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Found 393 results

  1. MY Halifax loan states amount lent 1,800 total chg for crdit 219.42 amount payable 2,019.42 ,insurance loan 216.14 . total charge for credit for insurance loan. total amount payable over 18 months 125.66 interest rate 15.9% I have signed the ppi ??? can i still apply for refund and also how much would this be i took this loan out 22/06/01 thank you i have also got another one and a morgage which i will do next
  2. Hi There Apologies to ask and I normally keep everything but I am unable to find my policy summary for a MPPI i have had on a mortgage with Halifax since 2003. Would anyone be able to help me and let me have either a copy of the booklet or the policy summary. Many thanks in advance.
  3. I had mortgages from 1977, on the statements there is a figure for INS, I also have a letter saying “Where a mortgage is covered by a Mortgage Guarantee Policy the premium is paid by the society and added to your account and interest is charged. Does anyone have any original information on this policy? Does anyone know if this is an early version of PPI?
  4. Hello all, I have recently had £30.00 debited from my current account by Halifax which has now left me overdrawn. The charges we for a few direct debits which I was unable to pay and so my bank have charged me £10 for each returned direct debit = £30.00 I have tried contacting Halifax by phone to ask if these charges could be refunded due to my current financial instability but an adviser informed me (after liaising with the customer relations department) that, "...because you have previously had a bank charge refunded on your account in October 2011, we are unable to refund you again." I asked the adviser if I could speak with Customer Relations personally but apparently customers cannot do this. I have since logged a complaint which the adviser has passed onto 'Customer Relations' who will either contact me by phone or write me a letter. Either way, I'm still left £30.00 overdrawn which I am unable to pay back and accruing additional charges on top Is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I would be very grateful for some help or advice with a Halifax current account. I am self-employed. At the moment, due to general health issues and personal problems, I have been keeping my business fairly low-key so there isn't much money going in and out, and some months I go very close to my overdraft limit. I admit that some months I have gone over the limit and into what Halifax calls an 'unplanned overdraft'. I have copped the charges for this, added on or around the 1st. day of the following month. I have no objection to paying bank charges where the fault is with myself. I do think the charges are disproportionate, but that is a separate issue. The problem I have with Halifax is that, having reviewed my bank statements over the last 12 months, in the majority of cases it is the Halifax 'unplanned overdraft charges' that have sent me over the limit. For instance, just today, Halifax have added around £90.00 in charges. This is because last month I went around £12.00 over the limit for about 6 days, but I only went over the limit because Halifax had added £22.00 in charges, and those £22.00 in charges were only added because the month before that I had gone over the limit due again to Halifax charges, and so on and so on and so on....back it goes. I stress again that I have no objection to paying bank charges where the fault is with myself, but Halifax's totally ridiculous and disproportionate charges are creating a vicious cycle, and it's not easy to get out of it. The sums involved are modest. The OD limit is only £70.00. However, this is a very annoying situation and I would be grateful for some advice on whether Halifax are adding these charges unlawfully or I otherwise have a basis to challenge them. Many thanks in advance.
  6. During my fight with Arrow and Carter ref Halifax loan account etc my SAR docs showed on a computer screen shot from Halifax the following which may be interesting for all Caggers who have had old Halifax loans and problems etc This screen shot had been generated in relation to my CPR requests and SAR request (although Halifax did not highlight the fact there was no Default notice available) The below is a summary of the information only the rest of the shot was ref no's, date etc Category: MEM COLLECTION MEMOS Date actioned: **/03/2012 Description - email received from risk ops Comments dfn In 2004 we were on old version of CACS and the notes weren't archived for these loans DFN not available just for Caggers information it may help?
