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Found 167 results

  1. Hi All, My wife and myself joined our local Lifestyle Fitness gym in October 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to get to the gym for a few month's so requested that they freeze our membership until March 2014. This we put to the person at the gym. He said he would do this but failed to do so on time. He was apologetic but advised us to speak to Harlands about this. We didn't know who Harlands were. We thought they must be the gym owners, but now we know after reading posts on here!! We should have renewed our DD (as we cancelled it) in March but forgot. We have today received a letter saying that the direct debit payment had been missed and that a 25.00 admin fee would be applied, which I understand is illegal/unenforceable. When I asked them about my wife's membership which I had also requested freezing, they said that I had to speak to another department. (strange I thought). I then learn't that they had not cancelled her account and have sent it to their debt department. I am now mighty p'd off with this company as I want to be speaking to Lifestyle Fitness now some monkey debt collection/management company. Things to note. 1. We never signed a DD agreement. The gym guy sat opposite us and just asked us questions and completed it. No tick in a box or signature was asked for. 2. We have NEVER received any contract, membership details, cards or direct debit information and have never signed anything. I spoke to them today and foolishly agreed to pay half the admin fee (not knowing that they can't do this). Now I have read about them on here and after experiencing they way they have treated us today, I no longer want to do any business with this gym or their management monkeys. I read on here about the OFT and gyms here http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/62-13 I am pretty sure that we have a good case and should be able to just write a nice polite letter and tell them to bog off and cancel our membership.Can anyone advise on our rights? Another I noticed is that they kept referring to the "Data Protections Act" in emails and also when I spoke to them on the phone. They have never done this before so I guess they are trying to polish up their act... Can anyone advise on our rights? Many thanks for any advice you can offer. Rob
  2. I wondered if anyone can offer me a bit of advice regarding my membership of my local DW gym. I am moving 80 miles across the country in the next few weeks and I enquired at my current gym about transferring my membership to a DW gym in the town I am moving to. The girl behind the counter said that as my membership is the lower £24 per month subscription, it only entitles me to membership at one gym and in order to transfer my membership to another DW gym I would have to upgrade to their £28 per month contract. I know it is only £4 per month but I begrudge having to pay extra every month just to transfer to another gym owned by the same company! I asked if once I had upgraded my subscription to the higher one and then transferred to the other gym could I then reduce the subscription back to the £24 level. She said no as memberships can only be modified upwards and not downwards. Surely a contract that can only ever be modified in favour of one party is an unfair contract? She said if I didn't upgrade then I would have to pay the remaining 10 months on the contract anyway in addition to any charges should I try to cancel the contract. Is there anything I can do about this or am I going to have to just suck it up and pay the extra? Thanks in advance guys
  3. Hi guys! Took out a gym membership 3 years ago, suspended it for a year but found out the payments had still been going out. Rang the gym who said they would refund but then changed their mind. Spoke to my bank about the situation and they refunded me the money. Problem now is... two months after the bank refunded me, the gym has started emailing me saying my account is in arrears and I have to pay them the money back asap. The longer I take to pay them the more they'll add to the total I owe! Can they actually do that??? I'm not sure where I stand in this situation. Please help!
