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  1. Hi All I'm in the process of dealing with an account of my wifes and I was told by the operative at MBNA, when asked for statements going back for the past six years as I intend to claim all the charges back, that they only keep records back to 2005. I would be gratefull for some advice here on how I should proceed. All the best Mike
  2. Hi Guys, we recently had a phone call from Restons stating that they were after a payment on a Citi financial debt. I told them that they could whistle for it due to it being Statute Barred. They claimed that a payment had been made sometime last year and so it wasn't. I said what ever and hung up we have now had a CCJ through the door telling us to pay £75 per month. How is it possible for these low lives to do this and if anything what can we do about it? Thx in advance
  3. Hi I've been on the CAG forum since January 2011; with some sound advice from the caggers managing to sort out my credit problems or so I thought. Had an arrangement with Sainsburys who were amazingly sympathetic to my financial difficulties and agreed to accept £5.00 per month for six months with a review at the end of that period. Just coming to the end of the six months and suddenly without any warning from Sainsburys I receive a letter from Messrs Blair Oliver & Scott demanding full payment of the debt and containing the usual threats of court action, charging order etc, ect. I am furious!! I was impressed by Sainsburys attitude when they knew of my financial problems,straight away they agreed to token payments; now tempted to go down the CCA route. Not sure whether to speak to Sainsburys and ask for an explanation or do the CCA. Any comments from Caggers familar with Blair Oliver & Scott would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Hi, my oh has two accounts with LINK , i have been a reader of the forum i did a CCA for both accounts . I was supplied with a copy of the CCA and in my mind they may be unenforceable through reading other threads. Therefore i sent them the write off letter i found on a thread here and stated that they had not supplied me with the relevant information adn requested they both wrote off the debt and that i would receive a reply in 14 days. That was 6 weeks ago and no reply despite the recorded letters having been signed for. At this stage is there a next move i should make , currently i pay them £1 pcm Many Thanks
  5. Hi all I have just come in from work and found a letter from the above regarding my repossessed home from 21 years ago. This company is asking me to get in touch with them regarding the shortfall between the sale of the house and the outstanding mortgage. i recieved something similar about 6 years ago and I was assured by citizens advice that there is nothing they can do about it as it happened over 6 years ago (at the time it was 15 years ) I am worried again that they will be able to force me into something which I cant afford and not only that I am remarried with a house and family of my own. Can anyone help me? I'm sick with worry in case they make me sell my home!
  6. Hello I need a little help with this its regards to an old MBNA account I had and the debt was for £262.45. I started getting a couple of letters from Shoosmiths LLP saying they would take me to court (and they filled with the courts 14th Jan). I sent them a letter asking for a copy of the contract, T&C's ect. They sent a copy of an application form. Sent them a letter say I will see you in court. Then Arrow Global dropped Shoosmiths saying they were dealing with it in house and they have Notice Of Assignment & and stated Law of Property act 1925. Told them I have had notice they claim to have sent and would like a copy of this as well as proof of postage. They then sent a repopulated copy dated 19/01/2012 no proof of postage. My question is because I have not been sent this in accordance with the Law of Property act 1925 ( registered post ect) when I go to court in a few weeks can I ask the judge to throw it out or is there anything else I should do regards this as they have taken court action without legally owning the debt.
  7. Hi, I am new to CAG. Received a claim form from Northampton County Court regarding an a debt to Arrow Global. We have no idea who the original creditor was and have never received any notice of assignment etc from Arrow Global. The form is dated the 24th August. I acknowledged the claim on line and said I intended to defend the claim and requested 28 days to file a defence, I then sent the template CPR31.14 request t Bryan Carter. Their response was similar to others I have seen on the site except they said they would have to take their client's instructions as to the request for an extension of time. I am now left not knowing if they have agreed to this and today is the 24th Setember. Please could you tell me what to do next? do I file a defence now anyway? do they have to agree to it? Please help! I am not sure about the timescales and am worried I am running out of time!! thanks
  8. This letter was received today. Arrow made contact several months ago to the named person. The debt was registered at another address and wrote to someone with the same name at another address. Arrow were informed that they have never lived at the address and never heard anything since until today.
