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  1. Hi All, Wrote to TMB (The Mortgage Business) last year with a SAR request HBOS responded - need more info Replied to HBOS HBOS responded - can't find you here is your 10GBP back Checked up on the TMB website and other places and found that the address I used, from the mortgage handbook, was no longer valid Sent new SAR request to TMB, address taken from the website, early January Just had a response back from....... HBOS - need more info .......... WTF! Been scrolling through various FAQ bits and find that TMB is part of Lloyds Banking Group So why the hell
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get some historical absense records from my previous employer. I started working there late 2007 so the time is well within limitations. I've written to them twice asking for all dates, times and copies of all of the medical notes they got when I was ill. I even enclosed, on 3 occasions, a £10 postal order, for the SAR costs. On all 3 occasions they've ignored my letters, and on all 3 occasions, I've confirmed the postal orders were cashed. What would you recommend I do to get these records? It seems there was a housing benefit discrepancy which I need to sort
  3. I have stopped using my previous credit cards since 2005 due to huge debt and am currently on repayment plans with over 15 creditors and have had 3-4 ccjs and one charge against my property and paying minimum repayments. The last ccj was around end of 2007. Can I now apply for a Credit Card for poor credit to try and rebuild my credit history? Is it advisable to try and get a credit card just to keep in case of emergency? If I do make an application say to Aqua Credit Card For people with poor credit, will my existing creditors find out that i have made an application? And can
  4. hello, I've banked with hsbc for over 10 years and had a credit card with them for some years as well. A couple of months ago, I telephoned hsbc to change my address but found out that hsbc cancelled two replacement cards for my credit card and current accounts. It turns out that these cards were sent out to the address I used to live but were returned to hsbc as I was no longer at that address. I was able to get a new debit card re-issued to me without any problem, but hsbc refused to re-open my credit card ac. Instead, they asked me to make a new application, but then told me on the phone th
  5. I haven't seem my GP yet; but need to know what help if I go, I should be getting. I last went (where I am based now) to see my GP about my depression in 2008 and had to wait 5 months just to be seen by a CPN. The CPN was useless, told me that my stomach issues (which I've had since I was a baby) are "all in my head" and she was obsessed with what I was planning to do education-wise in September. She put me on a course for help with confidence and that never came through. I never heard from her again and was left feeling worse from the appointment. I am scared that this will happen a
  6. It has come to our notice that Vanquis or its referral agents are making statements to the effect that having a Vanquis card can build your credit score/improve credit lending possibilities. It is well established that Vanquis (Provident group) are lenders to borrowers who have had poor credit histories or have been turned down from the mainstream card issuers. We think that this is miss leading. If you currently have (or have had) a Vanquis card and gone on to apply for a Credit Card from another established card issuer,please post below including; 1.When you took out your
  7. Hi, I'm trying to find account no's for accounts that i know had PPI on them but its been more than 6 years since I closed them. Is there any way I can find them as they are not on my credit file anymore.
  8. I wonder if you can help direct me to the right place. I am married and living in the Netherlands. I was on ESA and before that Incapacity Benefit for 7 years, although not DLA even though I might have been eligible for it as I can't cook my own meal. In the Netherlands they wont let me register with the IND but say they 'cant kick me out' of the country. I read online that I can't claim back money for my health insurance but they give me that, and I read I might be eligible for help with minimum allowance (the council over there want to give it to me but the IND say n
  9. help with evictions want to stop tha eviction, awaiting the date what to do in the mean time, received the form n244 need help in how to fill it in what to put, kensington are having none of listening to any payment plan in place being sinse middle of october.
