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  1. I need help with a Claim form I have received today please. Many thanks to anybody who replies, Toots.
  2. Hi I've browsed through this section looking for an answer to this but can't seem to find one ! I received a County Court summons from Wilkin Chapman Grange Solicitors in July on behalf of Arrow Global, who had purchased some outstanding credit card debt from Capital 1. I filled in the forms online and denied the debt, I also submitted a CPR 31.14 request to Wilkin Chapman Grange Solicitors, they responded to the request and said they would grant an extension of 8 weeks so they could supply the documents and give me time to answer them. It's now been 11 weeks and I still have not received an answer to the CPR 31.14, I have also contacted the court and they have said that the case has been "stayed". My question is, Is there anything I need to do ? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards Potman
  3. Had a good job, career, home, money, etc. Then had a prolonged period of inactivity, debts piled up, not opening letters, spiral of anxiety and stress. blah, blah. Now, for past year or so, been earning, and getting back on feet. Looking to start paying back, and deal with all my debts. Have done as much due diligence as I can, and need some pointers. I have a number of creditors, with debts totalling around 45K. Have been paying token payments of £1 to most, some more. Looking to get StepChange advice and help. But also need some idea of full and final offers to really motor down the debts. So, as a starter, here are some of my most pressing questions: 1: I am having difficulty filling in my Income and Expenditure, as my income fluctuates. (I am working freelance, as am probably too old to be employed by a company.) I am wary of entering payment schedule and failing. Prefer to keep paying token amounts, then offer surplus every 6 months or so. Would creditors go for this? 2: I understand the first step may be to get CCAs from my creditors. Are there any downsides to asking for CCAs? Would creditors sense that I am trying to wriggle out, and go for asking for more, or get heavy-handed? 3: Are CCAs only for debt companies, or even the Originating creditor? (some of my debts have been off-loaded to debt-companies.) 4: What is the purpose of SARs? How does that help me? I understand they might be for finding penalty fees, etc? I know I accrued a lot when I couldn't pay any amounts when I started my downhill slide. 5: When offering Full and Finals, do I go for the biggest first? 6: I have been sold from one debt-company to another on some debts, I dont know what I am paying for on some of the payments!! Can I just phone them up and ask where the original debt comes from? (I have signed up with noddle, and got my list of creditors and credit file, so I have a starting point. I have been reading this forum for a few days, and have built up some knowledge, and seen how helpful this site can be. I would like to ask for some help in taking the first steps for an eventual bright future. PS: would it be ok to list my debts (with some fudging to protect myself) as a starting point?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could run their eyes over my proposed defence, and possibly advise whether I should defend or counterclaim. I have been through the CCA request procedure, as I really don't know what this debt is, and as you'll read in my defence, got nothing back. My return date is 5th january, so this is getting a bit close to the bone.... the summons i received from the sheriff court: is attached And here is my proposed defence, (thanks for the template!):
  5. Approx a year ago I asked Arrow Global to "prove" a debt they alleged against me. A year on they were still applying default notices and data on my credit file. For months I had been asking them to remove this data all of which was refused and met with "we are still investigating" As this was not getting any anywhere I emailed the CEO [email protected] who passed it on to someone else and I got a reply within 48hrs. So here is the reply in all its glory To be clear they are not chasing the debt at this time, I am requesting they remove data form my credit file as they can't prove any debt is owed. Comments and opinons please
  6. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read. I have just received a small claims form pack (N9) which was issued on 17-Nov-2014 from Northampton county court business centre, for an old debt from Capital One which Arrow Global have purchased. I have looked up on my credit profile and can see a default was registered on 11/02/2009, the last payment for this debt was some months before that so it may possibly be statute barred if I'm correct? I have never acknowledged any letters or had any contact with Arrow Global, nor have I ever had any contact with Capital One since the default, I have just buried my head in the sand as I have never really been in a position to do anything about the debt. I'm a little unsure how to proceed or what to do and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Have done all the usual letters 3 years ago!!! - have now had a letter from a debt agency I know there is a template letter saying that MBNA cannot pass the debt on it is in dispute and they have not supplied a CCA etc but cant find it can anyone help please
