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Found 91 results

  1. Hi, I defended a claim against me which I lost on the 26th of May, the judge ordered that I pay the claim plus interest and court fees within 14 days of this date, I received the order today in the post ( dated the 26th May ). Because I cant afford to pay all the judgement currently I put in a N245 form to the court last Friday ( 3rd June ) with an offer to pay it off over 3 months, my main concern is how long will it take the court to process and send the form to the claimant?? as I don't want them transferring it to the high court enforcement offices within the 14 days that they have to reply to the form once they receive it. Also as I ticked both boxes on the N245 ( to alter the payment rate and stop any warrants ) will this take effect and stop any warrants being issued from when the local county court received the form or when the claimant either agrees to my offer or they don't and it goes before a judge/ the court decides?? Thanks for any help
  2. Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me here. I have just been sorting through my Direct Debits and have realised that I have been paying a DD monthly to Dom and Gen for 4 years and I actually have no idea what for. I realise that I must have agreed to some kind of warranty cover with them initially, but I also know that I have no warranties on any of my appliances that are currently active so I have no need for this cover. I am utterly confused and crestfallen because I am absolutely meticulous about keeping records of all correspondence on these things, and have folders full of this type of info but I have no letter at all from Dom and Gen that suggest that the cover is ongoing or that an automatic renewal of the cover will be happening. In addition to this, the cover started at £6.34 per month in March 2009 and has increased in amount every year since then, they are now taking £9.30 from me! I have now cancelled the DD with my bank, but I really can't understand how it is OK for this to have happened. I am usually so careful with these things, but I tend to rely on correspondence that I get about these things to trigger my action, and I haven't received any. I read elsewhere on this site that companies MUST inform you of any change in the amount that your direct debit is, and this has definitely NOT happened, as it would have alerted me to the fact that the DD was active for no reason that I was aware of. I am really upset and feel badly taken advantage of. I know I should have noticed the DD was there, but I have a large number of DDs set up for various reasons and I must have just stopped questioning it because it's a relatively small amount and has been taken for so long. I'm really kicking myself, but surely there should have been some contact or correspondence from them? I'm going to write a letter to my bank and to D&G now, but any advice or support would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!
  3. Friend has asked for help with trying to reclaim any PPi that he may have had. This came up as he been contacted by one of the CMC's to say that they had details of reclaims that he could make. I pointed out that they are trying it on and he can do it all himself. He is a bit gullible and, having recently been diagnosed with MS, is trying everything he can to get funds in. He has been self employed virtually from leaving school (1977) so has probably never had the need for it. What is the best way (read as cheapest) way to initially approach the companies concerned. Thanks
  4. I attended a hearing where the above was issued and the defendant failed to comply with it I phoned the court and they said I had to submit a form but did not know which Does anybody know which form should be lodged with the court
  5. Hi guys, Wondering if any knowledgeable souls can assist me here In the past I have had an MBNA credit card, and a Sainsbury bank loan. The credit card was taken out in around 2011, the loan in around 2012/13. I got myself into an almighty mess with these, payday loans and the like. Needless to say I defaulted on both. My question regarding PPI....are these both too recent to have had PPI attached? Did this all die down a few years beforehand? I phoned Sainsbury's to ask if my loan had PPI, to which they said no. How do I know they are telling the truth here? Is there any stories/evidence of these places lying about this subject? As I got myself into such a hole with all this and bank charges, I'm trying to piece myself back together. If I'm owed anything at all I can pay my debt down! Many thanks, Matt
  6. aa I've never received a N24 form before, so I have no idea what to do, also I cant seem find anything to do with the N24 we've just received on the site. All we received was 2 sheets of paper, telling us to file within 7 days, & a cryptic accompanying letter sent to our solicitor. I've attached this to the post My main question is what is "an order excluding the Defendants from the property"? Does it mean a lodger ie an excluded tenant? or something else? Is it evicting a commercial tenant? The full paragraph says : " in detail and in numbered paragraphs the background to the dispute and why they are entitled to an order excluding the Defendants from the property" I have no idea what this means ... The accompanying letter to the solicitor said something about varying a residential contract into a commercial contract. I've included the full letter as an attachment. The exact wording about the varying order is: "That the said Assured Shorthold Tenancy bearing the latest date be varied into a business/commercial lease upon registration or obtaining an operating licence with the regulatory board namely Office of Standards for Education Department (OFSTED). " Also is it possible to ask the court to show us the original application or order from the court, so we know what the hell is going on ... The only forms we received said Because this Order has been made by the Court without considering representations from the parties, the parties have the right to apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed. A party wishing to make an application must send or deliver the application to the court (together with any appropriate fee) to arrive within seven days of service of this Order. The Claimants must file with the Court and serve on each Defendant by 10-12-2015 a signed and dated witness statement which sets out clearly and in detail and in numbered paragraphs the background to the dispute and why they are entitled to an order excluding the Defendants from the property and which contains a declaration ('a statement of truth*) that the contents are true . 