  9. Hi all. Been a while since ive been on here as ive had nothing to report. Last year AG filed a claim against me regarding a Cap1 account. After filing a defence on line Bryan Carter stood down as their representatives. Now 7 months later AG have sent pages of terms & conditions with a photocopy of the application form. Along with this they have sent copies of transactions made up to 2009 when i stopped paying.However they also sent a page showing a credit limit & account number of somebody elses account. How careless is that. I intend to write back asking how these documents have come to light after all this time. I will also be writing to the other person concerned telling them that i have received some personal information about them. Also if AG decide to go to court i shall request the original documents not copies. If others have recently had the same experience then please let me know. As i do not owe AG this money i will contest it. Cap1 had every opportunity to resolve this but chose not to.
  10. Hi All, Just received a letter from Clarity chasing an old, must be now 7 year old debt. I have had no contact from the original creditor or any other DCA regarding this old credit card debt until now. They are asking for a final single payment of 2k less than the amount which I don't remember it being so much at the time, must be all the interest, or settlement repayment plan, which I do not intend on paying anything as I am sure its SB. I have just successfully got Lowells of my back with the help of CAG members only to get a letter out of the blue 3 days later from this different DCA. Do DCAs pass information onto other DCAs or is this just coincidence? My credit file is clear with experian but I have not checked equifax, so should they be the same after 6 years? Can a CCJ be on experian and not on equifax? Any advice on how 'Clarity' work and do they work under different names like Lowell/Red etc? And what would you advise on my next step? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello I arrived at my mums on Friday to find her very shaken as she had had Sheriff Officers at the door with a Small Claim Summons from Arrow Global which I believe is for a debt 02 going back a few years. She said the were very rude and she explained I didnt live there yet they presented her with the summons anyway. The amount is for £522.78 and it states I reside at the property even though I have not lived there in a year or more and my name is on the electoral roll at my own seperate property. The 02 debt was the end of a contract which I explained to them I couldnt afford and they agreed to reduce it to the minimum monthly amount which they then failed to do and charged the full amount. I couldnt pay this and now they have obviously sold the debt on, added a bit and suddenly taken me to court. I have had no letters about this debt to my mums house so this is the first I've heard of it at this address. The statement of claim staes that I have lived at this address for more than three months and that I am domiciled there. So where do I go from here? I am on a low income as I have kids and a part time job. The thought of going to court terrifies me. Thank you in advance for any advice
  12. In the covering letter Arrow state that under OFT guidelines a reconstituted agreement is satisfactory where the orginal cannot be produced, (this loan agreement was signed on 14/07/2005). They have included a copy of the agreement, a partial statement of account the t&c's. What concerns me most is the customer signatures show are most definitely not mine!!. Also PPI protection is included should I try and claim this off the sum owing?
  13. Hello, I would appreciate some advice on this one.. I've had two letters now from different DCAs (Rockwell and now Transcom Worldwide UK) who are both supposedly working for Arrow Global Limited.. Going way back to when I received the first letter from Rockwell, I telephoned them and actually managed to gleen out of them more information about this debt than they got from me.. They have a completely different address (somewhere I've never lived although they have my current address which is fine by me) and a different date of birth - by the way, I refused to give them anything other than my name which they have on the letter and confirmed that my DOB was not what they had, which it isn't lol!! I wasn't born in 1977 and I told them so.. Rockwell said they'd look into and call me back within the hour - that was 6 months ago now.. Anyway, fast forward to today, I get a letter from Transcom Worldwide (UK) with the same debt notification - again I call them and again manage to get out of them they have the same details as Rockwell did.. An address I've never lived at and the wrong date of birth to me, it's not me they are after or I'd put my hands up.. The best advice the TWUK rep said was to report the thing as fraud but not sure how that would help me in this situation as it isn't my debt!.. I can't find out what Arrow Global collect for which is a bit annoying and sadly neither DCA was that daft to tell me that juicy niblet lol.. My question is, do I take this further with Arrow Global and phone/write to them about this?.. I don't want to keep having threats from DCAs.. What can I do??.. Thanks for any advice..
