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  1. I am going to make full and final offers to my creditors since a relative will lend me the money , when I send the offer in do I have to name the creditors or can I do creditor a .b . c etc showing their share and also what is a good starting point I was told start at 40% of the total
  2. I am making a query on behalf of a friend. She is a carer for her autistic sister and made her employers (local government) aware of this 5 years ago when she started work as a Registries and Ceremonies Officer. She was frequently late for work as she had to wait for the transport to collect her to take her to the day centre daily due to this she asked to start work later instead of the normal 9 am. During her period of employment she felt bullied and harassed by her supervisor who complained about her lateness consistently and belittled her by calling her 'Oi you' and not as part
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering if you guys can help us out with advise. We have applied for a dropped kerb (also called vehicular access) for our house where the front garden has been paved as a drive way. When we applied we were under the impression that we would get the permit to create vehicular access based on the fact that 75% of our neighbors already have their kerb dropped. To our surprise, the Northamtonshire Highways have denied our dropped kerb citing new regulations that came into effect in 2014. We were told we could appeal, but that we probably lose this base
  4. Hi have had letter from PRA Group which says Settlement Offer - call now - valid until ....... We would like to advise you we may be able to offer you a repayment solution which could represent a significant saving on your balance. To discuss this repayment option, please a call a member of our team who will review your current financial circumstances to help come to the most appropriate solution for your account Single Payment option: Full and final settlement of £ (10%) Should you make the discounted settlement payment; your credit file will be updated to show as 'partially s
  5. I defaulted on an MBNA Credit Card Debt in 2011. It was sold to Link Financial in 2012. It is showing on my credit file as owned by Link Financial. I have been making a token payment monthly. Reading the forums I see that settlement can possibly be made with a F&F. I made a CCA request and received the signed loan agreement. I made a SAR and reclaimed the charges back in 2011 before default (unable to work). A family member has offered to gift me 25% of the total to settle it. I want to check before I go ahead - am I doing the right thing looking at F&a
  6. Hi, My daughter has gotten herself into financial difficulty. She currently has 4 credit cards and has defaulted on 2 of them. One has a balance of £600 that's she's managed to pay on time every month. One is £2500 which she fell behind with but I gave her the money to get it up to date before they defaulted her. The other 2 have balances of approx £3000 and £6000 and both were defaulted last year. I've said I'd help her try and sort everything out and am able to give her money to pay some of these but not the full amounts. I'm thinking of payi
  7. Hello all I was recently terminated from my job on health grounds and have been trying to reorganise my finances as I am now receiving ESA and tax credits. I have 3 accounts with Cabot. A family member offered to help me clear the 2 smaller accounts with a full and final payment with the other being put on hold for 6 months. I emailed Cabot with my income and expenditure as they requested and the offers I would be making on the accounts. Having looked at other F&F settlements on the forum we decided to offer 20% of the account balances. Cabot have ema
  8. Hi We had a new central heating system, hot water cylinder and radiators fitted. Total cost was £14.5k We paid £2k before installation and £10k via a government loan, and have been paying the rest in instalments. Theres around £1k left. Part of the package was a check up inspection after installation. We had issues quickly. The heating worked fine and it gives hot water, but intermittently the hot water stops. We often cant run a bath. After about 2inches of water in the bath the water just stops, won't then come out of any of the taps in the house for 30 to 60 minu
  9. Door2Tour.com are what is known as a holiday portal company and only offered holidays they booked through other companies. They Limit their liabilities to only £50 in their hidden Terms and Conditions on their website when they make a mistake leaving the customer with no where to go as they did us as well as never sending the £50 promised!! We booked and paid for a 7 day coach holiday to the rhine valley in Germany last Sept with Crusader coach holidays we thought. However when we rejoined our coach after crossing on the ferry our coach driver announced please put your passports
  10. Hi, I was living in France and had a French Mortgage for 200,000 Euros in 2009. Unfortunately I lost my job and I had to return to the UK, I paid what I could to the Bank over the next few years, but one day in 2012 the Bank informed me that the outstanding Mortgage was paid off by an insurance policy. I rented the house out to tenants after making enquiries and paying a Notaire to see if the house was actually mine, I was assured it was and assumed that I had taken a policy out at the time of purchase. Last year I agreed to sell the house to my tenant,
  11. Hi, a few years back my wife and I got in the mire due to several things. With my debt, I cca'd each credit card company and I put each account into dispute as the agreements either never arrived or the ones that did were unenforceable. I had a few threats down the line but never replied or acknowledged them and my debts are now statute barred as its 7/8 years since I last made a payment/acknowledged. My wife, however had to default on her cards at a later date and after the unenforceabilty claims market collapsed, although I understand they may still be unenforceabl
  12. Looking for some advice, if what I'm offering is reasonable, and see what other persons on here have submitted, and if that was accepted In 2010 I had around £18,000 in debts, approached a money advisor on DAS, and had a payment program set up, and have been paying around £200 per month, for the last 7 years, with a 6 month break due to illness I have now receive some inheritance, which I would want to use some of it to make a full and final offer to the creditors. There is also a factor in my health, which hasn't been that great, and want to reduce some of my working hours At