  8. Hi just wanted some advice please. took out a loan with Citi Financial in 2003, ran into difficulties in 2007. Tried to contact them but number was discontinued, i went to their Hull office and found out they had moved out of Hull. i tracked them down by ringing around and waited for them to contact me after leaving my details. I waited and waited and waited, rang them again. still no reply I thought you can whistle for an arrangement till you contact me. They got in touch with me in 2009 and i paid £30.00, then nothing until now. Arrow Global have instructed their solicitors called Restons. They rang my ex husband at work today and left a message for him to ring them. Ex not happy and contacted me to ask who it was. I rang them and was told we owe £5k and can i pay today. I have asked for paper work and they want to charge me an admin fee of £20.00 or they wont send me anything. I have checked my bank statement and did pay £30.00 but have paid nothing else. Should i make an arrangement to pay as they say this will stop any court action. thanks in advance, Debbie
  9. I wonder if you could advice me what to do. I am self employed but not earning a great deal and have not been able to pay my credit card debt which stands at around £3,000. Arrow Global took me to court and I admitted the debt and offered a £1 a month. I do not have any spare cash and have mortgage, electric, council tax debts I am trying to pay off. I applied for pension credit at the Begining of August and have only had a letter back to say they have returned the paperwork they asked for and would be in touch, I have rang twice but nothing yet. I am carrying on working but am just managing. I would prefer to work and dont really want to receive pension credit. I have another debt and I offered £1 month which the court accpeted but Arrow Global have refused this and the court has said I have to pay £371.39 per month which I cannot afford. I am not sure what I can do. Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi I have two old credit card accounts with MBNA which have been sold to Arrow Global . I had no joy from Arrow with a CCA request for both account so i did a SAR to MBNA. Neither account had PPI but both will have incurred charges along the way . In the SAR pack i can see no documentation for the transfer or sale of the account to Arrow. Must this be in the pack for Arrow to chase me for the debt . As they are old accounts 2001 and 2004 i have included the CCA in the SAR pack for anyone able to quantify them . I currently pay both accounts £1pcm still to MBNA for the past 2 years while things are tight . Many Thanks
  11. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding a supposed credit card debt. On the 25th November I had my very first letter from Arrow Global headed "NOTIFICATION OF ACCOUNT TRANSFER TO NEW AGENCY" Original Agreement: Capital One (Europe) Date of Origianl Agreement: 30/9/2004 Date of Transfer to Arrow Global: 25/2/2011 Amount: £1788.39 Basically, transferring the debt to a solicitors company called Shoosmiths This morning, 30/11/2013 I have received a letter from Shoosmiths saying... You owe our client money... If we cannot agree during the next 14 days how you will repay the amount outstanding to Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd, we will issue Court Procedings against you for the full sum outstanding together with legal costs. We will not contact you again to warn you that the proceedings will be issued. After reading a few posts I was about to send a CCA request. But I am pretty sure this might be statute barred? Does sending a CCA mean I have "acknowledged" the debt? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi All, I'm in a bit of a pickle and need some advice. I received a County Court Claim via CCBC @Northampton from Arrow Global. It was instigated by drysdenfairfax solicitors, and to be honest I don't think they expected me to defend and thought they were in for some easy money. Anyhoo, I sent off my CPR request for docs etc, did my AOS and after 28 days having still not received docs mentioned in POC I put in a holding defence of no docs received and a request to change defence accordingly once they were received. I also put in a counterclaim for damages re Arrow updating my creditfile without legal right to do so and harassment from the DCA's they had chasing me. Last week I received an AQ, so I requested trial at my local court. As I still hadn't received any documents from Arrow, I informed the court that I couldn't proceed with my counterclaim because, without them I couldn't provide the evidence I needed to prove that they were barking up the wrong tree. Today I received a copy of an AQ from Arrow, where they have requested a month stay to 'settle' the claim, an intention to apply for my counterclaim to be struck out, and a notification that they have sacked their solicitors drysdenfaifax and are now representing themselves. They also stated in the covering letter that unless I pay up they will apply to strike out my defence. For background info... They are claiming on an old MBNA account that they say they have bought. I have in my possession a default notice from MBNA with the wrong account number on and a demand for full payment rather than arrears. I have a letter of assignment from Arrow stating a different account number to the one they are making a claim for, and, on a previous request for a copy of my agreement, they actually provided me with a copy of an old MBNA account which was paid up in full and closed many years ago. I basically need to know what to do from here on in.. I omitted to request that claim be struck out through lack of docs in my holding defence. Do I just sit back and wait to see what happens now or is there something else I should be doing? All advice appreciated... Thanks, Spam.
