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Found 46 results

  1. I hope that this is the right place to ask for some advice. I receive DLA HRM and have done so for over 20 years. Just over 3 years ago I found out that I could have a Blue Badge because of my DLA award. I applied in June 2011 and it was given to me with no problems. However this time round when I asked for it to be renewed, the council refused to supply one. They told me that I had not sent in any up to date evidence to support my mobility problems. I understood that HRM made it automatic but it doesn't it seems. The council have told me that the award would have been based on old evidence when the award was made and for all they know I may have had a massive improvement and not told the DWP. They directed me to their website which clearly says what I should send them. Unless I can prove that my mobility problems are just the same today as they were a few years ago, then no Badge. This is what the council's website says which I must admit I never dreamed of looking at when I reapplied Send us: 1 recent passport size photograph a copy of a document confirming your address, dated within the last 12 months a copy of a document proving your identity proof of any benefit that means you qualify automatically recent medical evidence of your disability a cheque or postal order for £10 made payable to Kent County Council (if you haven’t paid online or by phone). Is this right?
  2. This is my journey In 2009 M & S send me an application and purportedly terms and conditions on the back which they say is embodied within the agreement. Collect Direct get involved, quickly disappear when I send the account in dispute letter. Then Rockwell get involved who then are replaced with Credit Security who are then replaced with Fenton Cooper. They are shown the door and then Credit Security come back - keep up. In 2010 M & S send another copy of the application together with different terms and conditions although they say they are the "current account terms and conditions" Both terms and conditions are illeligible. They say in both letters that both terms and conditions would have been on the back. They are obviously clutching at straws as this would have been impossible. On Friday I received a letter from Sigma Red Limited saying the debt had been assigned to them together with an M & S letterhead saying the account had been sold to Sigma. Both typed out by Sigma as the font on both letters is the same. Both came in the same envelope. The best bit - they have put somebody else's name in both letters. The correct address, account number but just the name is different. Hilarious. What will they come up next. It is obviously a typographical error but to claim the M & S letter came from M & S when the name is wrong is shocking. Surely the assignment letter should have come from M & S and not typed up by Sigma. Do I just ignore them as far as I am concerned there is no-one at this address by that name. HH
  3. someone sent me an e-mail with a copy of the further steps notice they received by post on Tuesday there is no date on the letter saying when it was issued giving them 10 days to pay by clear funds how do you know when the 10 days are up if it hasn't got a date on it Payment was made today on-line and accepted so I hope that will be the end of it but I would like to know if a further steps notice should have the date it was sent on it
  4. Hi Guys Trusty google put me in touch with you guys regarding a friends "claim" from Cabot He was approached about a year ago by them for a debt from 2009 / 2010 from a company that didnt supply the goods regarding a training course (plenty of posts on google about that company as well!) in addition to having been pressurised into taking on the course / debt while he was depressed. Unfortunately being a young lad none of the paperwork from them exists any more. At some stage last year he was advised that his debt had been sold to cabot and subsquently received two payment demands from them which he ignored. The next thing he heard was receiving a Money Claim online demand. I have some questions and I would be grateful if people could help me get himself sorted. 1) I have advised him to send a CCA request tomorrow as per other similiar threads on this forum, however I am confused as to how long they have, is it 12 + 2 working days or 30 days to reply? 2) Are they required to send a notice of intention to act before sening court papers? 3) he intendes to contest the claim, if 1 is correct and they do not supply the CCA in time can this be used as a defence in the case? 4) any other advise that I should give him (Indeed anyone that has defended similar claims in court and can advise me to help him put his case together I would be grateful. Incidently Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd appears to have a net worth of -6.6million according to Duedil, is this not trading while insolvent?
  5. Hello, I'll keep this as brief as possible... I am currently on 2 weeks suspension from work following an incident that happened on the 19th. I walked out on after a customer was being verbally abusive and falsely accused me of "giving the finger" to her sister. The reason I walked out is that my duty manager seemed to find the incident funny and did not back me up, telling me to grow up. The letter I have received from works says I am suspended for: Allegations of abusive and objectionable behaviour towards customers Leaving the workplace during the duty period without permission I understand I'll receive a second letter telling me when to come in for the actual investigation. TO CUT TO THE CHASE... I wanted to know if I am entitled access to any evidence my duty manager has before the investigation? The reason being that I believe he is manipulating the events to have me unduly disciplined. I know I can appeal any decisions made after the investigation but I want to arm myself as well as possible and nip this in the bud asap. I am also considering writing a letter of events and complaining about my Duty Manager's handling of them to my General Manager or possibly HR but don't know if this is a good idea or if I should wait till after the investigation. Thank you so much for reading this far. I am at times confused and stressed by events and any advice would be very helpful.
