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  1. Hi I am just writing on this site to warn people about a debt company called IRCAS. They send out letters to people who have had a penalty fine and have been a victim of fraudulent activity, I received a letter from this company to say that they had not recieved my £18.50 fine for a train ride my son did in August, and are trying to take another £35 from me for the privilage of their administration fees, I wrote to them twice to explain that i had actually paid the fine as soon as my son bought it home, with the original fine notice slip, but they did not listen or bother to acknowledge this letter and information given to them, and so after another letter from them to say they would not accept my cheque unless i paid them £53.50, they would taken further action, I advised them that i had contacted my solicitor of their actions and what they were trying to do to me, but still they wanted to steal more money from me, In the end i had to give in and pay what they demanded, just for them to stop harrassing me, So just a warning to other people who have letters from IRCAS , The Administrators name is Miss S Jakeman If anyone receives a letter with Miss Jakeman at the bottom of it, go straight to your solicitor or police as i have, if you believe you are in the right of your complaint, Sue
  2. Hi, I am in dispute with a builder and have made a claim against him via the small claims system. I am trying to get the last £350 out of him for a job, he has now defended and counter claimed saying some of the work is faulty and has gotten a quote from a local company to rectify the work, this is where I need advise. The quote is part of the claim package and it is obvious that the builder has got the company to really load the quote so that I would in fact owe him money. Example, the job would require removing 20 no. tiles from a window sill and replacing them, the quote for this is, wait for it, £500!!! The company that supplied the quote are based 3 miles away and they want to charge 3 days traveling totalling £150. Then there is £350 labour and materials on top. The quote has been padded out deliberately to extract money out of me, and seeing that the defendant has added it to a legal document is this not some sort of perjury, deception, or whatever it might be called?
  3. Ok, this is a long one so I will keep it as concise as possible. To try and avoid paying out an agreed £5,400 in miss-sold PPI, HSBC decided to illegally register a £9,000 debt in my name so that they could pay the money directly to Metropolitan. This was done in July 2011, two weeks before I was due to be filmed for Dragons Den. The result of the registered debt was that I am still unable to raise any finance for myself or my soon to be closed company and I have lost patent applications worth an awful lot of money. I am in the middle of investigations by both the FOS and the ICO and am soon to be taking legal action against HSBC for compensation of around £10,000,000. For a detailed timeline of events and copies of HSBC documents and internal emails go to the Crocodile Keyboards website. I would appreciate anyone who could spend around ten minutes taking a look and giving their opinion on the legality of what HSBC have been doing. I have been told that I am eligible for legal aid but I am waiting to find out to what extent this help will be. Many thanks.
  4. Hi there, I need some assistance with what to do about the same parking company. I received a parking ticket on my works vehicle whilst visiting a friend. The car park is for said residents and require permits My friend assured me it was ok to park but after being there half an hour I received a parking ticket enclosed with a £60 fine for not displaying a permit. I didn't pay immediately and to be honest have ignored it. Corporate services have since written to my work with picture of offence and stated that the fine is now a whopping £160!!!!and has been passed on to debt collectors. I could really do with some assistance as work obviously want this sorted but I can't afford to pay £160. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi hoping someone can help with this please: I'm being chased by a couple of DCA's for debts run up in my name by my ex - where he had either forged my signature or (very long story) forced me to take out credit. I've done a bit of homework and found that this constitutes fraud, reported it to the police and Action Fraud. I've given DCA's an outline of this and the fraud reference and told them to stop chasing me and also to request they remove the defaults on my credit file. One DCA (dlc) is hassling me to complete a disclaimer saying that they can contact my ex (or anyone else) and discuss details of "my account" with him. I want nothing to do with my ex as he is dangerous and has threatened my friends and family. I'm worried that the DCA will divulge info which will lead to my ex finding me and then trying to destroy my life as he has tried to do in the past. What obligation do I have to comply with the DCA's request? They are threatening to come after me if I don't complete their disclaimer. If I reported this as fraud to the police, what obligation do they have to remove information which is incorrect about me, as I have reported this as fraud? I'm thinking of making a statutory declaration saying this debt is not mine and sending that to them. In one case (not dlc) the court has asked the DCA to prove that I made payments to the account and they couldn't. Does that mean that it is statute barred? It is well past 6years since the account was opened. Please help, I am pulling my hair out!
