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  1. Hi all, hoping someone can advise on this please! I have been ordering clothes from an online retailer for around five years now with no problems. On my last order I returned some of the items, only to then receive an email from them saying that one of the items was damaged so they won't be refunding me for that item. I immediately told them that the items were fine when they left me, so they must have been damaged in transit, but despite numerous emails they are refusing to accept that they could be responsible and simply repeat that the item was damaged when returned to them, so it i
  2. Just looked outside,pulled myself away from the Bear Garden for a moment.Only a moment,back again now. How is it where you are. Be careful out there. 22.19 update It has cleared now i cannot understand why. Moon is nice to look at tonight.Like a half Blood Super Moon again. Get the cameras out.Let me see some footage. Perhaps i need to go to Specsavers.: 17 minutes from Fog to clear as a bell,who would believe it. Oh dear this is not turning into a live coverage as on the lunar eclipse night is it. No i am off. Sighs of relief all round.
  3. Having done some reading and useful links I came across this story and could help some motorists that have had a PCN issued by a CEO for having their ticket blown over and facing down for more info please read here http://metro.co.uk/2015/08/17/heres-how-to-get-your-parking-fine-cancelled-5346489/ Linked from Scoop.it and metro.co.uk
  4. Hi all, would just like some advice please. My daughter and her partner had PPI some years ago, but have no paperwork or proof. they keep on getting calls from CMC's who claim that they can find any PPI you had and reclaim it, even if you have no paperwork or details. Obviously, as it stands, they feel they have no way of getting anything, so they are thinking, maybe paying a CMC 30% commision is a worthwhile fee to do something they cant. ANy thoughts on the matter greatly appreciated. Ian
  5. Hi, I'm one of the many that Erudio have tried to [problem]! 1997 Mortgage style loan. Never a problem with SLC. Never earned over the threshold and have deferred every year. As I'm registered disabled and in receipt of DLA (lifetime award) and earn below the repayment threshold (just!) I applied for a 36 month deferral under the T&C. in 2014. This year, after a year or so of belligerence and a FOS complaint Erudio agreed to backdate my deferral and were ordered by the FOS to pay me 100pounds compensation. (Erudio also lie through their teeth & make the 'ru
  6. Hi Seems a common complaint but just thought I'd add my voice and seek advice. Stop me if you've heard this one. My fiancee left her vodafone contract early due to extortionate billing and general incompetence. She payed the agreed settlement figure. Then vodafone billed her for another small payment. Around £30. She then entered into a dispute with them over this extra payment. She was unaware that vodafone had registered a default with the credit reference agency until she tried to get credit. She complained to vodafone. No joy. In the end she agr
  7. The quote below is from page 19 of my attachment called to poor to pay (Council Tax) "Four London boroughs (Bexley, Brent, Islington and Southwark) now have a policy of not using bailiffs for council tax support claimants. These authorities clearly recognise the negative impact of bailiffs on potentially vulnerable people, and instead pursue other means of enforcement. It is interesting to note that these authorities’ collection rates are close to the London average, while Lambeth, the authority that used bailiffs against the second most claimants in 2014/15, has a significantly lower
  8. I have painstakingly repaired an old Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 have the 2.3 disc but ofcourse this does not cover or allow the playing of MP3 files the later 4.3 updated software does. now there are loads of sites that either point to the now defunked sony update link or ofcourse poke you a virus file which is nothing to do with it. does anyone par chance have a working download [proved] or a copy of the disc sonicstage 4.3 that they can send me an .ISO of? this for a disabled user that has learned for years to use this devise and c
  9. Apparently, according to a friend, you can get divorced for £60. This is apparently what her parents did. My husband and I want a divorce, there is no dispute, we don't want to fight about it, we've been separated for a while and have both met someone else. What is the cheapest and easiest way of getting a divorce? I have a form printed off the internet "Application for a decree nisi/conditional order or (judicial) separation devree/order) - it's just one page and theres the option for "undefended case" which is what seems to be the right option for us. Any advice
  10. Hi all. I run a business that repairs tablet devices. A customer came to me to have a screen repaired which I repaired with a 3 month warranty. The customer returned to show his screen was lifting up. This was due to his battery swelling inside the device, not because of the work I'd done . I replaced the screen again as I broke it when I tried to push it back into place over the swollen battery, so then I also replaced the battery as a 'good will gesture' and I didn't provide a warranty for the battery as it wasn't paid for . A month later, this battery now will
  11. I have started a new thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?448084-An-interesting-link-on-mis-sold-PPI This relates to the good decision by the FOS on offsetting PPI claims against old debts I hope you drop by and have a read. This maybe of use to many other debtors in a similar situation.
  12. I haven't been frequenting the debt sections on here for a while so perhaps I am a little out of touch, must admit to being a bit taken aback. My daughter received a N1 from Northampton center, for an overdraft she had 5 years ago, she had forgotten about it(she says) and eventually it had been sold on to Cabot. I said I would have a look , went onto MCOL logged in in here name and acknowledged ticked defend all. I thought the usual, challenge charges assignment etc. etc, it was for £550. Then I thought you know I cant be bothered with this so i rang the solicitor, i nice pleasan
  13. When dealing with matters such as complaints and so on I read many times that it is best to get everything in writing, would an Email be as valid as a physical letter in such matters?
