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  1. About a month ago i received a Court Find in the post for around £350. I sent a letter asking what the fine was for. I got a letter back saying that on 26/03/2015 my car was found not to meet the insurance requirements. I have had the same insurance company since at least 2014 and it renews automatically every year since. I even phoned my insurance company and checked with them the exact date in question and they confirmed that my car was insured on that date. The letter said they are holding off on the fine until the 10th of June to give me time to contact them on the Phone number on the letter. i called them and they simply told me i have to contact the court direct that the Hearing took place. The next problem is i cant find any contact details on the internet for the Court which is the West Hertfordshire Magistrates Court. Any advice of what i can do to sort this issue would be great help i am now really stuck and really don't want to pay a fine for some thing i should have never been given in the first place. Thanks
  2. Having grown up in Africa, this always make me laugh...
  3. I had to pop in here to see what the state of "smoking" affairs was like. I gave up a few months ago and on the night out over last weekend, I was met with a friendly lass at Sainsbury's cigarette counter telling me that 10's aren't sold any more, nor are the smaller pushes of tobacco. Did I hear correctly? Luckily I shed away as the only thing on offer was Marlboro (£10 quidaroo a pack!)... As glad as I am that I'm not smoking (I'm vaping though), I think that this move for the government is absolutely ludicrous. I assume they state that it's for the better health of things, but get real... If someone wants a cigarette, they'll usually just splash out for it. Personally I wonder if this is a move to start taking the e-cigarettes. I've personally saved fortunes with my lil e-giccy. It's odd how it co-incides with the new regulations to the e-cigarette liquids which came in a few months ago... Anyway... rant over... Happy cagging and stay safe! Ade
  4. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nurse-walked-out-care-home-10166243 The Nurse was giving evidence at a Coroner's hearing into the the deaths of the 3 men. The tale told was quite shocking and I was surprised that the coroner reckons that neglect was not a contributory factor into their deaths !. I think I would rather go to Switzerland and take my own life than end up in a care home. I guess you cant tar them all with the same brush, but even those where residents pay very high fees are coming under scrutiny !
  5. good evening. I look after my mum and she had a medical this past week and my question is for if she fails her medical and am caring for even though she has PIP and she is on ESA I think it is also am I still Entitled to be her carer and still be my job and still get my Carer Allowance if they had sense when looking at her issues and problems that she will never be fit for work and she won't get any better simple as that. if anyone can respond to my question would be great thanks.
  6. I be interested to know if people have had dealings with this company and what their experiences are. Thank you
  7. I'll keep it short but include all necessary details. I started a foundation degree with the Manchester College in September 2011. I was on the course for 6/7 months and then I dropped out. I never informed Student Finance and I just informed my college that I was dropping out. I am not sure if my college then in turn informed Student Finance or not but I never received any further payments after I dropped out (I know that much). I am not going to lie and say I know all the figures of what I borrowed or how much I was actually paid. upon checking the student loan repayment website, it says I owe £4099.70 as of 31/03/2016 (this amount may have changed now, I'm not sure). I was in employment from September 2013 up until January 2015 where I ticked that I had a student finance and my employer was automatically making payments on my behalf but I didn't actively keep track of them, I just remember seeing them on my payslips. I then didn't pay anything off my student loans until my most recent employer who I started with in November 2015 and have just left this month (January 2017). I have some payslips (not all) to say that money has been taken out of my salary for payments towards student loan repayment. I can maybe get a copy of all my payslips from my old company if needed. Out of nowhere I have received a letter from a company called Akinika Debt Recovery who I believe from my research used to be called IQOR. They now say I owe them £1087 and they have made attempts to contact me by phone, SMS & this letter. I haven't spoken to them as of yet and I didn't want to until posting here. I have no idea why they are suddenly contacting me regarding this SLC debt as I was under the impression I was paying them through my employer (up until my redundancy this month). The only thing I can think is that my former employer has been collecting payments from me for the debt but has not paid SLC or because of my redundancy SLC have passed the debt onto Akinika. I am going to ring the HR department tomorrow and seek there advice as to if they have paid them or not. I have no idea what to do or who to turn to or whether to make contact with Akinika or not to see if they have ended up with the debt, but I don't know if contacting them is the wrong thing to do . Should I try and contact SLC and see what they say? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Edit: Also just as a side note, I have never received anything from SLC. This is the first that I have heard of this debt (besides knowing about it already)
  8. last sunday before christmas my son and brother went to the football when it ended my wife and my 2 daughters went with my son in to smyths toys while i dropped my brother home . when i got back to the toy shop they had gone next door to asdas ... i go in and they are all in the toy section .. ( they was all spending their Christmas money ) when i got to them they said there was nothing in here they wanted . they asked for the car keys as me and the wife had some shopping to do .. we went off and walking around the shop . . my wife phone rang . just as she answered it we heard some one shout !! we have just arrested your kids for shoplifting !! my wife said they been stopped at the door .as we turned around the security guard was about 20 ft away walking towards us . he said it again this time not as loud .. i asked where are they he said they are in the security room and the police been called .. we all walked to the security room . . which turned out to be no more than a broom cupboard. with about 15 to 20 staff and customers watching .. .as we got close i seen my 13 old son and 16 old daughter in this broom cupboard in hysterics and crying . . i went nuts i barged thro the people and staff to get to them just as i got to the door of the room there was 2 plain clothes cops who grabbed me and stopped me getting in to the room while shouting were are the police . i said i dont care who you are get me kids out this room now .. . then he told me they been stopped for shoplifting my wife said then NO t That is not your stuff , what they have is from smyth toys and showed the receipt the cops checked the receipt and said yes every thing is paid for . a manager said i want the item scanned with our scanner gun the cops said !! we have checked them and they been paid for ) the wife said let them check to which they did and guess what none of the items were from ASDAs shop also the items had big smyths toy labels on them .. all the staff walked off the cop said i need to check the CCTV footage . he came back and with one manager said we have CCTV your kids walking in with the ITEMS IN THEIR HANDS so nothing has been taken from here .. i said im not happy with them calling my kids shoplifters a manager said that doesnt matter its irrelevant i walked up to him and said its not ok to call my kids names .. and he walked off ... we just left as we were going out the door the security guard was talking to this manager about what happened as people were walking out then stopped as we were going past and said sorry he could have handled it better yet the manager walked off .. we called asdas house and they said we'll sort it the security will have retraining and they said they'd,d send us compensation for our troubles .. NOTHING FROM THEM. they assaulted my children called them names and me and my wife in a busy store , and got away with it .. sorry about the long story BUT WHAT DO WE DO we have found out from the net that 3 things must happen , 1 a member of staff must see you taking some thing off the shelf 2 they must wait till you leave the store 3 they must not touch you but say can you come back in to the store IF YOUR TRY TO RUN then they can grab you .. now my kids had NOT taken any thing off the shelf my kids were not out of the shop The securtity guards grabbed them from behind by the tops of their arms and frog marched them to this room they then emptied my daughters bag and started to questioning them ... we were not there when they did this and no other adults were there apart from the security and manager .. my son whos 13 yrs old it was about 3 to 4 days till we could talk to him without him getting upset and starting to cry . he stayed in his room for those days . he's not been back in to ASDAs since .. my daughter was ok when she got home AGAIN she stayed in her room for the rest of the night . it was later the next day she showed up down stairs .. ASDAs house rep contacted us ( as my wife sent them an email telling them what happened ) and said sorry but i want that manager to apologies to my children face to face not some one over the phone .
