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  1. Hi, I received a parking ticket on my windscreen back on 4/8/2016 whilst parking in a resident only space where my daughter was living at the time. I had been issued with a visitor parking permit to display when ever I was there ,which I had done this had fallen from the dash into the foot well. I appealed against the ticket on the 8/8/16 and they said they ever received my appeal even though I have proof it sent (via email). After all this time and re-appealing they passed it on to DRP and now they have subsequently passed it to Gladstones Solicitors. Advice pleas
  2. Hi all! in need of some help bit worried and dont know how to tackle this situation, here are the details below: there was a a very small iceland store that closed down on a side road where they must of had around 7-10 parking bays, this is still closed down and no business is running there. i parked there for literally 5 minutes as i come back i got a PCN from parking and property management, there was a sign on the wall, i just thought 5 minutes as i was looking for a shop wouldnt be a problem! Date and time: 21/02/2017 at 12.38 received a few notice to kee
  3. Hi there, First of all I apologise because I know this site must see so many of these threads. I am trying hard to help my mum with parking charges she was advised by many to ignore initially. She had received letter after letter and is terrified of bad credit or court. The parking charge came from Matalan car park in Ayr, Scotland. My mum took my elderly gran there and parked in a disabled bay with the blue badge on display on 11/03/17. My mum had no idea you were required to pay for disabled parking and spent approximately half an hour in matalan. She
  4. Hello, We went to the Embassy last year on 22 Aug 2016 where I got the parking charge notice from CPM car park management that I parked at the private property location and a charge of 100 pounds due within 28 days of the date of issue. I couldn't able to see any board saying that parking is not allowed there I got the parking ticket from the pay machine and put it in my car when I came back I got this notice. I returned back to the receptionist and asked about that she said that every day they get people complaining having parking tickets like this. I have kept
  5. on the 18/05/2017 i received a parking charge through the post asking for £100 because 28 days has elapsed since they gave me ntk this wasn't true i sent them a email the same day told them what happened and i didn't received any ntk. the 9/06/2017 they send me a letter rejecting my appeal but reduced the charge to £60 if paid within 14 days. i refuse to pay and on the 6/09/2017 gladstones solicitors start bombarding me with letters to recover a total amount of £160. on the 20/09/2017 the send me another letter now they say its a final reminder after that the
  6. Hi, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477641-WY-Gladstones-claimform-PCN-Glassy-Bar-95-Legrams-Lane-Bradford-BD7-1NH(2-Viewing)-nbsp I'm in the same situation as above, at the same parking site on the same date. As per the msgs before, ive acknowledged the MCOL and sent the CPR 31.14 Request to the solicitors today. When would i need to send the defence to the court?? straight away or wait?, and what to do i need state on it? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. Assistance needed! I've read the multitude of threads re parking tickets on this site and am hoping for the same useful advice from the regulars as I'm a bit confused re the best course of action On 08/06/2016 at Gateway Plaza, Barnsley I received a parking charge notice on my windscreen. The ticket stated it was issued for the reason of: No Ticket Displayed. The enforcement company is SIP Parking Limited I did some brief research online and decided to ignore the ticket. I did not appeal or make any contact with SIP On 14/07/2016 I received a NTK. The NTK did not m
  8. HI, I had been given a ticket on my car for parking at 4 CHURCH ROAD, ASHFORD - TW16 2UT When I got to the car park I had gone to buy a ticket, because I didn't have the right change I quickly went into a convenient store to get some, roughly in about a minute when I come back to pay for a pay and display ticket I see someone taking pictures of my car I approach him he said that I was being fined for not displaying a valid ticket. I explained that I was on my way to get one and that it had barely been a minute since I parked. (keep in mind this car park
  9. Name of the Claimant ? - Parking and Property Management Date of issue – 15 Dec 2016 Date to submit defence = by 4pm Monday 16th January(i think) What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? - DATE 22/08/16 - AMOUNT - £150 - DUE DATE - 26/09/16 - - DATE 23/08/16 - AMOUNT - £150 - DUE DATE - 26/09/16 - Total Due - £300 AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS The claimant claims the sum of £305.20 for parking charges and indemnity costs if applicable including £5.20 interest pursuant to S.69 of the County Courts Act 1984 Rate 8.00% pa from dates above to 14/12/16.
  10. Good afternoon First of all I thank everyone for any advice you may be able to offer. On the 24th March 2016 at 19:14 I was parked at the rear of some shops on Slough High Street. I visited a Supermarket (one of those shops) and was in there no longer than 20min. On my return I discovered a parking ticket from Parking and Property Management Ltd with the issue reason 'Not displaying a valid permit'. It was dark so I obviously didn't see the sign post which outlined the conditions of parking there. The following day I went away for work and totally forgot about the ticket.
  11. Hi Guys, After some advice, around 2 months ago i decided to go travelling. Before doing so i parked my car outside a business which is on a main Road in Manchester City Center. I asked someone that worked at this business if it would be ok to park there which they replied it would be fine. While ive been away, SIP parking must of bought the land the business was situated on and they erected a no parking restricted sign on the wall. Well after coming back from my travels ive came back to a windscreen full of tickets and numerous letters from SIP asking
  12. Hi all, (COPY OF LETTER ATTACHED) Been ignoring letters after parking in a train station and now received this letter ? How would i handle this, this is a company car and plenty of people have use of it but it's in my name so was going to reply stating i don't know who the driver was? Any ideas please Thanks Guys Gladstones.zip
  13. Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can give, it is very much appreciated. Following receipt of a Letter before claim from Gladstones Solicitors I have responded to them disputing the claim, following a quick back and forth, I have received another letter from them stating that "they are not instructed to enter into any further correpondence...if payment is not made within 14 days - a claim will be issued without further notice" The initial parking charge notice was issued to me by post, although i have no recollection of receiving this as the alleged
  14. Hello I received a Judgment for claimant (in default) from Gladstones and I am unsure what to do. I was advised by a member of the forum to seek help here. An outline of the issue: Around the 10th of October 2015 I received a letter entitled postal notification parking charge from parking management control uk. The charge was for 100.00 but would be reduced to 60.0 if paid within 14 days. I ignored it and not happened after. Now I have received the Judgement of Claim from County court business centre in Northampton, saying that I have defaulted and I owe the
  15. Hello all. On August 12th a charge notice has been issued to my car by Ace Security known as Pace Recovery & Storage. Pleasse have a look at the picture (google street map) how the place looks like: Around October 20th I've got this letter from Gladstones Solicitors: In a heat of changing a job and starting a new one, which is quite demanding, I completely forgot to do anything about this letter. Yesterday I've got another correspondence from Gladstones which is a Claim Form, so they taking me to the court now. There are a couple of more papers attached: response pack
  16. hi all, I have received a fine from pcm ( parking control management(uk) Ltd. SL1 2XF. a pcn was not issued , but a person was taking photos of my car. this happened at hayes and Harlington station. They send me a letter by post with photographic evidence. saying a pcn was issued : (date) my question is are pcm taking people to court now? or should I ask them to issue the popla code.
  17. I have now received a letter from Gladstones on behalf of MET Parking asking for £162.50 for unpaid Parking charge. I received a letter MET Parking asking for £100 stating that I had ignored the first request. I have not ignored any ticket on my car, and never received the first letter, I wrote to them (Stupidly I did not do a recorded letter) received no reply, I have ignored Roxburghe's Threatograms but today have received this letter (Sent from Cornwall) To be honest I have had 3 tickets from MET Parking, one I appealed against and was successfu
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