3) When the Claimants do this the application will be placed before a circuit judge who will decide without a hearing when it will be heard: 4) If the Claimants do not do this by the date given, the application (but not the Claim will be struck out) Dated 17 November 2015 Again we have no idea whats going on, please help. Thanks
  7. Hi all. IM not new to this site however I have been missing for some time. Im looking at sorting through any DCA's i havent sorted or spoken to, my intention is to send several of these a statute barred letter which i have the template of so im somewhat relaxed on that. My concern is that some non statute barred debts are with the same DCA. I have been looking at several different sites/videos/links prompting me to start the '3 letter process' and to send a prove the debt letter. My concern when reading some of these was it came across as a 'FOTL' approach and ive seen various things this lot can claim and Im inclined to ignore. Am i right to do so? Should all correspondence be done via recorded call/letters or email? I feel somewhat confident in tackling them but wish to sort all at same time to minimize confusion/error. My train of thought is all over place. Thanks for any help
  8. I have received a private parking invoice. I see the general advice is to get landowner to cancel, then appeal, then appeal again to POPLA if offered, then ignore any further debt collection attempts unless taken to court. I understand the chance of being taken to court is very low and also depends on which PPC. I will try to do the standard appeals etc. but was thinking about what would happen if I get to the debt collector stage. I believe I would need to check my mail for 6 years in order to make sure that I am not being taken to court. My problem is that I only spend a few months per year in the UK, and also I am going to move house in the UK shortly. So one day in the future when I return to the UK I may find that I have a CCJ against me because court action was commenced and sent to my old address and I wasn't around to dispute it. I completely agree that PPCs are [problem]mers and fraudsters and if I was going to be in this country 90% of the time for the next 6 years I would happily ignore everything and defend myself in court if it came to that. On the other hand, £100 is spare change to me. I realise this is just playing into the hands of the PPCs but I think if my POPLA appeal is rejected then I may just pay up, because it doesn't really make any difference to me personally. Effectively, it seems like paying a beggar just to make him go away. I was wondering if there is anything I am missing and would appreciate any opinions on the above.
  9. Dear all, I have had an unfortunate experience with the General Dental Council (GDC) - they made a total hot mess (putting it mildly and politely) of a complaint I presented to them regarding a dentist on their register. I have initiated their complaints procedure and the response I eventually received some months later only added to my concerns. I understand I need to challenge their decision through the courts (high court it seems). Does anyone know the deadlines for this as I fear I have missed this due to the deliberate delay in receiving a response to my complaint? Also, does anyone know if legal aid is available for cases such as this? Many thanks.
  10. I am hoping someone can answer this Lloyds ppi question for me. Before I actually ask this is more so I understand than wanting help at this moment in time. The question I have is in regards to a Lloyds assit card that was taken out on 24 April 2001 I found some old statements and it had something called a CPP on it which disappeared around 2006 and ppi started to show instead on the statements. So my question (s) are: 1) What actually is CPP and how is it different to ppi? 2) If someone was claiming them been mis-sold (for whatever reason) would it be one claim for both or two separate claims? And a couple of unrelated questions: 1) Out of all the Credit ref companies which is the best between Noddle, Clearscore & Experian? The reason I ask is because on noddle it says that an account is open but on clearscore it says the account is closed and even though I just received my £2 report from Experian I don't understand what is open or closed on there. 2) If on my credit report it says that an account is settled and has a £0 balance by the original lender but DCA (Lowells) says there is still a balance owing. What does that mean? 3) On my credit report a DCA is shown to have updated three different times for the same account. On noodle it shows - 7th September (account open) On clearscore it says - 15th September (account closed) On Experian it says - 20th September (account open? not sure due to the fact I can't figure out how to read there paper reports) Which of those dates is the correct one? Also, can a DCA open and close the account like this? Thank you for any replies I may get and I do apologise for all the questions but I just want to get an idea how to understand all this and if I don't ask then I will never know.