  9. Hi guys, loving this site for information. Apologies if I'm flogging a dead horse here as I've seen some threads about CRS and people being chased for "unpaid" gym fees. I'm just looking for any information how people have got on. Long story short, I was contacted by CRS approx two years ago regarding a default £20 payment from my old gym surprise surprise excercise4less. My apparent debt was now £106 after CRS fees had been added on. I lettered them back saying in my opinion I had submitting my last payment on time and cancelled in writing. We sent a couple of letters back and forth but as I wouldn't recognise the debt, they eventually forwarded it on to a recovery agency who I refused to engage with. They sent one letter telling me they would reduce cost to £76. Over a year has passed (in this time I threw out all kept correspondence) now CRS have emailed me twice , the later threatening me by contacting a named solicitor. Has anyone got to to this stage? And what's next? Finally I like a good fight as much as they next guy and I'll gladly have my day in court Out of interest tho if I lost how much can they legally claim from me? Am I entitled to pay thousands in legal fee's? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  10. Priyadr11: did you pay£150? Did they ever come to your address to collect the money? The same thing happen to me yesterday. i said sorry and they made me sign in a paper and let me go. Could you tell me what can I expect? I really don't want to let anyone know about this because I live in a extended family. .I'm really broken ..couldn't eat or sleep ever sinc ..can anyone suggest me what I'm going to do ..I'm regretting very badly.. ..��I feel like my life is just going to stop now...
  11. Hi. Today I did a bit of a daft thing. This morning I bought a return ticket from my local station in Wales to Bristol Templemeads. I then feel asleep partway through the journey and awoke in a bit of a fluster just before the train was about to leave the platform at Bristol Templemeads. Hurriedly I gathered my things and left the train. Part way down the platform I realised I'd left my outward ticket on the train. Now, I've done this many times before, I realised I'd have to pay the inevitable fine (£20). Knowing my bank balance needed topping up, I decided to walk up to the ticket counter and ask for a single ticket from Filton Abbey Wood to Bristol, knowing that this would be less than the £20 and I could escape the station. Conscience wise I felt this was OK, as I'd already paid for a return ticket and I was now handing over more money than the journey would originally cost and as a heavy user of railways I think it's right people that don't actually pay for a ticket at all get caught. This is where things started to go badly wrong. When asked why I didn't buy a ticket from filton, I made a cock and bull story up about the platform being busy and not having enough time to board the train. At this point the ticket person called what I think was a Revenue Collection Officer, who introduced himself and informed me our conversation was being recorded. When he started to question me about what station I'd got on etc and why I hadn't bought a ticket etc, I kept to my simple story. It was only when he said he'd need my personal details and that he'd need to check CCTV that I cracked. I came clean and explained I'd left my ticket on the train from Cardiff and was just trying to lesson my inevitable cost. At that point he started using words like fraud and proceeded to read me my rights. I got a bit confused at this point and quite cross at myself for getting in to this situation. I gave him my personal details nevertheless. He then informed me that he wasn't an officer of the law and that he couldn't detain me. To be honest I found this a bit odd and daft given he had just read me my rights, I chuckled a bit and said "well in that case I'd like to leave and go to work please". At that point he took my return ticket off me, handed me an excess ticket to get home with and let me through the barrier. Having replayed things back in my head, I'm now not sure where I stand, nor what outcome I can expect. Having read up on the matter, I'm concerned that there might be court proceedings and a conviction, which has knocked me for six a little. I'm more than prepared to pay whatever fine comes my way, for being stupid enough to continue the dubious charade, but I certainly don't want to go to court and risk getting a conviction. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
  12. Hi All I purchased a C8 in May this year, from around June the car has been back to the garage with the same issues, Diagnostics showed rail pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, or even both everytime they plugged it in and reset the the fault code, last time it was in the garage (just 2 weeks ago) they changed the map sensor. and and we are still having power issues as well as EML coming on, Well today the car ended up being bought home on the back of a truck and the diagnostics the mechanic did before he picked car up showed same faults again... Can I just reject this car now or do I have to give them another chance to fix it please help many thanks Lets
  13. Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been on this site a few times and think it is a superb tool and helps us against the bully boy company's out there who try and feed on hardship and vulnerability. Hopefully I can add some advice or help in the future. I have a question of my own if anyone can help. Today I had a doorstep visit from a company called Fidelite. They asked who I was so I asked who he was and his face was a picture. I never gave him my name and told him politely to jog on. He is chasing a loan debt that I took out in 2004 and haven't paid or acknowledged the debt since at least 2006. I am sure the debt is now stat barred. Question is did I do the right thing. Regards and thanks in advance. Staffy.
