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  1. Hi All, I have various debts that are being handled by agencies. I have a limited company that I stupidly set up a bank account for with Natwest. I say stupidly because they held my personal account too. I had an instance of fraud on my company website and had to refund a customer £160. This came at a precarious time in terms of cash flow. As a result the account was thrown into debt. Natwest decided to close both my personal and my business accounts at the same time because of it. I also owe worldpay who were my gateway service providers for my websit
  2. Hi, I am new here but been reading a lot of helpful info and thought id post my own question for clarification. I have a default on my account ... (as is the way when you are young and stupid ) anyway it is about to close and drop off my file this month and next. I read here that accounts drop off after the last listed default. There is one account i have default registered 2008 - first one but there is a debt collectors agency registering a default somehow ... last year ... i am viewing this via a credit report that gives the monthly status of the account and goe
  3. I listed an item on Shiply to be collected and paid a circa £30 fee however the delivery driver failed to turn up. I then requested a re-list however this wasn't acknowledged during their support hours so I had to submit a new listing for the same item due to to time constraints on the collection. I have since had the money from the first courier returned as a credit to my account but after the delivery fiasco and the fact that they do not vet their service providers I do not wish to use this service again. I have no recourse against the delivery driver as they don't receive the fee from S
  4. Sent a debt collection agency the letter with regard to "a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 etc". They have written back asking for my last three addresses to confirm who I am. Any suggestions what to do next. Thanks.
  5. Hi I've Just requested information on some collectors cars registrations for a certain model, to my knowledge there are only 25 left in the UK. But DVLA say they are unable to help. This seems beyond me as I thought they kept all this information. If you were a policeman you would most certainly obtain this sort of information. But they say they don't keep it, I want to what an earth they keep then if not all old records, it seems the staff just cannot be bothered these days. Does anyone know of other ways to obtain this sort of informati
  6. Hello All I am due to go to court on the 23rd September on behalf of my wife. Here is the history. There are two claims which have been merged, the lead claim is for around £400 and the second around £1200. I have sent a prove it letter 10th March 14: I sent a s77 request 14th MArch 14: And finally I sent a CPR31.14 letter: [/size]All of the above remain unanswered for the small debt (which is not on any credit file) except the standard CPR31.14 response saying we should have the contract. The larger debt they ha
  7. hello I need some advice re car finance, I owe £5k, my car is worth at best £2.5k, I need to get them to reposess the car as I can now get a mobility one, hows best to go about this ? I am one year into a 5 year agreement, the car was £7k all in when I purchased it last July.
  8. Can anyone help me? I am trying to get out of a lease that does not expire for another six months. I have discovered that there are some problems with the electrics in the house. One friend tells me that I should therefore just leave and break the lease. Another says that I could be in trouble if I do this. He says I should first tell the landlord and offer him the chance to fix the problem. If I do not do this apparently I could be pursued for the rent for the remaining period of the lease. I would rather just leave but I am not sure how much excuse the electrics issue gives me if I do not te
  9. Hi, I`m not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this but dont know where else to look. I have a parent (My mum) who is disabled with multiple sclerosis. since 2010 she has been in a care home as my Dad tool ill at this time and he was her main carer. He passed away in late 2010. My dad was her appointee and dealt with her benefits and when he passed this was transfered to me. He also had left a pension which should of paid my mum a lump sum of money and a widows pension on a monthly basis. I have tried to claim this on my mothers behalf but they refused blank saying I need
  10. Hi all, Sorry to bother you but I'm after a bit of advice regarding an old Barclays account. Heres the story... My partner and I had a joint account with Barclays many years ago (2004) of which we ended up having an overdraft of £2170. Due to various reasons we ended up pushing it to its limit every month and eventually came into a bit of financial hardship but we struggled on as you do. Then in 2008 I was sadly made redundant. This is where things went terribly wrong. We struggled on for another year incurring fees left, right and center but we just got
  11. On the 30th of June. I handed in my two week notice at work. To my surprise I was asked not to come back (after further questioning I was told it was because I was a system administrator for their database) and to also hand it my ID and door key. I was told I would be paid for the 10 days of my notice. When negotiating my salary I was told by my manager that they could not increase my salary but will offer me 2 bonuses. First installment, on the 1st of July and the second next year January. Quote from a written e-mail from my boss "Please be aware that from July 1-2014, after yo
  12. Just wondered if I could get out of prosecution after getting pulled up by RPOs from Southeastern for not having a tapped in Oyster card on Southeastern between 2 Oyster card stations. Rather brazenly I refused the offer of a penalty fare because I instead offered to go back to the station I got on and tap in, I told them I had no bank card or cash to pay the penalty fare. Therefore the RPOs started filling out a prosecution report and did a PACE interview. They ascertained I had £1.65 on my Oyster, the Oyster fare with my Railcard discount is £1.50, but they kept sticki