  6. Hiya all, A few months ago I came to the realisation that a number of loans/ credit cards had been set up in my name Now first things first I should have been checking my credit file and never done that before until I got a letter from a debt collection agency ( at my new address ) contacting me to say that a default has been issued against me for a credit card company ( Santander ) - now I have never ever had a credit card in my life I have checked my credit file and have noticed amongst a lot of applications 9 similar successes for different companies I have written to the companies advising these were fraudulent and have had responses from some of them and have got a police ref number from Action Fraud My question is how do I get these removed from my credit file? Do I write to the credit file companies advising or to the original companies to get them removed? Is there a timescale in doing this? Many thanks
  7. Hi, Ive recently had a fraudulent payment from my bank account, the Halifax have said they dont see it as fraudulent and have refered it to there disputes team, as a result its cost me £110 & today they have offered a £40 compensation payment to me, can anybody help me please & also can someone advise how I should proceed. many thanks lee
  8. I supposedly purchased a phone and TMobile contract via mobiles.co.uk (part of Carphone Warehouse). All T&Cs I agreed to related to mobiles.co.uk and at no point were there service contract documents from TMobile to review and agree to. I received the phone and SIM card and a further copy of the T&Cs regarding mobiles.co.uk but yet again nothing from TMobile to review or sign. Unfortunately I was kind of duped by Mobiles.co.uk by being led to believe I was being provided with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (deal was the same price, similar photo) yet only provided with a Note 1 (2 year old phone!). I cancelled the purchase as the deal was misleading and not as described (not least of all because I was taken to the deal via a comparison website which stated it WAS a Note 3). Despite this, T-Mobile has continued to bill me even though the SIM card was never registered. They defaulted me (without the pre-requisit warnings) after one month so I've discovered on my credit file. Now they are charging me for the full 24 months.. (as soon as I was surprised by the first bill in the post, I cancelled the DD) So where is the contract with T-Mobile? Surely it can't exist as I've not signed anything, not even ticked a box? Neither have I been sent a T-Mobile contract in the post, nor presented with a T-Mobile contract online to review and agree to by Mobiles.co.uk. I' have taken myself through the purchase process again as far as I could without payment and again you are not presented with a contract to agree to. I seem to remember this was the case when I used MobilesDirect.co.uk for a Vodaphone contract - the terms came in the post but nothing was agreed to - I just let it be and got on with paying back then.. how do I show that no contract has been signed or been entered into with T-Mobile? Do I need to make an SAR request or is there another official way to see evidence of a contract? Has the contract been fraudulently signed by Mobiles.co.uk as if it were me? I'd love to nip this in the bud before it gets to a DCA stage as that will be much more difficult to remove from my credit file. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi All, Am in middle of efforts of defending Claim from local council against my former partner (kids etc)/her business - total over 10K plus 8% interest for amounts due against 4x invoices for years 2008-20012. Partner knew these were wrong; missing several thousand - had tried (by phone) to locate with P'tiff, before business had to close. Informed P'tiff of this, who demanded proof (though paid in correct account) - these were provided. By return came letter/statement; letter demanded original sum/full interest, cited Aug 08 as Cause of Action, then acknowledged/located amounts from receipts we provided, to be found Highlighted upon statement. This amounted to a third of amount of claim. Further, un-highlighted, payments - not listed within Claim - were also listed, made during years of claim. Along with our 'located' sum, this came to more than 50% of total of Claim. The balance sought upon the statement did Not change by a single penny!!! The method used by the P'tiff to come to this mathematical act of wizardry,after the entry of 20+ varied amounts, entered/'found' Since the Claim was served, was to go back a further 2 1/2 years to Jan 2006 and,apparently, the debit/credits came to exactly that sum ! (and Jan 2006 was a blank sheet - £00.00, though trading for 3 years previously!?). Went to Allocation hearing earlier this week, thinking from form it was for ADR;was not prepared! D/J took statement at face value, listened to P'tiff ('he's a Solicitor, Sir'); my arguement that Cause of Action was 2008/1st invoice on Claim wasn't heard - 'that's for an earlier debt, NOT C of A' - couldn't dig out P'tiff letter quoting Just that. The D/J and P'tiff agreed on Jan 2006 as C of A - I then cited L.A.1980 - statute-barred, which did stop them for a sec, but D/J then said that was a matter for Court. He asked us both for Scott Schedules of payments back to Jan 2006. The P'tiff asked for Sm Claims Court - I pointed out amount was well over 10K; Fast-Track?? D/J said sum didn't matter; gave advice(?) probably best with view of expenses - that's where its going now. Thought I could ask for matter to be struck out, but D/J 'didnt have time to answer questions'(note P'tiff/Def both given Court times 1/2hr later than one posted in Court) After this, had thoughts that I'd seen D/J had copy of statement, but in B/W - NO highlighted/'acknowledged' sums, and therefore Did he have copy of accompanying letter citing Aug 08 as C of A ?? If not, is this Failure to Disclose /False Representation F.A. 2006? (as might be the statement/'moving of goalposts' - to Defendant?) Have NO idea how to proceed now; finding all payments back to 2006 may be hard. Do I try to serve(?)an application to strike out (F.A. or L.A.) ( Def of F.A. ex turpi causa[/i ] ?), or simply try and find what receipts I can, in now 11 days, send that in, see what P'tiff comes up with, and then......??? Didn't think defence had to prove payments etc, Especially for dates outside Claim; we were going to argue the sums within the original Claim; simply cannot understand how there are now, seemingly 2 Causes of Action! Advice on how to proceed Very gratefully received!! hman
  10. Hi all To cut a very long story short - I rented out my property to individuals i believe took out a capital one card in my name - despite having a mail forwarding service applied to the address no mail got to me from Capital one until i discovered a default notice on my file dated 27/11/2011 I have spoken to their fraud team twice , and both times they have knocked it back, the two reasons that they won't claim it is fraud are 1) All the details are correct- but they would be, my tenants would have access to all pertinent details 2) The 'verification' call sounds like me and thats it … However because this is causing such a headache i am willing to pay it off - if they are willing to remove the default, i have put a notice of correction on my credit file - which has been reduced from excellent to Moderate because of this so to summarise : Fraudulent Capital One account taken out at my rental address No correspondence from them at all Fraud team have twice rejected this as Fraud The have no advised me to write to their executive office - should i ask them if they would waiver the default if i am willing to pay it all off - what is the likely hood of them doing this ? thanks to you all in advance
  11. I was on ESA for around 2 years, and had to attend a programme at a local training/employment provider. I attended once, filled in their assessment, and spoke to one of the members of staff - who, after being quite rude, softened up when I showed her my CV and spoke about how much I actually wanted to go back to work... but that my doctor was strongly advising me against it. She told me not come back. This suited me as I've never been so disgusted as when I went in to their offices, saw them joke about clients and their poor circumstances, and threaten them when they asked for help. I've now been working for 6 months (woo..) and they've decided to ring me, multiple times. When I asked them why I was informed that.. "You've been on our systems for 99 weeks, and the duration of our programme lasts for 104 weeks. I've been tasked with chasing you up. Thats great that you've found work, can you now give us your employment details?" I mulled it over and refused, sent them quite a strong email and requested that they cease asking me. Well, they didn't - they ignored my email and continued.. So I sent them a stronger email - threatening to report their conduct to the DWP/JCP and the ICO w/ regards to harassing me over personal data. Surprise surprise, this threat got them to respond: Even if you added a 1, or a 2, in front of that number - I'd still refuse to give them my personal data as I don't trust them. However, I've bolded one bit in particular: am I right in saying that she wants my details to claim that they've been in contact with me every 2 weeks? (When in fact, they've contacted me once in 99 weeks?) Furthermore, are they simply going to pay me for this information - so they can pass it on the DWP? The information they want is my employer, job title, employers contact details, manager and so on. They aren't getting it. It's left a bad taste in my mouth as they were a truly vile and toxic company, and one that I would love to see fall in to some hot water. I never complained because of my health, and as the incident(s) were so long ago I can't see the point in complaining now. However this latest email got to thinking that they are scared of getting complaints, to the point they'd rather pay you to STFU. Has anyone got any advice for dealing with them now? Accept the money? Complain? Forward the email(s) to DWP? Take the money as a "goodwill gesture", wait 5 weeks for them to hand my file over to the DWP, then send the documents to the DWP so they can spot any fraudulent entries in my records that have been inserted? (i.e meetings that never occurred, that I've got correspondence proving they never happened?) I feel sorry for the people attending their right now, I really do, hence why the money doesn't matter so much as ensuring these cowboys sort their act out.