  4. Hello, I'm having an issue cancelling my DW gym membership early. I joined about a month ago. When I signed up my partner was job-hunting out of the area, so I knew there was a chance we might need to relocate to London. When I joined I checked and the staff there confirmed that although it's a 14 month contract with a 6 month break clause, there is an exception if you relocate to a place where there is no DW gym within 10 miles. There are no DW gyms in London. I checked this out in the contract before I signed it, and it was there. So, my partner got a job and we need to move to London in a month. I went into the gym and explained this and asked to cancel my membership. The woman I spoke to said it was 'her understanding' that regardless of the circumstances, I cannot cancel within the first 6 months, but to bring in my tenancy agreement and she'd check it out. The next day, I brought this in and spoke to the club manager. She also said I had to stay for 6 months, and kept going to speak to her manager on the phone to check. We went over and over the contract, and I am certain that it says I can leave at any time under circumstances such as relocation, but she refused to agree and they seem to have their own spin on it. The wording is as follows: You may cancel your membership: 1. by giving us at least one calendar month’s notice to cancel your membership to take effect at the end of a calendar month. During the first 14 month membership period the cancellation of your membership cannot take effect earlier than the end of the 6th month; or the 12th month for Home Club Memberships. For Membership Renewal Periods (which are not applicable to Home Club Memberships), cancellation can take effect at any time by providing at least one calendar month’s notice as stated above, even during the first 6 months of that Membership Renewal Period; 2. by providing notice of cancellation at any time if one or more of the following applies (a “change in circumstance”): - you are unable to use DW Sports Fitness clubs because of a genuine and serious injury or illness which results in you being unable to use DW Sports Fitness clubs for at least two months, and this is evidenced by reasonable supporting evidence, such as a Doctor’s note; or - you are made redundant or otherwise lose your job and provide us with reasonable supporting evidence, such as a letter from your employer or proof of entitlement to Jobseeker’s Allowance; or - you move house or your principal place of employment is changed and your new home and new principal place of employment are located more than 10 miles from a DW Sports Fitness club which you are entitled to use, The general manager is going to call me back after they've 'investigated' who informed me, but I am pretty sure I know what the outcome will be. I cannot afford to pay another 4 months membership when I am moving to London, but if they do not accept the wording of the contract I don't know what to do. Apologies for how long this is, but I'd really appreciate any advice! Many thanks, Jen
  5. I joined Sport Center - gym on 30th May 2013 to start the membership on June 2013. Shortly afterwards in July I injured my knee and was not able to walk, I was using crutches until knee operation in September. Obviously I was not able to use the gym. On 2 September I rang the Gym saying that I will not be able to continue my membership and I will cancel DD. The person advised that I need to provide a proof. I deleted DD anyway. Start from 1st October the membership was not paid. On 3rd of Ocober I started receiving letters from Bespoke Direct Debit Services - chasing me for payment. I rang them on 3 October and explained what happened. They did not want to respect anything apart from a proof from GP, they asked me to provide. I continued not paying and I said - I had operation and I am stuck in bed and I don't have the proof on me. I rang them again on 10th January. They kept not respecting my demands to cancel contract and kept asking for proof. Their email: Thank you for your recent correspondence, the contents of which have been noted on file. We confirm, it is as per the Terms & Conditions of your agreement that we require a doctor’s letter confirming your circumstances so that we can review your account. Unfortunately, if you are unable to provide us with the proof, you will be required to make a payment of £.... to bring your account up to date. I am ok now and able to drive, I went to see my GP and I got this letter from them - proofing that I was saying the truth. I forwarded this to DFC and they replied: "We can confirm,that on this occasion, we will agree to cancel your contract within the minimum term, however, we would request that a payment of £..... is made in order for this cancellation to be applied. We have requested this payment due to the fact that we received your proof on 3rd February 2014. " Well firstly I have not signed terms and conditions, and I have not signed DD instruction. As I asked for the terms and conditions now - they sent me email saying that the terms and conditions were sent to me via email back in June last year. Well, if they have - I missed that, I don't know how, I cant find it. So there is no electronic or paper proof of me receiving and agreeing to term and conditions. What should I do? can you help? Thank you. Margosh
  6. Hi. I have read posts on here previously which have been similar to my situation. I signed up for a 2 year membership of toning suite, part of a gym. The credit agreement is with Ashburn and gives no way out! I think their agreement is probably all legal and valid. I wrote to the gym explaining that due to worsening medical problems with my hands I would be stopping work and therefore unable to afford the second year but would pay the difference between a one year membership and half a two year one. At first my letter was ignored so I wrote again and have now heard back from the finance company (as the gym had contacted them) basically saying they may only consider a cancellation (goodwill) on production of letter from consultant saying unable to exercise which isn't really the point. I had mentioned the OFT 2011 case and also the fact that it had been ruled(?) that contracts for more than 1 year were unfair and should provide for cancellation. I am trying to compose a reply and would be glad of any help
  7. Hi guys, I know it's not first time when people seeking for help on this forum and asking for help with Gold's Gym and Zinc collectors. I read some successful tread's about membership cancellation and would like ask you for help. This is the story: I went Gold's gym since February 2012 in London and in December 2012 decided cancel my membership, the reason - get a new job in North Yorkshire. I notify gym staff about it and filled cancellation form, manager mentioned that last payment would be made in January 2013 and I still can visit gym in January. I wasn't worry about it since November 2013, when I start receiving annoying calls from Zinc group collectors, who require 168 pound. In fact they doesn't send my any notification or mail/email for a half year. My partner was living before September 2013 in London at the same address, but she don't get any letter from Gold's Gym. All what they have been done since now - sending stupid promotion messages to mobile, but no word about problems with account. When I contact with manager from Gold's Gym by email, that's what I received back: Nice xmas present from Gold's Gym, hell yeah. If you have any comments or advice about this situation, it would be very helpful for me, I know you are the best in same sort of questions. Thanks a lot, Jev P.S: Sorry for grammar, English isn't my first language
  8. Hi, me and my partner joined the gym on 14/01/14, we paid for the remainder of the month upfront by cash or card, a nd then set up a direct debit to start from February on wards. We are on a rolling contract and was verbally told we need to give a months notice before cancellation, although this is not in the written contract. Moving house and realsing we cannot afford the gym membership we decided to cancel. I believe since we paid for the remainder of the month upfront, and that the direct debits had not started we are entitled to the 14 day cool off period as in effect our contract had not started (I may be corrected). When stating this to the gym in a cancellation email they completely ignored this aspect and referred to the months notice. The direct debit has been cancelled. Am I correct in my reasoning that we were entitled to the cooling off period, or was the paying upfront classed as part of the contracted payments? Secondly, if I've cancelled the DD, are they likely to pursue the months fee which would be £70 between us?
