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  1. I work for a large bank. There is a 24 story tower I work in. My line of business is more research orientated with little phone calls. Recently my boss moved me and my coworker to a floor that is a high production call center. We had been moved because the floor we were on was too loud to focus on our work. Our manager respected that enough to move us. But he moved us to an even louder environment. I asked to be moved to a better area because the reason for the move to this new location was simply because of a noise issue. But now we're in the middle of a large call center.
  2. Hi All I have 2 accounts with Welcome Finance, HP and personal loan, I know I have been charged fees by them for missing payments or whatever but could someone please point me in the right direction about getting these fees refunded. Also I double checked my balance with them then other day and it does not match what my credit file says (credit file amount owed shows oustanding balance as slightly lower) where do i stand with this? I quoted to them the balance shown and they said it has never been that amount according to their records. Thanks
  3. Hi, I wonder if someone could shine some light on my situation. I currently receive ESA and full housing/ council tax benefits. I live alone and my partner lives in company accomodation and this will continue (for the forseeable future) after we get married. My question is... even though my (future) wife wont actually be living at my address, are my ESA and Housing/tax benefits going to be altered or stopped? Thanks in advance:???:
  4. Hi Everyone, I have answered the “questions for new posters” below and added a bit more info regarding my specific case. If anyone has had a similar experience and is willing to provide some feedback or advice I would truly appreciate it. Thanks • Whether the tenancy was granted verbally or in writing - It was a verbal agreement • If it was granted in writing, state the date on which the tenancy began, and the length of the initial term if any. - it was not in writing but tenancy began on 1st of October 2011 • State the amount of the original rent and how often the rent
  5. HI, 11 Months ago we were granted a suspended repo order on our house, We paid the arrears every month, But 4 months ago my partners mother had a stroke and she was forced to take unpaid leave to look after her 81 year old father as well as visiting her mother in hospital, I also lost a part time job i had got which was being used to pay off the arrears. The arrears were £3300. The order was due to finish next month (July 25th) But we still owe £900. We explained the situation to the mortgage company and asked for an extra 3 months to pay, This was refused and
  6. hi there i want advice on getting a car inspection i have my astra mk6 1.4t at the dealer for checks on problems that i have and fond no problems i contacted vauxhall and they said it was the characteristic of the model that i have. i dont agree with them so i need a second opinion
  7. Hi, im 27 year old, and few year ago i got meself into alot of debt, my brother died tradegically and i then ended up seperating from my daughters father, i was really depressed and didnt care about anything.The debt does send me letters, and three month ago got a new couch and fridge from brighthouse. I got bk with my daughters dad a few year later, and he does not know the extent of the debt, We getting married in 8 weeks and moving in 4. My bank account will be closed and a new one will be opened, and nothing is being put in my name until we married, i dont even have a phone contract..
  8. I have been working at the same place for over 15 years now. We at paid an hourly rate + production bonus per week. Our current rate is £5.05 per hr + bonus (this can vary from £30 -£70 P/W) Looking at my payslip on friday I thought it didn't look right. Gross pay was £248.87 for 40 + 1.5 (overtime) This comes to £5.99 P/hr. I also looked at another slip. It was, £250.26 for 40 +1.25 This one works out at £6.06 I believe they would try to argue that it's because my appraisal score (done monthly...or so they tell us) and therefore my bonus has been cut. Am I right in thinking t
  9. Item purchased on 3rd May by debit card, using PayPal Payment transferred on 4th May advised by email 13th May I discovered that the company wasnt actually trading at that time and would not be open for business for up to 3 months. Company agreed to refund the payment. Today - email from PayPal advised that the refund had been made and to quote.. "Funds are now available to spend". Check bank account to confirm that monies have been refunded - Nope Check PayPal balance to see if refund has been made - Nope Spend a useless half hour attempting to convince "Louise"
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