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  1. Well this could turn nasty so i wanted to get some heads up opinions here first. me and a family member decided to go down a new venture and purchase 3 or so cars from a car auction. We turned up in person and paid them in reception for a few cars. We arrange a recovery guy to collect them and drop them at our desired locations. 1st car collected and dropped off fine. 2nd car the recovery guy calls me and says his truck cannot handle the weight of the vehicle so he will have to skip that one and do the last one which was delivered fine. Straight away i have called the auction company and told them is the particular vehicle out the front they said yes, i said can i keep it there until i arrange someone to collect it. They said yes how long. I said maximum 2 days, they said yes thats fine we'll leave it there no problems. The next day i have called them to get a quote for them to deliver the vehicle themselves as i was having a nightmare finding someone who would do the job at a reasonable price (quotes were £100 for 22 miles!!!) the auction company said it would cost about £35, i said fantastic the car is out the front of your offices please double check and i'll go for that. They said fine they'll locate the vehicle and call me back to sort it out. I got a call back saying there is no vehicle there. The vehicle is not out the back (with the other 1000 or 2000 other cars they have) nor in the front where the recovery guy i used said the auctions staff parked it up next to reception. I have literally called them 4 times a day as they never call me back when they say and they have yet to locate the vehicle. On their systems it is showing as being released (because 1. i paid for it and 2. the recovery guy i used initially gave the paperwork/receipt for the vehicle to the staff member who located the vehicle and gave it to my recovery guy) which then in turn said it cannot go on his trailer. To make matters worse this auction company leave all car keys attached to the steering wheel on a string. Apparently the yard where the vehicle was left (at the front) does have gates which do get locked..etc) So could i get some opinions on this? in the worst case scenario, some truck has come and pinched the car from the auction companies property. But 1. Is it my responsibility as i paid for it and initially collected it but then did not take it away (my recovery guy) or 2. Is it their responsibility as its on their land and under their control. I have not got this vehicle insured as not once have they issued me with the reg plate number so if this is pinched the only thing i can do is turn to this auction company. I hope in the next few days i can repost here and say the vehicle was located but as its been 2 or 3 days already im really doubting the vehicle is no longer in their possession and has been pinched. I am a bit lost here, help?
  2. UK: Grieving Family Face Horror of Exhuming Their Grandfather After Muslim Family Complains About Relative Being Buried Next to Non-Believer http://no1forum.co.uk/showthread.php?707-Racism-is-rife-and-native-Britain’s-are-biggest-victims&p=1302#post1302
  3. Hi Had a call from a balliff saying that I hadn't paid the amount. Original Amount was £295 Admin Fee £85 = £380 2 Payments made 27/11 £140 13/01 £150 (Error should of been £240) Upon checking my friend who I asked to pay had only paid £150 not £240 as requested when I advised this I was told that the charges for sending & attending stood, as he has gone to incorrect address is this right. I have today paid the balance outstanding through their automated system. So the original amount is clear. Where do I stand, I don't want to give them my new address, and the Balliff first said he would return to the property with a locksmith & gain entry, when I advised I didn't live at that address he said he would get a warrant for my arrest. I don't want to be arrested, if the amount is clear before he gets a warrant would it still stand, can he go to the old address and just force entry Surely if he goes back to court they have to have all the information up to date and when they check as I've cleared the original balance there is nothing to pay can anyone help as soon as possible.
