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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice, my dad took finance out with a company called Motonovo finance in July 2015 he paid £500 pound deposit and paid a double payment the month after taking the finance out with Motonovo. All payments have been on time and are up to date the payments get payed 21st of every month. Last month December 2015 my dad was working and has his own van which he is fully comp on, I was in the middle of moving house so he said I could lend his car to help me out doing me a favour. I insured the car in my name on the F
  2. In simple terms this is 1 of my 3 accounts, its literally used for a couple of direct debits that I want to keep separate. Having second thoughts considering I keep missing them. I had a direct debit come out this morning which I had forgotten about, checked my bank and it had been paid so I thought best transfer enough in so i'd not go overdrawn which I did. And being extremely cynical of banks I take screenshots of everything just incase. Interestingly I just checked back and that same direct debit has now been bounced and if you have a look at my screenshots fro
  3. Hi, hope you can help? Recently, I had to replace my vehicle after it was written off. When it cam to get the tax back on it they only gave me £12.00 when there was 5 or 6 months left on it. Is this right??
  4. I have two unsecured credit agreements. Clydesdale Finance default Aug 2010 Current Bal £3904 Pra Group UK Ltd default October 2011 Current Bal £4369 This info is according to my Equifax Credit report Originally they were welcome finance and Barclays. I have had no contact with them for over 4 years. I want to get a mortgage in about a years time and so want to sort out my credit score. ANy advice on how to get a settlement figure.
  5. Hi there, I thought I should write this post on Consumer Action Group as some of the threads on this forum provided me with some valuable advice when I first got caught about three weeks ago using my partner's student oyster card on Transport for London. The case has now been settled out of court and I thought I should share my experience with others who may now be in a similar position. I had been using my student's oyster card for about 8 months buying weekly travelcards with the occasional use of top-up (when the travelcard was not valid for those zones or when the travelcard ha
  6. Hi thanks for such a quick response and good to hear someone will be able to advice me on how to deal with incredibly aggresive debt collection companies. I am self-employed and have been for the last 23 years; most of my work comes from one particular firm and for the last four/five years the firm have not been generating enough work, as a result my income has gradually decreased. Stupidly over that period I have used my bank overdraft and credit cards to subsidise my loss of income, pay household bills, the mortgage etc., I assumed (wrongly) that work would pick up n
  7. Hello, I am working my first real full-time job after graduating from university in 2014. I started on December 1st 2014 and have so far taken 10 days off on holiday. I have another 4 days booked off. My employer has indicated that he is unable to give any further holiday and I will not be paid for the remaining 14 days holiday this year. I have tried to make an arrangement with my employer whereby they offer a day off here and there (as my employer has stressed that they cannot be short-staffed for black periods) so that my 28 days holiday is reached however this seems unl
  8. Quick outline of case first. My girlfriend had a secured second load taken out with Firstplus about 9 years ago in joint names with her and her then husband for his debts (yes she is aware this was not ideal) they then split not long after. She has continued to pay this debt with Firstplus. She then started struggling with the debt £400 per month on top of her Mortgage single parent etc. Case defaulted, got a CCJ and a reposession order now Suspended re-possesion order or something like that. She then started to repay and again began struggling with it so First plu
  9. Seems my personal injury claim has now reached settlement so i thought i would treat myself. I do not ask for much but i do like my movies on a big screen with a decent sound system. I cannot get about much so i am looking at home cinema. After having a Sony and Samsung home cinema system in the past which was naff, i am determined to buy separate speakers and a separate AV amp. Looking on the richer sounds web site, Sound bars and a sub-woofer seem all the rage at the moment My question is are they any good (Sound bar and Sub-woofer) compared to separates as stand alone units
  10. I've recently reached an agreement with all my creditors for a full and final settlement of my debts, including NatWest who owe me several thousand in PPI. During the complaints process I went through in order to get this agreement, it has transpired that my PPI claim from last year still hasn't been paid out. NatWest said they were going to use the money to pay down my existing debts but I refused to sign the acceptance form because they had previously informed me they would at least pay the interest to me directly. Since my complaint, they have agreed to
  11. I recently had an offer of £700 as a full and final payment accepted by Barclaycard. This was paid and I received a letter from them stating that the account was now settled. Today I got a statement saying I had a balance of £541.38 and that includes £18.75 in interest. What should I do? Should I just ignore it or call them? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello there, I have a serious issue regarding my parcel shipment from UK to Nepal. I had sent 2 ounces of gold along with other 21 pages of documents via Dhl to Nepal on 4th June 2014. I was not sure if they ship gold. I went to the DHL service point and asked if they deliver gold. The agent said that the value has to be less than £5000. Since my gold was worth £1850 I was happy to proceed. Gold along with my 21 pages of other documents were packed and shipped for £51.95 in 1kg box. Declaration on the parcel cover was clearly made 1) Documents 21 copies
  13. Hi, been in a DMP for circa 4yrs+ now so my original defaults I guess were registered at the time I started to default which is probably circa 5yrs ago. I have opportunity to clear one of my creditor debts (£800) and contacted them hoping for a good percentage but they would not go below 75% settlement (ie offered me 25% off) . I had hoped for 50% as they had offered me that much back in 2013 but now say my account rules have changed because I am in regular DMP payments. I have been offered the full amount by a family member but to be honest as my credit rating is shot anyway I am u
  14. Hi this is my first post and I'm in some need of advice please. I owe Anglian Water around £1700 and they have passed the debt onto Marstons, who ill be honest, we have ignored! As you can imagine they have added their fees and now the bill is for £2753! They have obtained a high court writ against us that is dated 8/1/2015. They have called at our property several times but fortunately we haven't been at home. The last letter we received from them said that as the judgement remains unsatisfied, further enforcement will no doubt be taken against us, and this may ta
  15. Hi All, I've been paying Arden Credit Management for a few months now (after Moorcroft passed the debt on to them). This was in relation to a Lombard Direct loan. I've not been missing payments, but I get a letter every month, stating: "We wrote to you recently to advise that payments are not being received in line with our request for you to commence repayment of the remaining balance. We now require payment from you." I've paid by the due date and every time, I've requested the authorisation number for the payment. I've seen in another thread that Lombard have c
  16. Hi all, Has anyone ever had any experience agreeing a F&F with Arrow Global? HSBC defaulted us on a joint bank account overdraft back in December 2009. It appears that the debt was then sold to AG. At the time it was for approx. £1200 but we have been making DMP token payments since 2009 and it is now down to around £800. My questions are: Are AG likely to agree a reduced F&F easily? Are AG in a position to have the default removed if we pay a F&F?
