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  1. Hi everyone. Its my 1st post, apologies if i've done anything wrong on here. But i've been really worried and can't sleep tonight. i Wonder if anyone can help with this: I've been driving for 20 Years. I've never seen anything like this before. Paid the full years car Insurance online Got insurance Certificate, thought i was insured, got a 7 day cancellation letter, no phone calls notifying cancellation or asking for further information, think they are saying it's due to a failed credit check (their letter is below) I now need to get cover with another insurer. D
  2. Hi I am looking for some advice before i start i know will have broken every rule going in dealing with my debts. I have had 4 debts since approx 2007 which i have been paying by arrangements ccj etc originally totalled over £20k, i have come into a lump sump of money to pay off these debts and worked out with some negotiation that i coud clear my debt now totalling 13k. With 3 creditors i have managed to clear them over the phone at about 50% which i was happy with. I have 1 debt left which is just over £800 an old mbna credit card which has been sold on to idem
  3. Hi there I am seeking advice about approaching creditors for a settlement offer, and wondered if this was wise, and what is the best way to do it. I have been on a DMP with Payplan for over 10 years, drip feeding my debts - no IVA or bankruptcy. Originally over 25K, now looking at just over 5K. One of my creditors last year offered me a settlement of 60% write off (mbna), and I was lucky enough to have a family member to help out in that respect. This drastically reduced my overall debt. Still chipping away, I wondered if there was any merit in approaching other creditors
  4. Hi guys, I have a few debts i want to put into DMP however not all my debts as some debts i will be able to sustain as long as i can get my short terms into a DMP (such as 3 payday loans and 2 credit cards totalling £1800 (approx) ), firstly is it possible to select which debts you put into DMP? Secondly what are good DMP companies to turn too? I tried doing a review search but clearly alot of fake reviews for companies. I have tried stepchange but to be honest they made my situation worst, dont know if i just got a bad advisor or what, but ev
  5. Hi guys, I had a debt from a BT internet contract where I lost my job and couldnt pay it. It amounted to about £300 A debt collection agency got in touch so I offered them £100 as a full settlement. They agreed and I paid, but when I asked them when they will update my credit file as paid they said the following "n response to your recent email, sorry we do not deal with credit files as we are a collections company. Any information regarding this should be made to either Equifax, Experian or similar. With kind regards CDUK." Any ideas?
  6. I have £25k of outstanding debt. to... Lloyds (o/d) Egg (x2) MBNA (credit card) HFC (Beneficial Bank rolling account) I've been on a self administered DMP since about 2008. January this year, my wife left me and I had to cease all payments to all creditors. I have also ignored all of their threats via letter (they don't have my phone numbers). The boyfriend wants her to sort out the finances and is willing and more than able to pay the lot off. My hope is that he might hand over 25k and I could then go for Full and Final settlement offers and pocket the difference
  7. Hi All, I purchased a property which is split into two self contained flats, however, it is derelict (not habitable) and requires lots of work. I also work out of town and am not always in the city it is in to check mail. I've checked the letters there and: 1. Dated 3rd September I received a summons to appear at court on 1st October for the two flats. 2. on 9 Sept I paid the bill (previously received) in full for both flats (having not been back to the property to check for any new mail) 3. Dated 3rd October is a letter stating that I must pay £130 (total £260) f
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone has experienced this? My OH had a bank loan and defaulted on it seven years ago. The amount he owed was around ten thousand (with all sorts of fees) and that is the amount the DCAs chased us for. He recently got an offer from the DCA to (F&F) settle for 5%, or less than £500. I know the debt is statute barred but we can just about afford this and it will put an end to constant reselling and pestering when it cycles round again and again. At the same time, he keeps getting letters from the original lender about reclaiming PPI. This would be
  9. Hello, I know a lot's already been posted on this subject but I'm being cautious and seeking some feedback from seasoned members. The above - named have a 2nd charge on my property, originating from an MBNA card balance that I defaulted on back in 2003 or 2004. I finally spoke to someone at dlc and they indicated that although they didn't settle on secured loans that I could still make an offer and they'd "pass it upstairs" for consideration. Below is a verbatim copy & paste of the letter I'm about to send with all personal details omitted. My questions for the forum us
  10. On the 12th of June 2014, we made a purchase for the installation of a tracking device on a new caravan on 24th June 2014. Approximately 24 hours prior to installation, we contacted the supplier by phone to cancel as we decided not to purchase the caravan. The supplier refunded the money less £25 stating that the installer would bill them the £25 for the time booked. Surely under the new Consumer Contract Regulations the retailer has to give a full refund. I have contacted by email regarding cancellation which triggered the partial refund. I contacted th
  11. I took a £20k secured loan out about 1 and a half to 2 years ago now and been paying the extortiante rates back since. Never missed a payment till now. Ive hit financial difficulties and need some help. I believe my CCA in incorrect and am considering putting it into dispute also. I sent of the subject access request and the CCA request along with 2 seperate postal orders. One for £10 and one for £1. I received a letter today saying thanks for the requests but please send a cheque for for £1 and the £10 !! My postal orders were no where to be seen or even mentioned in the l
  12. Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 12:00 We have today referred the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for a full investigation. The CMA will begin its investigation immediately and will likely publish its final decisions by the end of 2015. Clear the air The investigation is an important opportunity to clear the air and should ensure competition in the energy market effectively bears down on costs and drives improvements in customer service and innovation. This will help rebuild consumer trust and confidence in the market. It will also help to provide
  13. Hi I have been in a debt management plan for just over 7 years. I am currently paying £450 a month to Stepchange. I originally owed £75,000 and am now down to just under £20,000. I may be able to get hold of £10,000 to make full and final settlements to my creditors. These are Barclaycard (Egg), NCO (AMEX), RBS, RBS again (Mint) and Cahoot. All of these defaulted more than 6 years ago, so I have a clean credit file. I am worried about offering a full and final settlement as I am concerned that as none of these creditors got a CCJ in the past, tha
  14. Hi I've got a question about my mortgage. Last week I have paid off £12.000 for my mortgage but I still have £128,068.58 left to pay. Next month I want to pay £10.000 extra do I will need to pay ERC? (early repayment charge). If yes could you explain me how it's work and how much of that £10.000 will go to pay off my outstanding mortgage balance (£128,068.58) THANK YOU
  15. just a quicke for now. if i am suspended from work until a formal disaplinary hearing takes place can i be signed off work by my GP for stress ? i know i should of gone earlier but if i did i would have been todl that when i go back i would only be allowed to do my contracted hours which is 3 nights aweek, i normaly do on average 5-6 so would of been loosing 50% wage.
