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Found 105 results

  1. (I have changed names, etc. to protect identity). In January 2014, Jim purchased a new computerised CD system for his car from Red Rocket Garages (RRG). RRG is a company which has been recognised within the motor trade as being the UK leading specialists in supplying electrical and luxury items for top of the range sporting automobiles. At the time of purchase, Jim also bought an ‘integrated hands free mobile to voice device’ which was advertised by RRG as being ‘The Latest Hands Free Device for 2014 – works with all the latest smartphones, computerised car CD systems and updated firmware compatibility with your home PC via USB and Bluetooth’. Jim paid cash for both items and then instructed RRG to install the new computerised CD system. On returning home, Jim installed the ‘Hands Free Device’ and then undertook to update the firmware of the device via the Internet so that it would operate with his Nimbus 5000 Smartphone. On updating the firmware, a message appeared on his PC screen which stated ‘Sorry this Hands Free Device is not compatible with the Nimbus 5000’. Undertaking further investigation, Jim ascertained that the ‘Hand Free Device’ which he purchased from RRG was the 2012 model and was not compatible with his existing smartphone. Jim then decided to test his computerised CD system by playing one of his favourite CDs. On placing the CD in the system, Jim noticed that there was visible marking on his dashboard where the mechanics had installed the CD system. Jim returned to RRG and complained about the damage to his car and sought a full refund for the ‘Hands Free Device’. The manager of RRG pointed to a sign on the wall which stated that ‘all products are sold as seen, and therefore we are unable to give refunds or exchanges’. The manager then explained to Jim that he should take up the matter of the ‘Hands Free Device’ with the manufacturer and make a complaint to them. He further went on to explain that RRG does not take responsibility for any damages caused on any electrical installation and in any event, explained that any marking on the dashboard was most likely there prior to the installation. I'm looking for advice for any legal remedy that might be available for both the purchases and installation conducted by RRG. If you could provide case law/statues it would be really helpful. I think it is to do with the Sales of Goods Act, however I have no real law knowledge. If you need any more information just ask, but I think I covered everything in this. Thank you!
  2. Hi All, I have unfortunately been the victim of some vandalism, with some kids smashing my passenger window, which in turn damaged the regulator that moves the window up and down, I managed to get the glass through my Insurance Glass cover, but Autoglass were unable to fit it, having found the damage caused to the Regulator. I asked my local garage who I have used before (although only once) if they would provide a quote for the cost to supply and replace the Regulator, and fit the Glass which I supplied, next day, I called to chase the garage, who told me there were 2 different part numbers, and he would like to take a look at the part so we got the right one (Autoglass had left the door panel off so should have only required a quick visual inspection) but suggested the part would be £70 or so plus labour but others were £100 plus and he couldn't say untill he checked. I arranged for them to pick up my car this morning as I live 500 yards from the garage, to take a look. Having not heard all day, I called when I finished work to chase up a quote and was told the work had been completed! I wanted a quote for the work as had looked at the cost to obtain the part myself and a Spanner Handy friend would help me do the work, however had it not cost too much more I was willing to pay for the convenience... £45 plus a couple of beers if it matters... I have collected my car as it was left out in the road outside the garage, (and they only had a spare key) but the lad on the phone said they had not done an invoice yet, and couldn't tell me what I am to be charged, but would call me in the morning... I'm moving this month so needed this done as cheap as possible, and I'm not afraid they will screw me with a big bill.. . so where do I stand, am I within my right to offer £50 as full and final settlement as thats what I would have paid to do the work privately, or should I refuse to pay all together as I didn't ask them to do the work?
  3. I got the brakes repaired at my local garage. I had the front discs and pads and the rear shoes done. He charged me £350 for parts and labour. I think this was a little on the high side? what do you think? The van is a berlingo 08.