  11. My last CCJ is 6 years old on 15/9/2015. will this automatically fall of my CRA files or will i need to apply?
  12. Hi guys hopefully you can help me, briefly and to the point I'm having some concerns at work. My main concern is that I'm doing a role which is additional to the one I am contracted to do. I'm contracted to improve business development chiefly through tendering, of which I'm achieving and there is documented evidence of. However, my MD has since delegated another role/responsibility which was previously another colleagues role/responsibility but he has said that my performance in this area is not good. This is fine, everybody makes mistakes, but what he doesn't appreciate is that my main role takes a considerable amount of time and paying the same focus/attention to the new role/responsibility can be difficult. With this in mind, he give me a telling off which I feel is his version of a formal verbal warning, but I received no written confirmation advising of that this was the case and no one else was present. So the questions I would welcome answers to are: Can the "telling off" be considered a formal verbal warning and does a witness need to be present? Can I be dismissed on grounds of performance/capability for a role/responsibility I'm not meant to be doing (I've documented confirmation of this from a Director's email outlining individual staff roles/responsibilities) ? Lastly and perhaps irreverent, my contract of employment/payslips is with a separate company within the group, of which the work I do is a different company within the same group. Is my employer breaching my contract or if worst came to the worst, could I argue this point? All answers/feelings on this would be much appreciated. Ohh I have been employed for 16 months now.
  13. Morning All, Not totally sure if have posted in the correct place so apologies if not. Thought I'd share with you an extract from correspondence received direct from the FCA today: General information on the Consumer Credit Act Copy of credit agreement Under section 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act, a lender is required, at the request of a borrower, to provide a copy of the executed credit agreement and information in relation to outstanding amounts within the 12 working days of receiving the request. If the lender fails to comply with this request, it is not entitled to enforce the credit agreement until the request is fully complied with. While the credit agreement remains unenforceable, the lender is still entitled to take a number of actions, including demand repayment of the debt. To meet the requirements of these sections, the lender is not required to provide an exact copy, photocopy or microfiche copy of the signed original. This is reflected in the CCA which requires the copy of the credit agreement provided under sections 77 and 78 to be a “true copy”. Under the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983, a “true copy of the credit agreement may omit the signature and date of the credit agreement. The “true copy” of the executed credit agreement may be reconstituted from sources other than the actual signed credit agreement following Carey v HSBC [2009]. However, if the lender provides a reconstituted copy of the credit agreement, it should explain to the borrower that this is what it has done. The Purposes of these sections The purpose of sections 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 is to provide a borrower with the relevant information about his or her contract, in particular the contract terms and the current state of the account. Parliament appears to have recognised that consumers may lose documentation, or may not keep clear records of payments, and may be unable to ascertain accurately what their contractual rights and obligations are, or how much has been paid and what is still owed. This is particularly important if there is a dispute over what is owed, or an alleged default. In those cases, preventing a creditor or owner from enforcing the contract until clarification is provided is an important and reasonable protection for the consumer. At the same time, it’s important to remember that the purpose of this legal provision is to provide information to the consumer; it is not to provide a method for consumers to avoid paying their debts. Unenforceability is merely the sanction where there is a continuing failure on the lender's part to provide the information.
