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Found 12 results

  1. received a PCN in the post from New Generation Parking Management 18 months ago - I sent them an email informing them that I am just the registered keeper and not necessarily the driver. (I used the template from this group) NGP never responded to my email. They have now passed 'the case' on to ZZPS/Wright Hassall Solicitors who have just informed me that the Protection of Freedoms Act allows them to County Court me. Is this right? (I did not state who was driving) The driver (my wife) has recently died and would I still be liable for the charge? This has really upset me and Wright Hassall after I told them that one of the drivers of the vehicle was now dead. TIA
  2. Hi, I have just found and registered onto this site because of the proceeding thread regarding New Generation Parking Management Ltd. I have just received a "parking charge notice" (PCN) for parking in a visitors bay without a visitors permit. The permits are for a 24 hour period with no return in 48 hours. As I was contracted to work in one of the flats over several days for the flat owner this was no use. The flat owner's parking bay was occupied so I checked with the concierge and was told to display a notice in my cars windscreen stating where I was working, flat number/name etc, and this would be ok. The PCN had four photographs of my car, two clearly showing the notice of where I was working. There was no date or time indicated on the photographs, the pictures probably taken with a hand held camera. I have appealed in writing stating my case as above. I have worked at this flat since February, using the sign, on probably half a dozen occasions without any problem. I am particularly interested in the previous answers regarding the signage being incorrect. Any comments would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I've been reading through the forum and have so far only found a couple of older threads relating to these chancers... I've received a Parking Charge Notice through the post from NewGeneration Parking Management stating that i was "not parked in marked bay". This was indeed the case but there were no available visitors spaces and we were staying at a friend's flat in the housing estate. I had a valid parking ticket for the entire period. I've copied the standard answers in to the thread below and have attached a copy of the letter as a pdf. 1 Date of the infringement 05/11/2016 21:43 2 Date on the NTK 11/11/2016 3 Date received 14/11/2016 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes, photos of my car taken by a digital camera, no ANPR 6 Have you appealed? Not yet. Have you had a response? 7 Who is the parking company? New Generation Parking Management 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Prospect Place, Cardiff CF11 0AS It states on the letter that they are a member of the IPC and that they use the IAS for appeals. Should i just appeal via their website stating that the charge isn't valid, using the standard response? Many thanks in advance, Adam IMG_20161114_0001_01.pdf
  4. Hello, Back in October 2015 I was visiting a friend who lives in an apartment complex in Cardiff bay area. Usually concierge there will let you in and inform you of where to park however when I turned up no one there to instruct so friend buzzed me through the barrier. All the visitor parking spaces were full and no where around building to park as double yellows on main roads. There was however an un marked part of the road within the complex which had no obvious signs, no obstruction and no yellow lines, so my friend told me it would be fine to park here until a visitor space became available (all residents have permit spaces that come with the flat for free). When I came back to the car it was stamped with a parking charge notice on the windscreen. They have charged me 60 pounds rising to 100 if not paid within the certain time period. I wrote a letter disputing the charge explaining that there was no concierge present, no visitor parking and no obstruction caused by my car and that the cost does not reflect any loss of business or money spent on their terms. I have today received a reply from them telling me they have rejected by appeal (no surprises there). I would ignore this - considering all the advice given in previous threads but in their letter they wrote this paragraph which unnerves me a little: "In the supreme court on November 4th 2015 it was agreed that BPA are legal, reasonable and fully enforceable. They do not fall under genuine pre estimate of loss as they are designed to deter unauthorised parking. Therefore this charge is not only valid but also fully enforceable in the highest court in the UK. More information can be found at supremecourt.uk" The letter then gives me two options of either settling the charge at the reduced rate or appealing to POPLA but then paying 100 if that gets rejected. I know this may all be scare mongering but when I looked up a case on supremecourt for 4th Nov 15 I did see that an appeal did get rejected. Sorry for the long post- just handy to give all details. Any advice??