  4. I sent my van to be repaired at a local garage and he has sent a bill that is almost double the dealer quote. They have done no extra work and are quite clearly trying to rip me off. When I've disputed the bill they've said they are placing a lien and charging storage until I pay. the storage charges are hidden in the garages t&c on the website which I didn't no existed until he sent the storage bill. I understand I should pay under protest then reclaim but I've found out the owner is bankrupt and the garage is I liquidation therefore I'm reluctant to pay the full amount as there's little chance I would get any money returned if I took the matter to small claims court and won. Could I pay him the amount I think is right ie the amount the dealer quoted and then issue proceedings for release of the vehicle ??? Any help great fully received
  5. Dear all, My first post here I will try and make this as simple as I can. Car in question is a 12 year old vehicle (rover 75) which are prone to head gasket failure the vehicle had done 99000 miles when we had our first failure in August of last year, the vehicle in otherwise excellent condition and maintained regardless of cost. The vehicle did hit high on the temp gauge and was stopped immediately, the vehicle was recovered by the AA to our local garage The garage: the garage in question is a local out of town garage that we have used for servicing and mot work since moving into the area 3 years ago. We had been happy with the work carried out and the cost but not always with their organisation skills or communication but on the whole a good service The garage, initially said they would look at the car within 48 hours, this didn't happen it took close to four days of me calling them to eventually be told it needed further investigation. I asked them to go ahead and strip the head to see what damage was done it then took a further two days to hear the result( I called them) the head was sent to be checked and skimmed and returned I asked that parts such as cambelt, water pump, thermostat etc were replaced at the same time Three to Four days later I was able to pick the car up after paying the almost agreed rice of £1924 (actually £60 higher than expected) The car ran fine up until just before Christmas when it get hot again, it cooled I checked water levels, all seemed OK the following Monday I took it into the garage for them to check (along with an MOT) I was told a small pipe from the radiator had perished and would need replacing (replaced) and I had a pin sized hole in my radiator but it was not urgent and I should keep an eye on the coolant levels.As this was on top of Christmas, and £364 MOT bill i was happy to hear the radiator was not urgent, 4 days later steam high temp gauge and a recovery back to the garage It took almost a week of constant calling before they could tell me they had looked at the vehicle but would need further investigation, I received several rather "scripted" reply's about how I had been told about my radiator and checking my levels, which I found rather suspect. I then started to visit the garage after work in search of the manager, but he always seemed to be out. I eventually caught up with him on a Saturday morning, where he told me it was indeed head gasket failure again but his work or parts were not at fault. He claims the vehicle would not have traveled 6000 miles if there was a problem with his work or parts. I am lucky enough to know a mechanic who works for a main dealer and has 20 years experience who has told me the reasons why it cannot be the fault of the radiator and that water under pressure was merely looking for a weak spot, how there was a possible issue with the block itself or any number of faulty parts, or dodgy work may have caused this. Still the garage owner is adamant that he is not at fault and I have left my vehicle in his yard for close to 6 weeks with no contact from him, after he agreed to find out the price for a recon engine. The garage contacted me this Saturday and asked what I was doing with the car, and I simply reminded them I was waiting on a price for another engine I know this is a lot of information but I needed to tell the full story, Something isn't right here and maybe i'm wrongly suspicious. Communication with the garage is difficult because they do not return calls or give vague answers and I feel i've gone as far as I can speaking direct to the garage. It is part of the autocare group, I have been in contact with a body they are affiliated with but they don't answer the phone! Any suggestions please
  6. Hey guys, So I am posting this on behalf of a friend. So just over 2 months ago he bought a Pug 206 on a 53 plate from a local "dealership," (a little allotment and sing garage between two houses.) He has had nothing but problems with it and I want to know were he stands. So the car was bought with approx 90K miles on it for £1100 and it was in average condition a few marks and dents here and there but nothing to major. So anyway here are the problems that he has had; 1) The seller put it in for an "MOT," and it passed with no advisories but it had a tire with .6mm depth, crack in the tire wall and no reverse light, he only noticed the tire after buying it and I got to admit I didn't see it either as I was there with him. (Cost £29 too put right) 2) Both doors check straps had disintegrated after about a week of owning it. Meaning that the doors could swing freely (Cost £90 to get put right.) 3) As of about two days ago his check engine light came on and it turns out his fuel injector has failed and causing it to loose power. (Cost £65 for diagnosis and £220 for the repair and oil change) So far he has had to spend in excess of £400 to put all this right and it has been driven for about 1000 miles over this two months. He isn't too fussed about getting the money back for the first two issues but he wants to try and get some money back to cover the cost of the injectors as they should have been serviced and noted before sale to say they may need replacing. So any help would be appreciated and I shall pass it on and keep the thread updated. Cheers guys.