  9. Hi! I have been a member of Pure Gym since november 2012. I freeze my membership at the end of november 2013, but instead of 5,99 a month I am still paying 17,99. Could you please help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I've been a member of the Pure Gym in Manchester since December last year. I joined when they was offering £11.99 a month membership for 1 year, and thought this would be my last month. I had left just enough in my bank to pay the £11.99, but since the fee had been raised to £18.99, my bank returned the DD. I was going to cancel at the end of this month because of the price increase, but this morning I received an email saying: Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your agreement with Pure Gym. Your bank have advised us that your December instalment has been returned unpaid "refer to payer" as there were insufficient funds in the account to pay the amount due. We will therefore debit your account on 19 DEC 13 for the total amount of £38.99 made up as follows: Instalment Amount £18.99 Administration Fee £20.00 Total Due £38.99 Please note that the submission for this will be made two working days prior to 19 DEC 13 and if this date is not convenient, please contact us on the HARLANDS HELPLINE - 0871 876 8712 *. Calls to this number cost 10p/minute including VAT from a BT landline. Calls from other phones may cost more. I don't want to pay this as I didn't want the membership at that price, is there anything I can do about this?
  11. Hi i'm ESA in the support group, my condition is anxiety, I was wondering am i allowed to go to they gym because i think it would be good for me, or would this be sometime of fraud, also am i allowed to do things that would get me better like going to groups, meeting friends etc
  12. Hi everyone, this is my first post on a forum so please be gentle if I make any mistakes regarding forum etiquette. I am at a loss as to where to turn to next so I am hoping that you guys will be able to help me (thanks to everyone in advance by the way). I have been a member of DW gym in Oldham for a while and out of the blue I received a letter saying I have cancelled my Direct Debit (DD) which I haven’t. I popped into the gym and they confirmed that they have tried to take money from my account on ‘several occasions’ but they have been rejected. Panicking that all my money had disappeared I went to the bank who told me that my DD is still live and I have plenty of credit. They also confirmed that the gym have not been making requests for the money and if they did receive a request from the gym they would have paid it. I returned to the gym with the evidence (statements and a list of my DD that are live) and the finance manager told me I would have to wait to hear from the Area Manager (AM) and in the mean time I would not be allowed to use the gym. The phone call never came so I kept chasing them and was told the AM was off ill. After about three weeks I received a letter from a debt collectors saying I am now classed as a ‘bad debt’ and will have to deal with them and pay their charges. I phoned the debt collectors and told them I am dealing with they gym and explained about the AM being absent but am waiting for a response from him. After lots of chasing and not hearing anything for ages and emailing them through the website I phoned up head office and was given an email address straight to customer service. I started emailing this and eventually got an unpleasant phone call off the AM who didn’t help at all only told me that until I pay the money I owe I am not allowed to use the gym . The problem is, that no one has told me how much I owe the gym and I have since emailed them to ask if they can just tell me how much I owe, this was the response: After speaking with the area manager he said he feels he made himself very clear at the time you spoke to him with regards what and why you owe DW sports. Unfortunately at customer services we do not have the authorisation to overrule the area managers decision and you have spoken to the highest point of contact. We now consider this matter closed. Kind Regards, I now have the debt collection agency trying to find out how much I owe the gym as they appear to not be sure either. I’m stuck racking up debt for no other reason that they refuse to tell me how much I owe, Im petrified that this will go against my credit rating even though ive done nothing but try and pay and have had enough funds in my account, the problem is that the gym decided to stop taking payment for some reason and finally, will I have to pay for the time I have been denied access from the gym while they have refused to help me? I’m perfectly happy to pay the money I owe them, it’s a service which I have used and until this, been happy with. But I really don’t feel that I should be forced to pay for the time I have not been allowed to the gym for no other reason than their failings with finance and customer service. I have never had to try so hard to pay someone! Sorry I've had a bit of a rant but I just have no idea what to do.
