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Found 24 results

  1. I have received a PCN for an alleged offence at the same location, https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487668-G24-Parking-charge-while-shopping-B-amp-M-Stores-Falkirk&p=5170354#post5170354 dating the parking offence as 30th November. It alleges the driver overstayed the permitted 2hours by 11 mins I now live in England but as the alleged offence happened in Scotland am I correct that Scottish Law applies, so pursuing the keeper is illegal?
  2. Hello CAG members I wonder whether anyone could help? I recently received a parking charge notice from G24 that refers to a date roughly three weeks into May for the car park outside B&M Stores in Falkirk (Scotland), with an issue date a week after. The car park is free but timed seemingly to 2 hours and in this case a 20 minute overstay has been flagged. I haven't as yet responded. Although I own the car, the driver, a gentle and vulnerable person who pays their taxes and wouldn't bother a fly, could easily have picked this letter up before I did, which really bot
  3. Hi guys and girls, I have received a parking charge notice through our fleet company (Global) who have added an administration fee of £36 on top of the requested £100 (£60 if paid early..) fine. The reason for the ticket is unauthorized parking out of hours, it was around 11:58pm - 12:13. I had just got a quick bit of food and pulled over in the closest car park to eat.. now I have received this fine i have revisited the site and can see very poor signage that doesn't really tell or indicate to anyone entering that the car park is not available out of store opening hours.. Ther
  4. Hi all, A good friend of mine has received a letter from G24 asking for £100 for stopping at a car park for 199 minutes when the free parking was only for 120 minutes. Please can I ask what he should do? So far, his other half wants to pay it to 'get it out of the way' but, fair play to him, he is holding firm until he gets advice....so here I am Please help if you can.....
  5. Bardan can you let this know how this goes seems very stressful have they given up now or are still after you? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452658-G24-continued-threats-5-mnths-on-do-I-stand-firm&p=4937339#post4937339
  6. I've been parking on a retail car park for months now to enable me to go to work, but suddenly this week I've received to PCN's for 2 consecutive days on the 6/7th April asking me to pay £100 for each. Lots of people have said to ignore the charges and I've looked on different forums who also say ignore it but reading on the CAG forums other people are saying to challenge it. Not sure what to do. Feeling very confused and stressed about the whole thing, as never had any parking charges before. Have driven back to the car park to check for signs and there is
  7. Hi guys. This is my first post here and so be gentle !! Last week I received a demand letter from Debt Recovery Plus (DRP) stating they are writing to me of behalf of their creditor (G24 Ltd). It states they are writing to me due to no response received to their previous correspondence and are demanding I pay £160 parking charge ! The thing is, this is the first I've heard of the parking charge/fine (dated 5th Nov 2015). There has been no correspondence received. I have also revisited the site (England) to inspect the disclaimer sign, which states the fin
  8. Hi I have been trying to fight a PCN i received after parking in Wickes in June this year. I wrote a letter downloaded from another forum, and then appealed directly to Wickes who emailed G24 to say we were in the store and to cancel the fine. I thought that would be the end but received another letter with an increased fine for £100. I wrote again and included a print out of the email have just received another letter stating the appeal was too late. The letter gives me two options, pay the fine or debt recovery (or court proceedings) The
  9. Hello all I recently received a parking charge notice from G24. I had recently had one from parking eye where by browsing these forums I was not the driver on either occasion and was able to understand how to appeal to them at the stage I was at and was successful overturned within days. I made the mistake of thinking the same process would work this time and my appeal was rejected. I was invited to appeal to the IAS and conducted my appeal based on their code of practice. They seemed reputable and that the charge was groundless as there own code of practice was in my opinion not ad
  10. Hi folks, I've received a PCN from G24 Ltd and have written the below letter in response. I think I'm pretty well on top of it, but any extra advice warmly welcomed. Thanks, Peter+ -------------Letter Follows-------------- I have received a communication from you which arrived on the 26th of August 2015 claiming a breach of contract between the driver of the vehicle registered XXXXXXX of which I am the registered keeper. At this point I accept no liability and do not accept any breach of contract. I do not admit being the driver of the vehicle at the ti
  11. Hi all, I haven't been on here for a while but thought I would put this on here in hope of some advice. My father who is the owner/keeper of the car that received the PCN and my mother who are both holders of Blue Badges and in their late 70's/mid 80's. I was the one responsible for parking in the disable bay which as far as I am concerned had a perfect right to do so, but inadvertently forgot to put the badge on display due to having to physically lift a mobility scooter out of the car and help my mother into it. My father in a panic over this PCN started to fr
  12. I was not the driver but the driver and their family went to Freeport outlet village Braintree on 2 April and parked in their car park which was believed to be a free car park. Travelled 45 miles approx to go there. Today I received in the post what's headed a Contractual Parking Charge Notice with issue date 9.4.15, and showing images of the car entering at 13.05 and leaving at 19.45, by which time the car park was of course fairly empty. The notice is addressed to me as registered keeper. I was not in fact the driver. The charge is £100 for "over staying" by 20 mins !! I
  13. A car somebody sold a few months ago has been receiving invoices from these people. The amount started from £100 then went upto £140 and then a few months later went down to £70. I attach the correspondance and hope it helps someone. As of yet court is being threatened. Before anybody asks. Commercial collection services LTD are running from the same address as the now defunct CCS ENFORCEMENT SERVICES which was a bailiff company taken over by rundell and co when they went pear shaped a few years ago.