  7. Hello I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. My car was hit by someone unknown they did some damage to the top of the wheel arch which needed filling and spraying. The local garage quoted me £350.00 which was agreed, after 8 weeks I started to ring them as I wanted my car back. I finally picked it up in one evening and paid the money. The next day looking closely at it, I noticed the paint was pale grey in patches and it stretched all the way across both the front and back doors. Now the color of my car is Gold, so grey paint does not match. I took it back and was promised it would be done properly. After 3 more weeks of waiting and being told it would be done, I have been calling but they only answer by text if you're lucky. After being promised it was going somewhere else to be sprayed, I asked where but they avoided the question. I then said I wanted to pick it up and when my husband spoke to the garage owner he gave him a name of a garage about 10 miles away and said it was being done Wednesday 15th January, So on Saturday 25th Jan, we went to check on the work, and it still has not been done. We told the owner we wanted the car back, he looked around and then said he cannot find the keys for it! We had to use our spare set, and the car battery was absolutely flat. I have text the owner repeatedly asking for my car keys, and he is not answering me back. I have rang a dealership to inquire about the cost of replacing the missing keys, I have been quoted £305.00. Can anyone advise me what I can do please, I don't have a lot of money and I have already paid for a job that was not done properly and now it looks like I have the cost of the keys on top. I am very uncomfortable with the fact that they may still have a set of keys for my car. Do I need to report this incident to the police or insurance about my keys???
  8. Hi looking to but a car (Honda Hr-v ) Timotor in Aylsbury have a nice one, just wondering if any body has had any problems with then in the past, or any good feedback!! thank you!
  9. My son bought a small VW van for £100 intending to work on it and get it back roadworthy. He parked it off road on his drive, behind locked gates because it wasn`t insured. Some vandals damaged the gates, smashed 2 windows in the van and pushed it a short distance away. This was about 9.30pm, my son was out but left house lights on etc. at about 11pm my son found out that the van was taken and The Police had already called the garage out to tow the van to a garage about 5 miles away. The van was taken a second time without the owners permission by the garage, now the garage want my son to pay £150 recovery charge plus a daily rate. My son, given a choice would have pushed the van back onto his drive. The bill is over £250 which my son doesn`t have , he`s trying to support his young family on an apprentice wage, the van is not worth much now it`s been damaged - so who`s liable for the garage bill? He didn`t ask the garage to come out, he didn`t want the garage to come out the Police called them.
  10. Hi just looking for some advice please. I bought a car from a dealership (with a 3 month warranty) who send all their vehicles to a 3rd party garage for MOTS, repairs etc. It was MOT'd the day I bought it and it passed with NO advisories. This immediately didn't sit right with me as when we viewed the car the middle rear seatbelt had frayed right through at least half of the width (a definite fail), the headlight was also out (another definite fail-although it 'could of gone at any time'). I went to the garage and showed them the seatbelt and they clearly were very embarrassed it had been missed (more like they didn't MOT it properly as you would have to be blind to miss that!). They then replaced the seatbelt and headlight bulb and I went on my way. Out of interest I then got it MOT'd at a main well known dealership at which it passed but had around 8 advisories. Then around a week after buying the car the exhaust developed a hole and was making a horrendous noise, so it went back to the 3rd party garage who replaced the whole exhaust system. Another week went by and I noticed the rear de-mister wasn't working and the malfunction indicator light had come on. Back it went to the 3rd party garage for repair, who issued me with a courtesy car. The courtesy car was a lot older than my car and in a pretty rough condition. On the way home with my I noticed that when I break the car was making a strange noise when I was breaking. I didn't feel comfortable driving it so took it to a different garage and paid them £20 to give it a quick check. They advised me the tyres on the car were bald, the wheel was wobbly on passenger front side and quite a few other faults. They told me it was unsafe to drive. I am livid because I've been driving around with my daughters in the car and to think the garage who gave me the courtesy car put them at risk makes me feel ill!:mad2: Where do I stand? Can I get them done for providing an un-roadworthy courtesy car? Help is appreciated, thanks. Oh they have since told me that the malfunction indicator light was on in my car due to a faulty catalytic converter that THEY fitted!
