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  1. Hi I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. Me and three two friends moved into a property in January this year. Our heating and hot water system never worked correctly and the landlord refused to give us a copy of the gas safety certificate. After months of wrangling with the landlord to try and get him to fix the heating and hot water system we gave up and decided to move out. We were only half way through our tenancy agreement and didn't have a break clause in our contract, so we had to ask the landlord to end our tenancy agreement. At first he refused, but
  2. Hi all, I wonder if you can help? I have a personal loan with NRAM, was £20K but on a DMP and it now has £13K left. Paying £180 per month. Received a letter this morning saying that on the 28th, the debt will move across to some company called Marlin s thought I would call NRAM and see if they will accept a F&F of around £3K. They stated that even if accepted, it will show as partially cleared on my credit rating.... this worries me as I assume it will stay like tat for ever and also, I guess they can sell the remaining debt to someone like Marlin. Can I push
  3. Hi guys some advice please. I failed to pay for a welcome finance agreement that i took out in 2008. it has this month been sold onto cabot who have spoken to me on the phone to agree a full and final settlement figure. they have said i can pay a partial figure that will clear it to zero but will show on my credit file partial payment. I asked them for settled or satisfied but they said they cant do that as new laws in. I looked on all 3 credit files this week to see what welcome had put and its down as settled now after all late payments.all say same thing. So he
  4. If I was to make a full and final settlement offer, should I state in the letter that once the amount is paid I expect that the account be marked as satisfied in the credit report and get them to agree to this before I make the payment. This is just theoretical at the moment as building up knowledge before actually doing it. If my credit report is then marked as satisfied against this default, will it still affect me negatively if I apply for credit?
  5. For some years my wife has been paying off various store and credit card debts via a debt management company who, naturally, take their percentage before paying the creditors. I have now intervened and contacted Step Change (formerly CCCS) and requested that they take over from the debt management company. Once transferred she may within a couple of months be able to clear all outstanding debts in one payment. I have seen a recent statement from the debt management company as well as an up to date statement from Noodle credit reference agency. Her liabilities are wit
  6. MBNA recently transferred my credit card debt to Idem Servicing without notice, (yes I do understand this can be done, & I do understand that under the 1926 act the full notional balance is transferred regardless of what Idem Servicing paid for it). Not wishing to be in the clutches of a DCA I decided to make a settlement offer of some 55% of the notional balance and about twice what Idem paid for it, working on the basis of the max they would have paid 30% for a debt situation that is now nearly six years old). Despite several tries at written dialogue all I have received in ret
  7. Hello, I am new to this board! I had three attached accounts that went into default five years ago, I have one year left with the default on my file, Currently, the balance is at 11k, with minimum payments being made. I sent a full and final offer letter, offering 10% of the amount of the debt and I have just received a letter saying that that offer is unacceptable, and asking me to call them. I much prefer to do everything via post, obviously! What is the best way to write a follow up letter to offer a new lump sum amount?
  8. Can anyone advise about full and final offer for overdraft debts? cabot have been sold our o/d, do they need supply me with anything to say they bought the debt? are they likely to accept a full and final and if so is 25% likely to be accepted.
  9. Hi, a question for a colleague regarding changing hours. I returned to work myself today after a period of time off with stress and depression, i am on a phased return and have started a grievance and ET for a number of issues of sex and disability discrimination with legal support from my union. A colleague has today congratulated me on standing up to the bullying management and has approached me for advice with a problem she has had with the same management team. She has worked for a good number of years on a full time contract with the same public sector employer, she wishes to r
  10. Can you please help I am going to send F&F letters out. Do I send them to the original creditor (credit card company) or to the Debt collection agency (DCA) who I have been making lesser payments to for some time. e.g. Original Barclay Card, DCA is Mercers. I know fundamentally they are the same but I wanted to check Also would you have the address for the following DCA if I need to send to them? 1. CL Finance (HSBC) 2. Link financial (MBNA) 3. Mercers (BARCLAY) Thank you for your time and support in advance
  11. Hello, after some negotiation I have come to an agreement with my DCA over a full and final settlement. In the body of the letter it states 'your offer of £xxx.xx as a discounted full and final settlement has been accepted, to release your personal liability on the above mentioned account' 'Following receipt of your payment the remainder of the balance will be written off and recorded as a partial settlement with the Credit Reference Agencies. We must inform you that this may have an adverse effect on your client credit rating and will remain on record for six years. If you wish to avo
  12. Hi all Seeking advice and opinion for my battle against huge personal debt. Lost my job a few months back and stopped paying back my credit cards. Even though I found employment now, I am earning just enough to survive and cannot afford to pay the minimum payment anymore. I have written to inform them. As expected , the phone calls started (3 or 4 times everyday), daily letters etc. This went on for 6 months. Then this morning I received a letter from Mercer regarding a Barclaycard for the debt of £4745. It reads as follows A FINAL OFFER OF HELP Barclaycard have agreed we may offer
  13. Sorry if I am posting it in the wrong bit but could I get some advice on full and final offers to my creditors (all credit card companies). I have got some PPI back from two of my creditors which I am hoping puts me in a position to make offers to two of my creditors. I currently pay each of these creditors £7/£5 a month. My debts are managed through the CCCS. One has no PPI to be claimed back and the debt stands at £1561 in total and has remained with the same company. The second one stands at £819 and I am awaiting to see if mis-sold PPI is deducted from it. It too remains in ho
  14. Hi, Just looking for some advise, i have a debt with natwest. it is made up from overdraft, visa and loan. They have an enforcement order on my house which was done around 4 years ago, i paid £100 per month for a year then (long story) payments stopped. No payment or correspondence has been made from me for 3 years I start uni in september and plan to use some of my bursary to pay of the debt. i owe £5100. How much should i offer them, bearing in mind my bursary is £2K and with no other income for the next 3 years this is there only chance of getting anything from me in the foreseea
  15. Hello all, We did have an endowment mortgage which has recently been paid up. Over the years when the rates went down we kept out payments the same so that we would not have to much to make up. Last month we made our last payment and to my joy didn't have to make up any payment. But strangely we didn't get any back either. What are the chances of the final payment being exactly right after 20 odd years! Has anyone come across this before, or is someone conning me?
