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  1. HI, i bought a pair of boots from Littlewoods catalogue on the 7th september 2013 that cost 135 pounds, they were totally fine up until a couple of weeks ago when we had really heavy rain showers and they left my feet completely soaking wet. ..the heel and toe of the sole had also worn down completely and i hadn't even worn them everyday of the 6 or 7 weeks i had them I'm not loaded so if i spend over 100 pounds on boots i expect them to last a whole winter not a few weeks.. ..the last few pair of boots i've had lasted 12 months+ I've sent them back to Littlewoods but th
  2. Hi folks, New to this forum. I fell into the downward spiral of payday loans in August and I now owe 3 companies money. (Myjar, the loan store and 24/7 moneybox) £700ish in total. Tonight I have emailed 2 (the loan store, 24/7 moneybox) of them thanks to a template I found on this forum, informing them of my financial difficulties, my right to cancel my CPA and wishing to do so. I have also informed them of my wish to enter a repayment plan and want all interest/fees frozen in the meantime. I've also informed them I will be contacting my bank tomorrow to cancel all CPA's, and th
  3. I knew getting my paperwork sorted by reading that post by Sarnie was pushing me in the right direction and I still feel empowered. This morning have had a lovely letter from Midas entitled LITIGATION WARNING, and i DIDN'T burst into tears ! I haven't got a scanner so will have to type it in. Dear new-me re LLoyds TSB Bnk PLC Balance £3000+ Litigation Warning We are part of the Moorcroft Group and are aware that you have failed to reach a repayment agreement with Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd concerning the above account. We are now reviewi
  4. Been speaking to someone recently who has a selection of catalogues. Balances are only about £50 here, £80 there - total owed is about £400, but their credit limit combined is about £15,000. They plan on maxing the catalogues out on clothes, new cooker, xmas pressies etc and then not paying. She's 69 and hasn't worked for many years due to mental and other health reasons. I assume the catalogues would take a dim view of this?!
  5. Hey all, Not sure if this is the right section, had a look though and there doesnt seem anywhere else to post it. Just trying to get my first adult passport. Decided a few months back I was going to have a few holidays overseas, so of course I would need to get a passport. Complete horrified at the requirements as it seems like this government are forcing us to stay in this country. Problem 1: I have to send my mothers birth certificate and mine to them. As quoted from the government website "You must send originals - photocopies or certified copies won’t be accepted". P
  6. Hi, I have been on incapacity for a while, for depression and back problems. I have been doing some voluntary work, and tentatively looking for work to get back "out there". Well, I have now been offered a job! I think I am well enough to do it, its not physically demanding so will not affect my back and I think my depression might be less if i had a reason to get up everyday! But how do I get off incapacity benefit? Do I just ring them and say I have a job? And what happens about getting a P45? I will not be financially better off, but I would rath
  7. I have had my hours at work cut severely so cannot afford to pay my credit cards on a monthly basis. I owe money on my vanquis card (£2800) I would like to take the bull by the horns and set up a payment plan, but am unsure how to do this with vanquis. I realise I am not obliged o send them my income details, but just inform them how much I am willing to pay. With vanquis, I would like to post all communication to them, as I heard they can be quite disgusting on the phone. What address would I post this to, and what Any direction that you can point me in will be
  8. We had a complete refurbishment on our flat. We had underfloor heating installed but it has never worked. The tilers the builder supplied had to rip up the element and they relaid it due to having to relay badly laid tiles. An electrician came and said it was broken. We have tried to contact the builder but he ignores us. We have sent letters but they are being ignored. What do I do next?
  9. hi everyone i got a letter the other day saying i need to attend a interview under caution and im being investigated i been worried since not being able to sleep im married i got married in 04 but when i was pregnant with our third child in november 08 he left me at the time we was living in his home town i was all alone so moved back near my family and friends and i was on and off with him till 2012 but we not lived together he had his own house near me then gave it up and moved back to him mums in so since he left in 08 i been claiming as a single parent we are not
  10. theyve decided to make my direct debit £166 a month, it was £125 asked for the reason as my ussage has dropped not risen, They decided to RANDOMLY refund the amount the account was in credit, if they had left it in credit the direct debit would have been able to stay the same however they now wont put it back down.... ive told them i want details to put the credit back and then the debit putting down if not then i have to go through the entire swapping process AGAIN
  11. I am having trouble with Three Mobile Boradband and would like advice if possible. I held a contract with them for over 18months and called on 10th April this year to cancel my contract. After numerous sales pitches by the representative I finally got to the person which I gave my 30day notice of cancellation of contract. I was told that I could cancel my direct debit after the payment for May 2013 had been taken, which I did not mind as it was only £5.00. Up until last week I have not heard from them nor had any correspondance. I took a phone call from Three on 27
  12. Not sure if I've posted about this or if this is the best place to post so please move it if it's' not. Apart from my success for my son via the FOS (separate post on that board) I also had success with two other bank accounts for him. The first was NatWest and as I was just trying anything to get the debts written off, I approached them with the facts (again) about my son's disabilities and minimal prospects of any meaningful employment. The upshot with my first attempt was that I managed to get an agreement to have the debt written off for I think something like 12%, which we
  13. That's helpful, remove my thread so I have to re-type in everything again! Anyone know how to get one of these forms. Website directs me to phone number, phone number directs me to website. (or previous words to that effect)