  14. Hi Can anyone help on where I stand on this Council tax due for £900+ to Coventry Council, court summons issued, court order issued, passed to Equita I since then re-payed the council all off the council tax due, via the councils portal and followed up with a phone called to check the amount owed was £0. This was done in November last year. I have be getting sporadic hand delivered letters from Equita chasing a further £310 for compliance and enforcement fees I wrote to them explaining that this debt had been settled and that the court order was as such no longer in
  15. HSBC took it upon themselves yesterday to stop my VISA DEBIT card for no good reason. I had just paid online a BT (British Telecom) bill which they thought (as stated to me when I called them) ‘suspicious’. They were in possession of two contact telephone numbers for me. They did not call either of there although when I talked to them they lied and said they had called them. This is not the first time they have done this to me. Why do any of us stay with this rubbish bank? I’m going to see my local management tomorrow and take him up one side and down the other. For all the good it
  16. After reading a paper or consultation paper I have read recently HERE reading part 6 on page 9 what does everyone else think about this? I got here by reading a thread by TT in regards to a defence for Debtor charged under section 68(1) of TCEA 2007 with "intentionally obstructing a bailiff". Am I right in thinking this looks like the start of something bigger to do with the enforcement of Court fines? The link contained in the word "HERE" in blue shows the paper in full hence why I named part 6 page 9 Any thoughts please
  17. i recieved a good reason letter today for an appointment they apparantly told me about in february to attend seetec on (12/05) but in fact the only mandatory appointment letters i got was for (20th and 22nd) both of which i canceled because they were all day appointments, then i had an appointment with my advisor this past monday and he did not mention missing an appointment or anything... im just wondering how i should go about doing this good reason letter should i simply say that i had no appointment for the 12th and include copies of the letters which state the dates are 20th/22nd jun
  18. I bought a laptop from PCworld, in the first year of ownership it started to over heat, I sent it away for repair and it came back and worked ok for about 3 months then it started to over heat again and I sent it away again and it came back fixed. About 6 months ago the fault started again I arranged again for it to be repaired, this time stating the sale of goods act because it was outside of the warranty, it came back again after about 2 weeks fixed. The fault has just started again and I will be contacting them again to get it fixed, the issue I have is if it keeps going wrong eve
  19. I had a sanction placed on my ESA for missing an appointment (that they said was alright as it conflicted with a MIND appointment) but i received a sanction a week later so i got someone to phone and was told the sanction would be sorted once i attend a new Seetec appointment so i did this the day after now a month later and i have still heard nothing (also just attended another seetec appointment which are monthly) about my sanction and i am still receiving the lower amount is it just a matter of waiting or should i phone them to try and get it sorted quicker. also on seetec i have no
  20. I have had my fill with Sky so i am transfering my phone and Broadband to Tesco. They are doing free Broadband for 12 months if i take out a phone line. Looking into reviews with Tesco broadband, it seems they have quite a few negative responses and lousy customer service. It seems they used the Thompson router which was always dropping out, These reviews are 12 months old and i cannot seem to get any current reviews.I believe they have now changed the router Has anybody on the forum got phone and broadband through Tesco now and can give me an honest review. Tesco are about to g
  21. I have a lot of debt, all of it is defaulted and I have had my head in the sand for ages and ages. I have literally made no payments for almost 48 months and other than sign up with a company who promised to help me with ppi and reducing debt, I have done nothing and I know I am an idiot - no excuses. I have negative equity in my house but have kept my mortgage payments up to date, as I am self employed my income is up and down, last month really good, this month not so good. I have looked at my debts online and listed it below, a credit card and a loan were taken out in 2008,
  22. Hello All, Can anyone advise? I have a credit score of 985 on Credit Expert, but do have an outstanding CCJ due to 'fall off' in August this year. Although I had one issue in the past, all my finances are on track and I have a good income. Can anyone advise if I am likely to be successful if I applied for either a bank loan to buy a car, or car finance, was looking around £20,000. Salary is not an issue. I don't want to 'waste' a search if the CCJ would automatically go against me. Any advice appreciated. Thanks FREDDIE
  23. hi,i received a stat demand from bw legaL regarding two lowell acounts firstly can they join two accounts together to make one some part of the stat demand has been deleted which would notify me of my rights to seek legal advice, does this mean it is not valid and are they allowed to stamp the envelopes stating they are a debt collection solitor, i have missed the deadline for setting aside and have arranged to pay monthly but i regret this now and was only done because my partner was so worried ,i think it was just a scare tactic, i have now sent a cca reques
  24. Thought I would say hello and introduce myself and wish you all a nice start to the weekend.
  25. I had a serious accident last week when a car pulled out of a side road in front of my bike, resulting in multiple injuries to me. The Police are still dealing with it but I have approached a solicitor, on the recommendation of a friend, with a view to a compensation claim. They have agreed to take the case on a no win no fee basis, with their fee capped at a maximum of 25% of the compensation award. I have no prior experience of this whatsoever, so I have no idea whether this is a normal deal or not. Is it likely they will just take 25% of whatever is settled? Would a better deal be av
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