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  1. This one from Scoop regarding increase in bailiff referrals by councils http://www.spaldingtoday.co.uk/news/opinion/campaigns/how-the-cost-of-paying-up-is-sending-bailiffs-diaries-wild-1-6962592
  2. I have a couple of job interviews coming up, how ever their days are not flexible and neither are my bosses. He will constantly find ways to make it so I don't to take time off. If I'm sick, I'll have to work from home, expecting constant calls from the office and clients. If I'm going on holiday, I can only have the dates between flying out and coming back and nothing else, and expected to take calls. If I have a doctors appointment, he will expect me to work the hours inbetween. I can almost never have Mondays or Wednesdays off due to working at a clients, and my work l
  3. I have been working as a self-employed mortgage broker until I resigned in July 2015. I signed a service contract with the company and commission was to be paid at the end of each month on a 50% split basis i.e. I get 50% of the commission for all business I write. Business has been very slow and in August 2014, the company incorporated under an umbrella company who took on most of our compliance. The director told me that the commission split would change to 35% for the first £3,000 of business written and 65% thereafter. This was apparently done to reward hitting higher targets. This w
  4. Hello all, I live with my landlord and two other tenants in what was his house. He put it up for sale and somebody has 'purchased' the house, he will pay my landlord this Friday for the house. Long story short but my landlord is going through a divorce and half of the money for the house that's now sold, is going to go to his wife. But she has not agreed to the amount being offered to her and wants more than half. Now my landlord was informed today that we all have to move out this Friday. Also just to inform you, my landlord has been told by his agents twice that we needed
  5. Just wondering if any companies, like Sunny etc. offer small loans to people if they are on Universal Credit as their income? Also which company is easiest to apply to as they have never had credit before and so I do not think they have built up a good credit score therefore...(not because of any bad credit). Doesn't just want to try companies and fail as I think this will build bad credit... Thanks!
  6. I'm at the stage where the adjudicator has found in my favour on two out of three loans (I'm still fighting hard on the 3rd one). On reading through their letter to the bank (the bank has until the 3rd September to reply), I've found the PPI figures the FOS are quoting to the bank are way off from my own knowledge of the loans (£777 as opposed to 36 payments of £35). The bank have quoted all figures supplied to the FOS are from their insurance provider, who I have SARed and been told they have nothing on record. These loans go back to 95/98 era. How much work is it to ge
  7. Used to just get an email when someone replied on a thread I posted on, and then wouldn't get any others unless I visit the thread again, and then someone posts another reply. But now, I am getting emails for every thread update regardless if I have visited it recently or not. Resulting in 8 emails within an hour just on 1 thread. Is this something changed recently?
  8. A report by Citizen Advice found that people were tempted into free trials for slimming pills or similar health supplements, often by online pop-up adverts or across social media sites featuring celebrity endorsements. People thought they were simply giving their debit or credit card details to pay for the £5 postage and packing. But, if they’d read the extremely long small print, they would have discovered that they had signed up to a monthly subscription for these products unless they cancelled within a set period of time. What can you do to about it? Always rea
  9. My daughter and her boyfriend had been renting a room from a live-in landlord (not sub-letting) for 9 months when he evicted them without notice. He had entered their room without prior arrangement while they were on holiday and found some cigarette burns on the outside window ledge. (He had given the boyfriend permission to smoke out of the window when they moved in). He sent an email advising that they had to move out the day they returned. My daughter and boyfriend had always paid their rent on time, monthly in advance, but had recently changed to weekly payments, by arrangement, as
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone could advise me. Back in 2010 I had around £32k of debt (mostly credit cards and and a loan/overdraft). I lost my job so I stopped paying my debts, as I was no longer in a position to pay them. Over time I got back into work, however I was now being offered partial settlements on some of my debts and because of the massive hole I was in at the time I decieded the best way to clear the debts would be to take up this option and pay a reduced rate. I typically paid around 33 per cent. Using this method I cleared all but 1 of
  11. Not sure where to start with this...but am in the process of getting my affairs in order. I am awaiting various SAR replies, CCA replies, some PPI claims and at some point some charges claims. I am trying to do things in a sensible order now rather than going off half-cocked! Had some very useful advice from DX that made me look at things in a different way but moving on from that i'm trying to consider some of the next moves I may need make, and i'm trying to get my head around what the law says. Firstly I should point out currently my debts are being managed throu
  12. I need some advice please on how to get a deposit back after placing one on a 2nd hand car. 2 weeks ago we found a car at a small 2nd hand car dealer but it had some issues. The deal was we would purchase the car if the issues (repair some bodywork, pass MOT, fix door seal, stop car veering to right when driving) were rectified. We agreed and I placed a deposit of £495 (Car cost £3995) on a visa debit card, signed an agreement and left. I have returned today to collect the car after being told all repairs agreed were fixed and the car was ready. On arrival we found that only the MOT
  13. Evening all, I'm after a bit of guidance on an outstanding balance on an old credit card. Here's a brief history: March '08 - Took out the credit card with £500 limit. Used the card for 2 years, during which time the limit was upped to £1000. June '10 - I stop making payments. Various reasons I shan't bore you with. Oct '10 - Default notice issued and an outstanding balance of £1300 (with a limit of £1000, I'm guessing that's £250 or so of interest and charges). At some point the debt was sold to a debt collection agency, before then being returned to capital one themselves
