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Found 91 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have recently issued a small claim against a company, but do not want to go through with it any further. The defendant did issue a defence and requested for Mediation, but subsequently changed their mind. I was wondering if I can still issue a Notice of discontinuance (N279) form before the case being allocated to a track? If yes, which court do I write down? Should I send this via post to the Money Claims centre in Manchester or via email? I have been utilising the new beta Money Claims service, which does not provide information on the matter. I was wondering if anyone could assist me? I'm new to this and this is my first small claims case.
  2. around 1999 we bought a car on finance from Yes Car Credit, I think it was a 3 year plan but after approx one year I became ill and lost my job, we could not keep up the payments so they came and collected the car eventually. ironically, the PPI we paid was supposed to cover illness, yet we were told not so, so we basically told them to pick the car up. my questions are: as we paid some PPI, can we claim it back? I cannot remember which bank we were with, does that matter? are Gladstone Brooks any good?
  3. Hi, I have received an n24 form “general form of judgment or order”. It states that point 1, it is ordered that judgment for the sum of £1450 and interest to date of £92.08 plus various fixed costs and hearing fee. Total £1964.50. Point 2 states that the court have assessed additional costs claimed .....”and such costs we summarily assessed at £700.00”. Point 3. Above sums to be paid by 4pm on 16/11\18 Dated 26th October Hoping someone can help me understand this. I did try to settle out of court, but the claimaint was seeking an additional £700 (which would have meant £1400 in total over and above judgment amount) in costs. I was advised to let the court decide on this, and in doing so they have assessed the costs at £700. What I really need help on is the fact that I thought I would have 28 days to pay the judgment sum in point 1, but this form is suggesting that all monies including costs have to be paid by the 16th at 4pm. Have I understood this correctly? Or is it the costs awarded in point 2 that have to be paid by then and I would still have until 28 days after judgment to clear the judgment sum? Thank you very much for your help.
  4. If someone had a drink driving ban approximately 2 years ago and I don't have driving licence details is the anyway to check this out like for example MID?
  5. General Sir Nick Carter appointed new Chief of the Defence Staff READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/general-sir-nick-carter-appointed-new-chief-of-the-defence-staff
  6. I've just been glancing through a worksheet provided by my local council on the new GDPR rules. One of the guidance notes states that: "You must tell people in a concise, easy to understand way how you use their data." It also states that "consent" for your data to be used in different ways must be freely given, pre-ticked boxes will not be sufficient. i.e. a seperate consent is needed for each type of use the data is intended to be used. So...where the DVLA is concerned I am quite happy to give my consent for a record to be kept of when my car is taxed, insured and MOT'd. However I do not give my consent for any personal details, such as registered keeper, to be given to any third party. I wonder how this would stand up when the new regs become law on 25th May 2018?
  7. Dynamic security threats and the British Army: Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/dynamic-security-threats-and-the-british-army-chief-of-the-general-staff-general-sir-nicholas-carter-kcb-cbe-dso-adc-gen
  8. Hi, hope you can help. On the 10th October 2017 I took out car insurance with GA and paid in full. They asked me to send them proof of no claims bonus, so I called them to establish I would email them a copy of the letter sent to me by my previous insurer stating how many no claims bonus I had and that’s exactly what I then did. On Wednesday 15th November 2017 I received an email saying my car insurance has been cancelled due to them not receiving my proof of no claims bonus. I was put into quite a predicament because under duress I then had to buy some more car insurance. Do insurance companies have the right to do this? My car is parked on the road side so apart from the risk involved while I was searching for a new insurance company I was unable to drive my car until I was able to reinsure my car. They refunded my insurance less £90. Thanks
  9. hello i have a cover for my kitchen electric goods my dryer stopped working on 2/10/17 i rang to report this and book a repair this was then booked for the 10/10 repairman said he would have to order the part, came on the 12/10 and fetched wrong part and would contact me when part becomes available, i did not hear from them again so i rang D n G back up on 25/10 said they would replace product and be in touch within 24 hours ive not heard from them, ive tried to ring them but left for over half hour on phone. a month without a dryer, can i cancel my cover. its a rolling cover and only just started 02/10 when i added a new appliance same day i reported the dryer
