying I still owed over £1000 and that my outstanding balance had actuall been something like £6200 (I don't remember the exact figure as I was in shock). They then said they wanted me to pay £80 per month. I refused as a). I don't believe I owe that much at all and b). I simply couldn't afford even if I did. I pointed out the amount I was told I owed at the time of agreeing a repayment and also that that same figure was in black and white as my credit limit when I checked on the internet banking. I said I wanted a statement and letters from the time and they told me the bank doesn't hold info going back that far and they might have to write me a letter about the figures. I said this wasn't acceptable as anyone can make up figures in a letter and I wanted proof as to how the £5400 I had been told at the time shot up over another £1000 for no apparent reason They have apparently sent a request to the bank for some explaination but didn't seem too hopeful that I would get one. I am truly gutted. I have taken a screen shot of my internet banking page which clearly shows the credit limit on the card. They also said the person I spoke to at the time wouldn't have upto date information? How could it be out of date by over £1000 when I was not even using the card at the time and hadn't for quite some time. I also no longer have my paperwork as it was lost when moving 4 years ago. I don't know what else to say......I am devastated. I was so happy this morning thinking it was nearly all gone and now this. If anyone has any advice or been in a similar situation I would be very grateful. Thank you
  3. recieved a letter from halifax basically saying they are not upholding my claim for a return of mis sold PPI, this followed a telephone call from halifax which the lady asked if I remember as far back as 2002 when I took my mortgage out, I cut the conversation there and I advised the Halifax lady to speak to The claims guys reference my claim, can any body advise weather the Halifax are playing hardball or is this a process that they follow in order to try and stop or delay my claim? Oh they did enclose the FSO booklet and the letter seemed A-Typical bog standard letter that I am probably n ot the only person to haqve received? any wisdom would be most welcome. Thank You:-x
  4. Hi, back in 2009 I did a CCA request with Halifax and after them failing to supply me with the relevant documentation I was passed on to various collection agencies who in turn failed and returned it back to Halifax for resolution. 1st Credit however have failed to pass the dispute back to Halifax and have now lodged a default on my Credit file, surely they cannot do this, I have informed them numerous times that Halifax have failed to respond to my requests. How would I get this removed? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm writing this on behalf of a friend. I've done the usual by applying for my original credit agreement from my credit card that i've had with halifax since 1990, sent the £1 and i got a response. I have been self employed all my life which i believe is one main point to use against the PPI reclaim, now - on the letter from them they state they have attached reconstituted terms and conditions and a copy of my original signed application form together with a signed statement of the account. I need your expert help and to find out if i have a claim here, the one box which i believe relates to PPI is point number 12 of the attached: CREDIT CARE, it says: If you do NOT want to participate in credit care please tick here...which i did not. What do i need to do to reply to Halifax and the application is old but still should mean something?? All your help would be appreciated. Files: [/url]
  6. Hello Forum, I have received a letter from Halifax credit card notifying of arrears on the accounts and demanding £1,006.61 before 6th Feb or all hell will break loose it would seem. This is an account that I took out many years ago at 9.9% and they have rate-jacked me many times to current 24.9%, this is why the debt has become unmanageable. I want to contact them to discuss options but I want to be armed beforehand, doea anyone have experience in how best to approach etc? I do not deny the debt and want to pay it off, I just need some assistance and a degree of Halifax accepting that the rate hikes are a factor. Thanks.
  7. long story very short... ...Halifax cc taken out in april 2006. Can't now afford it. My credit file is shot so i'm not bothered re-defaults. I asked Robinson Way for a copy of the cca, they got a photocopy from lloyds, the prescribed terms are all there but it is unsigned in the box which requires the lender's signature and date. Can i contest this or should i just offer them a pound a month. The debt is £2500 and i'm currently self emploed, i earned £150 last month £300 this month. My house is charged upto the hilt, £55,000 to the bank £70,000 to a relative. It's worth £100,000. I have no assets. Any advice would be great. Cheers
  8. Hi, I have too much debt to cope with at the moment, and have a CC with Halifax with a limit of 2500. In November I couldn't afford the minimum repayment so set up a payment arrangement with them of £20 which they said would last until May. I've been on time with these repayments since then. I've now got a letter from them saying my account is in default and if I don't pay £225 by the 30th then they will take me to court (I don't have £225). I don't know what to do I have other debts of £1000 with Vanquis (yeah, I know)... around £1800 of a £2500 loan with Natwest and around £440 of a £500 Natwest CC. I'm struggling paying most of these and don't know where to turn next and I'm terrified.