  7. Sorry guys but its me again with another one of our cards...... This one was originally Halifax and like my others we started having financial problems back in Jan 2010 and still are. I initially came to an arrangement with Halifax to pay £27 back in 2010 but then on 11/03/11 had a letter from Blair, Oliver & Scott and after speaking to them (silly I know now) I arranged to pay £105 pm which was way to much for us but we agreed out of fright. Now looking at my credit file I can see that the card defaulted on 22/02/2011. I continued with these payments up until jan this year when we realised that we had become more and more overdrawn at the bank and finally sat down and really took a long look at our I & E and realised that there's just nothing coming in to pay these creditors but we can just about manage to pay all our priority bills. On 16/01/13 I wrote to B,O&S and sent them an I & E form and asked them to write the debt off as we just can't pay any more. Response back on 22/01/2013 saying they can't accept nil payment asking me to contact them on the number but I had already requested all correspondance be in writing as because we have so many creditors it really made me ill in 2010 trying to speak to them. I sent another letter 31/03/13 stating again that we just have no spare money and listed all my other creditors and once again asking them to write it off. 05/02/2013 I had a really nasty letter from B,O&S saying "you have failed to respond to our requests for full payment of the balance and you have not contacted this office with acceptable repayment proposals" .... then went on about further action etc but I HAD been in touch with them. They then rung me on 11/02/2013 and I explained I wanted to deal with it all i writing and they advised me get in touch step change etc. 05/03/2013 I sent of a request for the CCA and breakdown of account to B,O&S. This was signed for on 11/03/2013. 15/03/2013 I had another call and I just said that I want to deal in writing and that I had sent another letter. Now for the scary parts ... yesterday I had two letters waiting for me when I got home:- One from B,O&S dated 13th MArch (yeserday was 20th but I have kept the envelope) and this is a Notice of Intended Court Action..saying I could have a charging order put on my home etc. Another from Halifax themselves sending a reconstituted copy of my agreement and is really quite nasty. I think Halifax have sent a letter intended for when a third party is dealing with the matter but I have scanned and attached all the letters. There was also two sets of typed out terms etc one is a duplicate of the scanned form and the other is an up to date version. Now I've been full of bravado starting my campaign to try and sort my and my families life out once and for all but these really scare me.... Please Please can some of you experts on here help me in the right direction x
  8. Hi Guys, 1st post ever so please bear with!! In short, here's the situation : Was on a DMP until late last year when i finally payed them off. Whilst going over my credit report last night it came to light that Halifax/Blair Oliver & Scott (not sure yet which one) has registered the default in June 2008, way after i started the DMP in Aug 2007 but not only is the date incorrect but they have also registered the default to my current address BUT i did not move here until Dec 09.................. Firstly, i have been under the impression that the lender/agencies have between 3 & 6 months to register a default? Secondly, i didnt live at my address when they registered the default so is it likely that they have gone in and input info after the actual time frame? As both sets of information are entirely inaccurate, is there anything i can do or would be likely at succeeding?! i know what these guys are like..... I have spoken to Experian today and they can shed no light. Can anyone help.......................PLEASE!!!! I will be very grateful for any feedback
  9. I have a halifax current account and it had a £100 overdraft. As my mum uses the account too I turned off the overdraft and started using another current account. Anyway by accident I had all my cards automatically set up on paypal and i charged £370.00 to the account a few days later. instead of declining the transactions because there wasn't that in there..it minused the account and used my mums funds. i of course reimbursed her because it was my fault. But I wondered was this a glitch or normal? Can haifax do this..and am i at fault..or??