  14. just had a call from Global Business Solutions, asking for ms xxxxxxxx (me) before they even got into the blah blah I asked why they were ringing me and who had given them my number, this seemed to fluster the caller and she rang off......went online and typed in the number and GBS and theyre debt management ...wonders how they got my mobile number.
  15. Hi. Thanks for taking time to read my post I really hope someone can help me as I am really worried about it and unsure of the best way to proceed. I received a claim form from Northampton County Court this morning with the following particulars: THE CLAIMANT'S CLAIM IS FOR THE BALANCE DUE UNDER AN AGREEMENT WHICH IS NOW ALL DUE AND PAYABLE THE DEFENDANT AGREED TO PAY MONTHLY INSTALMENTS UNDER ACCOUNT NUMBER XXXXX BUT HAS FAILED TO DO SO. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS THE SUM OF 989.81. THE CLAIMANT ALSO CLAIMS INTEREST THEREON PURSUANT TO S.69 COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 LIMITED TO ONE YEAR TO THE DATE HEREOF AT THE RATE OF 8%PER ANNUM AMOUNTING TO 0.00 AMOUNT CLAIMED: XX9.81 COURT FEE: 55.00 SOLICITOR'S COSTS: 70.00 TOTAL AMOUNT: XXX4.81 I've worked out that this refers to an old Natwest credit card. There was no mention of this on the claim form. Back in June 2008 I sent a CCA request to Moorcroft who were chasing this debt at the time. I have the recorded post receipt. They sent a letter back saying they couldn't produce one, unfortunately I can't find the letter but looking through my computer records I sent them the following letter on 11th July 2008... Thank you for your letter dated 1st July 2008 regarding my request for a signed copy of the relevant agreement under the Consumer Credit Act. Although you state that you are unable to provide me with a copy as requested it is my understanding that under the new Unfair Commercial Practices Directive you have the same responsibilities as the original creditor to comply with my CCA request. I therefore enclose a postal order for £1.00, which represents the statuary fee and remind you that as I asked for this on 25th June 2008 you need to supply me with a copy before Monday 14th July 2008. I look forward to hearing from you in writing. Yours sincerely, A few months later (Sept 2008) I get a letter from Allied International Credit chasing money so sent them an account in dispute letter asking to return account to original creditor. I've not heard anything about this debt since, until today. I have had a look through some of the posts on here and I'm sorry I am still a bit confused about what to do next. I think I should go online and defend claim? The issue date of claim is 13th August but only received today - is the deadline tomorrow - 5 days? The other problem is that I am going on holiday on Monday for 2 weeks so am worried about potential time limits on dealing with this as I wont be home. Can someone please please help me with what I need to do next. I really appreciate any advice/help you guys can offer me. Thank you.
  16. Hello I have had letters from Rockwell chasing an outstanding debt from myself and I am after some advice on where to go next. Firstly I had a letter from Pace Forward on 21/06/2012 looking for a Mr Bowen regarding an urgent matter, after reading thread on CAG I ignored the letter. Then I received a letter from Rockwell dated 09/07/2012 that they have been instructed by their client (Arrow Global) to contact me in regards to an outstanding debt of £1402.84. I replied with a prove it letter on 12/07/2012 using a template from CAG, which they replied with on 16/072012 with a thank you and that they were seeking further information from their client. A further letter was received on 14/08/2012 outlining they matter was still being investigated and they would contact me on receipt of the information being sought, which was: (1) proof of my liability regarding this debt. and (2) payment or written contact from me in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act. So, this morning I have received a letter from Rockwell stating the original lender was Capital One (credit card) and have enclosed the original copy of the agreement and statements and their investigations lead them to believe that the matter relates to me. The original agreement is a one page sheet with Credit Card Account Agreement and signed and dated 26/03/2002, the statements are not original and are just monthly boxes containing: statement date, minimum payment due credit limit, new balance, then and payments made in and out From the statements provided the last payment was made 10/07/2009, I have just done a credit report via Noodle and it does show Arrow Global owning this debt and says it was defaulted 31/05/2008. Can someone please advise me on what is next Kindest Regards Baden