  14. My Mum is buying my Son a car tomorrow, I have her Debit card and I'm paying for the car on this, the car will be between £1000 and £1500ish. We have no idea what car he wants and are going to browse local (and not so locally) garages. I cannot get my mechanic to look at my purchase until Sun/Mon. We are looking to buy here http://www.westmoleseycars.co.uk/used-cars I cannot find a single negative/positive post on the whole net. What are my rights once I drive the car off the forecourt. Many Thanks Jogs
  15. I am not quite sure which section to post this in so admin can move it if it should belong somewhere else. I own a residential property with a small mortgage on it of around 18k. Myself and my partner wish to buy a new home for us to live in and let out the existing property. I have one default on my credit file which I am currently fighting to have removed (legal proceedings issued). After receiving a rejection from an online mortgage provider due to "adverse credit" I went to my local bank who I have banked with for over 20 years to explain the situation, I need two mortgage products, a buy-to-let for my existing property of around 25k to release 7k to go towards a deposit on the new home, a joint residential mortgage for my partner and I. The bank phoned me today and said that it was not possible for me to release equity from an existing property to be used as a deposit on a new home. I queried this saying that I never heard anything like this and asked if I could release equity for a deposit on another buy-to-let and they said YES. I really do not understand their stance and I would welcome advise from CAG members - is this standard practise or is someone at my bank clueless? I really do not see why they would allow equity release to go towards a BTL but not a new home. Also, because my mortgage on the existing home is so low at 18k, I NEED to take some equity out for a re-mortgage as most providers will not provide a mortgage for under 25k. I feel stuck at present - any advice most welcome.
  16. Hi. Been on ESA since August 2014 and my current note runs out on 16th April, ironically when I have a payment being made. I have been trying to make an appointment to see a GP for ages but they are so full it is almost impossible. The receptionist asked when my note ran out and I told her and she said the doctors no longer back date so I could not see anyone until after the note had run out. Whilst I understand that gives me a 2 week period to get the note to the DWP is this pushing it a bit fine or is this now general practice? I always send recorded first class anyway and keep copies for myself. In the past I would see my GP a few weeks before note had run out and he would backdate it so cross with my last note. Many thanks
  17. A bit of advice please. Last Sunday a car crashed into my front garden destroying my fence and some trees. The driver was foreign and drunk (confirmed by police) and stated the car was not his. Today the police told me the car had been stolen and gave the details of the insurance company that the car was insured with. I contacted them and they said that the person who had taken out the insurance had not notified them that the car had been stolen or that it had been involved in an accident therefore until they could contact their customer they could not move on with my claim. My wife has seen somewhere else that I should contact my own insurance company and get them to chase the other one but I'm afraid this will count as a claim on my policy which I will have to declare when renewing any further policies. Can anyone confirm this or otherwise please?
  18. Help please, anyone... I have an insurance policy on my boiler. it pays for repairs / call outs up to 1500 per year. Made no claims over last three years or so. Have a leak at the moment, called them out, this was last weekend. heard nothing today, until out of the blue I received a phone call asking me if my boiler was working and that he could replace it for free but I had to pay the install charges of £1000!!!!! I asked my he was calling when I was waiting to hear from D&G about a part. He apologised and said that he probably shoulnt have called me and that I would probably hear from D&G in the next few days! I was disgruntled at this point. I left it a couple of hours and finally rang D&G, only to be told that the boiler had been written off days ago! no-one had bothered to call me to tell me. the policy states that in the event of a breakdown and not cost effective etc that a contribution could be offered from D&G of up to 1500.. ....oh no, not the case, they offered me £127.03..... in the space of an afternoon I have been told that a boiler that needed a part is now written off as the part is not available. my annoyance is that I am being penalised because the parts aren't available and £120 is not going to buy me a new boiler. I am a working mom with two small children, and after spending nearly two hours on the phone to D&G I don't know where to go next, so any help, or advice or anything would be appreciated.