  10. I set up a repayment with the first payment going out on 1st September, payment was sent 1st but as it was a Saturday it reached them on 3rd. I have had no problems with anyone else. My plan was for the total of £658 I have paid them 4 months payments and I now owe £618 they say I owe £741 and broke the agreement. The thing is they have not once chased me for any money since this 'broken' agreement happened. I have emailed them multiple times but each time I get the 'please phone us' email. I have explained I will not be phoning them, asked for a breakdown and to reinstate the p
  11. I'm looking into getting a VW Golf, not sure where from but I now know to stay away from carcraft and AC. I'm really worried about buying a car that develops problems and I'm aware of the rubbish warranties you tend to get when you buy a used car. I then saw that you can take out a separate warranty on various websites
  12. Hey guys, im new to the forums - but been lurking for a long time Im pretty overwelmed by the wealth of information, what are some great sources to learn from for beginners? Any tips or advice -- I recently graduated and am facing £10,000 in student loan debt and have not secured post-graduation employment. -Lounorte
  13. Hello. Ill try and keep this short. I need some help trying to get 2 default off my credit report. I had a accident at work on the 24 of November and I can no longer go back into my old role as a joiner. I need to do something less physical. I applied for a call center job passed the phone interview and passed the main interview but was then told I need to pass a credit check. It turns out I failed it because I have 2 defaults on my file. This means im now still with out a job and no money coming in as I was self- employed. One is with vodafone and the
  14. Receiving less child benefit could affect lenders' assessments of 'affordability' and the amount you can borrow. Thousands of families are to lose their child benefit payments next month. But this won't just hit the household budget, it could also have a direct effect on their ability to remortgage or move home – because most banks and building societies now factor in such payments when calculating how much you can borrow. This could leave some families in the unenviable position of being stranded on their current deal and unable to remortgage to take advantage of the cheaper home loans
  15. Hi I have now sent two letters to bank of scotland claiming and explaining my current financial hardship, requesting that they refund bank charges that have been applied to my account since 2005. The first letter was sent feb and the second in may but i have had no reply. What can i do?
  16. Hi All, I really hope someone can help me. Long story.... Basically I run a non profit (No money involved at all) blog on a popular blogging website. About a year ago I bought access to a well known German photo website and proceeded to use their images. About a week ago the log-in stopped working, although I found a way around it by using an old login registered to my real name and home address (*shakes head*...I know, I know...) So this log-in worked until Monday, then a message stated my account was "locked" appeared...Like the idiot that I clearly am, I emai
  17. Hi I have no idea if i was ever sold PPI but i would like to find out. How is this done, i've had a quick look on the site but i've not found anywhere that shows a simple guide for what to do first. I would imagine there is one and that i'm probably blind. If there is, please can someone provide me with a link. I assume the first step is to write to my current and former mortgage providers and ask them if i had PPI on the mortgages. I've only ever had one credit card about 20 years ago and i've never had a loan so it's just the mortgage that i'm
  18. I want to upload a video to an iPod Touch. I have done this before without any problems. But something is not right. I have converted the video to iPod format, and have put it on iTunes successfully. When I plug the iPod in to sync it, it only puts the audio files on the iPod, not the video files. Any clues???
  19. I was put on jsa in january which then turned to income support in May due to pregnancy. I have since given birth and have now been offered a job 20hours a week minuimum. It is paid 4 weekly and I start on tuesday . I know I can get the job grant which is good but until I get paid I will still have bills and things to pay so I'm wondering what other help is available. I know that on JSA you can get extended payments until you are paid but does this apply to income support as well?
  20. Hi guys. I put out a message yesterday outlining a part of our predicament with ex flatmates, but thought I'd just tell you the entire issue. It concerns, essentially, getting our deposit back. Below is a little description of our situation. I have been in touch with our landlady for about five weeks about getting our deposit back. Until a few days ago, she had promised to send it over to our new address, after ignoring my emails for about three weeks. However, she didn't put it in writing, she told me by the phone. I then rang her the other day (she carried on igno
  21. http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property_news/news/millionairedebtcollectordigsdeepinsouthkensington.html
  22. Hi, Im new to this but I would like some advice. I received about 6 letters today from a company called Lowell for a debt that is apparently from 'shop direct'. The problem is Lowell sent these letters to my parents house. I have not lived there for over 12 years. The letters were also in my maiden name which I changed when I married nearly 9 years ago. I long time ago I did get into debt with a few companies but as far as I am honestly aware, I cleared all of my debt. I have never heard of shop direct or Lowell. My problem is my mum is understandably
  23. So I had a DRO and Halifax sent me a letter stating that my account was settled. 2 weeks later it was sold on to Capquest. I have send them, multiple times, all my DRO info and still they are doing nothing! Do I just continue to send it them?
  24. my son applied on line and selected the option to send his own photo as his passport exp in may and s from when he was 12/13 everything went through using the passport number online, even 'knew who he was' but now the form is here its still going on about wanting a valid passport and/or an unlaminated Birth cert sent back with it is there anyway around this? can we show docs locally to someone. not a driver so never jumped through these hoops dx
  25. This dwarfs one sold previously for £24k http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-19384548
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