  10. Halifax Intermediaries has reduced rates on a number of mortgages by up to 0.30 per cent, including on New Buy and Help to Buy products. Among the new rates is a seven-year fixed rate New Buy mortgage up to 90 per cent LTV which is being reduced by 0.30 per cent, from 4.99 per cent to 4.69 per cent with no fee. A two-year fixed rate mortgage for customers purchasing through Help to Buy is being cut by 0.30 per cent, from 3.89 per cent to 3.59 per cent with no fee. Halifax Intermediaries head of sales Ian Wilson: “We are making a number of changes across our product range. We’re offering competitive rates and have an excellent range of products for homebuyers and remortgage customers to choose from supported by our strong service proposition. “As the leading lender in the affordable housing and new homes market, we have a compelling proposition helping to deliver an effective service to brokers and their customers.” Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/halifax-cuts-rates-by-up-to-030/1069376.article
  11. Hello, I hope someone can help me! I received a letter today from Wescot Credit Services asking for £809.99 relating to a Halifax Current Account. Shocked doesn't quite cover my reaction... I called them to discuss this and they were very nice, I got very upset (recently had a baby, so i'm very emotional anyway!) and they agreed to put it on hold while they got further evidence from Halifax. I also called Halifax who said they couldn't do anything as it was out of their hands. I had a Halifax account that was £470 overdrawn and in December 2010 i paid in £500 to clear the account. At the time, I had moved house a few months before and had a royal mail re-direct in place. It would appear that there was another month of overdraft charges, £34, left to come on the account the month after I had paid. Unfortunately my £500 wasn't quite enough to cover the £470 and the final charge. The charges continued without my knowledge and by the time the debt had reached the point where they wrote to me, the mail re-direct had long since finished and I knew nothing about it. Needless to say, with a newborn baby in the house, this was the last thing I needed! I am amazed that £34 can become £800 in 2.5 years without me knowing anything was happening, and I really don't just have £800 laying around to pay this off with. I am writing to Halifax and Wescot explaining the above. This was a genuine error and the fact I paid in £500 when I owed £470 shows, in my opinion, genuine intent to pay off the original debt. If I had known there was still £34 to pay, I would have paid instantly. I am going to offer to pay the original £34. Am I doing the right thing and can anyone offer any other advice or hope that I might reduce the amount? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  12. Halifax have withdrawn my O/D facility and won't renew it, they continue to add a daily O/D fee rendering me further into debt. This does not seem to concern them. I explained that I cannot pay it back which fell on deaf ears. What is the way forward with this ?
  13. Hi, we opened 2 Halifax accounts about 18 months ago. One was the Ultimate Rewards account and the other was a basic savings account. Because we were switching banks they gave us £250 overdraft on both accounts. When we opened the accounts we where honest with them, and told them that we didn't expect to be accepted for the Ultimate Rewards account because we live on benefits. We are in receipt of, DLA, care allowance, income support, child benefit and child tax credits as well as HB and CTB. We managed to go into our overdrafts and with the charges every month never managed to get out of them, to the point where we had to move our money back to Natwest as we just could not afford to have the charges taken out of our money every month. We have been getting letters and phone calls from Halifax for a few months now, we have ignored them as we are not in a position to clear the debts at the moment. We have every intention of clearing them as soon as we can. We received letters last week telling us that somebody would be calling us tomorrow (not sure if it is a home visit or a telephone call), and we a wondering how we go about claiming the charges back using the hardship process. If we can reclaim the charges we could easily settle these account. Can somebody point me in the right direction please.
  14. HI new to this site, so hello everyone! My husband and I took out a mortgage with the halifax in november 1994 for £42,515. With this was added asu for both of us, my husband was self employed and I was just about to start maternity leave. Also we think building and contents along with other indemnity insurances were also added. This was all added in with the mortgage and interest was added each year so much so that when we had enough of the halifax and moved in march 2002 we still owed £42,510.35 was the final settlement figure. When we spoke to the staff at halifax on the day of closing our account the man looked at our account and said he thought that the halifax had a case to answer over the way the account had been set up and ran. this mortgage was a repayment type. I have asked for a sar request and have uploaded my first couple and last statements to see if you can help. THANKS KELLY.
