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Found 63 results

  1. I'm going to number these points to make it easier to follow. My landlord has taken a certain irreversible path, and my question here is what can I do to minimise the damage, and what counter-action can I take, including but not limited to reporting him to any regulatory body. 1. I lived in shared property for just short of three months, leaving mid way through the last calendar month. This arrangement was governed by an AST. 2. An informal agreement was made by email that the final few days of my tenancy would be paid for at the end of that calendar month, three weeks after I had moved out. 3. A few days later, my deposit was returned, less money deducted for unsubstantiated bills. 4. When the end of the month arrived, given the discrepency with the deposit, I asked for a copy of receipts/accounts of transactions throughout my short time as tenant. 5. The landlord refused to provide these, and demanded payment, claiming I was wasting time and evading payment. 6. I asked for a list of receipts/transactions (dates, figures, brief explanation) on ten separate occasions in writing over the space of around a month, explaining that I now needed to be certain that the figure claimed was properly substantiated. 7. I made a token payment (gesture of good will) which represented 25% of the amount being demanded. I assured that I was not evading payment and committed to full payment of an agreed figure within seven days. 8. The landlord point blank ignored my request for receipts and provided just a partial scan of part of a utility bill, attempting to explain the deposit discrepency. 9. The landlord has now levelled an allegation of 'fraud' at me, and has contacted both my current landlord and my employer, demanding payment through them and making vague threats. I know this only because they have told me. I believe I have acted in good faith, and have demonstrated willingness to pay what is fairly owed via commitments to timeframes and payments demonstrating good will. I do not feel that asking for a record of receipts, especially in light of the discrepency with the deposit, is being unreasonable. I do feel that dragging in third parties including my current landlord and employer (and god knows who else he's contacted without telling me) is unreasonable on his part. He previously threatened court action but appears to be trying to strong arm his way through extortion. So... what can I do? I can't reverse the contact he's made, and am working with both employer and landlord to repair that damage, but I won't be bullied and feel strongly that I am within my rights to withhold payment until at least I'm sent a few receipts and can establish what may precisely be owing.
  2. Hi, my son ordered a new iPhone on contract to the 3 network. Between ordering it and the eventual delivery, my son changed address but notified 3 of this asap because of the expected delivery of the new phone. To cut a long story short, the phone was sent out to the old address and it has now gone missing, presumably stolen by the person who signed for it on delivery. According to the carrier's records, they were able to provide a name and description of the person who signed for the package, and it sounds like it was my son's ex-landlord, who has conveniently denied all knowledge. My son has given all this information to 3 when he requested them to put a block on the phone. The problem is that he is still being charged monthly even though he has no phone, and every time he contacts 3 on their robotic Indian call center, he keeps getting fobbed off by being told that he will receive a call from another department here in the UK, which he hasn't yet, despite it being weeks since it happened. I suspect 3 are quite happy to keep on receiving the monthly payment from my son, even though he has no phone, and they have told him that he cannot stop the contract either. Can anyone here tell me what is likely to happen next, or where is best to complain about this disgraceful service as my son is at his wits end and getting nowhere with these people.
  3. Hi I booked holiday for my family to celebrate christmas with my inlaws but airline has gone bankrupt and my bank wont do charge back because i paid with my debit card. The airline told me to go to my bank for a charge back but the bank can only do charge back if i had used credit card. What can i do to get my money back?