  9. Hi, Sent a SAR to HBOS for mortgage details as I'm sure we had PPI and were forced to take their very expensive House Insurance in order to have mortgage accepted. Today they sent me a copy of loan agreement and statement for a loan I took in 2001. Nice suprise and had forgotten alol about this one! First question, which spreadsheet should I use as the loan hyas a small rebate halfway through so am unsure how to work out claim Second question, the letter says this is ALL available info they hold and are required by law to send. The mortgage was joint so maybe that's why although saying that this loan they have so kindly told me about is joint also! I also have a few bank accounts with them and 3 kids accounts in my name. No mention of these either but too be honest I'm not bothered about bank stuff as I have all statements anyway and it would probably need a truck to deliver that info! They don't know this though as I didn't say I didn't want it on SAR I said I wanted ALL DATA. My mortgage would have started end of 99 or early 2000 and ended in mid 2003 but surely they still have some records? Any suggestions and a point in direction of spreadsheet and how to work out calcs for loan would be very much appreciated. Thank very much in advance
  10. Hello, can anyone who had one of these Halifax Liquid Gold Accounts in 1998 or at least knows anything about those 1998 terms and conditions help. I believe, in 1998, that joint Halifax Liquid Gold account holders had to all attend the bank and sign a counter mandate, in the presence of the Bank Clerk, to make a withdrawal but unfortunately no longer have written proof of this. Having read on this forum that at least two other people had problems with getting their money out of one of these accounts in 1998 (posted in 2006) because of this very same condition, I decided to post this thread. The Halifax, unhelpfully, have advised me they no longer have copies of their 1998 Terms and Conditions and therefore cannot provied me with any information on this matter. I desparately need to locate these old Halifax Liquid Gold Joint Account Terms and Conditions in order to defend a Court Action being brought against me and hope someone reading this may be able to help. I am very new to communicating via Forums but many thanks to all you people out there and to the CAG.
  11. Hi Eveyone, I'm sorry in advance as I'm sure you get a lot of posts similar to this one. Im sat here at 1:40am worrying about a Car finance application because of an only halifax default on my credit file. I know my credit history is fantastic except for this one thing. I need advice. Apologies but i am dreadful with approximate dates. The History Around 2005, Halifax gave me a £1000 overdraft, eventually i over a year i filled it up and was just paying the interest of about £15pm. I did this for 2 - 3 years without any issues. Then halifax changes the OD rules meaning I would be charge the £1 per day i was overdrawn and since I was in the full £1000 I knew i was going to be paying £30 per month from then on and that was to much. I went into my local branch and pleaded to an adviser. I asked her if they could freeze my account and I would continue to pay off the OD, she informed me the only time they would freeze the account would be if I went considerably un-agreed OD where it would then be enforced as a debt as such. So i asked if i could apply for a credit card or loan to pay off the overdraft and then just pay the loan. she declined. The lady stated that "halifax have to be seen as responsible lenders, and if I cannot afford to pay £30pm for the overdraft how could I repay a £30pm loan" to which I replied, "I could just afford the repayments on a £1000 loan but at least that £30 would be paying off the debt, with the overdraft I could be paying £30 for the rest of my life and still owe you £1000" The lady told be that she was very sorry but there was nothing she or I could do. being young and strapped for cash I thought "well stuff you, I've told you I have a problem, I have asked for help and you wont so i'm not paying it." i ended up un-agreed OD of £1500 with charges before they froze the account and sold on the debt. then I was contacted by the debt collection company. I explained the situation to them, Obviously they didn't care. I explained that I would be happy to begin paying off the £1000 but would not be paying the £500 charges as those charges could have been avoided, the lady became very rude so I have ignored them since. Which brings me to now...... I know that the ONLY bad thing on my file is that one default from halifax but it is affecting my wife and I massively. I just managed to scrape sub-prime car finance 6 months ago at a rate of 79.65% apr Its killing out income. Is there anything I can do. It seems crazy that I should have plenty of credit with places like littlewoods, vanquis, Landline, ect ect. but for things like a small loan or car is a NO GO, for one small thing that happened years ago. I'm sorry for the huge message, I just needed to get the entire picture accross. Mike.