  11. My son bought a small VW van for £100 intending to work on it and get it back roadworthy. He parked it off road on his drive, behind locked gates because it wasn`t insured. Some vandals damaged the gates, smashed 2 windows in the van and pushed it a short distance away. This was about 9.30pm, my son was out but left house lights on etc. at about 11pm my son found out that the van was taken and The Police had already called the garage out to tow the van to a garage about 5 miles away. The van was taken a second time without the owners permission by the garage, now the garage want my son to pay £150 recovery charge plus a daily rate. My son, given a choice would have pushed the van back onto his drive. The bill is over £250 which my son doesn`t have , he`s trying to support his young family on an apprentice wage, the van is not worth much now it`s been damaged - so who`s liable for the garage bill? He didn`t ask the garage to come out, he didn`t want the garage to come out the Police called them.
  12. Hi everyone, bought a second hand 1.4 Astra from a garage in Westhoughton in May which developed a few niggles and worrying noises within about 4 weeks. Returned as under warranty to garage on 16 July. Problems identified were head gasket, timing chain and water pump. Expected it to be ready within a couple of weeks. After numerous phone calls and excuses by the garage, including us having to go down there to get an answer because the phone wasn't being picked up when we called (garage owner's mobile number and office) we eventually insisted on having a courtesy car after we had been promised time and time again "it'll be ready tomorrow", "It'll be ready by Monday" and then just hearing excuse after excuse after new problem, eventually they said the mechanic has smashed the back window two weeks ago. Now not answering phone. We still have the courtesy car but absolutely NO CONFIDENCE that we will ever see our lovely little vehicle ever again. Any advice please, gratefully received. Regards Sweet
  13. week ago took my new (to me, my old mans perfecly serviced 4 year old 60k swift) car to be serviced at a local indy garage I supplied the oil and filter when I collected it the had used an oil flush, I was not made aware theu where going to use it (something I would never ever agree to in a million years) since then its not sounded quit right I'm suspecting serveral things 1 they left some the old oil with the flush in, and have contaminated the motul brand oil I supplied 2 they left some old oil with the flush in they used their cheapo own oil and has been contaminated, and kept my oil, or dumped it in to the barrel 3 they used their cheapo own oil, and kept mine or dumped it in to the barrel 4 the flush has done something it now has a random rattling tappets and it not as smooth feeling as it used to feel.