  12. summer holidays about to start, expecting children over for the first week of the holidays. vodafone decided yet again to overcharge me this month and bar my phone, nothing new there, however went to shops to get credit for my pay-as-u-go and first time ever my bank card doesn't work, 4 times, so needing money and phone credit to contact the x i go to my bank who i've been with for 15 years plus, and they all know me there, however on inserting my card in the atm for a mini statement the atm grabs my card, i go to the counter and join the proverbial long cue, this is when i find out all my accounts have been barred because according to the bank i've received a fraudulent cheque, on verifying the details i go home to retrieve the receipt for the cheque paid in which transpires to be one paid to me by a friend who did an end of term school disco and had hired disco equipment from me to do so. not the first time for this school either, on producing a receipt and details to the counter staff, they call the head office who inform them that i have to produce an invoice for the transaction, i explained that the transaction was done third party and the school wont know me also as this was the first day of the holidays my friend had left for his holidays and the school was now closed for six weeks, and i needed to get cash that day but they insisted my accounts were barred and all dd and so would also not be paid from any account, i insisted on talking to head office to escalate a complaint and get an explanation, and on many calls from the branch being cut when put on hold i finally spoke to a lady who informed me that she didn't believe the cheque was fraudulent but they will continue account barring till i produce an invoice Fraudulent,cheque,really, even though i reiterated the details of being a long term client, highlighting why id be stupid enough to pay a fraudulent cheque in my account, and also the cheque had the primary school details printed on it as it was paid from their bursary, and the need for cash at the holiday start, this sis when they said i could still make withdrawal over the counter but couldn't use my debit cads???? i asked for the details to be confirmed by letter to me and left it at that. off i go knowing i've no card facility for six weeks, and £70 down in my account, as i wouldn't be able to contact the school till then or contact my friend for two weeks to see if he could get any contact with them prior. six weeks went by as myself or my friend were unable to do anything till the school opened again, and by per chance i went to the bank again prior to the school term recommending to make a withdrawal but the counter assistant said i was unable to due to my account being blocked, on reiterating the details over the counter albeit humiliating, she looked at my account details and said that all bars had been lifted as the cheque was fraudulent, i was dumbstruck being that my friend would now have gone to the school to chase up details and subsequently look like an idiot or accusing, and i would have to explain to him now that it was a bank fault ?? i escalated complaints with the manager and after going over details i received an apology from her, despite the fact it was nothing to do with her or the counter staff, and then came that question and the reason i've written all this on this forum......what would you like??? oh dear, initially i though of all the humiliation and hassle, agro with two children having to waste time in bank ques to get withdrawals and only at my local branch because my accounts just showed up as barred anywhere else, the worry having to carry around cash enough to facilitate the childrens needs whilst out, mostly the loss of £70 for a six week period, then i remembered that id not received any letter of confirmation about the details id requested that i would have needed had i been able to contact the school, which also highlighted the fact to me that id not even been informed that the bars had been lifted on my account/s and had found that out by chance. the question of how much compensation, i am not a complaining type of person and don't get time to do what i've had to here, i have complaints with now almost all of my domestic suppliers due to incompetence on billing and am currently waiting to get time to chase up another two banks and two network providers that have promised compensation due to failure in services but have subsequently disappeared. what does one ask and what will compensate such an experience, who knows, as this may have ended or been resolved in the banks minds but for me the escalation of complaints and e-mails shall go on and on as that is the only port of call for complaints available nowadays. i am awaiting a call from the bank manager with proposals but whether it is satisfactory or whether i take it further to watchdog and /or the fso will