  13. Hi all, Thanks in advance for any help. I received an over-payment charge from a previous employer in October with a deadline for payment in 6 weeks. At first they miscalculated the charge and over-charged me - I did the calculations and got back to them to state that I believed it was incorrect. They replied that they would look into it a few weeks later sent me a new invoice with a lower (more accurate) charge. I have been in email and phone contact with them about this since the first letter. Following the second invoice, I then submitted another que
  14. Hi I was looking for some advice please. I have read through the forum to see if anyone had any personal experience of the below companies but there is very little. I have requested copies of my credit agreements and full & final settlement figures today. I have also asked the companies to confirm if the agreements are still enforceable as all were taken out around 2002/2003 time. My existing debts are: apex - sold by Lloyds - 7622.32 @ 32/mth barclays - sold by egg- 1188 @ 5.12/mth hbos - cahoot - 8903 @ 38.33/mth london scottish - sold by intelligent finance - 6
  15. Per Chancellor Hammond: "We have over three million European migrants working in our economy and we have full employment. So clearly we need people to come and work in our economy to keep it functioning" in response to suggestion that “the impression on the European continent is that your government sees the future business model of the UK as being the tax haven of Europe”. http://uk.businessinsider.com/philip-hammond-suggests-britain-could-become-a-tax-haven-after-brexit-2017-1?r=US&IR=T
  16. This was my girlfriend who did this without me knowing. She signed up to some well being 6 month course where they offered it for $10,000 and she said she could not afford it so they let her have it for $7500 and she signed some digital contract that states if it does not work you don't get your money back. Well it turned out to be a few videos on well being, food and exercise etc and 2 x 1hr group calls, a total rip off and it has done nothing for her at all and she feels utterly stupid for signing up and wants out. She is paying £250 a month and has 3 months left of the co
  17. hi, im 60 years old and i am on jsa, and have health issues, (can not stand for long periods) my adviser knows this ,but now she says its time for me to move forwards, and she will find me a work placement ,when asked how many hours, she said ,most likely 30 hours a week. my work sheet states looking for work 16 hours a week max.but shes going to find me a placement for 30 hours ? if i walk out of the placement will i be sanctioned.
  18. Hi, I was caught by the revenue checking inspector/office, while travelling from Wickford to London Liverpool street for not paying full fare for my journey. I have been regularly travelling from Ilford to Liverpool street by having an annual ticket. Quite recently, I moved to Wickford and travelling once or twice in a week. I was travelling part of the journey without valid ticket (for more than once) in order to save few pounds based on the wrong advice that I had received from a friend. Because of which, I am in trouble. Ticket inspector/officer caught me and found o
  19. Hi there, Just a quick question which I hope someone may know the answer to. I have a few debts with debt collection agencies which I am paying monthly to. 2 of the debts are with one agency but only one of these shows on my credit file as the other 'dropped off'. My partner settled the account showing on the credit file in full using the agencies online payment facility. The question is will this account/debt show as paid in full on my credit file or will I have to settle both accounts with this agency first? kind regards Robert
  20. Hi all, have seen the contacts here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?74985-****HSBC-Contact-Information-**** Does anyone know where I can send a full final offer to? Thinking that I email a copy of the letter as it may be quicker? Thanks
  21. Hi all, I have been paying off a DMP through Stepchange for several years now, and my estimated completion date is sometime around 2040 I'm likely to be a in a position to make an F&F soon due to the generosity of a relative. Almost all of the debts have long been sold onto DCA (Link, Cabot, 1st Credit, the usual suspects). How much should I offer? Total debt is about 50k. Is 20% too high for starters? The DMP is so old that none of the debts show up on my credit file any more, so am I right in thinking it doesn't matter if they mark it satisfied or not?
  22. Firstly I would like to apologise if this information is already somewhere and I've missed it! I currently have the following defaults (shown on my credit report): - Lowell: £733 (Date of default 02/01/2013) - Lowell: £660 (Date of default: 28/02/2013) - 1st Credit (Finance) Limited: £ 904 (Date of default: 16/07/2013) I remember receiving a lot of discount letters in the past which I simply threw away, now however, I want to address the issue and finally get my credit score back into shape by settling them all. At the moment, I'm seeing a ton of different routes like s
  23. Hi guys, would appreciate your help on this. I currently have 25K of debt which is being administered with Payplan. I defaulted on all accounts in 2012 during a separation. Next year I should be receiving early inheritance to the value of 25/30K So I would love to clear all outstanding debts and be debt free. However I would like to apply for a mortgage with my new partner in a couple of years and understand that companies like Halifax look at your credit file in fine detail. A - Should I clear all debts at 100% of value before the 6 year default period ends (a couple are
  24. Hi, all the charges are in my husbands name I did not know about them until they had already gone to court and been put on the property, they have been on the house since 1997 heard nothing from two of them no request for payment or anything since 2000 but one is with Adams & Sons and they contacted my husband last year have a lovely letter from them saying that they are going to get a local estate agent to drive passed my house to do a valuation then try to force me to sell it their charge is for £5000 offered them £2000 but they said no and havnt he
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