  14. Hey Guys, Major advice needed, I have had my fingers really burnt at a National garage after an oil and filter service. We took the car in after having no problems at this garage previously, car had the oil and filter changed and was given back to me. I hadn't even driven off the forecourt and the oil pressure warning came on. Took it straight back and was told not to worry as it was full of oil, again back out and light was still on. Took it back and was then told don't worry they'll speak to Audi in the morning as it must be a sensor that needs resetting. Took the car off the forecourt again and got 1/2 mile down the road and the engine died and would not restart. Had the RAC come out to recover the car home. Called the garage in the morning and they came out and changed the filter, The mechanic admitted that the oil filter was "loose in the housing" and the new one was fitted in the car. The oil pressure light immediately extinguished but now i'm left with an engine that's knocking itself into tomorrow and a whining turbo. I called the garage and they denied everything stating the fault must have been there when the car arrived and if we wanted anything done we would need an independent garage to look at it and state that it was the fault of National. I then called into head office and they sent the senior mechanic up to look at the car. Computer was plugged in showing that everything was operating as it should but we found on the invoice that the wrong oil filter had been booked out. The senior mechanic called the guy who fitted the filter and he admitted the car was not knocking when it came in and there was no lights on the dashboard. He thought that the filter that was originally fitted did not engage the pressure valve at the bottom of the engine and stopped oil circulating around. That filter has now obviously vanished. They've now asked for an independent report but have authorized work of up to £500?? My garage said he can only really comment on the cars condition now but believes it needs a new top end rebuild and a turbo. They have been good with us but also very grey when its coming to the nitty gritty of sending to the dealers under insurance. What the hell do I do???? Thanks Dan
  15. When we 1st started looking for a house it had to be with garage for my classic car. Found a house that came with a garage perfect. Paid for all the fees checks ect and eventually signed a lease to move in. Got the keys and brought my classic car down from old house to put into the garage. Landlord (who lives next door) said she didn't want me using the garage as she didn't want to be liable for anything. Even though house were advertised inc garage. She said i only could use it if i sign a fore fit notice saying that if anything happened garage falling down damage to my car ect then she shouldn't be liable. As we had already given notice and moved put of our old home this put us into a corner and we had to sign as it would have left us with out a home. Its now come for the time for us to move after 10 months and im wondering if there's anything i could do? we move out next week. Am i entitled to a re bait as the house wouldn't have been so much in rent with out a garage? the landlord does contact us alot through text asking us to clean the drive gardens ect and is pretty much on our case all the time hence the reason for moving. any help would be gratefully appreciated. many thanks
  16. Hi there Today i went to a garage close to newbury to look for a car. The car was there and as I am no mechanic it looked alright to me. Drove fine as well. So I decided to buy the car. I paid 4170 pounds for the car by my card. On my way back in this car (its 2007 Mazda 6), after 20 odd miles driving on the motorway, the car suddenly lost power and went into limp mode and I had to quickly stop on the hard shoulder. It was dangerous as I was on the middle lane and there was a lot of traffic. Anyways, I switched the car off and back on again and it was oki for few miles and then went into limp mode again. The cars engine warning light and DFP is on now. I made it home which is almost 70 miles from the garage where I bought the car from. Now, I cant drive this car on the motorway because its very un reliable. Please tell me how can I get my money back from the seller as I dont want to keep the car. He has given me warranty on the car but as I said I dont want the car. Please tell me what my options are. Thank you