  13. Hi, I have a default on my file from arrow global of £955. I sent a 'Prove it' letter about 4/5months ago and they responded saying they have no information on me, that they are looking for it but in the mean time they wont pursue me for money and they are not removing the default. trouble is now i cant get any credit at all. Im thinking of paying them a sum for them to completely remove the default. how would i go about this? what sort of offer shall i make them? are they to be trusted not to chase for the remaining amount? has anyone else done this with arrow? sorry for all the questions
  14. Hello, I am new to this website and am not even sure i am writing this in the correct place. Over a year ago i did one of those 30 day free trials with the credit reference agencies, i found Arrow Global on my credit file. I had never had any communication with them or knew of their existence until i read my file. There is a debt for 4000 pounds on there and it says it started in 2002. But it also said i was in a debt management programme and had defaulted on a payment in 2012. I looked on the internet about credit files and found template letters, of which i sent to this company, then i got letters every month saying they could not provide the information that i requested. they said i had last paid them in June 2012. This is ridiculous, not only did i not know of their existence but i have never been in a debt programme, i wrote back saying this they said i paid £1.52 in 2012. completely mad as i was out of the country for most of 2012. I have asked them for proof of this alleged debt and the proof of the payment, a year later still nothing provided. I wrote to the FOS early this year before i left the country and they asked Arrow Global to provide the information which they have not. I have written to the FOS again a month ago, on my return but not heard anything since. I also wrote to the ICO but the reply said as i was disputing a debt they could not help. I am bemused. I have asked for information and documentation many times, nothing has been produced. Can these people really fabricate anything and put it on your credit file? How do i prove a debt is not mine? how do i prove i have never paid these people a penny? I joined noddle credit file as it is free but when i disputed it online it just said rejected. I have no idea where to go from here. They said company will not supply any documents, nothing, but they still remain on my credit file. I do not understand how they can say i made a payment when i did not and will not produce any information on this. I just don't get it.
  15. Morning Guys, In the post this morning I received a letter from Wilkin Chapman LLP (Arrow Team) with regard a CCJ taken out by Arrow in early 2010 (the claim number matches the one on my credit report although the amounts differ? CCJ £9266, AG/WC £8946.33). I am sure that this is an old CC debt. They have supplied a Notice of Change of Solicitor and a personal financial statement (which of course I will not be filling in). I am sure that I did not inform the OC of a change of address in 2008 (home repossessed), so no chance of a set aside. The debt itself is SB but I am aware that this means little with the CCJ. It does state though that "Our client is willing to discuss terms of repayment and consider proposals from you." My question is, can anything be done at this stage to fight the good fight? If not and without filling in the personal financial statement, what sort of full and final offer can I make to them that would satisfy their greed on the amount outstanding or a sensible monthly offer to clear the debt as quickly as possible? As always they require an answer with 7 days before going all enforcement on me. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  16. I have received a letter from Restons on behalf of their client Arrow Global about payments to a loan which I have not made in a year or so. They have threatened me with court action claiming I still owe 4k+. The loan was taken out to help out a family member (now estranged) who had agreed to keep up repayments and one year in stopped. The account went into default in 2005 and I had been paying a small sum up until last year when my financial situation changed. I now have a baby and cannot afford any sort of repayment barely making ends meet. I have sent a CCA letter to Restons who sent back the letter and postal order today saying they do not have the original credit agreement and i should send the letter to the original creditors. They will be pursuing court action on the 6th of September. Any help as to what I should do next would be much appreciated. I am on a real tight spot through little fault of mu own. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  17. My partner has today received a letter from Wilkin Chapman notifying of a 'Notice Of Change of Solicitor' regarding an unpaid judgement/order obtaied on 5th July 2012, for £1365.16 and wanting to agree payment terms for this debt... . They have given us 7 days notice of applying for an Attachment Of Earnings with the court and a whole raft of forms to fill in and return to them regarding her personal financial inforrmation We have no idea of what this 'debt' is, who it is from or anything about a court order back in July 2012, there is no mention of which court this order was issued from either.... Help!