  4. Hi, really hope you can help, background first - I had a loan account with Halifax until I met my now husband, he joined it and became a joint account, Halifax gave us a very large overdraft of £4,600 (we were both earning well), and we had a credit card each, plus a loan through RBS. However Easter 2011 Halifax withdrew our overdraft with just a letter, it had been okayed in the February when they looked at it, and without out warning it was gone, it left us with a £4,600 debt overnight, we were getting married in the October, so we decided to remove all of our money from the bank and move to Nationwide, and have not had credit from anywhere since, by choice. They tried several credit companies to get the money out of us, and since then at some point i did the CCA on them, cant recall when. Heard nothing from them about the overdraft account, or the 2 credit cards, get an annual statement for the loan, and a statement for another account i had with them. out of the blue I received a claim form from Cabot and admit i ignored it, as I had all other letters, I have never had a letter from Cabot saying they bought the debt, just this claim form, have had another letter come, which I cant find now! saying it went against me in court and I have to pay £85 by 05/01 or else, they say they can enforce me, I assume send bailiffs round, which i want to avoid, we dont have anything to that value. first what do i do, and 2nd i have noticed the debt, doesnt say what its for, just an amount, if its my credit cards I didnt think it was this high, if its the overdraft then its a joint account why arent they going after my hubby as well. can anyone help me please, i have had my head in the sand a bit, my hubby has aspergers so is unable to help me, and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all
  5. Name of the Claimant ? BMW Financial Services (GB) Ltd Date of issue – 10th December, 2014 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim PARTICULARS OF CLAIM 1 This claim is a consumer credit act claim 2 The claimant is a Finance Company Terms of Agreement 3 4th February 2012, Claimant and defendant entered a finance agreement 4 The particulars required by, and set out in the order prescribed by the consumer credit claim practice direction to part 7 of the civil procedure rules 1998 in respect of the said agreement are set below. : Date is as per 3 above : Details the vehicle registration and type : Total Value £19,000: : Total paid: £8,500 : Unpaid Balance £10,800 : On 13th of October 2014, claimant served default notice : Claimants right to demand delivery of vehicle accrued on the 4th November 2014 : Amount claimed in addition to deliver of goods £10,800 BREACH Defendant failed to make payments when they became due. 13th October claimant served default notice. : Defendant failed to comply with the default notice and on the 4th November the claimant accepted the defendants repudiation and the agreement was terminated. CONTRACTUAL LOSS :As of 4th November 2014, the defendant was liable to pay arrears under the agreement totalling £1,180 : On the same day, the defendant was liable to pay the full balance £9,700 : The claimant has been entitled to delivery of the vehicle since 4th November, 2014. : On the 18th November, the claimant’s solicitors demanded in writing the defendant return the vehicle, defendant refused or failed to do so. Accordingly unless and until returned the claimant is unable to give any credit is respect of the net sale proceeds. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS 1 An order for (a) damages of £10,800 comprising balance as of 4th November of £9,700 and arrears of £1,180. (b) delivery of the vehicle. 2 Costs on an indemnity basis. What is the value of the claim? £10,800 + Car? Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? PCP / Hire Purchase When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? February 2012 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. By Original Creditor Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Yes Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year Received a letter – Notice of sums in arrears also on the 12th December, date received court papers. Why did you cease payments? Direct Debit was continually not collected by creditor but not managed well on my part. What was the date of your last payment? 17th October 2014 (Card Payment via phone) Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Yes – Not happy that they failed to collect direct debit that firmly played a part in this. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? No I hope the above is not information overkill, I have trimmed it where I thought I could though hoping that all the key bits are covered. Paid the PCP for 26 months with no issue, I cancelled direct debit by mistake in June and did not notice it until they wrote to me. (Start of July) Called them and asked them to set up direct debit, explained my mistake and promised to make missed payment as soon as I could. They were not happy and explained note of credit file and generated letters etc. Rang to pay end of August missed payment via card over phone. When I did they advised that I owed also July. I argued it was only one missing payment and when discussing they accepted that they had not set up direct debit properly. Agreed that Direct Debit issue would be resolved and that I would again call to make manual payment when I could as I could only make another single payment on the phone at the time. Received a default letter in October, no reminders in September and I assumed this was as the direct debit was in order leaving me with the two running missed payments to resolve. The default letter I thought was over the two missed payments but the default was now included September as the direct debit was not being taken still. I call and have a moan, they apologise and ask for 3 months payment in one go but suggest 4 as that month is due. I say I can’t pay that all in one go and offer to pay the current month and ask them to again set-up the Direct Debit again. They take one payment on the phone and promise to have someone review my complaints about direct debits not helping out and to agree some time for me to plan on how to make good on the running arrears. I then get a termination letter November. I tried to call and make another payment over the phone to be told it’s too late and now passed to their solicitor. I then did in fact receive a letter from their solicitor, at which point, I got a little overwhelmed and embarrassingly put my head in the sand and did nothing, looking back probably some time before this point I started to make my own mess of this all..... I tried to talk to their solicitor and offer to pay the arrears in one go and or the gap between the payments made to the 50% figure required for me to voluntary terminate. They advised the client would not accept this. I tried to explain they the creditor did not help with the failed direct debits to which they acknowledged but stated that I should review my account details more effectively. Absolutely no dispute in monies owed, totally frustrated at the direct debit issues ( even though at the very root of this, it was my mistake with the direct debit initially) and moreover the fact that I paid this routinely without hitch for 26 odd months. The fact that I am or was so close the amount paid that would allow me to walk away with the return of the car being around £1,500. I would like to kindly ask for any guidance possible and I suppose damage limitation at best moving forward and hopefully some guidance as to how to manage things better than I have to date and in dealing with the court papers. Thanks kindly in advance to anyone with any input and Merry Christmas!