  13. Morning, I've read through the hundreds of Harlands/CRS threads and kind of concluded that after a lot of trying to be logical with them, everyone ends up writing a final letter saying go away or go to court but I'll be ignoring you from now on. With that in mind, I've had a 2nd chaser letter from CRS now and I'm ready to send the following response I was just hoping for a little advice to make sure I wasn't jumping in too two footed. I'm not prepared to pay even close to what they claim I'm owing and I would happily defend myself if they took the matter to court. letter attached. Thoughts would be welcomed. I have an email from Harlands accepting my cancellation due to relocation but as I havent settled the disputed debt they have still continued to add additional admin and now CRS fees. I also have an email following me requesting they place a freeze on the account until the dispute is resolved confirming they received that request but chose to ignore it and add further fees. Cheers Scott
  14. I took out a 12 month gym contract which is being dealt with through Harlands. I have called the gym and they just said 'no worries just give your membership card back and cancel your direct debit with your bank and call Harlands to cancel' but I fear it may be a little more complex than that??! My 12 month contract is until August 2014 but I have since been diagnosed with agoraphobia amongst other mental health conditions so, needless to say I cannot go to the gym. Im awaiting therapy but the wait is currently approx 15 months so my health is not likely to improve any time soon. So, I have emailed Harlands explaining my situation and advising them I can forward a copy of my letter from my Consultant Clinical Psychologist detailing the conditions he has diagnosed me with. My query... What are my chances of them cancelling the membership? Will I end up having to pay loads of money out? (Im not working due to my illness at the moment also so cant afford it either) And, If they tell me to go forth... is there anything else I can do or try to get out of the membership? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi to all! Firstly I'd like to say this is my first experience of a forum so your patience will be appreciated. My issue with DW Gym only became apparent in the last few weeks when i tried cancelling my gym membership, when i signed up and was attending the gym, the staff seemed polite and helpful, since speaking to them about cancelling, they seem to be anything but polite, extremely rude at times and totally unhelpful! When i signed up in February 2013, i was firstly told i could pay £25 per month,minimum 6 month contract,with the option to cancel anytime after 6 months (30 days notice), or as a limited time special offer, i could have the 1st 3 months half price if i signed up for 12 months but id still be able to cancel anytime after 6 months (30 days notice) So i went for the special offer because it seemed like a pretty good deal at the time. After a month of using the gym, my work commitments in terms of hours and family commitments changed to the point that i stopped using the gym all together because i just didn't have any spare time, but i kept paying my membership of course waiting for 6 months to elapse so i could cancel. In September i rang the gym to give my notice over the phone and got told i could only give my 30 day notice in person, which seemed a bit odd, but i said i would and ended up paying for the month of October as well because i couldn't get to the gym before the beginning of the month,at which point i cancelled my direct debit as well. After cancelling the direct debit, i went to the gym to hand my gym card in and to fill out any necessary paperwork, i got told my notice would only start from then and i'd have to pay for November as well before i could cancel, i told them i had hardly used the gym since i signed up and that i did try giving my notice in September over the phone but they were not having any of it so i agreed begrudgingly. Then after id filled out the paperwork,the girl at the desk said there was a problem, so she called her colleague to the desk who told me i couldn't cancel my membership for a minimum of 12 months, i was shocked, when i told her that wasn't what i was told when i signed up, i basically got told that i was lying, there colleague wouldn't have told me that, they've got a signed contract saying otherwise,which if i didn't read before signing then it wasn't there problem, and that id have to pay until February or they would take me to court! I really feel i was mis sold the membership, feel like a idiot for not reading before signing but i took the salesperson word for it, who at the time seemed very polite, trustworthy and genuine! Is there anything i can do?
  16. Hi, I have taken out a 24 month membership with Ashburn Finance for my local gym, I am now 12 months into membership but wish to cancel-I believe there was a 2011 legislation which stated it was illegal for gyms to enforce contracts of greater duration than 12 months.