  6. Hi Last year I rather stupidly took out a log book loan from these guys whilst I was going through a rough patch. I now unfortunately am in the situation of being on benefits hopefully only short term. I have emailed them several times asking for advice on this situation to no avail. During this period my car broke down and was towed to the audi garage for repairs. The bill at present is 2500 which on jsa I cant afford with a further 30 days @10 per day storage charges. The repo men came round today no court order just to repossess I told them the situation with the car and the garage is holding it pending payment. When I signed for the loan the agent came round and as stated on other threads no witness was thyere to sign bar the agent so common thread here with the BoS. Really where do I stand with regards to the repossession ? are the garage allowed to release the car without my consent. To give you some idea its an audi A6 57 plate loan for 3000, the fault causing the breakdown was a design flaw but not acknowledged fought to get audi uk to reduce original bill of 4500 to 2500 as a gesture of goodwill (succeeded) Stupid move originally but cant change the past any advice please. Thanks
  7. I need to do GCSE English and had a meeting last week with disability support. There are a few issues with what was said: - Not being allowed to walk out if I have sensory overload, which can be painful. They won't allow me to use a traffic light system and I have to tell someone. I can't talk during sensory overload if the overload if noise. (my response is to put my hands over my ears and walk off) If I need the toilet, I can just walk out. - They won't give me 1-1. I've had this issue before. They have told me that I've got to learn to read by myself. I am sight impaired. It's not that I am incapable of reading, (as in, I know what that word says) it's that my disabilities make reading physically tiring. - They won't provide coloured paper and have told me I have to buy it myself. I was told to use my DLA. What DLA? That will be taken by social services, a few groups I attend and any equipment I need. I have just spent £160 on a pair of noise cancelling headphones. (that was a one off; but most of the equipment I need is very expensive) DLA doesn't cover everything.
  8. Following on from a few threads on MSE, and Pepipoo, where one poster has been very keen for posters to start claims against PPC's using the Equality Act, if they use a requirement to display a blue badge. The argument has been the Equality Act applies to motorists, and "reasonable adjustment" should be made, and very little if any proof is required of any disability, let alone a blue badge, so the PPC is acting unlawfully to the Act. The Equality Act obviously does apply, but another poster asked the question, why can the council insist on a blue badge, if no-one else can, as the Equality Act applies to them in the same way. Are they also acting unlawfully? The MSE/Pepipoo poster hasn't made their views known on this one, so the other poster has questioned ref the Congestion Charge, and Westminster Council directly about it. To quote "I have a War Disability Pension which proves the point of my being disabled, so would a ticket for use of a disabled bay on the high street without displaying a blue badge be classed as discriminatory, or is it the case that an appeal based on an actual disability without having a badge be likely to win an appeal?" And the answer "Thank you for contacting Westminster City Council regarding disabled parking. I understand from your email that you do not currently hold a Blue Badge but believe you are entitled to the same benefits when parking on street. While I appreciate your opinion on this matter, I would advise that this is not the case. In order to gain the concessions available for disabled drivers a Blue Badge must be displayed in the vehicle. You have referred me to section 6 of the Equality Act 2010, which defines a disabled person but does not make provisions for their rights to parking concessions. As a disabled person you have the right to apply for and hold a Blue Badge, local authorities will not be required to grant you parking concessions if you choose not to exercise that right." As the poster commented "So as far they're concerned only a blue badge holder can be disabled????? " Who's right then? The councils, and what's to stop PPCs using the same defence, or are all the councils breaking the Equality Act? I know the blue badge scheme applied to councils, but it cannot give them any right to break the law, ie the Equality Act, or if they're not, why can't PPC's use the same get out. The Equality Act applied equally to all here. I wonder if we'll be seeing lba to councils for discrimination? One to watch I think. http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=78206&pid=811127&st=140entry811127
  9. (Thought i had posted this but it didn't show) Hi everyone, i have just had a nice big cheque from the FSCS for mis sold PPI plus interest - it is only 90% of the claim but it is a nice place to be after all these years. My question is - Do i still owe the loan company for PPI now it has been declared mis sold? i will be asking them to redress the loan but can i expect them to remove the PPI from it? any advice very much appreciated cheers