  6. Hi all, Just looking for advice on where I stand with the following. I had cracked the screen on my iPhone 5S, so working from home yesterday, I took the opportunity of popping to a local repair shop. The phone was working absolutely fine, the screen damage was in the top right corner. They said "leave it with us for an hour", and so I popped off for lunch. When I returned I paid the bill and took the phone, it was powered on and connected to 3G, so all looked good. The finger print scanner wasn't working but I figured I would need to set it up again. Once home (couple of minutes walk), I entered the passlock and went to add the fingerprint ID again, the phone went black, then blue screen, then black with Apple Logo, and then went into a cycle of that. I wandered back to the shop for help and they said to leave it for half and hour and they would replace the screen. Back I went, to be told they had a problem and I would need to speak to the manager. The manager informed me it was still blue screening and that it was nothing they had done but was a handset fault. He had apparently Googled Blue screen iphone and it is common... really? I said it had functioned fine until they had taken on the work - the call logs would show it in use up until I walked into the store! Anyhow, he said to leave it until today and they would try a screen from a new batch, but if that didnt work he would refit my original screen, refund me the £75 and I could take the issue up with Apple - indicating Apple wouldn't know the screen had been removed. (I guess he knows his work would invalidate the warranty.) Now I am not an expert, but surely under the provision of goods and services, he cant take in a working phone and hand me back a paperweight and a refund? Can he? Where do I stand on this? I really appreciate any advice as I am a bit unsure. Many thanks in advance, Johnny
  7. Mine have gone down in the last 3 weeks by almost £50 a week. I assumed it was because of teens ages, it happened last year too, but only for a couple of weeks. Can be something to do with admin adjusting from school leaver to college. I assumed it's the same this year, although I did let them know earlier in the year that both my 2 are at college another year. Son turns 20 in March, daughter is 18 in January. I will try & ring them monday. But is it possibly that? As I say it didn't go on this long last year & having checked my online banking, they don't backdate the payments when they sort it either do they! Why is that?
  8. My 8 year old son, was looked into for ADHD ad ADD, but was discharged on both and sent for speech help, and has hyper mobile in hands, He gets one to one help with work, as his organising skills are not best and the work is hard for him, he is behind on all levels. I had a meeting with head teacher over his work as there were days he didn't bring in his book bag, so days homework were not due in, but now told to bring in all time so does. The last day of term in february, he was off sick due to a voimting bug going around, so was not able to bring home book bag. when he returned after half term, he mentioned to his teacher that his book bag was in school and that he needed it. On the wednesday i got a call to go in and speak to the head, who told me he had to tell my son off and give him dentention over the book bag, i thought it was my younger son and explained he left his in car and i bought it in later that afternoon, but was then told oh no it my eldest lad, so i explained to him it was in school and that no teacher had handed it to him and to apologise to my son. end of day son comes out crying in floods screaming, i ran to him in fear, and was told that the head and another teacher had screamed at him calling in a liar, and then said to him oh you have a younger brother don't you, when he responded yes and gave his name and year over, they said well we going to look at your little brother as well as we think your mum is lazy! while gritting my teeth and cuddling my very emotional child back to the car, i returned to the school and had a word with the head who told me it was all my sons fault. My children were late in for 1s time in a long time, due to my 4 year old have global development delay and physical disability with all over hyper mobile, we did a ride a bike to school thing and trying to get my 4 year old there was not easy, i explained to the head what had happened and why, he was ok with this as we have CAF meeting over my 4 year old at the school for when he starts. Today my son came and said mum, what do i tell the teacher when they ask how my home life is? i asked what does he mean, and he said well they always ask me whats going on at home, he tells them nothing and that everything ok, but was then asked why we don't go out on weekends, he told them daddy works weekends and has the car, and we have not way of getting his 4 year old brother out without the car, as he can not walk a distance, they didn't believe him and again made him cry. when my son started he was ok then in year 3 he started chewing his sleeves, and i was informed then he had one to