  12. Hi CAG, Hope I can get your advice on this matter before responding to a recent letter I received from Cabot. I have a credit card debt which was approx. 3,500 with Halifax. In 2008 I sent them a letter offering £2.00 a month which they wouldn't agree to so I paid £2.00 a month anyway. For a while they continued adding interest to the account and subsequently that debt is now almost £5,000. Last week I received a letter from Cabot with a letter from Halifax attached confirming that they have sold the debt to Cabot and asking me to complete a direct debit form. I would appreciate your advice on how I should approach this, can I get the interest removed? Many thanks in advance. tammi
  13. LBA letter has not done the trick for £1000 in charges and interest. Is there a guide to court application?. I recall using moneyclaim online for bank charges back in the day but get the feeling this has changed. Thanks
  14. Hi just wanting to know if anyone can help me.just lost my job and i owe £2800 on a overdraft with the halifax bank and £2000 on a catalogue.but since iam unemployed a can no longer afford to pay these bills what can i do ? My head is all over at the moment. Please help me . . .
  15. Hi all I went into my local branch yesterday and now have account numbers and RINI numbers ( PPI) for a loan, credit card and mortgage. Could some nice person please post an up to date SAR letter that I can send to Halifax. There's one on here from 2006 is that still ok to use? I would also like the correct address please. The lady I spoke to in the branch gave me a number to call but I would like to see the information for myself also she had never heard of a SAR
  16. Hi everyone, Over the course of the last six weeks I have sent 3 letters to Aqua customer services (which is in Halifax). All letters by recorded delivery. Non of the letters have been delivered, the Royal Mail website says they are all being proceesed through their system for delivery. I can understand if they lost one letter, but three?, or am I being paranoid? Any suggestions on my next move?
  17. We took out our first mortgage with the Halifax 10 years ago when we bought the house. I remember the whole thing being done in about 3 minutes all verbally and with a 'congratulations, your mortgage is in place'! The young lady also advised us to take out mortgage protection which we could apply as a percentage on me and/or my husband. We did 50/50 - if one of us couldn't work, 50% of the mortgage would be covered if that makes sense. Anyway, the whole thing was a load of rubbish because when I was signed off sick with stress by my GP, at the 11th hour, Halifax asked for my consultant letter - no consultant sees a patient who is signed off sick through stress so I didn't get a penny. I was really cheesed off because there was clearly no point in having this policy. We moved mortgages shortly after that. At the time I remember thinking that it was a waste having this 50% on my husband because he was self-employed and I remember reading/hearing that he wouldn't be covered anyway. Am I being thick? This is a type of PPI isn't it?? If so, and if it were mis-sold, how do I go about getting the info from the Halifax? I don't think we have any paperwork relating to it now. I have searched through the letter templates, I think I saw one somewhere but I can't find it now!! Thank you :0)
  18. My family have been put through HELL due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE, [see below], so I recently contacted my bank HALIFAX to beg them to refund the last 5 years of bank charges based on their moral obligation to offer a duty of care and help a long standing customer and his family, who have been seriously financially disadvantaged due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE over the same period of time. I contacted my branch manager, who knew our full history and who was fully aware of our long standing predicament and was sympathetic, but she explained it was out of her hands. Halifax head office confirmed on Friday 14th December 2012 that they would not refund any bank charges because they were legal and part of the T. & C.'s of our account. They explained they were sympathetic to our situation but the answer was no! I explained that our long standing stuation is extraordinary and my family continue to suffer, but based on my belief that our 5 year fight against AVIVA INSURANCE will soon receive the full glare of media attention, [our story and my film 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' is being considered by a number of UK newspaper and tv media outlets], I suggested that it would benefit The Halifax greatly to refund these charges, thereby supporting a family who have been 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' They reiterated their decision...NO! 'shafted by aviva insurance!' youtu.be/KWn8G9L21z8 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' [You Tube] One man fights to protect his family and his home against AVIVA INSURANCE! After 5 long years of fighting AVIVA INSURANCE and with Christmas 2012 almost upon us, our home remains in a ruined state, my family continue to suffer and AVIVA INSURANCE continue to callously ignore our long term water damage building insurance claim, repeatedly proven by numerous independent expert reports! Please watch the film and spread the word!