  15. Halifax have charged me £30 for a returned direct debit which was due to pay my car insurance. Is this considered excessive and should I try to claim it back? I paid money into the account (cash) on the same day at lunch time but the DD had come out in the morning which I did not realise. Due to credit history I only have the most basic bank account with them which has no overdraft and an electron card. Andy
  16. Hi all thanks in advance for any help this forum is really helping me wish i had found it years ago. I have attatched the cca i requested a long time ago and a letter rejecting my charges refund claim from a year or so ago. At the time i was in a very very bad place and couldnt be bothered to chase it up (silly i know). Anyway i look any advice on whether i can still claim the £328.75 (including interest) from start of opening of this account, also silly as this sounds the agreement doesnt look very clear to me? (i am nothing like an expert though) The current situation is i am paying a £1 per month to them as with most of my other creditors. thanks in advance
  17. This is debt 4/5. Really annoyed at myself for getting this additional default. At the time I thought "oh well, whats another default going to do..." Silly boy. Type of Debt: Credit Card Collecting: Moorcroft (Only 'Acting on bahalf of' Halifax) Status: Default (19/10/12) Balance: £705.00 (as per credit file). Last Payment: August 2012 Penalty and interest charges already reclaimed. 28/12/12: Letter received from Moorcroft offering a discounted offer of up to 20% depending on my personal circumstances. I did not respond to this letter. 06/01/13: Letter sent to Moorcroft requesting CCA. 09/01/13: Received an acknowledgement of my CCA request. Letter also asked me to "provide an indication of the information you would rely upon, when giving evidence to the court or information to the relevant statutory authorities in relation to the alleged subject matter of this account." - I thought this was a very strange request and did not respond to this request. 29/01/13: Sent another letter reminding them of CCA request deadlines and offered 25% F&F. 02/02/13: Received a counter offer of 90% of the outstanding balance valid for the next 10 days. No mention of CCA request. - I did not respond to this letter. 09/03/13 Received a letter advising me that I have 'defaulted on the agreement we reached' and that I was now in arrears of the sum of £159.00 along with some "doorstep call" threats. 14/03/13 Today I have sent them a letter putting the account formally into dispute as they cannot comply with CCA request. I also noted that any form of communication other than written, would be seen as harassment and reported immediately. This one seems strange. They lead with discount offers, now cannot produce a CCA and claim I have breached a fictitious agreement made with them! Any suggestions my forum friends?
  18. Hi guys, I need advice. I got a letter from nciuk.com and they called to my house the other day. I told them I didn't have time to talk to them but they called last night and I arranged a meeting tomorrow. Have I done the right thing or should I cancel? I literally have no idea about these people. He keeps telling me he cannot discuss the details of the account and that they are just a 3rd party hired by banks to do a report about why my debt hasn't been paid rather than there to collect the debt. When I asked if it was to discuss payment options for paying it back he again said no, he could not discuss this and was only there to feedback to the bank as to why I had missed payments. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, I put in two claims with Halifax, one for my CC and one for 2 loans. I received phone calls from the two separate departments within 2 days of each other approx 6-7 weeks ago. I had my claim upheld for the CC and have received the payment but haven't heard anything else regarding the loans. I left it until it reached the 8 weeks and then phoned them but the woman on the phone wouldn't tell me anything, she just kept saying that they were still investigating the claim and that they would contact me when it was done. She wouldn't tell me why it hadn't been dealt with or where it was up to so I requested a call back from a supervisor, which I have never received. Where do I go from here? Should I contact them again or go straight to the Ombudsman? Thanks
  20. I have recently changed my mobile contract to a different supplier and got a new number. I notified Halifax of my new mobile number through the internet banking service. I got no acknowledgement of the change by post to my registered address or to my registered e-mail address. All they sent was a text to my new mobile number to inform me to ring a number if I had not changed my mobile number. After about 4 days then it hit me if someone had hacked my account with Halifax and changed my mobile number I would not have known as they only notified the new number of the change. What would happen if someone hacked my account and changed my address e-mail address and mobile number would they inform me through any of my real contact details or would the first I know be an empty account. You can bet if someone had then asked for a replacement card and pin it would be my fault not Halifax. When I rang Halifax they say this is their procedure that they only contact the new number to check. I think I may well be moving my accounts from Halifax or are they all the same. dpick
  21. Hi Just wondering, been informed i am entitled to ppi compensation on a Halifax loan, taken out in 2006 runs to 2031, £25200 taken out, £130 per month still active, anyone know what i would be looking at settlement figure wise? Thx in advance
  22. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has any experience similar to mine regarding separate claims with same bank. I have today received a letter from the Halifax upholding my claim for PPI on my credit card, its not a massive amount but I'm just happy and surprised that they are paying out as I wasn't expecting them too. I have also got a claim in with them for 2 personal loans from around the same time, my circumstances and reasons surrounding the claims were the same but I know that a different department are dealing with it as I received separate phone calls, are they likely to uphold my claim for these too or is there a chance they'll still reject this one? Thanks
  23. Re: Halifax One card Hi, can anyone please advise. Sorry for the long thread. To cut a long story short after I thought Halifax agreed to freeze interest on my card I found out before Christmas that they had decided to just lower the interest. I was originally paying £100, (£70 of which was interest) After they lowered the rate I was paying £50 (30 of which was interest) As I had sent them an income/expenditure form and it was clear that I was struggling as my rent had gone up and I was falling behind with lots of payments I decided to just stop paying them and let them take me to court. After being hounded by them, (they were even calling me on Sunday mornings), I decided to answer their call and an arrangement was put in place on 2nd Feb whereby I would just pay £20 a month and the interest would be frozen. I offered to pay £30 but the woman said I had to pay £20 otherwise the arrangement could not be set up. However, I tried to make a payment this evening over the phone as Halifax won't accept a BACS payment from another bank and I was told that there is no record of this arrangement and my case has been referred to a claims company who asked me to pay the whole £3000. I called Halifax again but I couldn't even give them the reference number that was given to me when the arrangement was made. They just said they couldn't discuss it with me. Who can I complain to about this? The telephone conversation must have been recorded. I feel like I just can't cope anymore. I'm a single parent and have always worked but I just don't earn enough to make ends meet.