yet to be seen. i better get used to this sounding off i suppose as i still have all the other complaints to tackle yet....... .....just let them go, not on your nelly having been a loyal paying customer for years with most of them i should expect and receive at least a generic customer service level yet i'm abused, ripped off and played about along with the rest of the decent general public and it should stop. i guess the figure i may ask for is the figure that such a hopeless company as vodaphone just sold themselves for, 82 billion pounds, and good luck to the new owners, energy suppliers i think ill leave till another time, but the elderly i feel sorry for, i'm 50 and i find all this stuff quite overwhelming, especially when they don't put there hands up, tho subsequently its now no better when they do.... .hmmmmm.... .End Of Constructive Unpunctuated Rant any replies or ideas welcomed.
  13. Hi there fellow CAG members, I am in a bit of a mess here thanks to Orange/EE! Basically I have a default on my credit file which was placed on the 08/07/2012 for an Everything Everywhere TA Orange account! This default is for the sum of £472 and the Orange account originally started on the 11/04/2007, now when this account was started I was only 17 years old. My date of birth is 29/07/1989 and my credit file for this particular entry shows the date of birth as 29/03/1986!!! Now clearly someone has taken an Orange/EE account in my name and they have allowed it and now I am faced with this default on my account for the next 6 years! Initially I complained to Credit Expert and they have advised me that they cannot remove this entry as Orange/EE claim is correct. They advised me to write to the address for them which shows on the credit report, which I have done, it has been a year since I have been writing letters to both EE and Orange to their fraud and complaints departments, I sent them all recorded delivery and not a single one has replied to me, despite signing for my letters. I have also spoken to CISAS and they have advised that there is nothing they can do as it is a legal matter if someone has opened this account in my name! So I am basically stuffed! Now I have copied of all the letters I have written to them as well as the copies of my credit files which they have also been sent via letter and I am happy to share these with you guys. I must add that according to my credit file this Orange/EE account has been paid regularly as well as many numerous late payments since it first started on the 11/04/2007! I also must add that recently when EE launched their 4G, I applied for a contract and I got approved right away and along came a SIM, and I have been using this ever since December 2012, surely if I owed them £472 they would not give me a another contract right?! This is really stressing me out and I have just graduated and want to apply for a mortgage and start my own business, but I cant even get approved for anything due to this default on m account!!! I was thinking I should file for a small claims court hearing, to claim for this to be removed as well as compensation of the high interests I have paid on financial services ever since I was 18, as this has literally been stuck on my account since I was 18! Surely Orange/EE should have done a check to see if the details and incorrect date of birth was correct before giving this fraudster a mobile phone contract! I hope you knowledgeable guys out there can help me and point me in the right direction! I really have no other option... Thank you in advance! Zain
  14. The night before last,for no particular reason,I typed my name into Google. I was perturbed by the fact one of the results returned was on a website named checkSURE.biz,which appeared to list me as a company director,along with my address. I have contacted checkSURE to find out what is going on.I have never,ever been a director,much less run a business from my flat! As I understand it,this can be one of the steps in Identity Theft,and fraudsters can basically register anyones name and address to run up business debts or similar nefarious activities. I have also contacted Companies House to ascertain whether a company has been registered for real.At the moment,I am considering the possibility that checkSURE have simply created a speculative entry,so I'll pay the nine quid for this company report.I'm not completely naive,but nor do I want to get hysterical Following advice gleaned on the web,I've set up an Experien account,but it will take 5 days for the PIN to arrive. I have not contacted the police. I wondered if anyone here might have some experience with this particular issue.According to the David Icke forums,a shedload of MPs are seemingly registered as companies by checkSURE,yet there's no entry at Companies House. Neither checkSURE nor Companies house have replied to my emails as yet. I apologise for rambling,but this has blindsided me slightly. Edited to add: I just ran the free web check at companies house using the company number and no such company was found. Update: I just got an email from checksure saying they will investigate and if what I say is true,they will remove the listing.