  19. Just need a little bit advice regarding 1st Credit and Halifax Bank Account. The last I heard of this debt to Halifax was around September 2009 where it was dealt with Robinson and Way, which I was paying £50 a fortnight, I think I paid back around £500 but I cannot remember that far back, then I had been made redundant I was unable to meet the £50 a fortnight payment to Robinson and Way. I didn't hear any communication from Halifax or Robinson and Way since I stopped paying. Enter 1st Credit who first contacted me in August about the remaning amount owed to Halifax, totalling £566.53. I soon, sent off a 'Prove It' letter and I got a list of Statements of my account from August 2005 to August 2008. I've gone through all the statements and have found that at least from first glance £560 worth of penalty charges dating back to 2007, which was the start of things then falling into arrears and dipping in and out of being overdrawn and in the black. Now the advice I need from you helpful people here, would I be able to claim these Bank Charge Penalties back which in effect, would make the debt of £566.53 that 1st Credit are chasing for pretty much disappear. Whilst I was waiting for the information from 1st Credit, they have still been sending me letters offering me discounts, as well as my most recent letter that I have to act now to prevent an agent attending my property. So if I can reclaim the charges, or at least advise 1st Credit that the debt they want me to pay is mostly now made up of charges, since anything I paid back to Halifax / Robinson and Way seems to be whatever I 'borrowed' whilst being overdrawn.
  20. Hi i took out a loan in 2002 for £12500 with an additional insurance. I got into debt somewhere along the line and ended up making a nominal payment in full and final settlement. Would I still be able to claim for the misold insurance or would it be offset against monies that were not paid.
  21. What a long and regretful story this is. In April 2006 I paid £4200 viaphone to Halifax to settle 2 credit cards, the money left my account and I thought no more of it as had been confirmed via my statement. a couple of months later I received letters from a debt collection company wanting money for one of the credit cards and then a week or so later I received another letter concerning money for the other card. In both instances I contacted them and informed them that this money had been paid in full, t oo which they informed me they'd investigate. I heard nothing more for a few months and then it started again, I again contacted them to inform the same that these two cards had been settled. I then contacted my then bank manager who confirmed in writing the transaction had been completed without issue and advised me to contact my banks merchant services. This I did, took a couple of weeks but received a detailed report on the transaction, with a reference. I forwarded the original (Kept a copy) to the debt collection company CL Finance in late2006 via recorded delivery and heard nothing more for a few more months, then another debt collection company became involved Howard Cohen & Co in thes ummer of 2007 too which I explained and referred them back to CL Finance. Long and short, this continued throughout 2007 and me writing to they with copy evidence of the transaction. I called up Halifax credit cards as it was becoming clear that whilst CLFinance or their agents had copy evidence of the payment it was no getting through to Halifax, as said I called them with the 2 credit card account numbers. I was politely informed on the phone that these 2 accounts had been closed and there was no debt on them. Phew, finally I thought! But no, I was informed that the debts had been sold on and I needed to speak to the collection company's. This I had at length, so many times to no avail,seemingly appearing that Halifax was bouncing back any enquiry the debt collection was making. Continued into 2008, then I received court notification via central clearing and eventually 2 CCJ's were issued against me, there was no opportunity there from what I saw to make a court appearance and provide the proof I had on me, a few months later in 2009 I started to receive bailiff visits. I called the bailiff and told him what had gone on, he immediately suspended visits and instructed me to proceed to court and take action in the small claims against CL Finance. A few months later on the appointed hearing day in June 2010 their solicitor spoke to me regarding my case, I explained all that proof of payment had been sent at least twice to CL Finance and Howard Cohen & Co and had got nowhere. A rather fraught solicitor came back from making a telephone call to his client and in court it was revealed that CL Finance had no knowledge of mycommunications to them and the result the judge ruled in my favour with a further hearing date pending. A date was forwarded for that hearing a couple of months later and at the final hour the court wrote confirming that CLFinance/Halifax had dropped the case and would not be attending. Finally