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Found 109 results

  1. Dear azzadle I am in the same position as you but I havent heard from them since last June when they took £75 [EDIT] from an account I had only had opened for a week. When I took out the loan with them I banked with Barclays this new account was with Lloyds TSB so still dont know how they managed to get the debit card details. When I emailed them on the address that I had done several times before telling them I would be reporting them to the police [EDIT] the email came back as not recognized I havent heard a thing from them since not even from this MT Collect or anyone else that people have mentioned on this site.
  2. More news about them today here: http://www.staffordshirenewsletter.co.uk/News/Rugeley-couple-in-18million-debt-[problem]-had-no-magic-formula-20092012.htm
  3. Millions of customers use online banking every month to check account balances, make payments and manage direct debits, safely and securely. But what happens if you become a target for cyber criminals? Mike O’Connell, a 49-year-old BT worker from a small village outside of Burton-on-Trent, found out the hard way that some get little help from their bank. In a scary scenario for any banking customer, he found that six separate transactions totalling £7,450 had come out of his NatWest account as ‘point of sale’ transactions in the SAME DAY in April 2012 after he became a victim to sophisticated online fraudsters. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2195342/I-7-5k-swiped-day-NatWest-wont-help-me.html#ixzz25S5U48tD
  4. Post here; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?377-Payday-Loan-Company-claims-and-litigation
  5. Hi, I am currently in repayment plans with a few different payday loan lenders and i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as i have already paid 4 off. However payday express that i am in a repayment plan with has decided to register a default on my credit file and thanks to them my score is a big fat 0!! (I'm probably the only person to have such a low score!) I have never made a late payment to them or anything but because i'm in a repayment plan they have said that they have the right to register a default as the loan has not been paid back within 90 days. The funny thing about it all is, is the amount they have defaulted me on is for £20 which i find to be an absolute joke! This will obviously ruin my chances of ever getting credit in the next 6 years! Is there anything at all i can do? I also am in arrangements with safeloans (paid off yesterday) and lending stream and they have also registered late payments against me. Please help
  6. hello all!! i got into a payment plan with these guys and paid nearly £600 for a £300 loan a year back. i think they have had more than they deserve and now i want them to stop harassing me. is there a sample letter i can send telling them i have paid them the loan principle plus a months interest and wont be paying them any more? maybe citing the fsa regulations? your help would be appreciated. thanks
  7. Come here for some off-topic chat. That's what this forum is for. There was a time when we could come to the Bear Garden, have a laugh and a bit of banter, but these days I find that if I've had a bad day and come to here, I can end up more depressed than I was in the first place! I I know it's good to have a rant sometimes (as I am now) and get things off your chest, and I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular - it just seems to have become a bit of a culture somehow. Can't we leave some of the negativity at the BG gate, and make it a place where we can forget our worries and just chill a bit. I'm not saying everyone should wear rose-tinted glasses but in the words of Monty Python (all together now!!!) ......
  8. The Family Mobile scheme looks really great. Very cheap call rates and SMS rates, automatic top-up, no minimum monthly spend, no expiry of credit. Also, they are partnered with IKEA so you expect that the quality is going to be good in every respect. I decided to get a couple for my kids who are going away for a few weeks this summer. I am so disappointed so far. The Sim cards arrived - without instructions, without PUK numbers, without the default PIN number. The website didn't work correctly so that it became impossible to activate them without help from the Family Mobile cust.service team - of which there only seems to be two (not their fault) - but it means a longer than 10 minutes wait on the phone until they get round to you. It took two phone calls of over 30 minutes each to get both sim cards activated. The website instructions are very poor and don't provide all of the info needed. Anyway, well and good, the sim cards work - although the website still shows them as being inactive. the Cust service rep told me that there are issues with the website (there certainly are) and that what I see may not reflect the true situation (it certainly doesn't). More worrying was the fact that I had authorised automatic top-up which means that Family Mobile has access to my money. There is meant to be an itemised billing service available and you are meant to be able to check online what the state of your account is - usage and so on. None of this is working. I have used one sim to send sms messages but there is no trace of them on my account console. In fact it is impossible to manage the account or to see how much activity - and how much expense is being incurred by your children - even though, being able to manage your children's accounts is one of the features of Family Mobile. The customer service rep said she would escalate it but didn't know when - or even if someone would call me back. Can I speak to a supervisor? No Can I speak to a manager? No Can I have the name of the department which will deal with the escalation complaint? The escalation department. Where are they? Not allowed to tell you. Who will deal with the compalint? Not allowed to tell you. Can I have the posta address of your office so I can write? No So where do I stand? You'll just have to wait. I decided to get the address of ttheir website - they have a legal obligation to carry the address. No address. I tld this to the customer service rep. She agreed that the address is not displayed. No company registration number. Nothing. It says that Family Mobile is owned by the Mobile Partners Group. Well I called them and got through to someone who says that he is the MD of the group. He told me that Family Moble has been sold to CDRator and that Family mobile should not be carrying references to Mobile Partners Group on their website!!! Is this true? I don't know. I am only relating the conversation which I had. I thought that IKEA had better know what is being said about all of this so I called them. they were concerned and will be investigating and calling me back. I contacted the phone regulator about the failure to display company information on the website. They have logged it as an industry complaint ???? (What does that mean?) I now have a contact email for the MD of CDRator - so I'll report back after I have heard from him. Meanwhile, the family mobile website is still not showing my account information accurately. I suppose that I will phone Trading standards as well - and T-mobile because Family mobile are offering T-mobile services. Has anyone had any good experiences with Family mobile? I'd like to know. Google searching doesn't disclose any problems. They seem alright I'd really like to clear up the issue of who owns family mobile too. It is all very strange
  9. Speaker John Bercow spending taxpayers money like confetti http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176420/Speaker-Bercow-spends-1-320-new-shower-screen-taxpayer-funded-Commons-flat.html This beggars belief, people get imprisoned for not being able to pay the fine for not having a TV licence and he gets his paid for! What, so he can't afford one then? Or is a TV a necessary tool of the job? I don't think so. Why should these people in high places who don't actually do anything resembling a proper job but get paid huge salaries with untold perks be special cases? They rub it in our faces day in, day out, it's one rule for them, another for the rest of the country. We need a bloody revolution in this country, they won't listen so make the feel, the hard way. Never mind welfare reform, the country would save much more money by culling the expenses and stupid salaries of these greedy sloths.
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