  24. Hello all, I would greatly appreciate some sound guidance regarding my next steps. I have received my SAR back from Halifax. It actually goes back to when I opened the account, 2004. Foolishly, I sent the SAR regarding a specific account. Thats all I got back. Know better now. It was a credit card, which I have defaulted, and Halifax have duly " disposed " of to Apex Credit Management. However, I only have 3 CCJ' s and Apex is not one of them. Does that mean Halifax still owns the debt?????? Closing balance £ 1898.62 ....... I have been in contact with Apex on several occasions ( via phone and I think letter ) and set up various repayment arrangements. Paying token / small amounts. To this date on Noddle the balance being £ 1671 . Back to the SAR..... Information received goes back to the beginning of the acc. = 2004. Surprisingly! It includes charges for late fees, over limit fees, un paid direct debit fees, and PPI. After reading a few threads on here, I get the drift that the banks will fob you off with the six year rule. So my questions are these ; 1. Can I initiate a claim for unfair charges from todays date and just back 6 years? 2. Is that 6 calendar years i.e. back to 11th August 2006 ? What is the cut-off date? 3. If successful, can I then persue a seperate claim for unfair charges from 11 August 2006 to the date the account was opened, in 2004, because these charges were considerably more. 4. There is also PPI on the account. Various amounts according to the balance. Am I correct in assuming that PPI claims are not subject to time limitations? I need to build a small " kitty " in order to fund other " requests for payments of unfair charges ". So I would prefer to claim what I have the most chance of getting back in the least time. ( hope that makes sense ). Please can you tell me my next step? Thanks in advance. Vaz
  25. Hi guys I am enquiring for a friend (no, really!). They went to Stepchange (back when they were CCCS) about four years ago, multiple debts with different creditors. It's just the Halifax I want to get some help with. Stepchange managed to get Halifax to freeze the interest, but then they started putting it back on again. Friend was a bit too frightened to deal with it, So asked Stepchange to step in. Stepchange recommended friend contact Halifax themselves to plead their case for freezing the interest. Several letters were sent over the last 4 years, asking to freeze the interest, which has sent the debt spiralling out of control. No responses from Halifax. The initial debt (from what we can work out from the Stepchange statements) was £6400. Friend has now paid Halifax £5600. With the interest, Halifax are claiming friend still owes £6100, in comparison to the £800 on the Stepchange statement. This has my friend at their wits end, and prompted them to write a letter to the complaints department, outlining how this was out of control and affecting them both financially and in terms of their wellbeing. Halifax wrote back(!), explaining that they only ever agreed to freeze the interest for 12 months (friend was not aware of this), and offered to refund the last 3 months interest and overdue penalties to "help". My friend has an opportunity to try and borrow some money from family, but it won't be anywhere near what they're asking as there are others to pay, too. Is there any mileage in asking the Halifax to remove the interest from the figure in order that my friend can offer F&F? Any official way they can put it that carries weight? Any advice you could offer would be really much appreciated. Many thanks!
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