one with this teacher, then the teacher went on maternity and he didn't chew, now she back and teaching him again he chewing. im at a loss what to do, I'm viewing other schools to get them out, as he constantly being told off for not meeting there targets for the government needs on sats etc. He is always in tears of he can't finish his homework so I've resorted to doing it for him, so he writes it and i tell him the answers he can't get them. Ive spoke to my other childs teacher who explained my son above average and that there is no need to worry, I'm also concerned over my 4 year stating if he like this with my 8 year old i worry about my youngest he can't handle being shouted at, as it will make him hide in a shell and won't come round unless I'm there and can't go toilet and I've already been informed that a big no! I'm moving them but would still like them to be invistaged over this but how so sorry for all the spelling mistakes I'm typing angry and i shouldn't
  9. Morning, i decided to buy a Mini Cooper, and collected it last Tuesday. My Credit was not brilliant (please dont judge me) so decided to go down the guaranteed car credit route. I bought the car just over 80 miles away from where i live, on the way home 20.00 at night on the motor way when i went to accelerate the revs seem to go up but the car did not accelerate very fast. as not knowing a great deal about mini's never thought any more of it. I have only used the car a couple of times this week to get to work which is only 2 miles away. Sat night we decided to take the car out and visit friends, on the way home i went to accelerate the revs went up to 7000 with no acceleration, im pretty sure the clutch is slipping and the clutch pedal is very heavy. We pulled into a garage and i could smell a burning smell. My question is could i still take the car back even though i got guaranteed credit on the car ?
  10. Hi All, I bought a used car (02 reg) with 124k miles on the clock in November 2013 - it was described as perfect in every way with full main dealer service history. Car was driving very well. It broke down last week and had to recovered to my local independent for the brand. They have now confirmed that the fuel pump needs changing. I have tried contacting the dealer (works from home) several times on his mobile - that is the only contact for him - no answer. He is one person but has a proper company registered (googled him) and had given me a proper receipt when I bought. I paid via direct bank transfer. I have now sent a letter to him by recorded delivery worded as at the bottom of this post. Now the independent garage have kindly agreed to hold on to the car till I give the green signal to fix it. I do need the car for work. I can manage a week or so with public transport. Now if the dealer does not respond within 7 days, I intend to pursue the matter. But can I get it repaired after the 7 days and claim the cost instead on the premise that I did give him the opportunity to put things right but he didn't. Thanks very much in anticipation. ******************* Dear ****, RE: Faulty goods and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) On 16th November 2013 I bought a ***** (registration number *****) from you for **** which broke down on 14th January 2014. I have had to use my recovery company (*****) to recover the car to my local ***** Specialist ****** (based at ******). They have now confirmed that the problem is that the fuel pump in the car is faulty and needs replacing. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states that when a consumer buys goods from a trader they must be: as described; of a satisfactory quality; and fit for any purpose made known at the time of sale to the seller. This legislation also states that the seller, not the manufacturer, is legally obliged to sort out a problem if the goods do not meet these requirements. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says: if goods break within the first six months after purchase then there is a presumption the goods were faulty when sold. The car was not of satisfactory quality when sold to me and I wish to claim a repair (of satisfactory quality) of the car under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended. Please respond to my complaint within 7 days from receipt of this letter. If you need to speak to me, my number is ******. If you need to speak to the dealer, please ring them on ******* and ask to speak to ******. Yours faithfully, [your name] *******************
  11. Hi all, I was informed today that Welcome Finance have gone bust! Is this true and if so who is collecting my direct debits each month?
  12. Following the annus horribilis of 2013 when Sobell went awol in may 2013, to be replaced by GPB Solicitors, who subsequently were closed down by the SRA, for dishonest practice, it appears on the Law Society website that the infamous Graham White are no more at KT14 6ND. I did find it rather strange that 2 firms of solicitors were registered at Roxburghe at the same time! However Sobell is still registered but at no addresss. Whats going on Hummmmmmm !!! !