  17. Hello i wonder if you can help us. My 20 year old daughter joined DW gym wigan ,with her friend on a 6 month contract. They have been going daily but have increasingly been made to feel very uncomfortable by a member of staff that has personal issues with my daughters friend. (whispering,gossiping,watching them workout with fellow staff members). In the end my daughters friend went to the manager and asked for help. The result action was her contract was terminated without any discussion and no apology. This now leaves my daughter in a very unfortunate position as she now cannot get to the gym as cant drive , no longer has a friend to go with and most important feels intimidated and threatened by the staff. She has twice asked at reception to cancel her contract for the above reasons but were very rude. We rang the manager who was also unwilling to listen and would not help. He even told us to find our own phone number for head office. We have sent an email to customer services explaining our concerns and asked to cancel her contract a nd we have cancelled her direct debit but have still not had a reply. My daughter is now worried they will chase her for the money.
  18. Hi, Looking for some advice on a gym membership that i didn't sign up for. CRS are claiming i owe them £250 for various fees and missed payments for a 12 month gym contract with Xercise 4 Less that i never signed up for. First letter i got from them was on 16 July, i responded to this by email stating that i never signed up for any membership and have never even been into the gym. They then called me on the 1st August asking me to send a copy of some ID to them, I sent them a copy of my driving license, only after i did this did i wonder why they wanted it. They then got back to me again on the 6th August stating that as all the details on the contract were correct that the contract must be valid and that i have 10 days to pay. I asked them to send me a copy of a signed contract, knowing there isnt one, a nd they have now sent what looks like a webform with my details which i received today. I have not paid a penny to anyone regarding this contract and have never set foot anywhere near this gym, the only contact i have ever had is regarding missed payments. They had set up a direct debit which i promptly cancelled before any payment was taken as I had no idea who Harlands were. Hope someone can give some advice as im not sure what to do next? Thanks
  19. Dear all, I have recently been informed that my 17 year old Son had a one month trial membership at LA Fitness. He went with a friend in January 2013 and was informed that he could have a months taster but had to pay up front which he did. I have now been informed by my rather worried son that he has received a letter from ARC Europe for £539:00 which includes a £40 administration fee to be paid within 10 days or it may be passed to there solicitors. I have called ARC today but the response was non helpful. My son turned 18 in April 2013 Please advise Dad67 (worried dad)
  20. Soo.... I've been asking a friend of mine to join the gym with me but says he can't due to cancelling the DD of a previous 12 month contract after 3 months due to injury but I don't think he informed the gym of this reason. This happened about 2 years ago and he received letters saying he owed around £300 of remaining fees. However he has not heard from them in the last 5 months. Would the charges come back if he joined another gym although the DD would be through Harlands or does the lack of post mean that it has been forgotten about? I have a feeling the answer will probably be the same as the other posts on here: to write to Harlands and agree to pay the remaining membership fees... Then again does the fact he's not heard from them since change anything? I guess he could try and use the injury as a way out but with there being no real evidence it doesn't seem likely... Thanks!
  21. Hallo need some advice, In April 2012 I signed a 12 month gym contract with Fit for Free; Off-Peak fitness, @ £9.95 per month. On the 16th July 2012, I upgraded from Off-Peak fitness to Unlimited fitness, @£15.95 per month, following the completion of an upgrade request form at the reception. I was not given a copy of this form. After 10 months I stopped going too the gym and after 11 months I cancelled the standing order. My reason for cancelling was that some of the equipment had not been maintained, and after reporting it the several times to the staff, nothing was done about it. Addionally I clearly ticked the box I do not wish to be contacted by Fit For Free for special offers and marketing purposes. Yet I have, by email and text messaging, been contacted. On the 24th April 2013 I recieved a letter from Fit for Free asking that I pay £33.90. I replied saying that I was willing to pay £9.95 the amount on the contract that I had signed. Nowhere on the contract does it say that if I upgrade my membership that I will be held liable for the increased amount. I asked Fit for Free to show me a contract that I had signed, which said I had to pay the increased amount. They didn't show me a contract of course, because there is no contract. On the 29th May I was contacted by CCI Legal, saying that I had an account with them and that I now owed £100.85. On 1st June I emailed CCI, telling them that I was in dispute with Fit for Free and in no way was I admitting that I had a debt. They ignored this letter and have phoned me every working day at the same time, using an automated voice robot. They have also sent me letters. In the letters they threaten to use one of 8 methods to get money and they urge me to call a premium rate phone number to workout a payment plan. What to do now, how can I get these bullying lawyers to stop harressing me? Is legal action an option? Thanks for any advice. Kaly