  17. I have a question about the annual assessment for working families tax credits. I had a claim running last year that I cancelled in October as my earnings went above the threshold. I now have a form for annual assessment 2014/2015 and they are asking for my income for the full tax year. What I want to know is why they need to know the full year? As far as Im concerned I ended my claim in October and my finances from that point onwards is none of their damn business. I get really sick of these government agencies prying into my finances & thought that when I ended my claim I would f
  18. I took out £200 loan with wage advance just after Xmas. My monthly payments are £72 approx. I telephoned today to offer a full and final settlement and my offer was declined because not in arrears. I explained my circumstances have changed. The only offer they made was to force it into arrears and redo an affordability assessment and then make 6 payments . Every payment made is interest only the final payment is the loan amount plus interest (£272). Any advice appreciated
  19. Hello all I'm self employed, and got into difficulty last December with my mortgage (due to ill health which effected my eyesight) Won't pretend I didn't do a bit of burying my head in the sand also!! The last few weeks, I've been able to get back to work full time, and now have the money to pay my mortgage arrears in full, and can keep up to date in the future. However, my lender wont accept payment from me until they hear from their head office, and charges are being added daily. Also the repossession hearing is next monday, and I'm out of my mind with worry. What,
  20. Hello eyeryone, Im new here so I hope Im in the correct place to post. I had a small debt with HMRC. I was late in filing my tax return, I had moved house and during that time letters went astray. The first I heard of the late fees debt I paid it in full direct to HMRC. However, I am now getting harassing telephone calls, text messages and threating letters from a debt collection agency working on behalf of HMRC asking me to pay the very same debt I have just cleared. I have asked them to stop contacting me and told them that the bill has been settled but the
  21. Hi I managed to get my hands on a small lump sum (315.00). I have a debt that scotcall are 'managing' for my old friends at Lowell. The debt stands at around £945.00. I've had a CCA and they have provided the paperwork so it is fairly clear the debt is enforceable so I thought I'd use the cash to make a full and final offer. I wrote to them offering the £315 as full and final with the debt marked as satisfied. The reply I got is as follows:
  22. Good evening this is my first post to this forum. I am looking to send some f and f letters to DCA's in the week, can anybody advise on what level I should aim at I was thinking starting at 20% of outstanding balance. Can people give me an idea of their experiences/successes. Cheers
  23. Hi Caggers Just need a bit of advice, I defaulted on a repayment plan with a bailiff July 2014, they recently sent me a letter saying that there was an outstanding amount of £163.86 that I needed to pay straight away or a bailiff was coming to my house at the weekend. I phoned the council and paid them directly and wiped the debt. When I called the bailiff to tell them that I have paid the balance of in full the lad on the phone said that I have made things worse for myself as I had to pay Equita not the council and that they would not stop th
  24. I'm about to start university, so I want to clean up my file so I can get a student account at some point. I currently have 2 defaults on my file. Capital one is for £245, It becomes statute barred December next year. Now I have not heard a thing from cap 1 for years. some DCAs tried, but were all ignored. I took out this card when the business I worked for were going under and we did not get paid for two months. The cards limit was £200. I drew out the 200 and used it to pay my rent. So the £45 on the balance is penalty charges or interest. There is also ppi on
  25. Hi guys, This may sound like a silly question, but, I have come into a small amount of money, and wish to pay off some of my smaller outstanding debt balances, £120 here, £210 there etc. Having several creditors, and therefore several DCA representing them, I would prefer to make payment direct to the original creditor as opposed to the DCA. Does anyone have any idea of the best way of doing this? I don't want to phone them, and then make payment over the phone. I'd prefer to do this in writing. So could I just write to the original creditor and say, I want to settle the d
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