  10. Hi all After doing a lot of research, the general opinion, from enforcers from the police to bailiffs, Seems to be if we have done wrong you can get remedy through the court process, so pay up and correct afterwards. examples arrest for possible breach of the peace, mainly when EA's are involved. social services we will take your children for possible future harm. When was this changed from the accuser has to prove, to the accused has to prove. 3rd party has to prove property is theirs,They should not have to prove anything, just to make it easy for the enforcer whether an EA or police. In this country of ours you are meant to be innocent until proven guilty. Just want caggers views Leakie
  11. Whirlpool oven repairs. Whirlpool oven repairs. Ongoing saga hopefully resolved tomorrow 24.6.17 Or a reading as war and peace will follow. This oven has been constantly repaired over the years, was supposed to have been replaced years ago but D+G lost my policy contract!! They had to start a new one ,so repairs carried on. After having the wrong oven delivered on 23/6/17 i rang D +G on 24/6/17 to be told that they would arrange Hotpoint / whirlpool to call me and collect it. .Nothing yet 27/6/17.-- D+G have the correct oven number listed on their system as i have now as that`s what they have insured it for years. Why would they decide to send me a oven that will not fit ,has no timer, no fan built in. I was led to believe the policy read , if the appliance is beyond economical repair ,which it is because parts cannot be obtained then it has to be replaced as new for old. We have been without a oven now for 5 weeks , i thought the idea of taking out a extended warranty policy to cover these electrical items was to get the problems sorted out. So why have i got to keep calling ,and calling , no one returns calls saying what is happening. So here i am another day later , no call from suppliers to collect incorrect oven , am now starting to get peeved after living off salads and beans for a month. The oven i need replaced in my kitchen is fully available on all Google available sites for immediate delivery , so no excuses D+G of not available please. I will now have to now see if Office Of Fair Trading can help , if not i will contact a popular TV documentary show and see what they say. My oven is AKZM 755/IX 2.6 kw UPDATE--- 29/6/17 After speaking to D+G for hours and eventually they organised with Hotpoint to collect the incorrect oven and deliver the correct oven. The driver arrived today with no oven and only to collect the wrong one. After a confused call to his head office he then left leaving the wrong oven still with us. So, another week will go by D+G with nothing happening , do you treat all your customers like this?
  12. hi folks, have a problem with domestic and general, i purchased a new tv through ao.com, last year, checking my bank statements i have noticed a dd for about £9 going to d&g, i have phoned them to ask what this is for, and am told its for insurance cover for my new tv, when i informed them i never took this out, and that it was a new tv, that came with a warranty, why would i take out this cover, and also if anything else happened to it my household insurance would cover it, i did look at lg extra insurance which i thought about taking out when the warranty expires, and asked D&G how much this cover was, and it was a lot more that lg cover, lg, and i informed them of this, why would i take cover with them when the manufacturer is offering a better cover and cheaper than them, so told them to cancel it right away, and i would expect a refund of my money, that was a month ago, phoned today as no sign of any refund, and was informed it would have to go to their accounts dept, for them to decide if i will get a refund or not, and that i should be complaining to ao.com for setting this up, which i will do, but as i said to her its d&g taking out of my account, without any signed contract or any signed direct debit form, and that i have not received any paperwork with the telly in regards to this, nor have i had anything from them through the post, where do i stand with this, i thought they would need a signed d&d form or contract by myself, before they could take anything from my account, but seems not, and where i would stand if they refuse to refund my money any input would be greatly appreciated
  13. I think this is probably a general question but in my case it applies some very expensive private dentistry work I had done. The treatment finished in April 2016 and is covered by a 12 month "aftercare" or guarantee. Since then I have had to go back to the dentist to re-insert a loose crown and bridgework which he fitted. This was done free of charge. The twelve month period is coming to an end and again I have problems with the same two teeth - a crown fallen off and a loose bridge. Unfortunately the company I used (a larger cosmetic surgery company) no longer offers dentistry and have passed any remedial work out to another dentist. I have an appointment for three weeks hence but I'm now thinking they are trying to wait out the twelve month period so that my cover expires as this is a very long wait. What I am wondering is whether the twelve month period is just that or whether it is extended to cover any remedial work they have done for a further twelve months? It seems that otherwise they might fix the problem again short term now, knowing they will have no responsibility after April. I've looked online and can't find anything on this.