  19. Has anyone been following this story from the House of Commons library re: rebanding of properties purchased after April 1st 2000 1 Council tax valuation bands (1) The Secretary of State shall, by regulation, establish a new set of council tax valuation bands as specified in subsection (4) to apply to all dwellings bought or sold after 1 April 2000. (2) Any dwelling that has not been bought or sold since 1 April 2000 shall continue to attract council tax according to the valuation bands set out in section 5 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (different amounts for dwellings in different valuation bands) and according to the provisions of that Act. http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2014-15/counciltaxvaluationbands.html Main story from the Hoc Library here http://services.parliament.uk/bills/#c
  20. Hi all, this is my first visit I have a 14 year old son who was recently diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, which is a form of Autism. He has obsessive tendencies, which is one of the symptoms, and as such 'demands' that I take him to his favourite places on a Saturday. I approached my employer and asked for my hours to be amended to accommodate this and was open and honest and explained the situation fully. They made me fill in the relevant forms, and then knocked me back, stating their reasons, all of which dont hold any water. They first claim cost when I proved that cost would be zero and also that they couldnt 'cover my duty' of a Saturday, when I have evidence that my job has been covered every time that I was off on holiday on a Saturday. I have since become absent due to stress and anxiety and have attempted to contact my manager by email, requesting various documentary evidence that he claims to have to support him, but he has not answered three emails. My simple question is, where do I go next? Any help greatly appreciated
  21. Hi guys, Just curious as to the legality of the road markings on a nearby zebra crossing - not sure of the exact length of the zig zags either side but lets says they're 8 metres in either direction... ..except one of the four sections of zigzags is several metres shorter in order to accomodate a bus stop (ie. one side of the road has zigzags one side of the crossing running to around 2 to 3 metres, the other three run to around 8 metres). I thought the idea of these markings was to limit the risk to pedestrians and yet people can cross behind a bus whos rear end is only a metre or two from the crossing (assuming another bus isn't behind it which is straddling the crossing (as I have witnessed on more than one occasion!)). Yet if I park opposite the bus stop I'll be on zigzags and so risking a fine and points. Techincally perhaps not double standards but does seem to smack of it, can anyone offer some clarity please
  22. Hello, I keep getting bombaded by messages saying I can claim PPI charges back. Now, I not to fussed, strangely, if i have anything to claim, but if I instruct any of these agencies, I assume they will take a percentage of my claim, which again I'm not too worried about. Can anyone though recommend an agency who could work on my behalf. Regards, M
  23. So today, I was pulled aside in work for an informal meeting regarding alleged misconduct, some notes were taken in regards to the incident and I was told that I would be updated as soon as possible - Two hours later, I was pulled aside again and informed that I would be suspended with pay, HR would be in contact via mail with full details, and I would be invited to attend a formal meeting. Alleged misconduct; It has been alleged that I was in possession of illegal drugs in the workplace, nothing was said about the use of said substance (herbal cannabis). After work, I had changed into my own clothes, left company premises after end of trading then proceeded to smoke my cannabis in the car park as I was leaving. Someone (management) caught onto this when they could smell cannabis and clearly see me smoking in the car park. As stated, at the time, I was off premises after my shift and not in company uniform or wearing a badge, etc. I've been told a customer has made a complaint about it, but have been shown absolutely no evidence of this complaint. I didn't even see a customer leave the premises from the point I walked out the door to the moment I headed out of the car park. The reason I have been suspended is because I was in possession of this throughout the working day (I prepared it at home, left in in an airtight plastic tube and stored it in my rucksack for the entire day), therefore, I am responsible for a breech in company policy for being in possession of illegal substances in my workplace. I told the full truth during my informal meeting. My arguement is that what I have done was completely out of character, my disciplinary record during my 2 years at the company is fine - no issues at all, and I'm reliable, and that while I don't justify what I had done in the slightest, I had not caused harm to any other persons or the organization I work for. I'm not looking for criticism or anything, I have a lot of remorse for what I have done, and know it was stupid. Some advice on what to expect, exactly how serious this situation/allegation is and how to act when I attend my meeting. Thank you.
  24. Hi all, not posted here for years! So I've been working away an being young have neglected my credit as I've always been disinterested. Now I'm home and settling down I have decided to pull my Experian Credit Report. It is DIRE! My score is 141 which translates as VERY Poor! I have a total current debt of £4315.00 Individually American Express: 2475.00 EE trading as T-Mobille: 1074.00 Royal Bank of Scotland: 500.00 Wonga: 266.00 The RBS is being paid at £50 a month at the moment. But I'm currently tracking down details to contact the other companies or the agencies handling the debts. I want these clearing ASAP so I can get my credit back on track. I thought a good way of doing this would be with a debt consolidation loan. Tesco have refused me already however a company called Aspire has 'Accepted Me' I am to wait for a phone call. What are the odds of this coming through? And how would you suggest I manage these debts to get my report better? I am working at the moment, I just jumped into a shift job with a family member, Making anything between £800 - £1500 a month depending on shifts. Any help would be appreciated greatly! I am supporting my Girlfriend and could do with a credit boost here and there, so far the only people who have given me a chance are Vanquis and I am managing the card very well.
  25. Hi I am new to this, just wondered if anybody has claimed mis sold PPI from Legal and General Insurance, and if so how to go about it. I also have miss sold PPI from Peugeot Financial Services and would like help where to start a claim. Many thanks
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