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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Just after a bit of advice. I have heading out to Turkey next week for a hair transplant. The operation will be in Turkey but the company gethair.co.uk has an office in London which deals with all of the admin and signing up new customers aswell as having a UK bank account. The question is if I paid £100 of the balance on a UK credit card, would I be covered for any shoddy or poor service received in Istanbul. Since the company I have dealt with up until now is technically UK based? Appreciate any thoughts on this thanks
  2. Hello, I bought a hot air hair styler from Argos a few days ago. When I tried to use it, it was awkward to use and didn't curl my hair as it was supposed to to ( it said that the large roller could be used to produce curls at the ends of the locks of hair, but it didn't curl my hair). Also the attachments were difficult to change( you are supposed to push the attachment in, then twist it to secure it, but this was very difficult) .All in all, I was disappointed with the styler, as it didn't do what I thought it would do(i.e. curl the ends of my hair). In fact, none of the attachments worked well and it left me wondering if anyone else was satisfied with it. I tried it again the next day, just to satisfy myself that it wasn't just me having a bad day, but again found that the hair styler was difficult to use and mostly ineffective. I decided to take it back. I thought I would say that I had made a mistake and bought the wrong hair styler, rather than tell the staff at Argos that I was disappointed with it, as I thought that they would accept that reason more readily. However, they refused to give me my money back because I had removed the 'hygiene seal' ( the plastic bag that contained all the different parts of the hair styler). They told me that as it had been opened, they could not resell that item. It did say on the bag 'do not remove unless you intend to keep the item', but I didn't notice that. I argued saying that how was anyone to know what the hair styler was like without opening the 'hygiene seal', but they told me that I could have had a look at the product out of the packaging if I had asked to do so before I bought it. I didn't know that either, but even if I had, I probably wouldn't have asked to see the styler, because I assumed it would work effectively. In the instruction booklet, it says 'remove all of the packaging and keep it safe until you are satisfied with your product'. To me that implies that if you are not satisfied with your product, you can pack it up again and take it back. So I now have a hair styler that I don't want and am £22.99 worse off. Does anyone know any way I can get my money back?
  3. Please help. I had hair nano ring hair extensions fitted yesterday and they look awful. They are placed incorrectly and do not blend in with my hair at all. I am unable to wear my hair up or down with it like this and do not know what to do. I purchased a Wowcher for £99 to pay for these extensions. I want them taken out and a full refund given. Is this likely? And is this poor service ?
  4. Hello, I went on Friday 23rd Of May to a beauty retail to buy hair removal sessions. The woman done a patch test on me and we took appointment for the week after. She ask me to pay on the front and ask by cash. I paid £210. After few hours I started being red where she've done the test. I went to a boots store they say I have an llergy reaction, gave me a cream and this is it. I went back to the beauty store on Tuesday 27th explaining that I can not do the treatment I had a reaction and if I coud get my money back. The lady told me to come back the next day to deal with the person who has done my test. I came back the next day and the lady who has done the patch ask me if she could do an other patch test which I refused and said I have to call the week after and ask for the manager cause she was on holidays. Question is How long they can keep my money?? and Do they have to give me my money back or can they offer me a voucher? Am I gonna see my money back to my account??
  5. I want to chalk my hair with hair chalk which is a dark redish colour and want to know if it works and if it does then does it make your hair all ratty and horrible like colour hair spray does? thanks
  6. I bought some Hair Straighteners from Boots on Sunday. they were in a sealed box and I couldn't view the product until I had purchased them and opened the box. These were in a sealed cellophane wrapping which stated that "Please do not open this bag is you do not intend to keep the product inside." I still was unable to examine the quality of them without taking them out the bag. Once out of the bag I found these to be of quite poor quality and have 3 buttons along the length of the handle which you are continually pressing against your hand whilst using. These 3 buttons change the temperature or turn the straighteners on and off. This is very annoying. I haven't yet used these but know that these are not suitable. Am I within my rights to return them bearing in mind that I was not in a position to examine them properly before committing to the purchase?
  7. just cooked and started eating some beef kofta kebabs they have a stick in the middle took a bite out and there is a long hair running down the stick it cant be mine as i have short hair not sure what to do ??
  8. I was planning a visit to the hair salon, as I have long thick curly hair that hasn't been cut in several years and has become unmanageable - not good with a disability. then I came across this youtube video: I decided to give it a go, not wanting to pay the £25 for a salon visit - AND IT WORKED! I now have a great layered cut, better than my last salon visit. Just wanted to share - I hate going to hairdressers and hate the cost, and now I never have to go again!!!
  9. I bought a new set of hairextensions at the weekend which are labelled as 100% human hair, I’d got themhome and opened them ready to put in my hair but my fingers kept getting caughtin them and they felt very non-human hair like. I held them up next to my 2year old, washed, heat styled and dyed hair extensions and the new ones seemedto really not feel like human hair. I was already on my third set of extensionsso I’ve had experience with quality sets and these are the worst I’ve ever had.I called the next day after I had spotted on the receipt that it says norefunds or exchanges to explain that I really wasn’t happy about the quality andwanted to have my money back as there was no chance I would put these in myhair as I didn’t trust them not to singe if I tried to style them. I wasadvised to bring them in but it’s not likely they would do anything. While I was in the store I wastold if they’re opened I could not return them and she would straighten them toprove that they are 100% human hair. She then took a more expensive set off ofthe shelf to compare and I said that they were nicer but if the original setthat I had bought were human hair, then they would both feel the same and shejust said they were treated differently. I continued to explain that I stillwasn’t happy, I wouldn’t wear them as the quality is not right and I’d alreadypaid twice what I normally do. She then called the manager who continued totell her she could not refund them as they were opened. She told me thatanother customer would not be happy to own them as they look pre-worn as theywere not tied into the packaging, and that basically I should bear that inmind. I said that I am still a customer whether I have paid or would beconsidering paying and should I still leave unhappy because they are worriedabout a future customer, and then I was told to sell them on e-bay. I was not told at the point ofpurchase that they were non-refundable or exchangeable which is something Ithought was supposed to happen anyway which is why I had planned to take themback, when I said this to her she said it does say it on the receipt...whichshe had put in the bag and not in my hand. Am I within my rights to return theseextensions and get a full refund? I will never wear them; they are still in theoriginal packaging (the purchase and call were within 24 hours of each other)and there is no way I will get the full amount back selling them on e-baywithout someone else making me liable for selling hair which I don’t believe isthe correct standard!
  10. I went into this shop in good faith to get what they call human hair, I have never entered a shop where there are no prices on goods, I got 2 pieces of the expensive human hair and paid £40 only to get home and discover that half of the pack has been taken out and the hair was dyed and fake, I am so ****ed off about this , how they can carry on ripping off consumers most of which are black africans , It's about time we boycott these jokers , it's not about the money but the principle as a consumer I expect to buy what I pay for , I hope something is done about there rogue traders
  11. hi my daughter purchased hair extensions also followed advice on how to look after them after two weeks had to take them out as they became matted and was suppose to last up to six weeks and can reuse again but this is not possible now so returned to shop for full refund only to be fobbed off,as i threw away packeging they can not return to there suppliers but i still have reciept,the shop as asked me to get refund from suppliers.were do i stand with this situation now as the extensions was over £100 im not a happy customer.
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