  5. I've recently received the attached PCN from New Generation Parking Management, relating to time my vehicle spent in a private car park, Waterfront 2000, CF10. The letter I've received asks for £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 7 days - and gives the reason for the charge as being "on roadway". I have blanked out the photos, but they were clearly taken by somebody with a handheld camera. I have also attached a photo of one of the signs, although it would be reasonable to assume that the roadside where the vehicle was parked was before you had actually entered the 'car park'. The company I work for has allocated parking bays in this car park, but the vehicle was not in one of them on this day. It's possible to park just around the corner on 'pay and display' side of the road spaces for around £5 per day. I'm not sure who actually owns the car park - is there an easy way to find this out? Normally, I would have just ignored this letter but having had a quick search it seems that this is no longer the standard advice. Are you able, please, to advise on how best to respond to this company (or if I should indeed just ignore their threat?). Many thanks in advance,
  6. Hello. I have read a few threads and newbie stickies but i want to ask personal advice before making any contact with the company. I received my letter on 02/06/15 regarding parking on 27/05/15. The car park in question is for the red dragon centre in cardiff. This centre has a cinema, bowling and many restaurants internally and a few standalone buildings in a secondary surrounding car park. The main building has a security barrier for it's main car park and the restaurants have a secondary car park which does not have any security access or pay and display, however when entering, MOST of them ask for your reg plate for their parking system. I visited one of these restaurants and parked in the secondary car park, and was not asked for my reg plate. I have now received this letter stating that the parking notice was 'Reason - Not Registered on site' I returned today to check out the signage in place and the private land parking sign specifies all restaurants except the one i visited may use the car park and register the plate on site. This means that my restaurant must use the main car park with the security barrier and ticket method (it also has a tiny car park of about 6 spaces at it's rear which was full) So my questions are, am i at fault? can and how should i appeal? i dont really feel that i should be charged for parking here when i used the centre's own facilities, and it's not even pay and display. any advice would be great. i'll post a picture of the car park detailing what i have talked about here Thanks
  7. Just been on the phone to PCWorld as the Ipod Touch we ordered on the 28th November has not arrived and I was told that they are awaiting stock and it's unlikely to be back in stock before christmas I have just seen that it is in stock at my local store and online and I am wondering if they are trying to worm there way out of selling it to me at the offered £100 price tag... What should I do? I felt pressured into opting for a refund as it's a Christmas present
  8. Can you help me? I have just received a second letter from the above private firm for apparently parking in a "permit holders only" section of a free car park (I went into a bank for 10 mins). I read a few blogs on this site and decided to write back to them. I haven't admitted to being the driver, only the registered keeper of the car and told them they had no right to enforce this penalty. However, they've just written back telling me that the law changed in Oct 2012 and the registered keeper may be held liable for this PCN. My only possible appeal is that the restriction was obviously not marked clearly, because I would never have parked there! Do you think there is any way I can get around this fine, or should I just pay it? Many thanks
  9. Hi All, Yesterday I received a parking charge notice from NGP Ltd informing me that I was parked on private land on the 3rd November 2014. The location in question is an access road called penrhos in Llantwit Fardre The PCN is asking for payment of £60 if payed in 14 days or £100 after this which is extortionate for 10 minutes parking. The car was left there as on this one rare occasion I was picking up my children from school as my wife was unable to due to illness. The vehicle was left there for around 10 minutes and was parked just at the entrance of the road and mostly of the road on a grass bank causing no obstruction. There were actually 2 other cars parked in front of me but all their wheels were off the road on the grass bank. Normally if there is space the car would have been parked in a parking space owned by the adjacent restaurant where the owner allows us to park and has nothing to do with NGP. On receiving the notice yesterday I appealed using their appeals process and received an e-mail from them this morning stating the claim had been rejected with a POPLA reference. On reading their rejection letter/e-mail it stated that there were parking condition signs at the entrance of the road and further along the road. On inspecting the road today there are no signs at the entrance and the only signs I could see were one about 50 mtrs from where I parked and the other about 120 mtrs from where I parked both on the opposite side of the road to the footpath that you would use . Where I was parked it did not look like that these sign covered this area as they were so far away. Both these signs were on temporary wooden post and the font very difficult to ready unless up close to them which due to no footpath that side of the road is very unlikely. The only part of the sign what is legible is the section saying the site is monitored by CCTV which it is not. I need advise on the above and reading other threads I plan to appeal using the POPLA process but need advise on how I should draft my appeal. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  10. Hi all, hope this is the correct area to post. I have just received a parking fine notice from New Generation Parking management with regards to an alleged illegal or wrongful parking whatever they want to call it. On the day in question my wife was driving. She pulled into the private car park outside some shops. She dropped our son off outside one of the shops as there were no spaces. She was on a "Hatched" area (the whole car park is hatched, except for the parking spaces so you have no choice but to drive onto it). She was on it for 35 seconds (car was rolling a bit forward and backwards - she doesn't know where the handbrake is!!) whilst she waited for a car to pull out and she immediately went into that space. Their photographic evidence is crap at best (four photos showing her, well stopped basically). No time stamp can be seen on the photos as it's completely blurry. Fortunately we have video evidence with a nice clear time stamp and date from our dash-cam. We both suffer from bad health issues and my wife is going into hospital in a couple of weeks for a major operation and suspected Cancer biopsy, so this is stress that we don't need or can cope with. I've heard these type of companies are iffy at best so need some advice really, if possible. Is waiting for 35 seconds for a space classed as parking? This is ridiculous in my opinion. Everybody has at some time had to wait a few seconds to park. Any advice greatly appreciated and needed. Thanks. (EDIT: After having checked their "Photographic Evidence" very closely from their website I zoomed into the car and am unable to see anybody behind the wheel. My dash-cam clearly shows the car constantly moving back and forth. I am now convinced they have cropped my wife out of the photo to make it look like the car was empty). I think this goes a bit further than simply a rip off.)