  17. Hi new here and need some advice. My car broke and I was picked up by rescue bloke, who then took my car for repair, he said cam belt broke and new cylinder head required. I said I don't have much money, he said would fit a used part at around £300-400... and would start following week on it, I also asked him to Mot it at same time, so plus £35.00 for Mot. Thats the beginning! The long and short of it all is that I recieved an invoice for him today for £1315.00. (He has excluded labour costs to 'be fair') Not action for week 1 and 2 in week three he tells me he has part for £140.00 puts car back together and then go to MOT. It fails, he says supsension and Co2 emmssion wrong, but car is driving like a dream! Week 4, The bill is now £700 (think that included MOt and suspension work, but he was vague) and now he says EAC light won't go off and car won't idle after being driven and reverts to limp mode. Week 5, beggining of week says he has my car to Ford for investigation (without my permission) because he doesn't know what is wrong with it 'it's beyond him'. He says, don't worry I won't let them do any work on it until I speak to you. Middle of week 5 He says I spent just over 700.00 so far on repairs, all in, just still sorting out not idling problem. He says that they will fit under warranty 'gratis' (part replaced before with Ford). Today he says (end of week 5) sorry he made wrong calculations when he quoted just over 700 spent so far and Ford made a mistake and worked on it and completed not under warranty (this bill is for 688 ex vat). I said What! He then presents me with a bill which he has also (kindly!) has given me the invoices for works done by Ford (investigation, 22 valves, timing belt) and another garage (cylinder head, some valves and skimming) and says car is ready to go, when will I cllect and pay. This is the breakdown on his invoice: Workshop charges related to your order: Cambelt Repair Carry Out Class IV MoT Test: 1.00 hours @ 35.00 per hour £35.00 (0.00% VAT) 1 T/Belt Kit Ford Volvo Mazda £37.50 (20.00% VAT) 4 Bosch Super Plus HR8MCV+ £7.20 (20.00% VAT) 1 Oil Filter Ford/Mazda £1.60 (20.00% VAT) 1 Air Filter Ford / Mazda / Mini One £3.40 (20.00% VAT) 1 Valvoline Engine Oil (Durablend FE Semi-Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil (5 Litre)) £9.95 (20.00% VAT) 1 TRIPLE QX Red Anti Freeze 5Ltr £16.98 (20.00% VAT) 1 Technical Motor Industries Cylinder Head Repair Invoice £301.40 (20.00% VAT) 1 Sky Ford Invoice Number 13547166 £688.68 (20.00% VAT) So firstly, where do I stand? I did not agree to works at Ford. He said sorry, but I'm being fair not charging you any labour. (Looks to me like everyone else did the work not him, so there isn't any labour, but not sure.) He told me works with Ford were free, but had I known it was going to £826 inc vat, just for that I would never have gone ahead. I would have said stop and I'll scrap the car. I have a sneaky feeling the works he did originally were not good and wrecked the car further (hence Ford having to fix all as he couldn't work out what was wrong with it) The cars is only worth £1500 running so a £400 bill I would've have paid to keep me on the road, till I sold and bought new car. However I said at the beginning if it was going to be higher I didn't want to do it. I said, 'I don't understand, you fitted a second hand part that should be fit for purpose? It shouldn't need repairing?' His response, 'It's a second hand part, thats what happens' Please can someone help me, I've been in a hire car for all this time at a cost of nearly £1000.00 and really don't have this kind of money....I broke down on the 27th April, the first invoice for the cylinder head repair is dated 8th May and the Ford invoice is dated today- 17th May....What should I do now? Do I have the right to dispute? He's saying he's being reasonable not charging for any of the labour he's done on the car, but I didn't agree to Ford work. Plus also I think his work broke my car more than it was. She didn't have any problems apart from the initial breakdown. Car ran beautifully prior to cam belt break. Also I do not see anywhere anything for fixing suspension problems that it apparently failed on the first MOT. Thanks in advance Hazel
  18. Hello all My neighbour bought a new motor bike 125cc, from a local garage, the cost stated was £1599.00 he paid £100 deposit leaving the balance to be made on collection of the bike. upon collecting the motor bike, the paper-work stated balance due £1399.00 which he paid in full by debit card. upon getting home, the garage owners son telephoned, stating the father had put the wrong balance due on the paper-work, and that another £100 was payable to gain the full ownership of the sold bike. My neighbour has the receipt for the deposit, also the full balance paid as stated on the paper-work. Price paid £1499.00 The garage owners are now refusing to sent the log book of to the DVLA to confirm new ownership, until the extra money is paid. Any help on this issue would be great, I myself have explained, he has the paper-work stating he owns the bike and receipts as per on the invoice. the garage made the mistake and should therefore forfeit the loss. my neighbour wants to pay the extra money to keep the bike, but I've told him to hold back until I make enquires on this issue.
