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  1. I work for a business which was taken over by another in April this year and all staff were TUPE'd over. We have 1 employee who was working part time (22hrs/week) prior to the takeover and TUPE'd across as such. The new company have now asked them if they would like to work full time and have offered them a new contract to sign. The problem is that the new contract gives them less holiday entitlement than they had when they were TUPE'd and that they had qualified for during their time with the previous company. It would also be a different holiday entitlement basis to the rest of the
  2. Hello, When I originally looked through the various docs for UC, the sanctions (that could be) placed on ESA WRAG was for £71, so that meant you would still receive at least part(component) of the benefit. Looking now at the current "UC chapter 3" I see that for such as missing an appointment can lead to a sanction of full benefit. The part I had seen before, where only a % of benefit would be lost on sanction for those on ESA WRAG as been moved to those who only need to attend WFI (lone parent with child aged over 1 but under 5) I have not seen anything mentioned anywhere about
  3. hello, I have complained to Nationwide about mis-sold PPI and they have agreed that it was mis-sold. In their offer letter they state that the account is in arrears and that any monies paid to me will pay off the debt first. It relates to a loan that I was unable to repay in full. At the time of negotiating a FFS, i paid £4500 on a balance of £10k. My credit file is marked settled and I have a letter from them to say that it is settled. So my question is a simple one; Taking into account that the account is now settled, surely they won't now try and pay themselves the PPI awar
  4. I have looked again at my Experian and I note that Provident have lodged a default against me in the last month for £485. That account has been dormant since 2010 (I actually forgot about ever dealing with them) so I have no idea why they have just sprung up with it. I am in a position where I can offer them a F&F settlement of around 40%. Do I just write to them with this - or write to their pleb "lawyers", as I've seen from other threads? I do owe the money and just want it settled ASAP.
  5. Hi all, I recently received a letter from Moorcrofts telling me barclaycard had decided to change my interest rate to 1%, the letter also included a MONTHLY INSTALMENT OFFER A relative has offered to help me pay the debt and so I sent a reply with an offer for full & final settlement. Today I received Moorcroft's reply. They acknowledge that I've contacted them but no mention is made of the offer I made. Instead they have sent me an Income & Expenditure form to send back to them or alternately I could phone them 'they will be happy to help' (HA no thanks) The most I
  6. Hi all, Hope this doesnt sound too daft, I am in repayment plans with DCAs to repay my payday loans. Whilst I understand this has killed my credit report, if they offer me a full and final settlement, does this look worse on my credit file than settling in full? Whilst I'd like these debts off my back, my credit rating needs all the help it can get. Thanks
  7. dg soli have agreed a settlement of 25%,,, im on token payment, ,no assects so still best 4 them at 25% from 3dr party, ,,but grt 4 me to be rid,, they say there letter will say ,,,they accept £,,,, in settlement of above a/c.....,, does not say full nor partial ,,,they say once settled credit file will show partal settlement with balance at 0,, im thinking the word settlement will be ok,,as that implys the a/c is settled,, your views please,,, has any1 else done f/f with dg, ,,,,,was there wording same???? thks all 4 your antisipated views n help:|
  8. Just about to start a claim, for my girlfriend, against Mallard Vehicle Finance; it relates to the PPI policy they [mis-]sold her when they provided the finance for a new car in 2004. Having already had a couple of successful mis-sold PPI claims, I've a good fair idea of how I'm going to proceed and will be citing all the usual arguments, eg my girlfriend was encouraged to believe the purchase of the PPI policy would heighten the probability of her getting the loan, she would, in any case, have benefitted from full sick pay, for up to six months, or a redundancy settlement should the situ
  9. hi! When I started my degree I was single mum with one child. I received full financial help. After time I started live together with my partner and I become pregnant with my second baby. As full time student I cannot get any housing benefit- they said it is because I am not single anymore, even I have one 5y old baby and second on the way. Also I cannot claim Income support- because this type of benefit is only for single parents. I cannot get Job seekers allowance because I am student. I cannot get ESA, they said if I can study that mean I can also work. MY Ch
  10. Hello, I believe that you deal with such cases on this message board quite frequently, but I have some questions and I would welcome the opinions of local experienced folk. I am registered as a full-time university student (sorry for my English in advance, I am foreign) just finishing my masters programme, I did undertake a full-time undergraduate degree here in the UK in the past as well. I was in a full-time employment during these periods, I used to work on nights and I was studying on days. I got charged by Lloyds TSB plenty of times, as I was paying my university fees out
  11. Hi I'm new to this site but have been advised by a friend this is the best place to find advice about debt. When i fell into financial hardship a couple of years ago i began making a token payment of £1 per month to several credit cards. I have since had a few full and final settlement offers accepted and resolved. I have now turned my attentions to my largest cc debt (approx £8000). I phoned the bank requesting what would be accepted as a full and final settlement. I was told 50% of the balance would clear the whole debt i.e. £4,000. I then asked for this to be put into writin
  12. Out of interest I was wondering what sort of settlements members have had accepted as full and final settlements?
  13. A friend did a lump sum full and final settlement IVA in 2006 through PKF. Since then, a CCJ has been lodged by one of the creditors, and others are still chasing debt and telling him that the debt is live and still owed. What are his rights in respect of this? Surely this isn't correct or legal? Thank you
  14. Hi, I have a debt previously owed to Egg banking, now transferred to Britannica Recoveries. The debt is secured with a Second Charge on the property and managed by Drydens Solicitors. A family member has offered to loan me some money which I would like to use to pay off this debt. I have spoken to Drydens and they have sent me a letter stating they will accept a slightly reduced sum and “consider your liability for the outstanding debt settled”. However, they have made no reference to the removal of the Second Charge with the Land Registry. I am unsure
  15. have large debt with tesco bank....9k, ...token payment 2.00 am on benifits and rent therefore what is a likely offer they would take if can sort 3rd party funds, rbs seems very reluctant to offer f/f ,,,now tesco gone alone could it be better to get f/f?
  16. I wrote a letter to (as per template) DCA offering £400 towards full and final settlement of my debt £3465. I received a letter two days ago. I also requested that, if accepted, they should make an entry on a credit reference agency as "satisfied" in full. This letter does not mention anything about this apart from accepting my proposal. Should I go ahead and pay the proposed sum or should I get in writing that credit reference agency file will be marked as settled? Letter reads: We refer to your recent communication and confirm that we are willing to accept the
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