in October 2010 I received a letter from CL Finance/Howard Cohen confirming the money had been found as was to be assigned to my accounts to close and all action had stopped. Through one thing and another I wasn't able to communicate with Howard Cohen & Co until October of last year (Had been seriouslyill and moved house) to confirm that everything had been closed and the 2 CCJ'shad been removed? They informed me that this action would be undertaken ,however it wasn't. I undertook a credit search on myself earlier this year and discovered they were still in place. I again wrote to them earlier this year requesting an explanation and that they are removed as having caused a greatd eal of trauma, inconvenience and hassle, plus helping to destroy my creditrating for 6.5 years now. They've come back and said again that they would now be removed and they had written to the courts that day. However, needless to say I'm disgusted by these events. Halifax appeared tohave placed this money in some sort of suspense account and frankly closed the book even when proof from my bank's merchant services showed clearly the payment and the transaction reference. So I'd be obliged if someone would be kind enough to offer some considered advice to me as firstly I want a formal apology from Halifax to start with. Many thanks in advance.
  22. Hi all, I would be grateful if you could read though the 2 letters and give me some advice. Am trying to claim my PPI back from Halifax and have had a rejection letter to which I replied with the response and SAR request letter below. Dear Sir/Madam This is a response to your letter dated 18th October which contained a reply to my complaint about PPI policies sold by Halifax bank. Please note I am unhappy with the decision and am requesting a SAR – Subject Access Request. I understand that you currently hold details of my personal and financial information within your internal record systems with regard to personal loan accounts and credit cards accounts I would be grateful if you would provide the following for ALL accounts or associated accounts I hold or have held with your organisation: Full copies of all contracts which you believe exist or have existed between myself and your organisation, including true copies of any documents you hold in support of the same. A complete list of all transactions or statements relating to ALL of my Loan Accounts with your organisation. Copies of all documents which include any of my personal information including copies of any contacts or invoices, emails or computer records containing my personal information, or any records which pertain to this information. Full copies or transcripts of any correspondence in postal, email or any other format which you have entered into with any individual, organization or third party which contains my personal or financial, or which pertains to me. Where any previous information or records held have been deleted or disposed of, the methods used to do so, including dates, certificates or references confirming details of destruction. Where you are unable to provide such certificates, please provide a declaration, signed by an authorised officer of your company, confirming the dates and methods of destruction of this data. Full hard copy print outs of my personal or financial information, held in a digital, magnetic or any other format which is held in any archives, backups or other storage devices / locations. Underwriting sheet or other such document recording any commission (or other) payment made to an intermediary or packager, and/or payment/commission from the insurer in relation to my account. Where you have used abbreviations and/or codes, I would request that an accompanying sheet be provided so as to translate these abbreviations and/or codes and their meanings, I also request an accompanying appendix of the documents included and reference to the purpose or meaning to those documents. I request that you provide all the information requested above, even though you may consider that it falls outside Data Protection. I reserve the right to refer to the contents of this letter if an application for pre-action discovery is necessary relating to any of the documents requested herein. I enclose a payment in the sum of £10 to cover your fee. You have 40 days to comply with this request. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DEAL WITH THIS REQUEST, YOU SHOULD IMMEDIALTELY FORWARD IT TO THE PERSON WITHIN YOUR ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA PROTECTION. I look forward to hearing from you in the first instance of receipt. Your Faithfully. X I had a letter back from Halifax responding the above which is below Dear Miss X Further to your letter dated 29 October 2012 in which you rejected our decision not to uphold your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy complaint, I have reconsidered your complaint in light of further information provided. When you replied to us you stated the following: · You were unhappy with our decision . · You wish to have a Subject Access Request. On considering this information I do not believe it introduces anything that changes the original decision and I am still unable to agree that the policy was mis-sold. Having completed all these steps, I went on to look at your compliant as a whole to ensure that we acted fairly towards you in relation to the sale of your PPI policy, giving appropriate weight and balanced consideration to all available evidence including any further information supplied by you. Although your new information adds some useful further background I am still unable to agree that the policy was mis-sold. As such, I am still unable to agree that your complaint should be upheld. If you should wish to contact me directly my details are at the top of this letter. If I do not hear from you I will close your complaint and consider it resolved. When we issued our original decision we advised you of your right to refer your concerns to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), and that you has six months from the date of that letter in which to do so. You are still within this timescale so you are within your rights to refer the complaint to the FOS. I have enclosed a leaflet which gives details of how you can get in touch with them. Yours sincerely Halifax Am just after some advice really, are Banks lawfully required to respond to a SAR request ? I really want all the SAR information so I can read though and look at the complaint myself. There is no mention of my £10 payment for the SAR that I enclosed. Kind regards Damien
  23. The Halifax are refusing this PPI claim on the basis that the customer said he shouldnt have taken it out as there was no reson for it and that he had paid a lot of money for it without no need. He has replied to Halifax and said that originally the PPI was never explained to him so he didnt know what he was taking out and therefore believes it to be missold. They are still not budging. Should he just give up?
  24. Hi good morning all. Please could i ask for your assistance and advice regarding a rejected PPI claim my father made with the Halifax. Initially a letter was sent to them and we received the standard reply including the following reasons, consent to cover, consent was given in the form of a cross and they are persuaded this required a verbal explanation to ensure we were aware of what was being purchased. therfore its concluded we knowingly consented to the addition of a PPI policy. in light of their findings they believe their advisor acted fairly & reasonably throughout the sale. they believe the policy information provided at the time of sale was a fair presentation of the features of the policy and explained policy exclusions and the cost of the insurance. they are also of the opinion that it was clear, fair and not misleading therfore allowing us to make a fully informed choice. their review of the claim hs not highlighted any failings with the sale that would lead me to believe your decision to purchase ppi would have changed. to this letter we sent a reply with the following points: i believe you must not reject the claim based on the fact i signmed documentation i believe you must not reply soley on the detail within the policy's terms and conditions i believe you you should not give more weight to general evidence of selling practices at that time, please reconsider your decision and reimburse me accordingly. to which we received the following reply: on considering your letter i do not beliueve it introduces anything that changes the original decision therfore i am unable to agree the PPI policy was miss sold. and basically tells us to go to the ombudsman. We then requested a DSAR , paying £10 which was recieved last week, now i see a copy of the agreement signed with both boxes for 1- credit card repayment insurance 2- halifax card protection Can anyone please advise what my next step should be? Many thanks
  25. Hi to everyone, i hope i have posted in the correct area ! I had a halifax credit card which i have defaulted on , due to being off work for 6 months and 2 operations, we have been surviving on SSP and tax credits . I sent them a letter explaining my situation with an expenditure form and an offer of £10 a month till things get better . It was sent recorded delivery and was delivered okay ( i still have proof ) i recieved no reply . I have been paying £10 every month but it was given to Blair Oliver and Scott ,their in house dept , although i have now recieved 2 letters from a firm named Wescot and a letter from BLAIR stating that the debt has now been TRANSFERED ! to Wescot . Can anyone put my mind at rest , i get daily phone calls , mobile/landline which i ignore but its making me a nervous wreck !!!!! Has this debt been passed to Wescot because there is no original paperwork ? Is it a fair bet that this debt wont be enforcable in a court of law ? Are they just trying to collect the debt and have bought it from the Halifax ? If any one can give me some sound advice i would be grateful. TIM
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