  13. as above we've not heard from Gerry for more than a month now on cag wheres he gone? dx CAG siteteam. thread created to alert twitter account
  14. Dear all, I am writing to ask advice on some issues that have arisen since I had a guitar in for modification with an independent “specialist” or luthier. The guitar came back with a variety of issues and the job was clearly not performed correctly on closer inspection. The issues that have arisen are due to poor workmanship, lack of attention to detail and general negligence. The guitar was worth around £1700 but has had its value significantly reduced due to the luthiers' poor workmanship. It will cost quite a bit to get it put right – potentially a very big job. I now need to either: Get the guitar in proper order, be adequately compensated for the loss in value or receive a new guitar. Thus far I have managed to cancel the cheque for £150 that I made as payment for the work. I would not consider giving him the guitar back to try and correct his mistakes. I wrote the cheque because I had not had chance to take a close look at the guitar which revealed many issues. Do I need to see a solicitor? The person is operating from home under a company name and was recommended to me. I would be very grateful for any advice I could receive on how to proceed with this matter. Thank you.
  15. long story short. My employer sent me arond £1k of "work" using signed for royal mail service. After a week, i hadn't received it. Phoned employer, they sent me link to tracking site, where it was clear the item had been signed for. Not by me. No neighbours signed for it. A week AFTER this my wife found a royal mail slip behind the door saying " item in blue bin" Obv there was nothing in the blue bin. So where do i stand. RM say its only insured for £50. employer has now washed their hands of it, and ME ! I'm not pointing a finger here, BUT i have had signed for items delivered to my address before without me ever having signed for them....
  16. Hi all I got a court fine through doing something really stupid and was paying it back out of my benefits. I then got a job and my benefits stopped but I completely forgot about my fine. Next thing I know I got a further steps notice in the post and I paid £25 online (I still owe £260). On Monday I got home from work (I work 9 - 530 and don't get a signal on my personal mobile) and there was a message on my home voicemail from the courts saying could I get in touch. I rang them today and got told that it got sent to the baliffs yesterday so I was a day too late to sort it out with the courts and that they'd issued a distress warrant to Marstons and that I'd have to sort it out with them. What can I do now as I can't afford the £260 in one lump sum. I'm not at home during the day so am scared that they'll break in and take goods. I'm under the doctor for treatment of depression and alcoholism. I know that in some cases you can tell the Baliff that and they have to send the debt back but would this work with Marstons/court order? I have their phone number to call them but wanted to find out what I should/could do to prevent them coming to the house? thanks Mary
  17. Hi I phoned ESA on Monday to see if I would be receiving my payment today and whilst on the phone asked if they could tell me about results of medical and operator said the decision has gone in your favour. Had letter today failed medical zero points so phoned them again call centre had no record of sending me a failed letter out and took details for them to contact me back and no decision has been made. What is going on with these people I even asked him again "so the decision has gone in my favour" he said "yes the system has not updated yet and your file is with the payments section a letter is in the post" Benefit delivery centre said no decision has been made although I got zero points decision maker can overturn medical report and award ESA . So my question whats the best way to go about putting a complaint in. Thanks for any replies in advance Suebear
  18. Hi, *Please move this thread to the appropriate section if necessary* I received a letter from Whyte & Co a few days ago stating that I owed £473.65 (£551.15 with their fees added on) worth of council tax. They came to my flat a few hours ago saying that the fee had gone up to £569.15. I didn't open the door and told them (through the letter box) that I'd be willing to arrange a repayment plan. They said they'd only be willing to do this if they could come in to see and list my goods. I refused this and they basically left. I called their office and they pretty much told me the same thing. I then called the council (Greenwich) and asked them about any liability orders against me and this was the only one. The council tax I owe is from the last property I was living in; I wasn't aware that I owed the money and I didn't receive a final letter from the council regarding this. The council told me that once it had gone to the bailiff then there is nothing they can do on their end. What do you think I should do at this stage? Is there any way I can get this returned to Greenwich Council? Are the charges from Whyte & Co fair and am I obligated to pay them? I've attached the documents I've received from Whyte & Co. Thanks in advanced.