  4. labrat

    theyve gone - again

  5. hi,going back to march 2011 wemoved into a new house,rented.i changed electric and gas providers to edf energy,as in house before there i used them,using pre payment meters.i phoned them shortky after moving in,to get them to install pre payment meters in the new place,as i find it easier to keep up with,instead of quarterly bills. i waited and waited,and never got any calls back to say an appointment had been made for engineers to come put meters in.so i thought,i guess a quarterly bill will arrive soon,it didnt,id phoned them again,to say about putting pre payment meters in.so i stopped calling them.and all the time we was there we never recieved a bill.we was in the property from march 2011 to june 2012.i had a online account with them,so i could check balance etc,and all the times i looked it said balance £0.00. 4 days before moving out of the house,i contacted them through their website,and filled in change of address form.day before we moved.i looked at account online and this time it said £1.244.22 so i thought ok,when we get to new property ill get in touch with them and sort somethng out,like a payment plan or something.well with being busy lately with one thing and another i forgot to contact them,guess i should have really. 2 days ago i recieve a letter from "advantis debt collection centre" asking me to contact them to make arrangements to pay the debt.and if i do not contact them within 10 days further action will be taken to recover the debt.i was wondering is it better i contact edf and say ill make an arrangement to pay it back with them and not advantis ? i just found it strange that edf never sent a letter or a bill at old address for anything,except for when we moved out.would like some advice.thanks
  6. OUCH! hi all this is my first post so ill try to not bore you! I signed up for CarFinance247 i was then refused then bombarded with calls from ACF Car Finance. 2 Weeks Later I decided to take ACF up on their offer and received a like shiny newish Mondeo for £9k even thought its just worth 5-6K and paid a £200 Deposit I have my own insurance when attempted to leave ACF then forced me to take out a whole new insurance for 1 year as they wanted to make sure I had appropriate cover to ensure they get their Money Quickly ( Fair enough ) Leave with the Car and drive home 1 Week Later : Tyre Flat, Engine Misfire, and Engine management Light come on... ( again no big deal. Sh*T Happens i guess ) Another Week Later ( 12 Days After Finance Taken ) They Call me to inform me that they have cancelled the agreement and want the car back because the lender has decided to back out because the bank didnt have my home address on file. (changed it to my ex girlfriends address a little while back. I want to find out where i stand Legally can I be arrested on the way to work and have the police intervene. And can they report the car stolen? I believe the car can be repossessed but I want to use it as long as possible because I have shelled out £800 + for 2 weeks driving. £200 Deposit £250 insurance deposit ( 12 Month policy ) £400 maintenance
  7. Hi. The inbuilt CD player in my car became faulty and stopped reading CDs, so I bought a used stock headunit from an Ebay seller to replace it with. My car is a Honda Civic so I had the original unit taken out at my local Honda dealer (the dash had to come apart) and they fitted the Ebay replacement. Unfortunately this is also faulty and won't even load a disc. The Honda dealer confirmed they had fitted correctly. The seller's listing made no mention of any faults and is insisting it was ok when he dispatched it. I spent £94 on the replacement unit and £99 on fitting costs. The question is, do I have any right to ask for him to pay towards labour? He has reluctantly agreed to refund the cost of the CD player.
  8. I'm just painting my kitchen with their Light and Space paint which cost £40 for a 5l tin (!!!!!!!!!!£40??????), and it's cack. There's a couple of mist coats underneath as it was fresh plaster, and it just looks like another mist coat on top. I always do two coats when painting, but I reckon if I get away with 3 I'll be lucky. I was really reluctant to get Dulux again as I remembered last time I used it I was unimpressed, so much so that I've been using B&Q's own range which to my mind is how Dulux used to be (and half the cost which is always a bonus). I wanted the L&S though which afaik only Dulux do, and I did think that for basically double the price of their normal paint it might be better. It's not:( Is it just me being picky or has anyone else found this? I'm tempted to be really sad and complain to them about it. I bought 12.5l of the stuff so that I had tons too much, but I think I may end up using the lot and then some. Boo.
  9. I took out a debt relief order in March this year, it was approved and I have all of the paperwork with the debts listed on it, including one that was with bristow and sutor. Bristow and sutor still visited this year for some reason chasing the debt that should've been written off. Cue a few days ago when I recieved a court summons for this years council tax.. which I found confusing as i'd made two payments, one of £100 and the other of £97. I have email receipts for these. I rang the council tax offices today to be told that the money that i'd paid had infact gone to B&S this year to pay off last years council tax. I asked why on earth it had done that when I had had the money written off in a DRO. "Umm. one second please" cue a really long pause. when the lady comes back she asks me to £192 TODAY to clear the money... to stop it going to court. i can't do that so now i have to pay £97 before the 23rd of july instead and then set up a new direct debit. what i don't understand is why the money i've paid to the council as gone to the bailiffs, how does that make any sense?! i rang the insolvency agency and they said to send me a letter highlighting the debt that was listed and then copies of the letters they've sent me. she also said we would need to argue the money with them to get it back as the £197 that has gone to B&S when it shouldn't have done. Can anyone enlighten me as to what I should do and where I should start?! I'm so confused and i can't quite believe i've paid this years council tax and it's gone onto an old debt that shouldn't even be there..