  14. hi im new to this site and would like some advice on a parking fine/notice iv just received. iv received a parking charge notice for 70£ from a company called G24? saying if i pay in 14 days it will be 42£ but iv spoken to a few people and they have told me to ignore it as because it is not the council basically it is just a scare mongering letter with pretty red borders and they can not do anything but send a few letters etc.and they will give up. i was parked in a bannatynes car park at 21:33 till 01:17 and apparently the permitted free parking mins were 180 and my stay was 224. i dont know
  15. Hi, i am new to all this,so please be patient with me. Well I parked at Sports Direct car park in St. Helens on 2nd January this year and received a contractual parking charge notice dated 9th January on the 13th. They want me to pay 100 pounds as I was longer than the permitted 60 minutes. I arrived at dusk and left in the dark and didnt even realise it was limited to 60 mins,as I was looking on what was the manned booth when it was the DIY store, and there was nothing on the booth. I parked right round the side of the old DIY store . Browsing through artices from 2009 to 2013, the genera
  16. Received my first parking charge notice today .. its from G24, was about to pay it when i decided to research into it a bit more and found that many people do not pay fines from these types of companies. The notice states that i went over the free parking of 150 minutes, my parking period was 207 minutes.. they have cctv pictures of my car entering and leaving the retail car park (with the time and date). Also i am sure there is a sign entering the car park about the terms and conditions etc. So my question is should i pay or not? its £36.00 if i pay within 14 days or it goes up
  17. Hi All, Need some advice regarding the below so please bear with me. We had parked at Meadow Hall Retail Park to do some shopping, we had parked in a disable bay ( just for information ) and we shopped at PC World, toys r us, Hobby Craft and B&M, we then decided to have some thing to eat at Pizza Hut as a family, now they stated that we were parked for 214 minutes and only allowed a 180 minutes so we breached the duration of our stay. I am not happy with this we took our time, we did not rush, they have not stated who there client is as we were parked on their clien
  18. So, we have had a letter from G24 stating that we stayed in a car park for over 4 hours on a recent Saturday with photo's of us going in and then out again. Whilst we did enter the car park at 12.30pm, we also left (having met my parents there) about 7 minutes later. We then went back to the car park at about 16.50 to visit Toys R' Us to buy a game. They have then included the photo of us leaving the second time and arriving the first time. I sent them a letter stating all the details of what happened on the day, and they are still pressing ahead with the penalty charge notice - ca
  19. Hi guys, yes im another victim of these people. just wanted to check with all you that this is total tosh and is to be ignored. For a start anyway, we didn't go to this car park until 2:45pm, we know for a fact so the car going in isnt us.! i know exactly what we was doing that day and what times. i was still at home until 1:30pm yapping to a friend on fb! and, you cant even make out the reg! should i send them a letter saying they cant prove the driver or the actual car reg or just ignore them and any other threatening letters they will send? Many thanks in advance, Amy.
  20. A friend of mine showed me a very interesting Parking Charge Notice yesterday from G24 who give their address as Po Box 3320 Gerrards Cross Bucks SL9 8WT First of all it is addressed to a Scottish resident and offers the recipient the opportunity to appeal to the newly formed Parking on Private Land appeal body. A very charitable gesture you may think, particularly as the Protection of Freedoms Act does not apply in Scotland. However, having read further into this very colourful and picturesque document there appears to be a sting in the tail. The section relating to POPLA states
  21. I recently used a retail store and have received a G24 parking charge notice demanding 75 pounds (50 pounds if I pay early). I know that G24 is one of the [edited] companies who partake in this [problem]. i did overstay by 30 minutes. Some questions if anyone knows answers please: 1. Change in registered owner - I am in process of applying to DVLA to change the registered owner, not sure if will change it to my partners name at my address or my father who lives overseas. I am tempted to change it to the overseas address? Is this a problem? 2. Options - Other than ignoring
  22. Hello Im pretty sure that a ticket and request for £95 payment is something to be ignored here but I just wanted to make sure. Can someone advise please. Ticket was given while in private car park for a shop called 'sports direct' I have taken a picture of the sign and it can be seen here http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii434/urbancolour/IMG_2632.jpg Any advice will be good please Thanks
  23. Hi, You may find the following video useful...it is part of the Money Progam investigation into this mafia industry...if you receive a PCN...just ignore it all other letters that follow...all Private Parking firms are acting illegally...when they try and bully you into paying "charges". The PCN you receive is not a parking ticket which is issued by a authority like the police since you have broken the law...a PCN is not penalty you have done nothing wrong or broken any laws...keep passing this message around...post the video everywhere...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAIcdi9niHA
  24. Hi, I have received one of these for parking at Homebase in Leicester. There are two photos of my car but they could have been taken on any road. As per other posts I intend to ignore this. I will keep you posted on the number of letters I get. What really annoys me is the DVLA practice to sell our information to anyone. Has anyone written to DVLA about this? I am thinking of complaining to my MP about this and also to raise this with the AA. Thanks - Dev
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