  17. I sent a "I have no knowledge of any such debt with Arrow Global" letter in May 2012. I received a "we are consulting our clients" letter, followed by a letter on xx Dec with an attachment from Shop Direct Group for a Kays Lifestyle account opened xx/xx/xx showing goods £xxx, Payments £xx and a default date of xx/xx/xx. (I have omitted the dates and amounts as I am not too happy about revealing too much on the forum (you never know who is reading it!) as I am working on behalf of a relative. It does not show what the goods were, if they were received, date of payment received etc. Does this actually prove the existence of the debt or am I entitled to more information? I am not sure what my next step is now. Can anyone advise me on this. Thanks
  18. Hi, Hope I am posting this in the right place ... I think I have opened a whole can of worms whilst trying to pursue Lloyds TSB for PPI reclaim. I have received this morning a letter from Global, asking me to call them about an account, but they have just given me an account number, no name or amount. I have an inkling it might have been an extremley old loan that I defaulted on in much younger years from TSb (before the merge with Lloyds) I am talking about 12+ years ago. Strangely enough I have been banking with Lloyds all these years and nothings ever emerged. Its all I think it can be. Should I call them to find out more information? or are they just 'fishing' at the moment. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreicated as I am now pretty worried that they might take me to court and I really can't afford it right now Many thanks
  19. Hi guys & Girls have received a letter from scotscall acting on behalf of arrow global threatening a home visit. Have emailed them the following:- Dear sir or Madam, I do not recogise the above account please can you do the following:- 1) Supply me with a copy of the original Credit agreement. 2) Tell me who the original creditor is. 3) Send a copy of the notice of assignment. 4) Send a copy of the default notice. This will allow me to check against my records. Kindest regards Kevin Flynn any advice would be welcome. They have replied with this.... Thank you for your email. This is an HBOS account and this is all the information we have. If you require further details you will need to contact HBOS Enquiries - scotcall.com Sales Telephone: 0844 257 8555 scotcall Spectrum House • 55 Blythswood Street • Glasgow • G2 7AT This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. This Communication may contain material protected by law, copyright or other legislation. If you are not the intended recipient or the person responsible for delivering the email to the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this email in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error please notify the IT Department by telephone on +44 (0) 141 243 4831. scotcall limited Registered in Scotland - No. SC127277
  20. I am pretty much housebound due to mental and physical illness. Arrow are requesting that I instruct my health professional to provide them with details and that I sign a release for them to access sensitive information. Is it safe to allow these people access to very sensitive information? We haven't shared the details of my issues beyond immediate family, ex-employer, the benefits officers and Citizens Advice Bureau and my care team to date.
  21. I was wondering if someone coumy finanld help/advise me in relation to a SB (Sainsbury's Bank) loan I took out in 2005. A scenario of the situation is as follows: - Full contractural payments made on loan until Dec 2010, when I lost my job through illness Received advice from CCCS to make reduced payments of £1 per month until financial situtation improved. CCA request made on 7 Nov 2011 as unsure if debt was enforceable. Copy received on 21 Nov 2011 SB assigned laon to AG (Arrow Global Ltd) in Dec 2012. Texts & calls received from WC (Wescot Credit Services Ltd) - accepted reduced payment of a £1 a month In Apr 2012 I received a lump sum inheritance. Wrote to WC and AG offering in F & F settlement (25% of loan £5,444), pro rota with other creditors Blank letter received from Wescot on 2 Apr 2012. I wrote the same day, copy to AG, asking why a blank letter had been sent and for the full contents Nothing heard from WC or AG until 27 June 2012 until notice of arrears letter from AG. Arrears letter still advised that WC were acting on their behalf From 17 Aug 2012 started to receive calls from DF (DrydensFairfax Solicitors), on average three times a day Letter dated 22 Aug 2012 from DF requesting immediate full payment of the loan Called DF on 30 Aug (stupidly) asking Why calls were being made before any correspondence Had confirmation from AG that DF were now acting on their behalf How they had got hold of my personal security details? As a result of this call, the DF representative gave me an unobtainable number for AG Called DF back on 4 Sept 2012 (even more stupid than before) again asking the above. DF representative then started to threaten me in also of ways in which point I hung up. I am completely confused what to do now and these calls are getting my wife really stressed. Since requesting the CCA both of out names were on the loan but this changed (just notice) when it was clear my wife had nothing to do with the loan (e.g. she was getting arrears letters, etc) then this suddenly stopped. Therefore, I am not even sure of the validity of the loan. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  22. Hi All, Bit of a shock to start the day when a claim form arrived from Northampton County Court from Claimant Arrow Global Guernsey Limited, and solicitors Shoosmiths LLP, issue date 09 OCT 2012. I have spent the best part of today reading various forums and am totally confused now by all the different posts/topics/advice floating around the internet! But i have seen to find here has the best advice (hoping!), i don't have a scanner here so cant scan an post the particulars of claim, but i can retype it, 1.The claimants claim is for the sum of 6511.49 being monies due from the defendent to the claimant under a regulated agreement between the defendent and MBNA Europe bank limited (No.xxxx) and assigned to the claimant on 20/12/2011, notice of which has been provided to the defendent. 2.The defendent has failed to make payment i(sic) accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 3.The claimant claims the sum of 6511.49 4.C has complied, as far as necessary, wi(sic) the pre-action conduct practice direction. Number So thats that! It all relates to a fairly old cc debt but the last payment was around 5 yrs ago, the original sum was much higher but i slowly paid it off, but when got into a bit of dire straits few years back this was one of the things that didnt rank too high on my list of things (rent, food, kids etc came first!). In the meantime i had moved house and not heard anything from anybody for a couple of years, then out of the blue this arrived today!!! I have made a CPR 31.14 request, as this seems reading all the other posts that this is the first step (pasted below), i intend to mail these out in the morning to Arrow an Shoosmiths, if anybody feels i missed something please feel free to add it before i post! Thanks for taking the time to read
  23. I had an MBNA debt which has been passed on to Arrow Global / Drydens Fairfax & have been making regular payments since June last year. Drydens have been a nightmare to deal with, they are abusive & incompetent to put it mildly. I have now received yet another threatogram, this time they have enclosed an income & expenditure form to fill in. They want proof of income, bank statements & any proof of benefits, and if I do not return it within 2 weeks, they will consider further action to recover the debt, possibly court action. Has anyone had any dealings with these people? and am I leagally bound to return the I&E forms?
  24. My 69 year old Father just received a letter from Rossendales Collect on behalf of Arrow Global, looking to collect debts of over £2,000. Demanding that if payment is not made within 7 days they will commence action. My father spoke to them to RC to understand what this related to and they said it was in relation to a catalogue debt from 2007 about which my father knows nothing. RC said that my father has to prove this debt does not relate to him by going to the police station and getting a crime reference number. He did this and the Police wanted nothing to do with it as all my father had was a demand letter from RC. After another call to RC they insist that they need the police reference otherwise they will commence proceedings. When pushed, it looks as though my father has the same name as the person who incurred the debt (and they say the same surname which I doubt) and that my father's address was given as a forwarding address by the person who incurred the debt (who apparently lived in London). We went onto Experian and my father has a score of 999 and there is no reference to the debt but in the linked addresses section there are links from my father's previous address to some random addresses in London. Any advice as at the moment we cannot seem to get RC to back off without the police reference even if their "evidence" looks shaky at best? At 69 he does not want to be in a position whereby he is faced with any sort of pressure in relation to something that clearly has nothing to do with him
  25. Good Evening I have received form N149 from Northampton. Arrow global Limited state that they are waiting for statements to be sent to them. So I have filled in the form as follows: Section A - settlement - yes Section B- location - no Section C - track - yes Section D - witnesses - 0 Section E - experts - no Section F - no Section G - I have noted that I have requested statements and that Arrow have said they have asked for them. I have queried if it should have gone to court without the necessary paperwork. Is there anything else I should put? Thank you in advance for your help
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