  14. Hi hope yous can help or point me in the right direction. My son just found this out by accident His wife when opening their mail yesterday by mistake open one addressed to the landlord she never noticed the name until after. It was from the bank to their landlord threatening repossessing due to arrears on his mortgage He's worried that they will be evicted asap as they only have a rolling agreement have told him to phone the rental company that acts on behave of their landlord first thing on Monday and too get the letter to them right away and let them deal with it. He th
  15. I have recently moved out of a property and am trying to get my deposit back from the letting agent. The landlord initially stated that there was some work needed to the garden which we agreed to cover the cost. However when I went to the letting agency (this was 14 days after I had moved out) they told me that the landlord had found more problems but did not have a list of what they were. They then informed me that they were still withholding my deposit until they had found out exactly what was wrong. Is there a time limit that problems have to be raised after moving out of a property
  16. Hi all I am just trying to get my SAR... with no hope I have had knock backs and excuses from other banks but persevered and finally got my SAR's but with Satan’s bank this is proving more difficult, I am just getting standard knock back after knock back, passed form dept. to dept. I feel like giving up with this one.....?? I have also asked for the underwrites and just been ignored. This is chasing a car loan from Foods of Windsford 1996 GE were the finance house, I know it had PPI I remember the salesman telling me I wouldn't get the car if i didn
  17. I currently pay £31 a month for Plusnet Fibre broadband, their cheapest 40MB 40GB package. Been a customer for 2 years along with my Mum and no complaints. Been looking at other deals on the internet and I've noticed that EE do a similar deal but unlimited at the same price, Talk Talk do the same for £31.45. Virgin internet only deals are cheaper too and they're basic starter package is only £33. I'm tempted to go to Plusnet and squeeze them for something extra due to these other packages I've found, has anyone tried this with their provider and succeeded? Know it sometimes works with mob
  18. Posted on here a few weeks ago about a debt I had with Shopacheck that had been passed on to Lowells. I disputed it as Shopacheck said i only owed £160 but Lowells said I Owed over £500. I asked Lowells to send me the CCA and told them of the timescale. They told me that they didnt have to comply with the timescale and that they would send me the CCA's as soon as they could. I have now recieved a letter with three CCA's these are not the originals as they dont have my signature on them. Is this acceptable or should they be the originals.
  19. Hi after a messy divorce affairs depression and nearly bringing my life to an early end I have finally pulled myself together and I am facing up to my old debts . This is however three years later its taken me a while to feel settled enough to face up to stuff. Upon getting my credit report I have found that I have 2 CCJ's I want to try and get them set aside as obviously these will impact me on getting credit . one is from 2010 the other is from 2011 so they will impact me until 2017 I obviously moved out of my previous address when the judgment's were served back in 2010 and 2011 I
  20. I bought a Vauxhall Astra 59 plate froma main dealer in march 21 2013,I was told everything was working ok on the car.The weather was so cold that I coud'nt try the airconditioning as it is dissabled in cold weather,I kept testing it as said in the manufacturers hand book,but it was very cold through April.I eventualy tested it on 6th May 19degs and it still not working. I took the car back to the dealer who booked it in on 16th April for service to check it,They found that the Aircon Condenser was leaking.Service reception said they would check with the warranty company for authority to ord
  21. Was in Court earlier this month, facing a second eviction date. N244 submitted, and the eviction was suspended. I've managed to get the lender to extend the term of the mortgage. It's reduced the CMI by £150 so that is going at the arrears as well now. The arrears were rather small compared to some at £2100, they are now £1800. By Christmas I should have them cleared. Can I then get the suspended order discharged? I don't like the way they can just get an eviction date whenever they feel like it. What if I'm on holiday? Ill? And don't have time to react to it.
  22. Hi,I'm on ESA at the assessment rate (waiting for appeal),and the time is approaching for me to send in another sick note,but I'm unsure of how best to go about it. 1. I could send it by post,but the DWP have an annoying habit of pretending that my mail does not exist,which could be a problem with a sick note. 2. I've read that I could telephone DWP for an appointment to have it scanned onto the system, but the people manning the call centres have no clue whatsoever what they're doing, and tend to tell me whatever they think I'd like to hear - even if it means making stuf
  23. Hi I had a cowboy builder in and he took £3,000 from me and wrecked my home/didnt do any work he was paid for. I obviously want my money back but: a. Trading standards cannot help as its the only case against him, so they issued a warning for fraud. He told me his company was registered and it was actually disolved in 2010. b. Police refused to do anything about the nails he stole, as my word against his. (Nails cost £100 so expensive theft), but I have an incident number (fat lot of good that is) c. Companies House wont do anything as he was no longer registered with
  24. My wife and I would be very grateful for advice. Our daughter who is 22 and lives at home, training to be a teacher, has had a boyfriend for a couple of years. The boyfriend comes from New Zealand, seems a nice lad and often comes to our house at weekends to be with my daughter. He has his own flat about 50 miles away near where he works. As he has come from New Zealand he has moved around a bit and has used our address a number of time to get post sent to him. Recently the boyfriend bought a car and we noticed that a letter had come from the finance company to our address for him. It is obv
  25. Hi, I am the user formerly known as BigGreenForest. I havent logged in in ahwile due to health issues while I've beein in and out of hospital a lot, or just too ill to do things. In that time I've managed to forget both my email and CAG passwords. Hotmail have now blocked access to my email due to too many failed password atempts, so I'm forced to start anew. Anyway, I'm in a mess. Regarding my ongoing battle with the Council accusing me of benefit fraud, that finally osrted out. They gave up after 15 months of effort, and my solicitor gathered some evidence that thier manner of what t
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