  19. Hello all, A friend of mine was on the phone to me yesterday in tears, his benefit has been sanctioned, and he will not be paid any money until the 15th May. His Pre-Payment electric meter went off yesterday after he exceeded his credit and is now sitting in the dark with no heating. He has been told he cannot apply for a crisis loan as they have now gone and the council do not give money out. He has no food, no electricity, no heating and no credit on his phone now. I live 200 miles away and cannot get to him. The DWP are adamant that he is to get no money and the Citizens Advice helpline is constantly engaged. Its cruel what they have done to him. I have advised him to goto the CAB office first thing. What can he do to get Electric, heating and some food. (I thought about food banks) Any tips please.... till I can get him some money after I get my benefits on Wednesday. Thx Peter
  20. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/23-13#.UUi-_leB7DU And this http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/mar/19/payday-lender-shut-identity-fraud In the Guardian article, it states that MCO are using Webloans Processing and NDR to collect debts but as regulars already know Webloans is Toothfairy and Toothfairy and MCO are the same company, Sniff sniff???
  21. FYI I've just entered into IVA and one of my creditors was Pound Access. I've been recieving an awful lot of emails of them telling me that they're issuing a CCJ and passing my debt on to a 3rd party so I decided to call them to advise them that I was in an IVA and that they were legally bound to the terms, only to be told by the woman who answered the phone that Pound Access had gone into liquidation.
  22. Having bidded on a cycle on eBay I was really pleased that i'd won it. I messaged the seller to inform him that I would pay for the bike in a couple of days as I told him I was away. He, in the meantime, asked me if I could pay which I duly did two days after. The bike was over 300 miles away so I asked him if I could arrange collection in the next couple of weeks once I had arranged a way of collecting it. The bike cost £300. The original purchase was on 11/3/13 Payment date: 14/3/13 Through PayPal On the 18/3/13 I was e/mailed by the seller asking me if I'd got his message as he'd sold the bike! At first I thought it was a mistake, but then realised that he informed me that he was going to give me a refund for the bike. I informed him that it was not his bike to sell and that it was mine since I had paid for it. I informed him that we'd entered into a legally binding contract and I would take it up with eBay to get their position on it. Ebay told me has was in breach of contract and that they would also inform him. I then informed my seller of the situation and told him I would get the authorities involved since he had broken the law. He thinks he hasn't done anything wrong and was quite blaise about the situation! Where do I stand and what's next is my question?? Gav
  23. Hi This is my first post on the forum, and hoping you guys can help. In 2007 I got married to my lovely wife, and we had all the usual wedding photos taken (600 I believe). At the time we did not have a lot of money so just had an album off the photographer. He said if we wanted the wedding disc it would cost another £300. We thought we'd save up for it, or have the money to buy it some time later. Anyway the photographer went out of business, but we managed to get his mobile number if we needed to get in touch. At the time he said he would not be changing the number. Some time later we now have the funds to buy the wedding disc, but the photographer has disappeared, and the phone number no longer works. We have tried to track him down, asked other photographers, used online people searches, etc but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas how we could find him? I believe we should have some rights but not sure what we can try? Any help is much appreciated. Jason
  24. Re: Halifax One card Hi, can anyone please advise. Sorry for the long thread. To cut a long story short after I thought Halifax agreed to freeze interest on my card I found out before Christmas that they had decided to just lower the interest. I was originally paying £100, (£70 of which was interest) After they lowered the rate I was paying £50 (30 of which was interest) As I had sent them an income/expenditure form and it was clear that I was struggling as my rent had gone up and I was falling behind with lots of payments I decided to just stop paying them and let them take me to court. After being hounded by them, (they were even calling me on Sunday mornings), I decided to answer their call and an arrangement was put in place on 2nd Feb whereby I would just pay £20 a month and the interest would be frozen. I offered to pay £30 but the woman said I had to pay £20 otherwise the arrangement could not be set up. However, I tried to make a payment this evening over the phone as Halifax won't accept a BACS payment from another bank and I was told that there is no record of this arrangement and my case has been referred to a claims company who asked me to pay the whole £3000. I called Halifax again but I couldn't even give them the reference number that was given to me when the arrangement was made. They just said they couldn't discuss it with me. Who can I complain to about this? The telephone conversation must have been recorded. I feel like I just can't cope anymore. I'm a single parent and have always worked but I just don't earn enough to make ends meet.