  16. Hi I received a £200 fine for driving without insurance, I paid £100 off my fine before I went to Dubai to work. i honestly though that I had paid off the fine completely, however, my wife has had a bailiff from Marstons (he's an agent working on behalf of Marstons) at the door demanding £400 (£100 outstanding fine plus his charges). He has told her that if she doesn't pay asap then I will be arrested at the airport either when I return or leave the UK. Is this correct? My wife did try and make a payment of £100 but he refused to take any instalments as he wants the full £400.
  17. H i I purchased an electric golf trolley from an ebay shop. The trolley was faulty and they sent out some parts for me to replace. Trolley still faulty so they sent me a new trolley chassis, this lasted one round before packing up. To send both trolleys cost me £43 postage. The company only sent me a refund for £171 ( purchase price). This was sent through paypal and because its over 60 days since purchase it hasnt been paid as a refund so I will be charged on that money. By my reckoning i'm at least £50 out of pocket can anyone suggest my next move ?
  18. Hi Do you have to default on a credit card account in order to offer a Full and Final settlement? Thanks
  19. Hi all Need a bit of advice with my situation... I am currently working my notice period, and am starting a new job on 9th August. I was off on annual leave last week and returned to work today and was promptly suspended on full pay pending investigation. The reason for this is that I work for a company sub-contracted by the prison service and have been seeing an ex-client of ours who was transferred to another prison in April. I have held my hands up to this as I know that the situation is wrong, however I'm not sure why they've decided to suspend me when a) it does not s
  20. Hi, Not sure if this is the right subforum to post this but I've seen a thread similar to mine so I'll leave this here. Have a bit of an issue with the last company I've worked for and was hoping you guys could help me out with some advice. I'm a self employed tiler and I worked for about a month for a company in London doing kitchen/bathroom tiling. After the site was finished they paid me but not the full amount, about £500 after tax were missing. I called the manager I worked for and he said he'll look into it. Next day I called him again and he said that I made some mis
  21. Hi all! This is my first time ever creating a thread but I'm looking for some advice please! Basically, me and my partner booked our car in for a full service in our local Kwik Fit garage. We took the car there before 9am as requested and left it there. Around lunch time we had a phone call saying they had identified additional work that needed to be undertaken on the car - a replacement of 2 tyres and also the replacement of the exhaust box. In good faith my partner listened to the advice and agreed that the work could be carried out. We received a phone call a few hours later and d
  22. I need a wee bit of advice. I went down from full time hours to part time hours and now need to look at becoming a full time carer to my mother who has vascular dementia. I moved in permamently with her two years ago and rented the house out, The rental income I get covers the mortgage, insurance and gas contract, and that is it, My mum gets attendance allowance. I keep running into obstacles to try and get to the bottom of what i would be entitled to. Jobcentreplus are unsure as to really what happens when someone has a house they rent out, They mention IS and contribu
  23. Hi Guys, I am now finally in a position to clear the last two debts I have outstanding, the defaulted accounts are currently with DCAs and I have read that some have had success in having defaults removed by the DCAs when offering full settlement of the debt - Is it worth me trying this and any advice on best way to attempt this? Details from Experian file are below - Lloyds O/D (now with scotcall, but Lloyds default shows on credit file) - £658 Arrow Global/MBNA (both AG and MBNA have left defaults on same date but MBNA appears as settled) £1517
  24. Hi, I just need some general advice regarding a recent purchase. Last Saturday I purchased an item worth £4,000 only to find out that it had been reduced to £2,500 on the Monday. Do I have any rights regarding this or do I just have to accept this annoying as it may be. Is there anyway that I could return the item saying I've changed my mind as it was not an online sale I don't know if there is any cooling off period - I suspect not as the item is not faulty. I just need to put my mind at rest that there is nothing I can do about it!
  25. Personally I cannot see any advantage, unless you are considering challenging the existence of the agreement and the debt. But it is an interesting question and I would like to hear other views. I am sure that the creditors acceptance would be so headed however.
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