  10. Metro Bank founder and former chairman Anthony Thomson has called for the FSA to go further in its plans to remove barriers to new entrants in the banking sector. Speaking at a Westminster Business policy forum on retail banking today, Thomson said the FSA must do more to reform its capital rules for new banks. The FSA is publishing a paper on removing barriers to entry in the coming weeks. Last week, FSA chairman Lord Turner said it will include plans to cut capital requirements for new entrants in half. Currently new banks are forced to hold 9 per cent capital against their predicted assets after three years. If a bank estimates it will have £1bn of assets after three years, it must hold £90m in capital from its first day of operation despite the assets not yet being accumulated. Thomson said: “It is incredibly capital inefficient. Why would you put your money into a business that has to hold £90m in reserves against no business? “I know Lord Turner said he wants to reduce the capital to 4.5 per cent from 9 per cent, but it is still far too much money. It is not the quantum but the proportion of your balance sheet and if you have no balance sheet it is still far too much money, whether its 4.5 per cent or 9 per cent. “What the FSA needs to do is look at how much capital banks need in the first year, then they can hold more capital in the second year, and so on.” In 2010, Metro Bank was the first firm to gain a UK banking licence in more than 100 years. Thomson left the bank last year as it made plans to launch on the stock market.Thomson described Metro Bank’s authorisation process, which took two years, as “very, very long” and “Kafkaesque”. He recommended reductions in authorisation times, greater access to the payments system and better bank infrastructure as ways to encourage new entrants. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/metro-bank-founder-fsa-must-further-relax-rules-for-new-bank-entrants/1067345.article
  11. Hi there first post on this forum so please bear with me. I have been battling with Jacobs Bailiffs for a couple of months in reference of unpaid council tax from 2 years ago. After finding out about the debt I did bury my head in the sand for a while but realize this needs to be dealt with and quick. I tried to ring Bolton Council where the debt originated from and was told in no uncertain terms nothing they could do as the debt was with Jacobs Bailiffs now and not themselves. So I rang Jacobs on several occasion at the main office number continually told to ring the Bailiff in charge as they had no details of my account on their system only the Bailiff dealing with my case had this. I was told that I was unable to set up a payment plan as they needed to full balance to settle to debt. The debt ids a little under £300. I really don't have that at all and have no means of getting it, I've even tried pay day loans etc but keep getting knocked back. I was finally given to Friday 16th November to pay £50 with balance due December 6th. I was unable to pay them so no doubt will have a visit Monday morning. I don't work but my wife does part-time. I have 2 small kids aged 8 & 10. I'm losing sleep every night over this. Just don't know where to turn too. They said at the time of the arrangement if I didn't agree they would come and remove goods with a police escort. So I agreed to it to buy some more time but truth be told I knew at the time I wouldn't be able to pay Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Means their total will now be £5b,with total bank refunds expected to be £15b http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20164521
  13. Hi there, I was hoping for advice. I have been asked for all my financial information for the last 2 months in order to continue recieving housing benefit. However, I no longer wish to recieve the benefit as we are about to come into some money which will make us illegible. The letter states that If we dont' reply within a month then they will stop the payments. Will this also mean that they will investigate us? I would rather just stop everything without any drama. The information they are asking for is quite hard to get, some of it will be assessments from student loans that haven't arrived yet. Any advice is much appreciated.
  14. Evening all, I had a debt with MBNA and agreed monthly payments via Optima Legal under a Tomlin Order. This has been ticking over nicely for well over a year, even when MFS Portfolio Limited took over the debt. MFS advised that I should continue to make my monthly payments to Optima which I have done. Today I received a letter from Optima headed up "Special Settlement - 25% Reduction on your Balance". They say that I should not delay as "this offer will only be open for 10 days" after which I "could miss out on a substantial saving." It goes on to say that if I "choose not to take advantage of this offer, the full debt of £xxx will be due which may be recovered by our client instructing us to proceed with further legal action". Can they pursue me for the same debt with the Tomlin Order in place?
  15. How do I. Received correspondence from Optima Legal acting for Oakwood finance on the mortgage my wife had on her house. They obtained judgement in March this year for £17k, £11 of which were charges and interest after they forceably auctioned her house well below its market value. The judge ignored my requests to reduce the costs and stop adding to the interest. Now they are asking for a charge on our jointly owned property and have submitted an application for a charging order at court in October. I remember reading here ages ago that its possible to object as I was not on the original debt. How do I do it. Plus bearing in mind the FSA ruling on charges does this apply in my wife's case please.
  16. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/jesus-painting-restoration-makes-christ-1276477
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