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  1. Hi, 1st time user and I'd like some advice please. In Harveys Furniture Store (speke) on the 13/1/13 purchased two reclining couches from the Bel-Air range that were on a weekend offer for £1132. Paid £300 more then the required deposit to make it easy on the final payment. A couple of days later the same couches were reduced by 15%. Contacted store, who told me to ring their customer service line if they say yes then they will refund the difference. Tried ringing their customer service line but gave up after 40 Min's and put it down to experience. Imagine my surprise when 12 days later the same couches were reduced by a further £240. Went to the store in person spoke to a salesperson who again told me to ring their customer service line. Finally after 30 mins spoke to an advisor who told me i should be ringing the store. Made contact with the store manager who was not very sympathetic to my predicament. Told him if wasn't going to meet me half way at least on the matter then i would cancel the order. He then told me I'd loose the full £300 deposit. Has anyone had the same thing happen? thanks
  2. Good Day I hope you can give me some advise on my problem! We bought a Lounge Suite on 25 Jan 2013 from Furn-4-U. After they offloaded the goods and we unwrapped it we realise that it was damaged. The material was damaged on each couch. It look like they have put screws in after they have put the material on. The next day we went back and asked if we can return the set and get a refund. The sales lady said it wont be a problem we just have to take the set back to the store rooms and come back on Monday because the lady doing refunds does not work on weekends. On Monday i went back then the manager told me i must pay a amount of R450-00 (which is also 10% of the amount we payed for the lounge suite) banking fees because it is not his problem the furniture is damaged. He want us to pay for his suppliers mistakes. Is he allowed to charge me any fees? We still haven't received our money back. Thank You
  3. If as I have, ordered and paid for two setees delivery date 23 Feb I would have thought the said insurance would have run concurrently from delivery date onwards not a month before they are delivered has anyone else had same experience.
  4. Hi all, I'd like to see just what other people in the "know" think about this. I purchased a sofa from DFS on Finance. Within 4 days I had issued a complaint and they sent someone out to try and fix the problem, they didnt. Four times they had to return to try and fix the problem without any success. I rang the store manager and told him enough was enough, he asked to come and see it. He came out to view the sofa and agreed to exchange it for a new one or replace it for a total different sofa. Firstly I dont want another item that could turn out to be faulty because it means going through all this again, I appreciate it may never become faulty but I'm not willing to take the risk. Secondly we have spent several months now looking and trying new models out. We have yet to find one we can agree on. The problem lies in that the store manager claims it has to be of the same value or more, but that only leaves us an handful of sofas to choose from. My argument is why cant I choose one for another room of a lower value and go elsewhere to purchase one for my lounge? I'm obviously not going to spend £3000 on a sofa for the spare room to keep DFS happy. I asked the store manager what happens if I never find one that I like to replace the faulty one I've got and he says I have to make a decision now. I find this unfair, what do you think?
  5. Hi we have placed an order for a siyte of furniture from FV approx 6 weks ago. We ordered 1 x 2 seater 1 x 3 seater 1 x chair The store phoned us last week to inform us that the sofas were ready but they were unable to supply the chair as the individual in the store had mi sold us on the fabric and it was not possible to make the chair as ordered. We vistied the store and agreed that if the store could make the chair in another fabric that we chose then we would continue with the order. The store were due to call us but have not They have told us the order is ready for delivery They are refusing to refund us the deposit even though we no longer want the order as its not what we ordered They are being extremely un cooperative with regards to attempting to rectify this situation In my limited legal knowledge as the goods are not the goods we ordered I feel that we do not need to accept the orde and are entitled to our deposit back? Please help they are hounding my mother and this is unfair
  6. Hi I wonder if anyone can help! I ordered an assembled wardrobe from Very.co.uk that was delivered on the 31st May. It was delivered in two sections and when I unpacked the first section I discovered some damage on the inside of the wardrobe. I phoned them that evening and was told they would arrange for someone to pick it up. I'm now being told that I have to allow up to 28days from the day they informed their supplier (Consort). They informed Consort on the 5th June, so that's up to 33 days from delivery is that correct because it seems like a really long time to have a four door wardrobe in my hall way. I also have children so am quite worried about H&S. I have been back and forth with veryHQ but they are sticking to this.
  7. Hi folks, hoping you can help me with this one. This all started back in November 2011 when we purchased a 3 + 2 furniture combo, link below: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/cool-furniture/719328 scroll down a bit to see the full details: So a £1600 suite for £579.99 - SORTED! Now, here's where the problem with it is... We have some cats in the house, and our previous suite had some minor scratches (and I do mean minor), no big deal. This one with the bonded-leather which as taken from the sales page link about bonded leather... "Bonded leather (also known as grain corrected leather) contains real leather processed to offer both consistency in colour and grain, as well as extra resilience to wear and tear. Bonded leather is the primary material used in new leather car interiors as it offers both luxury quality and excellent durability." It was damaged when one of our cats had a minor slip. Not major damage, but noticeable if you knew where to look. I queried this with the company cool-furniture and they told me they couldn't say for definite that cats couldn't scratch the leather. So we left it at that. About a month ago (Feb - 4 months after purchase), we noticed that the leftside of the 3 seater had lost all its support and effectively sunk when you sat on it. So yet again I contacted the company and I include their initial response below: "Dear Mr. , Thank you for confirming and this does confirm the springs have become misplaced and this would cause the seat to dip as you have reported. The relevance of the cat scratches is that if we are to replace the item these are classed as damage and would affect the offer we can make to rectify the situation. We can offer one of the following options to settle the issue. 1. Allowance/refund of £19.99 to keep the goods in full and final settlement or to go towards the arrangement for a local repair. 2. Exchange of the 3 seater sofa, but due to the accidental damage on the goods there would be a charge of £50.00. Please confirm by return email which option you wish to select and we can then take the necessary action. Kind regards So we got quotes from two local repair companies for the damage to be repaired. One quote was £160 and the other £145 (both + the VAT). The second guy from a 30+ year established upholsters went as far to say that after looking at the suite it was "****", which didn't fill me with confidence. Now, it doesnt take Einstein to work out that cool-furniture's offer of £19.99 was bordering on insulting, and the £50 surcharge for a replacement was well, confusing to say the least. And even if we did pay the £50, what's to stop it happening again? I understand there is minor cosmetic damage to the suite from the cat scratches BUT. Surely taking the cat scratches out of the equation, this would still go down as a manufacturing fault for the collapsed seat? I spoke with trading standards and they say I need to get a FIRA approved report that will confirm that the materials are defective or the suite was made to substandard levels. But that is £99 + VAT with NO guarantee I will get the outcome I am after. Why is it so hard for consumers to get justice these days? Any advice would be appreciated here guys as I'm sure that trading standards are missing something here... Thanks, Paul.
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