  11. Hi, I would be grateful if somebody could give me some advice on the following Retired relatives were parked in a disabled bay in the local Asda (Correctly), one relative has a disabled badge however it had fallen off the windscreen and on to the seat before they left to go shopping in Asda. A few days later(25/03/14) they received a notice from New Generation Parking stating they were being fined £100.00 as (no valid disabled badge displayed) although £65.00 would be acceptable if they paid within 14 days. No ticket was left on the windscreen. Could anyone let me know if disabled bays are anything more than advisory in car parks such as these as surely they cannot hold any "legal" status and are, again, surely advisory only. Could somebody also point me in the direction of the template letters for responding to the Parking Company please and offer some advice on the best way to tackle this "Fine" Thanks in advance Adam
  12. hi,i hope I am in the right area as I am new here . I received a PCN from New Generation Parking in June this year. I appealed to them on the grounds that I only overstayed IN a FREE car park due to my disability and the amount of pain I was in that day, due to having drive around and around looking for somewhere to park. I suffer with severe sciatica and have great difficulty walking.(I am registered disabled with a blue badge) On the said day the journey and parking had been a nightmare I eventually saw a space and parked in it. I didn't notice the little sign on the wall 2 shops down . the car park is a free car park with so I have found out a max 30 min stay. By the time I had hobbled to the dentist which was a struggle for me, laid on my side in the car to relieve the sciatica before and after my appointment.I had overstayed. I received the notice within a few days. As I said I appealed to them but unsurprisingly it was turned down. My next move wasnt to clever, I went on the appeal to POPLA without doing any research first! I used mitigating circumstances. doh! I only found out later that they don't accept that. Ok so obviously I don't want to pay the fine which is now £100! and my beef is had I been able bodied, the trip to the dentist I made would have been done and dusted in under half an hour. Due to my disability I took longer partly due to how far away I had to park on that day, but more so to do with the time spent lying on my side in the car trying to relieve the burning sciatica. I have read somewhere that I can write to the land owners quoting the Equality Act about extended time limits?? Firstly is this correct? can I do that? secondly, how do I go about finding out who actually OWNS the land? (and therefore who to write to) Lastly, what do I write? Does anyone have any templates? or drafts I could adapt to my circumstances? or could anyone help me out and tell me what I need to quote exactly, and how to word it please?. My overstay was 15 minutes I think. When I received the notice I sat and worked out how long I had spent getting to the appointment, walking and lying on my side etc and it worked out about right. I'm gutted I went ahead and appealed to POPLA without researching it first, if I had I wouldn't be asking this question now. I only received the appeal decision last week via email, it took them over 2 months to tell me to get lost and to pay the PCN. I find it so hard to work out how these companies are allowed to issue these and receive funds from them, when essentially they have no right. I signed no contract, didn't even buy a ticket coz it was free! so how have I incurred them losses exactly? Grrr really got my goat this has. To think I could end up in court over a non enforceable bill... .. honestly! In the interim if I receive a threatening letter from New Generation am I just to ignore it? What are these sharks like re going to court? How long does the receiving the summons process take? I apologise for the fifty thousand questions!!!!!! If it is relevant I received this ticket in Wales and I was seen by a camera mounted on a shop front over the road. Thankyou in advance as I'm sure someone will be able to steer me in the right direction
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