  25. Hello Everyone, Last weekend we purchased a new car, all was going fine until the dealer rang up requesting more money for an issue he has found with the car we had part exchanged. We were totally unaware of any issues and had the car checked out before taking it to him (as you will see in the emails below). He's now started to turn the screws cc'ing his solicitor in emails. I would really appreciate some views on this case, am I right to push back and where do I stand. Thanks in advance. -------------------------------------------------------- The first communication was a phone call, so no evidence of that, however email number one is the response from us to the dealer, email two is his response this evening to that email. Emails below;.... EMAIL 1 Dear XXXX, I am writing following our telephone conversation yesterday when you asked me to pay £500 towards the cost of repairs to the gear box of the Honda Jazz that you took as part exchange for the Audi that I purchased from you on Saturday 24 November. My position on this matter is; I had no awareness of an issue at the time of part exchange. I took reasonable steps to ensure that the vehicle was delivered in a clean and roadworthy condition for your viewing and testing, prior to completing the paperwork and transaction. As you had a good look around the car, started it and manoeuvred it, I had reason to believe this was your standard process and you were happy with the car, as we went ahead and completed the paperwork. I took the decision to part exchange the car with a professional tradesman to avoid this kind of confusion, as I believed that a lower, but fair price would be offered for the car as it is seen and tested. I agreed to purchase the Audi on the basis of achieving £2,000 in part exchange value for the Honda. I hope you understand that I am unable to take responsibility for any issues you feel have now arisen with the car. Therefore I will not be making any further payment beyond that which is stated and settled in our contract dated 24th November 2012. During our conversation yesterday, you stated that you haven't sent off the warranty documentation and wouldn't until you had heard from me as to whether I would agree to pay the £500 for the repairs to the Honda. Should you choose not to purchase the warranty, I believe that this would be a breach of the contract that we entered into on Saturday 24th November and any warranty claims will become your responsibility under that contract which states the car is supplied with 12 months warranty. I trust that this puts an end to this matter. I would like to thank you for otherwise making the purchase of a new car a less stressful experience. I believe you are a good man operating a good business and I will not hesitate in recommending you to friends and family looking to purchase Audi's in the future. All the best for you and your family. Kind regards, XXXXXXXX EMAIL 2; Dear XXXXXXXX Without Prejudice Thank you for your email dated the 27th of November 2012. I am extremely disappointed with your stance on the matter and wish to put on the record the following as I believe you have been dishonest in your dealing with me for the following reasons: 1. You never brought the part exchange car for me to see on Thursday the 22nd of November 2012, so I had no chance of seeing and testing the vehicle. 2. When you decided to purchase the Audi A4 from me you said you had part exchange vehicle which was in good condition and no mention was made of any mechanical problems. 3. When you came to pick up the Audi on Saturday, you wanted to test drive the Audi and you were happy with the way it performed. 4. The only experience I had with driving your vehicle was maneuvering about 12 inches in my driveway in order to get the vehicle you have purchased out for you. 5. The reason I did not take your Honda Jazz for a full test drive was that you gave me your word that it was in good mechanical order and no mention was made about the gearbox at any time. 6. When you left, about 10 minutes later I moved your car to my compound and found that it was not running as it should have been. I called you immediately to discuss and you denied any knowledge of a problem. 7. I said I would contact you on the Monday the 26th of November 2012 after I had a chance for my mechanic to see it. 8. After my mechanic checked it, he said the 1st and 2nd tooth in the gearbox had broken off and that is why there was a noise. He also said to me that even the most inexperienced motorist would have noticed there was a problem. 9. You also told me that you had the car checked by a mechanic before you took it to me, which I find unbelievable as if there was not any problem why would you want a mechanic to check it over, especially as you were going to part exchange it. You also said to me that he did not test drive your vehicle, and again in my opinion if you were checking it for safety reasons he would have test driven it and told you there was a problem. In my opinion you were fully aware there was a problem, especially after a long drive from Cornwall, you would have noticed the noise from the gearbox. I am disgusted that you have not been honest with me and have instructed my solicitor to deal with the matter. Furthermore the repairs have come to £700.00, which is higher than the £500.00 originally quoted. I have put a hold on the warranty until this dispute is resolved. Also my solicitor will also be requiring the details of your mechanic if we need to obtain obtain any clarification from him. I am an honest motor trader and pride my business on principles and do good by my customers, however if people are unfair with me, I will pursue my rights and will be prepared to go to court in order to get a resolution. Please advise within the next 24 hours on how you wish to proceed as my solicitor is awaiting my instructions. Yours sincerely XXXXXXXXXX
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