  10. My wife works as a home carer and needs a car for work. Her last one recently failed it's MOT and was going to cost too much to fix. We went to get a Fiesta last Saturday from a dealer we found via Auto Trader. They are an established second hand dealer, not someone selling outside their own home. It's an 02 Fiesta Mk4 which was only MOT'd the day before. She paid on a Visa Debit card, issued by her building society, bar £100 cash deposit when we first went to see it. She's only had it 6 days... Their own mechanic talked to us to say he had just replaced all the brake pads and given it a good going over for the MOT. He said it was a darned good car etc etc. He was also saying to take it back to them for MOT as they were reasonable for anything that needed fixing. We've brought it back home and she's run it for work a couple of days. We found that one wing mirror was faulty, the toggle thing didn't move it and there's a bit of something wedging it to hold it in place. The petrol cap didn't lock and the rear wiper was loose - all minor things we were getting our local garage to fix. She set off this afternoon, got about half a mile and the clutch went - foot to the floor. She managed to nurse it back home in first, round the block. She's very upset as she's had to call work and say she cannot do her calls. I've called the dealer, they say we need to take it back to them and it will cost (about...) £150 to fix ! That's on top of paying to get it there as it won't drive. It's about 25 miles by road. Estimate is about £70 to get it taken there. I've told them I'm not happy about that, we'll get a local garage to look at it and send them the bill. They say that the clutch isn't part of the MOT and they will not pay for the repair work. They're trying to make out we've probably ridden the clutch and made it fail - rubbish... We're having to pay for the car picking up and repairing, the local garage are ordering the parts and they will do it ASAP, they say Monday or Tuesday. As an independent garage I'm asking them to give us a report on the car, as though it was in for it's MOT. To be able to do her job, my wife is having to hire a car - which is going to cost her more of course. It's either that, or she does not get paid and could even lose her job. I'm happy to take this up with Trading Standards if needs be, my view is that if something goes wrong within such a short time then the dealer should accept some liability. But, I'm not 100% sure of myself, hence asking here. I'm also dropping an email to Trading Standards and will refer them back here, so they know I'm trying to get valuable CAG feedback too. If we have redress and the dealer refuses to pay then I'd go to the courts, but need to be sure of my ground before we got anywhere near that of course. I've read lots of similar stories which range from getting nowhere at all through to having the car fixed and billing the dealer for the full cost and the hire car, on the grounds that the vehicle should have been fit for purpose. Where do we stand?
  11. Hi. Seems to be an epidemic of this happening according to these forums. In May 2011, I sold my old car and duly filled in the V5C and posted it. In around July, I moved house. I setup a Royal Mail forwarding service to forward mail posted to my old address to my new address. It would then appear that the DVLA did not receive the V5C, as they sent a Failure to Notify letter to my old address in September. Understandably peeved, I wrote back to them, giving them my new address for correspondence as well as protesting my innocence. A few weeks later, they replied - to the old address. I wrote back once again, again confirming my new address and again asking for common sense to be applied. This was in October 2011. I received a reply to the second mail - again - to the old address a couple of weeks later, saying that they still believed they had a case and would take me to court and that they would be in contact in due course. I heard nothing. For months. I wrote asking for clarification in December, but had no reply. I kept the forwarding running until early this year and then cancelled it as I was not getting any more forwarded mail. Fast forward to today (June 28th), and on my doormat, addressed to my new address is a letter from Marston Group, postmarked the 22nd, who are claiming a Magistrates Court Order has been raised against me, and that if I do not pay the sum of £575 within 7 days (gee, sent on the 22nd, arrived on the 28th - helpful!) then a bailiff will visit and will 'levy distress' and 'remove goods' to sell at auction. It seems completely obvious what has happened here - the DVLA, despite being informed of my new address - THREE TIMES, decided to continue to serve notices to my old address, and obviously, after my mail forwarding was cancelled, these were never received by me. So, it would appear that I have been found guilty at a magistrates court at a trial I was never even made aware of. I have spoken to Marston Group, who - graciously(!) - will suspend the case for 7 more days. The DVLA are closed, though I suspect they'll be as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Anyone got any help? I am very worried about the prospect of a bailiff visiting and extorting cash or goods from me. Thanks.
  12. Hi. I phoned Morgans today as I sent them a cheque to clear my balance - but have received no paperwork. The woman who answered the phone was very shifty - and said that Morgans had been taken over. I'm worried my balance hasnt been cleared... even though they have had the money... Anybody know anything?
  13. How can i remove the wrongly applied Gone Away label from my Barclays current account? i have not gone anywhere, is there an e mail address i can write to? i am getting no joy what so ever from my local branch. Thanks.
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