  14. Just as a query Scenario; DCA collect on a debt, alleged debtor, stops paying and fills DCA's mailbox with CCA's Sar's, nothing provided, DCA keeps reqesting payment even though they have not provided paperwork, in the end the allged debtor says file for court or bugger off. 4 Years later since the last correspondence and out of the blue a court summons lands on the doormat of the alleged debtor from the DCA. Defence is filed, no admission within the counter defence is given, debt is denied. The DCA acknowledge receipt of the defence via the online court system and the next move is theres. ..regular checks are made on the court website, no letters from the courts are received and as such the case does not head to court, it's not stayed, no application from the defendant is made to stay/strike it out or whatever the terminology is but thats where it stayed. 7 years from the last payment made and 3 years from the intial court summons/counter defence being filed and and still nothing heard. is it right to assume that it's now stat barred anyway and that no clocks are reset when filing a counter defence in a court actin where no admission or acceptance of the debt is given is said defence? I know the answer but it would be nice if it could be confirmed? The alleged debtor was considering going back to the court to have the original application struck out , but I see no sense in that. Deb
  15. Hi. I've only just joined so I hope I'm doing everything correctly. Please point me in the right direction if I'm not. I bought a Panasonic TV from Richer Sounds on November 25th 2014. The cost of the TV was £1199.00. I also purchased 2 pairs of 3D glasses for a further total of £69.90. I received a free 5 year guarantee on the TV. The TV failed just before Christmas, now about 6 weeks ago. I contacted Richer Sounds and, after saying they could arrange an engineers visit, because of the proximity to the holiday season I agreed to take the TV to a store so that I could get a loan appliance. I have this at the moment and I left a £600 deposit with them for this. I spoke to Richer Sounds yesterday as I had heard nothing and I was told that there was a problem with parts availability and they were discussing with the manufacturer an "alternative resolution." I have not idea what that will be but I also have no idea what my starting point should be. I know that Richer Sounds are a reasonable company to deal with but should I base any negotiations on the features of the TV, the £1199.00 I paid, or some other criterion? The problem, of course, is that the TV I had was a fully featured one when it bought but the value of those features has dropped in the intervening 2 years. I don't want to be greedy but I also don't want to miss out. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  16. I have a longstanding policy with D & G for repairs to my Hotpoint washing machine. The engineer came yesterday on an appointment with the company for a repair - it was purely a matter of the filter clogging and he repaired this satisfactorily. After he left I put my washing in the machine. Part way through the cycle the machine stopped and when I pressed the button to resume there was a very loud grating noise which sounded mechanical. I stopped the machine and rang Dom and Gen to complain and asked for the engineer to return - I pointed out that it was obviously a result of his work. My machine is old (9years) but up to this point has functioned without problem apart from one previous blockage. They attempted to contact him but could only leave a message. After several mixups they then booked me another appointment in 12 days time! There would seem to be no system for an urgent return! They did say that should there be a cancellation I'd be notified. I have spoken to three different people with no luck and feel absolutely frustrated. My washing will have to remain in the middle of a cycle for all this time and I can't do any washing (having already waited 2 weeks for the previous appointment). I imagine that 2 weeks soaking in water will damage the clothes. Is there anyone out there who can advise me on how to complain about this and possibly gain access to somebody who can arrange for an early re-visit?
  17. ive taken on this for my mother. Long and short of the query is she took out cover for a dishwasher to be fixed with D and G. - D and G agreed to take over the appliance which is over 12 years old if they could fix. - came out twice last year, first visit asked for some plumbing to be done, second visit a fix was done but to unsatisfactory standards. - the appliance still leaks and the door was fitted back on incorrectly. - i stopped the direct debit due to the poor work and asked for it to be written off due to poor service - since then we are getting alot of chasing letters asking to reset up ddi as the plan needs to be honoured as a repair was done. failure to do so, the debt will be passed onto their 3rd party engineers. do i have a leg to stand to in regards to this or is it wise to pay the balance. i feel we have been cheated with the service.
  18. On Wednesday, 4th Nov 15, a JobCentre Workcoach at Seven Kings Jobcentre, instigated a full scale row with me about my apparent job search failure, even though I applied for 33 vacancies for period 21/10/15 – 4/11/15 - so she's clearly insane and her judgement is off at best and worst she doesn't listen to reason nor pay attention to months of evidence. (This is my 2nd complaint against this particular Work Coach for bullying – the first complaint being the 10th September 2014) She battered me about why I hadn't secured interviews for the amount of jobs applied for, I explained that many job sites sold advert slots to recruitment agencies, and that many jobs aren't offered to me due to me being over qualified, and too old for entry-level posts. At precisely 12:40pm, she aggressively challenged me and said “If I'm so experienced, then I should be in work” - and she didnt mean it as a compliment either, she was goading me, doing her absolute best to wind me up, and she's clearly a lunatic of the highest order and unprofessional to boot. I mean, does she really think that repeatedly bashing out the same questions really helps motivate jobseekers or changes a job-market fluctuation situation that's completely out of my control – it doesn't. The 'Work Coach' also kept banging on about her 'job coach' credentials, she told me she was a qualified job coach (seems the majority of DWP staff do this too, but from what I've seen they don't have the skills/knowledge required to coach anyone) . Is the DWP sure they should be using self-appointed titles, as I thought their titles were Compliance/Customer/Client Advisor?? although the Work Coaches seems to think its fine to promote themselves and bully others.... (It seems the title of 'Work Coach' is an official title according to the DWP). She then turned to giving low-level CV tips, 'advising' that I should change it so its 'targeted'. Well, I've removed 4 positions to make it so – but this has now left a huge gap of 4 years employment that is tough to explain to interviewers, hmmm, great advice She then threatened to repeat the same pathetic questioning every time I attend my signing day, and I'm not being spoken to like that, nor will I stand for her ridiculous threats and told the Jobcentre, I will take this to the highest complaints level as this is the 2nd time these pathetic power games has occurred and the 3rd advisor complaint put forward by myself, although I couldn't be bothered to take it to the maximum complaints stage last time, but I will now.