  14. Hi, folks I recently had a PIP assessment and was shocked when the HP admitted that she hadn't bothered to read either the form or the supporting evidence, prior to the "assessment". I was wondering how this will play out at a tribunal? I recorded the whole assessment on my wife's phone
  15. Just had phone call from DWP telling me my ESA is ending today(8 weeks after my medical)??? I had my medical on the 1st July 2016,which as usual I have received "0"points! They have told me I have to make a claim today (so that I get a continuation of benefit??) Can somebody please tell me if they can do this with no warning? And will this cause problems with my housing benefit/council tax(which happened to me before, whilst waiting for my appeal and took months to sort out(but lost out on a lot of benefit) so now i'm terrified that its going to happen again!!!! Any advice would be welcome Thanks
  16. Hi I was caught doing 80mph on a dual carriageway back in March and just had my court hearing on Tuesday July 26th. During which time my points have gone from 9 down to just 3. I was unable to make court as it was 150 miles away and only had a few days notice. My case was heard and I was disqualified from driving for 6 months from the 26th July. If they are to take the 6 months from the 26th then I only had 3 points at that time and should only get 3 points and £100 fine? Have I got a case here?? Would appreciate any help MK
  17. Hi, Another car drama, me and cars just don't get on... Bought a 2005 Land Rover from a small dealer 250 miles away all of 9 days ago on finance, which decided to break down yesterday, dead alternator... I contacted the dealer this morning to say i wasn't happy and that it would need to be repaired, and offered them a quote from my local independent Land Rover specialist of £712.49... They went on to state that the warranty provided with the car would only cover repairs up to £300, well having been through this drama before (pre 2015 and with SoG) i know that the dealer is liable for the repairs to my 9 day old car but have been nice enough to offer to phone some other repair garages to get further quotes, none of which have yet got back to me. I feel i should immediately get the ball rolling with regards to taking action, i have no interest in waiting too long or playing games, i work for the emergency services and having a working vehicle is essential for me... I have drafted letters for both the dealer and finance company (attached) however i wondered where i would stand with regards to getting reimbursement for hiring a car? Thanks in advance Paul
  18. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/this-driver-had-his-parking-fine-overturned-after-091032871.html The most important part of the article is the last sentence from Athena;
  19. Yesterday, a most extraordinary report was given on a social media site regarding a hearing at Luton Crown Court that concluded yesterday with both defendants being cleared of theft and false representation. The report itself (written by a McKenzie Friend) is utterly astonishing and frankly; resembles a poorly written fairy story. As regular posters on here will know, I am passionate about providing accurate information and with this in mind (and in response to the many messages that I have received since yesterday), I will give accurate facts on the background to this case (which sadly, yet again demonstrates appalling bad behaviour by a debtor attempting to evade payment of a penalty charge notice).
  20. Hello. I have a Santander 123 account and have been paid interest, less tax, on it over the last tax year. I was surprised last week when all the tax I'd paid on the interest was returned to my account. Has anybody else on the forum received the tax back and does anybody here know why? Thanks
  21. Hi, I am new to this forum and new to legal terms and I am confused with what happened in court today. Someone please help me understand? Here is the story. I received an attachment of earnings order for a default judgement I knew nothing about. I enquired and found out that Lowell had applied to court a few months earlier and got the default judgement as I did not get any paperwork. Further, I had written them with CCA request but they never replied I thought that it is over and done with. I applied to local court to set aside the judgement with a witness statement and defence where I explained to court about their dirty tricks and made up evidence etc. I sent all of those documents to Lowell as well so that they could put their side of story in court. what I did not understand was that a day later, they wrote to me with a signed draft order accepting to set aside the default judgment, withdrawing their AoE order application, and paying me court fees, then asking the court for permission to reply to my defence I thought that was a trap I went to court the next day, where I thought that the case would have been heard and judge making a decision. that was not the case, and Lowell hired a local solicitor to put to court the things they said in their letter, judge said to me that was easy and struck out the judgement and AoE order, then set a date for next hearing. I am very confused have two questions; 1. Why the Lowell accepted to set aside judgement and AoE order? 2. Why the judge set another hearing to hear the case when he had already quashed the judgment? I hope someone could answer the above two question. Thanks