  18. Hi there, I was hoping for some advice regarding best next steps in my defence against Arrow Global Limited Egg loans. I sent out the CPR31.14 and CCA letters. They have responded with a copy of the signed agreement but only two years worth of the account statements and no copy of any default notice. I have a copy of their letter if you'd like to see that? Any help would greatly appreciated as I have very little time to submit my defines. Thanks, Will
  19. Hi, I have just been issued a claimform from Arrow Global Limited by their solicitors Blake Lapthorn. I have issued the acknowledgement of service and would very much appreciate some help and advice and how to defend this. Sorry history is quite long and apologise for this. In a nutshell, 1.Approached citifinancial in October 2005 for a loan of £10,000. Due to my credit history they were unable to offer £4,000 (or 4,000: cannot recall as I don’t have the paperwork and Citi have failed to provide this. It was at an extremely high rate and they sold me 2 different PPI policies, one for disability & insurance cover and one for takecare cover. I had pre-existing medical conditions and told them I did not need this as I had long term disability and sickness cover and life assurance through my employer. They advised that if I did not take the cover, the loan would not be approved. 2.Within a couple of months they rang to say I could now have the £10k and would give me a better interest rate. I went in to sign the paperwork and again they sold me another 2 policies. They were always up front policies with interest charged on them at the prevailing rate. I again reiterated that I did not need these policies but without them they could not proceed. I signed the paperwork and was not provided with a full redemption statement to show how they had arrived at the redemption figure bearing in mind I had paid up front PPI fees on 2 different policies. 3.3-4 months later, they rang again and said they could lower my interest rate but I need to complete a new loan form. I said I did not want to borrow any more money and if I wanted to lower the interest rate I had to add a small amount on, which I did. Again, they sold me 2 PPI policies, one disability and takecare cover and both added to the loan with interest. 4.The insurance application form attached to the third loan agreement is dated 21/7/2006 signed by me and witnessed by Citi, but I now notice that the CCA agreement is dated by Citifinancial 21/7/08. I also have a fax copy of the third loan agreement with a date of 1/9/2006 issued with an account. I am not sure why the loan agreement is dated some 2 years later by Citi. Maybe it’s their writing. 5.In early 2008 I complained to Citi about mis-selling so many up front policies that I did not need and had pre-existing medication conditions. They rejected my claim and I made a claim via the Ombudsman. 6.I lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman on 22/5/2008.In August 2009 the Ombudsman upheld my complaint and ordered Citi to put me back in a position had I not been sold the 6 PPI policies in total. They were also asked to re-calculate each loan on the basis these had not been sold, as the redemption figures carried forward to each new loan would have been different. Again, on the third loan which is the on-going dispute and which has been sold to Arrow was to be re-calculated on the basis of the new figures brought over to each loan and to also re-calculate the balance without those policies. 7.In early December 2009 Citi wrote to me with some calculations and a cheque for £3010.22 for a refund of the PPI premiums with interest. Their calculations were minimal and did not provide the new redemption figures and the new carried forward balances of each loan as instructed to do so by the Ombudsman. The PPI and Takecare cover premiums on the 3 loans were a total of £5102.05 and £2509.81 in interest, making a total of £7611.86 8.From that date on I have written to Citifinancial to ask for the full computations and calculations as it seems they only gave a breakdown as PPI refund due, plus interest and nothing else. They have not re-wrote each loan to reflect the totals without the policies and this in turn would have reduced the balance carried forward onto loan 2 and 3 and 3 being the loan still valid. 