  16. I have quite a few debts, totalling about £50k. I have several credit cards that I have defaulted on and a CCJ of a debt related to bank charges that I didn't manage to reclaim. The CCs were defaulted about 4 years ago, the CCj was about 3 years ago. I'm paying £50 a month on the CCJ and have paid nor contacted any of the debt collectors for 3 years. My marriage collapsed at about the same time and I have been living in rented accommodation since. I'm looking to get back into home ownership-there is a possibility I can by my ex-wife's share of the house, if I can raise the fun
  17. Hi, I hope you can offer me some advice and help on how to proceed... In 2006 I took out a secured loan with Welcome Finance, Some time later I fell into financial difficulties and went down the route of reduced payments for quite a long time etc. Welcome contacted me via a company called Empingham resolution and negotiation, Effectively chasing the debt. I replied offering a full and final settlement (reduced) and after much going back and forth, this has now been accepted. Today I received the following email from Empingham: Your Empingham Ref: xXX Creditor: We
  18. Hi wonder if someone could help me. I called the DVLA with regards to my driving license. Spoke with a woman,who was helpful and gave me information on how I could resolve my issue. On February 2005, I passed my practical driving test. Upon passing my test, I sent away for my full entitlement license and never gave it a second thought. Not long after this my family and I moved away from the UK. We rented out our home for the first few years and got any mail forwarded to us. I never received any correspondence from the DVLA stating that they hadn’t received my p
  19. Hi all , Just a really simpl'ish question . What are the chances of full and final settlement offers being excepted for the likes of small ( upto £2000 ) debts . The debts in question are not secured and they are mainly mobile phone contracts and payday loans that went wrong . I know its a bit of a broad question as i do not have the full list infront of me , infact im not sure of the full list of my debts , how can i find out exactly who i owe money to . I know one is good old Lowell ,also Motormouth and i think moorcr*p . any advice would be great and have
  20. Hi, Can anyone help me? I am currently employed on a 20 hour part time contract within the catering industry but for the last 2 years i have been working 37.5 hours or more. My employer states any hours im given over 20 are overtime but im working more hours than full time members of the team on occasions. As soon as i take holidays etc im paid my contracted 20 hours even though i could of worked 40+ hours for several weeks previous. Basically as soon as trade goes quiet im punished and my hours significantly drop. (For example over the december (christmas) period i worked 6 days a week bu
  21. My daughter is 19 and in her second year at Uni, sharing a student house with her partner, also a full time student. She is 29 weeks pregnant and trying to find out what benefits she will be entitled to (housing benefit and income support) as they are looking to move into their own place. Both receive the full student grant (Wales, around £7000 pa each). Shes had no joy from CAB, all the government benefits checkers exclude students and she is struggling with her health at the moment. Can anyone offer any advice please?
  22. Hi, I'm new to the CAG I'm I am sorting out a similar situation where ocean money have passed a secured loan through to reliance property loans and I want to offer them a lump sum to get rid of the loan. Two questions I'm wondering if the poster had any success with offering them a percentage ? also more generally, whether that approach usually works ? thanks in advance...
  23. Hi all, I am now in the process of agreeing amounts with my 5 creditors for sum of around £30k. I have received first response back from 1 of them today. Please see below. Should I respond back and state that it is upon goodwill I am able to clear the debt or should I offer slightly more than my original offer amount? Also the part where it says it won't be removed from my credit file, assuming I do not have a default against that or any given creditor it will only show as 'partial payment' as they are putting it? Many thanks! Neo.
  24. Hi guys, Lowell recently agreed a full and final settlement on an old mobile account, however they will not send a F&F letter only a "confirmation" after payment has been received. Not only that but in order to get the confirmation they want debit card details. I explained I will not hand over debit card details until I have the F&F letter, the operator banged about the confirmation - we went round in circles. At the end of the call (Yeah I know bad start Jack) the operator told me as there is no arrangement in place on the system they are unable to stop calls, text messages and
  25. Hi, I have gradually over the last 7 years gotten more and more into debt on two credit cards. One I stopped using 3 years ago but continue to pay the limited amount each month which does nothing but pay off the interest -the amount owing of £3000 remains the same. The other I have continued to use because my salary does not even cover my living expenses and is now on £9000. I am also currently £900 overdrawn and so when my salary hits the bank it will disappear. I can only see my financial situation getting worse. I had a serious RTA in 2002 and due to chron
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