  22. I am having enourmous problems cancelling our gym membership and have had a major falling out with Harlands. The basic premise is that a DD payment was taken on the 8th February and we also gave 3 months notice (or as Harlands put it 3 further DD payments) on the same day - 8th February. I consider the 3 months notice would take us to the 8th May therefore the last 3 payments would be 8th Feb, 8 Mar and 8 Apr. I therefore cancelled our DD on 28 April. Harlands disagree and say notice being given on the same day as a payment means that the 8 February payment was taken before notice was given. Harlands therefore maintain that the 3 final payments are actually 8 Mar, 8 Apr and 8 May meaning our gym membership expires 8 June. Neither of us are budging and we've received the first debt collection letter with £25 additional fee. I am now expecting another letter (and admin fee) following a recent conversation. They are rude and obnoxious and i have no wish to make any further payment if that can be avoided. I have not put much in writing as yet. I did however reply to their original email saying that the final payments were 8 Mar, 8 Apr and 8 May. My reply said that i disputed this and (as stated above) I consider the 3 final payments to be 8 Feb, 8 Mar and 8 Apr. Harlands did not respond to this. I would appreciate any advice people have. I am now at the stage where i wish to put something in writing but would appreciate any guidance about what that should be. I'm also interested in whether members consider that my viewpoint or Harlands is legally correct (ie is notice valid on the same day as a payment is taken). Many thanks in anticipation of your help, unhappy_in_leeds
  23. hi there, i need some help please. My son (student) signed up for membership at DW Gym. After making the first two months payment via DD, he was involved in a car accident, (non-fault and car written off) and we have a medical report to show injuries sustained from the accident. DW Gym have been called and emailed requesting that the membership be cancelled as he is not allowed to go to a gym (he has a sports scholarship so that's been messed up too). How can we get them to cancel the subscription? A third payment was taken from his account only this morning, after a two month period of suspension. HELP!!!! Thanks
  24. Hi i am looking for some advice regarding cancelling my gym membership early, i joined a low cost gym in march and signed up for 12 months and what to get out of my contract. There are a lot of meat heads who go to the gym and all the machines are always busy but tonight was the second time in few weeks that i have been told to f**king hurry up and stop taking too long on a machine by one such meat head. To be honest i'm not a big person and only go to keep healthy so feel annoyed and upset and scared about being spoken to like this, there are only ever 1 or 2 members of staff in and i don't really want to approach them and would just rather cancel and find a nicer gym. What should i do?
  25. I signed up for a 36 month contract with a local gym, not a chain, but Underground Fitness in Sheffield, in 2012. I broke my arm soon after and found that I couldn't attend. The relationship I had with the gym wasn't great to start with. The girl who was attributed to me as my personal trainer wasn't brilliant and I found that I didn't use the gym as a result of this. I have now been with them since June 1st 2012 and wanted to cancel in June of this year. I appreciate that I have an obligation for 12 months of the contract at least, but thought the High Court Ruling last year meant that the remaining two years would be unenforceable as the contract length was equivalent to an unreasonable contract clause. I contacted Harlands by email saying I wished to cancel as the service at the gym wasn't tailored as promised and they had under-delivered. I received a reply saying I had to pay to the end of the 3 year contract. I rang up and spoke to someone there and said that the recent High court ruling found that any contract over 12 months was unreasonable and therefore unenforceable. They said that this only applied to Ashbourne contracts. They said they were not bound by this ruling as they provided fair exit from the policies, ie if I moved, if I was injured or if I paid a fee. The fee came through today and is £273, the difference between the discounted gym membership I had for the year and the price of a full priced 12 month membership. I can't afford to pay this amount now and am struggling to pay the monthly sum of £18.00 a month. Having googled the issue, I found your website and borrowed some text from your standard letters. It was the message that cited the court case, so I sent this by email to Harlands. They've since sent me back a holding reply. Originally I'd seen this information on the Citizens Advice Bureau webpage and I spoke to someone there who said that as I'd signed a 3 year contract I'd have to carry on paying. I asked them about the high court ruling and they said they didn't know about it. I'm confused now. Is there any way at all of getting out of this contract without having to pay £273? Or am I stuck with it for the next 2 years? Hope someone can help!!
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