9.On 15/12/2009 I received a letter from Citifinancial saying I owed £10,194.46 10.Letter received 10 May 2012 from Citifinancial saying “some important news about your loan” transferred from Citifinancial to Britannia recoveries S.a.r.l. acting in the name on behalf of its compartment “Atlas” (Britannica-Atlas) and will be managed by Arrow Global Receivables Management Limited will take place on 21 May 2012. The transfer involves the assignment of all CitFinancial’s rights as lender to Britannica-Atlas who have agreed to perform the obligations of CitiFinancial under the terms of your Citi loan agreement. From May 2012 references to “we”, “us” “our”, “the Lender” and Citifinancial in your Citifinancial Loan agreement terms and conditions will become references to Britannica-Atlas and any references to the “group of companies” that include Cit will also become references to Britannica-Atlas. We are working closely with Arrow Global Receivables Management Limited to ensure a smooth transition of your account and they will be writing to you shortly to provide revised payment instructions. In the interim period, please continue to make payments in the usual way. 11.Letter received from Arrow Global receivables management limited is acting agent for Britannica recoveries S.a.r.l. – Atlas with Westcott Credit services dated 7 August 2012 with a statement from July 2011 to June 2012 showing a balance of £10,316.72. 12.Wrote to Westcott Credit services in August 2012 to advise Citifinal had not provided the information requested as per my SAR request, they had not re-written the loan as instructed to do so by the ombudsman. Also wrote in August and September to Arrow Global on 25/9/2012 for full SAR request. 13.Letter received from Arrow Global receiveables management Ltd Manchester saying an adjustment has been applied to your account so the balance was now £9320.78. 14.Letter Westcoff Credit Services dated 21/9/2012 balance of £9320.78 outstanding. 15.Letter dated 17/08/2012 from Citi saying Arrow will reply with SAR details and confirming I should write to Arrow Global Receivables Management Ltd in Manchester. 16.I then had to contact the Ombudsman again in 2012 as I became aware they had not reimbursed me for the Takecare policies as instructed to do so by the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman had to re-open the complaint, readdress the lack of full refund and on 1 November 2012 wrote to say it was correct, they had not refunded me for the Takecare policies and this would be forthcoming. Again, they could not provide the recalculated loan agreements as per the Ombudsman’s decision. I received a further £700 for these other 2 policies. 17. On 12/12/2012 I sent a letter to Arrow Global Receivables Management in Manchester for a SAR request with a £10.00 fee. They sent some information but nothing which I asked for. They sent me information that was more internal, a credit reference report In fact, minimal information. No statement, no notice of assignment and I have never received any notice of assignment. To be honest, I am not sure who owns the loan, Atlas or Global. The summons is from Global, but citi say it was sold to Atlas. 18.Letters continued to be sent to Arrow Global for the full SAR request but since nothing has been forthcoming. 19.Letter from Black Lapthorn dated 2/12/2013 saying they act for Arrow Global. Our client has purchased the debt and chasing payment. 20.Letter to Black Lapthorn dated 4/12/2013 saying I do not owe Arrow Global. I am still in dispute with Citi and still waiting for them to re-write the loans as per the Ombudsman’s instructions. 21.Letter Black Lapthorn dated 7/12/2014 saying I have submitted a data request but saying our client has received no such request but Arrow’s letter of confirming the £10.00 fee and the information was sent was worthless as it contained none of the documents I requested. They asked that I make another SAR request and send another £10.00. 22.Letter Arrow Global Bedford Row dated 3/9/2014 saying the notification of account transfer to new agency Black Lapthorn. 23.Letter 17/9/2014 to Blake Lapthorn stating I have never received any Notice of Assignment. I have sent a SAR request in 2012 along with Citigroup and Westcott breaching the regulations as they have failed to provide the documentation. I also state that I have already paid a £10 fee in this regard to Arrow. 24.Letter Blake Lapthorn dated 1/10/2014 saying we act for Arrow. Our client will reconsider suitable payments.If no reply within 14 days, they will issue court proceedings. This is now where I am up to with them, a court summons from Arrow Global, Bedford Row and their solicitors Blake Lapthorn. I am exasperated, exhausted and have spent some many hours of research and writing letters. I am prepared to defend in full and do not want to pay them another penny due to the constant harassment and total lack of consideration to provide me with the recalculations, and information requested by me and the instructions from the Ombudsman. Your help is very much appreciated and I can see it is a whole long history and I now find very confusing as to who actually purchased the debt as Citi say Atlas. I really don’t know where to start with my defence, I also want to consider a counterclaim against them for all the man hours, time and money I have spent on this just trying to get the data and information that I am entitled to. Thank you very much. J.