  19. hi I do have 04 nissan almera tino 2.2 dci diesel car i took my car to local garage for full service ,after service done I ve paid from credit card£400 inc. vat all job been done ,when i left garage i ve found out there was power loss i went back to garage and told the problem. Owner said when they are changing air filter they damage airflow meter wire harness and connector plug ,i left my car couple of days later they said they are working on it.he told me we have to find same car from breakyard and find maf sensor wire harness cut it and problem will be resolved I said ok ,but they found couple of part from similar car but problem still exist ,engine light on fault code says maf intake air temperature to high via wiring issue ,when they were trying to fix they messed up with all cables and connection,I 've spoken with garage owner he said he was doing favour to me because it wasn't his fault also he is lying now saying part was broken ,i do have invoice for service ,report from AA roadside assistant pointing wiring issue,Nissan approved garage report .I don't have any more evidence from garage they were trying to sort it out issue and they fixed some used part and lots of cables, Today i ve send to them letter recorded delivery and 14 days time to contact with me repair or agreement to take my car to nissan to be repaired garage responsible of the damage has been done to my car I need help please
  20. A few weeks back i needed a mot and rear pad change. Whilst doing the pads the guy said the head race bearings needed replacing and there was no steering stop so that needed to be done to pass. he recommended a local garage to do the work. Took in on a Thursday and was told 2-3 hours for front and rear brakes, steering race and stop. Off i went to sit in catford and wait. 3 hours later i call and am told there is a delay for the steering stop and will be another 2 hours. I wait 3 hours and then getting wound up i walk back to the garage. I ask if its finished and am told they are just finishing the front but still have the back to do (45 minute job max) I ask why its not done after 6 hours they say they were doing other work on other bikes? I said how long to do the rear and despite it being 2 hours till closing he says it wont be ready till tomorrow. I tell him not to bother and to finish what he is doing. I get charged £210 for 3.5 hours but was annoyed it took 7. Im then back at work for 7 days so book it to a different garage who also do MOT,s for my next days off to have the rear pads done and a mot. Whilst driving to work i hit a bump and suddenly the bearings are loose with lots of play in the steering. Later when i goto get the pads and mot i ask him to sort the bearings he tries but cant and calls the first garage who say they will fix what they did. so he does the rear brake instead. the next day i goto the first garage who say they are busy so cant do it today so i say i will be back after another 7 days at work. Whilst driving for 7 days the rear will starts weaving around on inspection the rear will is rocking around? when i get it to the 1st garage to fix the head race i warn them about the rear wheel. 5 hours sitting in catford no phone call so again im not happy and walk back up there to find the bike outside probably fixed. They say the head race bearings are tight but will slacken off? and say tell the MOT garage to call to confirm if need be. They said the bad real wheel shake was because the guy that done the pads did not tighten the wheel up properly? Next day i goto the MOT place who say straight off no way it would pass i need to go back to get the bearings loosened off. I go back to the 1st garage and say wth? they say they had problems when they installed. if they loosened the steering there was play if they tightened it there was no play but too tight? they say they don't have time today so i need to take it in tomorrow so tomorrow is my 3rd day off wasted of just this week. Punchline is when they finally sort the steering the MoT will probably find other stuff i was not even aware of. Looks like when it comes to bikes people take their good old time and do a awful job. If i find a new garage thats good i dont care where they are i will stick to them
  21. Hi, We bought second hand car from a garage in bristol (autobristol) we part x'd out car and paid the additional fee on debit card, 2 weeks later it completly broke dowm, took it to a garage who said it was an awful car should never have passed mot, we then contaced the garage who at 1st were very nice promising to call us back, they never did. the garage could not find the problem as all the memory had been swipped off and all the engine wire in the wrong place, but managed to get it started but were advised to get rid of it asap - it worked for a further week when it broke down again luckly this time we had RAC cover - we then called the garage he refused to have anything to do with the car we have sent him 2 letters as advised by trading standards - no reply. the car is currently parked outside our home. for the 8 weeks we have had the car it has worked for 2!! we are now in the process of taking legal action but as we have to upfront all the money with no guarantte we wil have it all back and if we do it could be as litlle as £50 a week back. A friend has advised if not fit for purchase we can recall the money we paid through our debit card?? any help welcome Thanks Laura