  22. You go to the cinema and get offered a pensioner ticket I'm only 54 The poor girl was mortified when I told her!
  23. Yesterday I received a claim form from Cabot regarding a disputed account I had with British Credit Trust. It was regarding an alleged outstanding amount of just over £1300 which I believe is made up of mostly late payment fees and charges. I have previously asked BCT of a complete breakdown of charges added, what they were for and dates when they were charged but had no response. I don’t recall receiving a letter of assignment or anything at all from Cabot regarding this account, until I received the claim form yesterday. I do intend to defend. Details on the form are as follows: Claimant: Cabot Financial UK Date Of Issue: 18 Sept 2014 POC: By an agreement between British Credit Trust ("BCT") & the defendant on or around 01/08/2007 ("the agreement") BCT agreed to loan the defendant monies under the terms and conditions set out therein. In breach of the Agreement the defendant did not pay the instalments as they fell due and the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant on 26/09/2013. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS £1338.72 Value of claim : Amount claimed - £1338.72 Court Fee - £70 Solicitors costs £80 Total Amount £1488.72 The account was for a car loan on HP with British Credit Trust Original agreement was dated 06/08/2007 Debt purchaser (presumably) has issued the claim - I was not aware the account has been assigned I am not sure whether I received a default notice from BCT - I cannot remember receiving one and if I did I certainly don't have it anymore. I have not received any Notice of Default Sums from anyone. When I lost my job in April 2011 I started to miss payments. I contacted BCT at that time but they would not take lesser payments and I could not afford to keep up full repayments. I paid what I could when I could, eventually telling them I could no longer afford the car and as I had paid over 3/4 of the loan I was within my rights to return the car so I told them to collect the car At this time I also asked for a breakdown of charges added to the account. I remember receiving a list of amounts at that time but not dates, amount charged and what it was for. This was and still is in dispute. I heard nothing from BCT after this (around Oct 2011) Who do I contact for CCA request - Cabot or BCT? I will send a CPR31.14 request to Cabot. In the meantime what should I do about the claim regarding acknowledgement. As I believe a substantial part of what Cabot is claiming is made up of charges and fees can anyone offer advice on a defence? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hey everyone, In 2011 I got a loan from Hitachi Personal Finance of £881.62 for a PC. The total repayable was £1,733.07 (feel so stupid for agreeing to this now!). I paid it all off in good time and never thought anything else of it. I randomly stumbled upon something saying that some people were mis-sold PPI by Hitachi so I requested a full statement and agreement which arrived today. This is where I am a bit lost, I can't see anything on the agreement about PPI. Does that automatically mean I didn't have it or will I need to do a bit more digging? The reason I am asking is because I am on (and was on at the time of agreeing the loan) PIP and ESA due to being disabled and I saw that if you had a disability, PPI shouldn't have been sold or something like that? Thank you for any help anyone can provide me, Lee
  25. Hi, Apologies as its my first Post. I wrote to BOS regarding a PPI claim on a mortage from them dating back to 1995, the only info on my mortgage account No was found on a letter to them just before I transferred it to Standard Life in 1999. I had mentioned the address of the "Mortgaged" property and the number in me enquiry. They responded with a letter saying it was an unverified Account No and wanted more Info. I called them up and had the runaround, but was eventually told by a chap to contact Section 77, Completion Center, Premier House, Chester and they would carryout a search for a £1? Does this place exit? And what else can I give to BOS? Many Thanks
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