  20. Hi Everyone. I have received a Claim Form from these crooked debt collectors for £1649 for an alleged debt with MBNA which was sold to Arrow Global. Issue date is 5th November. Im about 20 months away from this alleged debt becoming Statute Barred. Can someone help me with which process to follow? Do i put in a defence or do i ask them to provide the credit agreement and other documents before i do that? Thanks. PS im prepared to fight them. I have beaten alleged speeding offences on 7 occasions because i understand the law and system. But im new to the CCJ world
  21. Morning, I recently sent Fredrickson International a CCA request for a Capital One account. I've received a letter today advising they do not accept that they are the creditor but are willing to assist in obtaining the request and will be contacting the creditor to obtain it and will revert back to me. They have suspended all further action for the time being and have returned my £1 postal order. Should I sit back and wait for their reply or is there anything or any response I should send to them. Thanks
  22. After a default I was paying £50 (what I could afford) to AG for several years - last year, out of the blue - the payment was stopped and I started getting nuisance calls from a number of DCA's, and then eventually a letter from Wescot, then a letter from Restons demanding the sum in full. I did the whole CCA request and I just got rude letters from Restons back saying it was all non-legal rubbish they didn't have to reply to. Finally I got a N244 court order back in march - I submitted my defence (no cca supplied) and the case was stayed. I heard nothing for months until finally, out of the blue in September, Restons were applying for a Lift of Stay, Summary Judgement and to strike out my defence. Their legal fees were itemised on the N244 and came to £516 - annoying and I'd prefer not to pay for their trouble making - but not OTT either I responded requesting the CCA again and later in the month they finally provided a photocopy of the CCA. My problem all the while was ensuring I was paying the debt back to the correct DCA as I had requests for the money from multiple DCA's With this in mind I wrote requesting to come to an out of court agreement and pay a monthly sum of £50 - which they seem to have agreed to on a Tomlin Order. However their fees now come to £1500 and of course are added to the original debt. This includes a court appearance fee of £450 - which is rich considering we would not be going to court if the agreement is signed. Although with a few days to go it seems easier to roll over and pay the fees - I feel uneasy about doing so. From what I can see a tomlin order is just an agreement staying the court case - which means they would be at a liberty to start court proceedings and ad an extra grand or so into the mix on a yearly basis. I'm considering getting legal advice but I'd appreciate any help from the community. - Can extra fees be added after the fees stated on a N244? - if I go to court now I don't feel I have much to lose as it looks like I'm paying for their appearance in any case. Thanks Dan
  23. Hi have had a ccj in 2010 as I had a very bad debt management company after losing my job, I have not heard anything from this debt since the ccj is obv still sat there on my credit file the account havent been updated for nearly 3 years, I know the court papers were never returned Im sure I didnt sign any agreement I applied online for the cards and never that organised to return them when they arrive, would you cca them or let it lie thanks
  24. Hi Please can someone help me. I had an old debt with mbna for approx £10k. I couldn't pay at the time so ended up with a default in 2006, in 2007 I arranged repayment of £70PCM and have been paying until last month, last week I wrote to Byan Carter saying they should write off the debt because I am unable to pay due to illness bryan carter wrote back I still owe £5000 and they can only reduce £500 but ill have to pay another £4500 to settle and they are not charging me any interest. My question is can I send CCA request even though Ive been paying for 7 years. also can I still negotiate a reduced settlement amount with bryan? much appreciated
  25. Hi All I've just joined because Google came up with you when I searched for global Debt Recovery Ltd. I've received a letter from them out of the blue today claiming that they are appointed by as agents for recovery of £47,751.74. Their client is quoted as being Experto Credite. I don't owe this money. It looks like a similar amount that my insurance company settled with the finance company when I had a serious car accident which wrote off the car last year, but I can't be sure it's that. The finance company weren't called Experto Credite that's for sure and it was showing as paid in full on my credit report. Should I ignore the letter or write to them asking them to prove it? Cheers
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