  19. The council wants to gain access to my property to do some work on my neighbour’s property. I have already allowed them to put scaffold into my part of my land as my house is semi detach. This has been on for over three months I have no realistic time of when the job will finish. Furthermore i have been subjected to continuous cleaning resulting from the building and roof tiling dust. Thy have repainted the neighbour house while mine is still caked up in dust. I have reported damage to my roof tiles and my gutter damage by their workmen but they have not responded to my complaint 4weeks on apart from coming to view the damage. Now they are asking for more permission to put scaffold in my garden in order for them to complete their work. Please what are my legal position here? They might decide not to fix my damage properties after they complete their work or roll me in long time complaint and finally dismiss my complaint. What are my legal rights here?
  20. I signed up for a year of cover on a washer dryer and have just found out that they have been taking the payments since 2011 without me realising or indeed authorising it. I spoke to them and they were incredibly unhelpful - a rude and arrogant woman on the phone who said that they were not regulated by anyone and fundamentally they could do what they liked. They claim to have been sending me renewal notices each year which I have not received - I moved property so cannot verify this. Their main line of defence is that when they sent the first renewal letter it said that unless you cancel then it will automatically renew. I cannot believe that this is allowed?!? Can anyone please help me claim my hundreds of pounds back? I could have purchased about 3 new machines now for the amount they have charged!!! Any help greatly appreciated.
  21. Hello all, We have submitted a defence and then received the DQ. This was returned to us as invalid due to my partner filling it in and asking me to deal with it on her behalf. We have resubmitted another one and they have rejected this as the surname is different to the claimant. We are married now so my wife is using her current name, they wont accept it as the claim in in her maiden name. Can they do this? I feel like they are doing it on purpose because now we are over the 14 day limit to have the DQ filed.
  22. Evening Can anyone offer any advice. My secured loan is due to end on the 4th July 2016, it was originally with GE money who sold to Prestige finance. Original loan was unregulated 30k, to date paid back 89k. There is still a balance of 10k made up of charges and additional interest. I will continue to make payments but wondered what will happen now, can they charge whatever interest rate they like because the original agreement has/will end? Any advice greatly appreciated before I ring them to negotiate. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi, I defended a claim against me which I lost on the 26th of May, the judge ordered that I pay the claim plus interest and court fees within 14 days of this date, I received the order today in the post ( dated the 26th May ). Because I cant afford to pay all the judgement currently I put in a N245 form to the court last Friday ( 3rd June ) with an offer to pay it off over 3 months, my main concern is how long will it take the court to process and send the form to the claimant?? as I don't want them transferring it to the high court enforcement offices within the 14 days that they have to reply to the form once they receive it. Also as I ticked both boxes on the N245 ( to alter the payment rate and stop any warrants ) will this take effect and stop any warrants being issued from when the local county court received the form or when the claimant either agrees to my offer or they don't and it goes before a judge/ the court decides?? Thanks for any help
  24. Friend has asked for help with trying to reclaim any PPi that he may have had. This came up as he been contacted by one of the CMC's to say that they had details of reclaims that he could make. I pointed out that they are trying it on and he can do it all himself. He is a bit gullible and, having recently been diagnosed with MS, is trying everything he can to get funds in. He has been self employed virtually from leaving school (1977) so has probably never had the need for it. What is the best way (read as cheapest) way to initially approach the companies concerned. Thanks
  25. Please would any member be able to assist with the following issue that I am having with Clydesdale Finance who have changed a default date with Experian Credit Expert which has greatly affected my Credit file. The issue is: I had had a debt that should have expired 04.01.16 after 6 years, I was eagerly awaiting this to enable myself to move forward with my own financial plans. I recently checked with Experian Credit expert to make sure that my score was still at 999 and that the expected bad debts would disappear from my personal report. I was amazed to see that my credit report score had drastically dropped to 734 barely over the poor mark. I duly contacted Experian to find out what has happened. Experian contacted Clydesdale on my behalf to be informed that I personally would have to contact them to discuss the matter. This proved to be impossibility as I could not find any information as to the contact numbers I would need to contact this company nor could Experian provide me with a contact number saying that they will only accept written contact. On the advise of Experian I duly wrote to them on the 22.02.16 asking them for an explanation as to how and why they have changed my personal financial data with Experian. I provided screen shots of the original default dates that were applicable which was 04/01/2010 which should have expired off my personal credit file from this date. To date I have not even had the courtesy of an contact/acknowledgement of my letter which was signed for and duly received. My questions are: 1) Can a Finance company operate this way legally? 2) What should I now do to move this forward 3) Can I take legal proceeding
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