  22. I recently went to a garage near to where I live as a friend recomended them to me, and said that they have always been fair and honest. To cut a long story short, my eletcric window had stopped working, the said garage told me it was the window regulator, (without checking it) and said it would cost me £120, I agreed for the work to be done, when I collected my I car, the first thing I noticed was my door speaker had not been connected, then when I put my window down, it wouldnt go back up again, (same as before). I took my car back the same day, and was told that it had been a B******d of a job to do, and so I would need to book it back in, which I did for the following wednesday, anyway, when I retuned, I was told that it now need a window switch, which would cost £158.00+ VAT+ fitting (EH), I said ok i'll have to think about it, as it seemed a lot, and I had already paid for the fault that the garage said it was to be repaired. So I took my car to another garage for a second opinion, as I felt I was being royaly ripped off, the second garage stripped my door, and the result was, that no new window regulator has been fitted, just a load of cable ties and a coupe of bolts, to botch up the broken regulator, (so no window switch needed) a also broken door panel & courtesy light, the cost to me was £264.34, so all in all its cost me £384.34, for a window regulator. Can anyone give me any advice/help as to how I can get back some of the MASSIVE amount of MONEY im out of pocket!!!! Thanks in advance, as I know your all brilliant x
  23. I bought a Vauxhall Astra 59 plate froma main dealer in march 21 2013,I was told everything was working ok on the car.The weather was so cold that I coud'nt try the airconditioning as it is dissabled in cold weather,I kept testing it as said in the manufacturers hand book,but it was very cold through April.I eventualy tested it on 6th May 19degs and it still not working. I took the car back to the dealer who booked it in on 16th April for service to check it,They found that the Aircon Condenser was leaking.Service reception said they would check with the warranty company for authority to order a new condenser as the car was sold with a 3month silver warranty. April17th garage phoned and said that the waranty company would not authorise payment, The Garage sales department would'nt take responsibility as I had'nt reported the fault within 7 days of puchase,As the temperature was too cold I was'nt aware of the fault. I paid £4996 for this car with a credit card, How can I get this fault rectified without me having to pay for it.?
  24. I took my citroen xsara into local small garage to change headlight bulb mon am (have to take bumper off and headlight unit out to change a bulb!). everything else was working properly (drove back from hols day before in snow/dark plus mechanic admits was all working). quoted approx £20 depending on time taken. went to collect later in day to be told was having problems - no horn, wipers,sidelights. next day he got auto-electrician to check and said he'd wired sidelights to headlights so at least i could use (no good for mot though). anyway, on checking i found no indicators so couldn't drive it. he took my car to auto-elec. now being told i need new part of circuit board in electrics brain which he can't source as only made for 2years. may have to go citroen for recoding and fault finding. this is 53reg so not worth much but i live in village with a toddler so essential. now friday. no car. no idea when i'll get it back. no courtesy car. what are my rights, please? i only took it in to change headlight bulb. i've owned car only 4mths but used daily and been well looked after before me. no talk of money yet but surely i can't have to pay for this work?? any advice as to my next move greatly appreciated. this is one-man business but been there over 30 years that i personally know of. i've only been pleasant to him so far but running out of patience. thank you
  25. Hi Just wandered whether anyone can offer any advice on the steps I should take. My car was hit a week a go and damage was caused to the front bumper (nothing else). I agreed with the person who hit me that we would go through insurance as he accepted liability. This is where the fun starts.... The insurance company aranged for the car to be collected and I was given a courtsey car. They filled in a sheet stating that the only damage was the front bumper. 2 days later I received a call from insurance saying the car is a write off!!! They listed about 5 different issues e.g bonnet, both lights, bumper, grill etc. I explained that there was no damage to that when they picked up the car. So I decided to go to the garage and have a look. When I turned up there was loads of extra damage:-x Luckily I took a photo before it went so I now have proof before and after the garage. The sheet they left is also proof that it was damaged whilst it was there. My guess was that the garage was hoping that the insurance company would pay out for the repairs so the garage would make loads. But its back fired as they have written it off Now i'm left with no car as the amount they are offering would not allow me to buy a car in similar condition/mileage. Also I have a feeling the courtsey car will be taken back soon so I will be rushed in to getting another. I need my car as I have 2 kids. All because the garage damaged my car. Just wandered what I could do to redeem all the money back that will allow me to get an identical car to the one that was damaged? I have contacted the insurance and told them this is insurance fraud and have supplied photographs and I am waiting for them to review it and get back to me. I just want to be prepared but i'm not sure what to do if they deny it (which i'm sure they will). Should I go to the police as its damage on my vehicle? should I go to the papers as this involves a large insurance company and its obvious this is quite common? Should I take them to small claims? Could I request that I keep the courtsey car for a longer period until I get a replacement car? Any advice would be greatly received. Many thanks p.s I can see why insurance goes up if garages act like this
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