  13. To be precise 65 days ago I ordered a custom paper cost almost £250 to be written for work and received it , the material was completely off topic and of a very poor quality. I used paypal to pay for the item but the funds came from my barclays account. I am now past the 45 day dispute from paypal( annoyingly) but was wondering whether I would be entitled to a refund by barclays (I have a personnel account).On my statement the transaction will appear as a paypal payment on barclays so am just wondering what the best action for me is. Any thoughts please would be greatly appreciated
  14. A mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well-known heart surgeon in his shop. The surgeon was there, waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike. The mechanic shouted across the garage, "Hey, Doc, can I ask you a question?" The surgeon a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, "So Doc, look at this engine. I open its heart, take the valves out, fix 'em, put 'em back in, and when I finish, it works just lik
  15. Hi all today i was successful in getting TWO yes TWO defaults removed from my credit file. Please see below my story, this show that with persistence and not being bullied can work, if anyone is having issues with this company then give it a try, this was all done via email. Its long but certainly worth a read I received an email from MMF stating that they had bought the debt from another company. I had not received any default notices/letters for this debt so i emailed asking for details. This was the first reply Dear John Balance £326.00- Wage Day Advance Payday Loans Goo
  16. Hi, I own a commercial property which I had been leasing out to a tennant since 2010. The tenant fell behind in rent and I had to get him evicted earlier this year. I've now started receiving letters at my residential address from utility providers for his unpaid bills, British Gas and Opus. I explained the situation to British Gas and they've agree to pursue the tenant for the outstanding amount. Opus however are sticking to their guns, quoting the Utilities Act 2000. According to them the property was declared "vacant" on a date in March 2012, and since then the property o
  17. Hope this is in the right place Has anyone dealt with this company? A family friend signed up with Loan-Options.net recently and had £64.75 debited from his bank account. (£34.75 registration fee and £30 (£1 per day for 30 days) membership fees. They appear to offer access to payday loans and other services but deny they are Credit Brokers or intermediaries. Immediately this was discovered we emailed the company and cancelled the "membership" and asked for a refund. The company refused a full refund and only offered a refund of the 30 day membership fee. I phoned t
  18. Hi guys getting myself quite worked up ere and stressed , in 2007 i had a llyods tsb credit card and maxed it out to its limit of £5000 , after getting into financial difficulties i quit the payments and left it ( yes i know wrong thing to do ) last year i started receiving letters from lowell group and a friend said to me dont pay can't collect , since lowell its been passed onto various groups including hamptons legal hamptons red and now some solicitors in edinburgh , they are now threatining with bailiffs ccj's etc need to know what is the worse
  19. * Money from account WITHOUT getting loan * Hello, A couple of days ago I was in a very desperate situation. I am a student and also work part time but found myself in a very serious financial situation recently where I had no money for food. There was no option for me to borrow money from family and friends as I already owed them money so because I work also, I decided to borrow a loan from a payday loan company. I came across Cash Genie and applied through their website for £100. I filled in all my details, name, address, work details and ... bank details ! After subm
  20. on numerous occasions i have informed the local authority and their agents for parking fines that my mail cannot be trusted to my address. recently i received a fine stating that i did not answer the previous letters although i did not receive them. i wrote to them explaining this and i was told to use recorded or special delivery as this is only legal way to prove that the letter was delivered. and i was told by them on many occasions that proof of posting is not proof of delivery. do i have any legal standing against them for the same thing?
  21. I have (had) an excellent credit rating and have a job that would be affected I think by having a CCJ. My mum bought a property 15 years ago and put in my name but she continued to live in it, we had a deed of trust saying she was responsible for all the bills, and all bills were in her name, She passed away at the end of 2012 and I was her executor, I looked at all her papers and contacted all the relevant parties, utilities, council tax etc to let them know my details and that I was now responsible for bills. The property was a flat and there is a managing agent, I told them my deta
  22. Hi Can anybody help please. I am trying to start a new thread but justg getting this message: ' The number of tags you tried to add exceeded the maximum number of tags by 3'. Kind regards
  23. I want tips for getting jobs, rather than just not being sanctioned. Th WP Advisors are not much help, more of a hindrance. Mistake: this should have gone in the Employment Forum. Bad night's sleep problems.
  24. Hi all I'm looking for some help and advice please. It's regarding the amount of junk mail that gets pushed through my front door on a weekly basis. You know, local free weekly paper stuffed with the usual rubbish. Today is Thursday, this is an inventory of what has been dumped behind my front door so far this week (4 days worth)... Estate Agents ad card Chiropractic ad card (A5) Direct Line mini booklet Pizza Hut vouchers in ad leaflet (A3) Local shopping centre Christmas leaflet (A4 folded) Indian restraint booklet Toys R Us mini catalogue Ernest Jones watch and
  25. hello I need some help please. I have been working for a driving agency for a few months and whilst out one night with friends and family a friend of my auntie who works as a hgv tanker driver for a milk dairy told me if interested he could get me some work as a driver, I said ok and the next day I went with him down to the yard he works at, whilst talking to the manager in the office he asked if I wanted to do this type of work to which I replied yes the then said to comebacin 1 week, go out with a driver on a shift and if I liked it he would start to train me to do the job. 1 week
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