  14. Hi, I'd appreciate advice from others who have had similar experiences with Vodafone, and am also hoping Lee the Vodafone Rep may be able to intervene and/or offer advice. I opened a Vodafone account in June 2011. My calls and text usage was always well below the plan I was paying for. In August 2012 I received a sales call out of the blue offering me a new phone. I was under the impression I was agreeing to an upgrade, and agreed to increase my DD by £10 per month for a Smart phone to replace my Blackberry. They sent me the new phone and it transpired I had been sold a whol
  15. Last year, I contacted Lloyds Bank about a couple of defaults which are still showing on my credit file, but which I felt should had been entered years before they were (and which should have by now disappeared as a result). In December last year, Lloyds wrote back to me to tell me that: 'The accounts should have been defaulted in October 2004 and I have contacted the relevant department to ensure your credit file reflects this and that the information recorded is accurate'. Imagine my surprise, then, when I obtained my credit file in February and discovered the info
  16. I took out a bridging loan secured on property last year. It was arranged through a broker. There was a £500 commitment fee paid separately to the loan but to be refunded on account at draw down ( I have this in writing although its not in the loan contract. ) The missing £500 does not appear in the completion or redemption statement but my banking shows it as paid and they confirm receipt. Additionally the redemption statement includes extra unexpected fees, surplus to 7.1 below, ie fees added at closing and not taken from monies advanced to borrower. There is already an agreed redemptio
  17. Hi In 2005 I got the following: Together Mortgage £113000, Picture Loan £33000, Welcome Loan £21000, RBS Debt totaling £25000 credit card debt totaling £ 9,000. PAYDAY LOANS total £1200. I was in great despair as I was going through a divorce had an ectopic pregnancy and lived in a house half built. I was off work due to ectopic pregnancy and was losing money fast. On top of this my step daughter came to live with me and I was trying to help her through college etc. My ex husband was very nasty and he was due to leave the army and I go
  18. Will try to be brief: Bought a car circa 7 weeks ago for £2000. Dealer gave me a receipt. Also gave ME the entire V5 to fill in and send off! Within days I thought that there were issues with the car. I had filled in the V5...but did not send off. I figured at this point (perhaps somewhat misguided?) that if the dealer refused to carry out repair work to make the car right....I might stand a better chance of getting a refund and giving the car back if I told him he could have the V5 back - tipex my details - and so hence not record another owner on it - who then would look like
  19. Hi, I have a contractual dispute with BT regarding a cancellation. I've gone through the normal internal complaint processes with the company and understand their position but vehemently disagree with it. I've requested on numerous occasions to take the matter to ADR but all that happens is that I get a written response a few days later re-iterating BTs position and stating that they hope this resolves the matter. Is there any way I can force the matter? BT clearly have internal procedures to deter people from getting to ADR but I wont get a balanced vie
  20. Hello CAG! You know, there are times when we all have to deal with 'not so good' customer service but in the end matters end up being resolved with some persistence. However with Vodafone customer support I've never felt soo helpless. I have followed their process to the letter, and thus so far it has got me nowhere. I need a Vodafone rep to action on this and get it sorted. Background: June 2012 - I sign up to Vodafone as a new customer, 24 month contract (Iphone 4). June 2014 - Contract ends, I do not change anything. October 2014 - I decide to DOWN
  21. Hi all, I know everyone on these forums are very savvy regarding PPI matters, and there seem to be some experts also. My late father owed "Monument" money but once Death Certificate was issued then it was resolved (no will, no assets). I have now received a letter saying they owe PPI, or PBP as they like to call it. However, their dealings look suspicious as essentially they say "We will not give you money unless there is some left over what is owed." Why should I pay what is owed? This does not seem fair. They also want me to sign a "Statutory Declaration" and
  22. I am not sure whether this is the right section/place for this, but perhaps someone around here can offer advice on the following. I recently got a letter from the R.B.S, informing me that that "we have, with regret, decided that we will no longer provide these [bank account] facilities for you" They don't give any reasons, but I am assuming that my name has come up on some wide sweeping statistical based list for potential fraud/money laundering, and I guess that the R.B.S doesn't like the little man trying to get a piece of their action. I don't have a regular job,
  23. I have a mortgage with GE Capital and have had this for 8 months now. Last month my husband went from being paid weekly to monthly which falls on the last friday of the month. My pay day is the 28th of the month. I contacted GE to advise them of the change and asked them if we could move the day our mortgage is due from the 20th of the month to the 28th of the month. They wrote back and advised us that yes we can move it but it will cost us £188.00 in interest to do so. I couldn't believe they could charge us so much. They tell us it is due to the loss of interest. Our previous mort
  24. Can anyone advice me if I get my name taken off an account how long will it stay on my credit file
  25. Hello, I am wondering if you can help / provide advice for my brother. He ended up in some financial difficulties following a car accident which meant he was unable to work (self employed) for a while several years ago. As a result he got into some financial difficulties which were finally sorted in 2012 (or so we thought!). The debt was for a credit card at Lloyds TSB, who passed the debt to a company called 1st Credit. A full and final settlement figure was agreed with 1St Credit in May 2012 (we have a letter from them confirming this). However, in August/September 2
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