  15. I have a strange problem. I own a wood and two fields. Over the past twwenty five years or so, I have permitted two local farmers in succession to use the fields, in return for maintaining hedges and fences. Unbeknown to myself either one or both or them between themselves had a water supply and meter connected to one of the fields which already had a sheep dip tank. The meter I am informed is hidden in a hedge. The first occupant moved on some ten years or more ago, the second died some nine months ago. I have never used any piped water on my property always, assuming there was none there and brought it in by bowser. Having no need for a permanent supply and would never have given permission for one, especially with a meter. Any advice wouild be welcome. Carningli. I have now recieved a bill from the water company for over £1,500.
  16. In September 2011 my student son had a minor scrape with a fast-moving 'white van'. They exchanged insurance details, and the other party left hurriedly saying he had to get to a sports event. The other driver claimed against my son's insurance, although my son felt that he was not at fault, and the insurance company treated it as a knock for knock. Some 18 months later, my son has received Court Documents against him relating to a personal injury relating to this incident. I have told him to contact his insurer immediately, because I am suspicious about it, but naturally he is concerned worried and possibly frightened by this. What advice can the forum give us?
  17. Hi, hope you can help. On the 18th Dec last year I disputed around 13 CC transactions. The card issuer said they would look into the matter. On Jan 4th, 15th and 20th I chased the card issuer via Email to find out what was happening and they said they had been unable to talk or communicate with to the merchant. Then on the 23rd I received a letter saying due to the fact the transactions were PIN verified we do not believe these were fraudulent. They then said "if you can tell us how you believe these transactions were made please reply. If you do not reply within 10 days we will consider this matter closed and you accept these transactions". I sent a letter recorded on the 24th Jan saying I did dispute the transactions and explained the situation and how they couldn't possibly be made by me (e.g. 5 transactions within 1min!!). I also mentioned the fact that they hadn't even spoken to the merchant and couldn't communicate with them. I also said in the letter that if they do not reply in 10 days I will consider this matter resolved in my favour. I waited until 14th Feb with no reply and sent another letter saying since they hadn't replied I consider this matter resolved and to please remove the transactions from my account. I still haven't has any phone calls or any letters, but the account is overdue. I haven't paid the disputed transactions in over two months. Any recommendations on what should I do?? Advice appreciated! Thanks D
  18. Hi, over two years ago I had an extremely MINOR scrape in the back lane doing approx 5mph, the sort that most reasonable people would disregard. I had four people in my car and no-one even felt my car scrape the other party's bumper. However he made a song and dance and started harassing my to put it through the insurance because his wife wanted a courtesy car. I told him not to be so stupid - his car wasn't worth more than £50 - however the harassment got worse, I was plagued with phone calls from people wanting me to authorise a courtesy car and people banging on the door, so I took advice and rang my partner's insurance company, stating that I did not want to claim but I was sick of the hassle. They told me they would speak to him. I heard nothing more until two weeks ago we received a snotty letter from our insurers saying we had failed to disclose a claim. I rang them to discover that they had paid out £7500 for whiplash injuries etc etc. We didn't received any notification at all that this claim had been made and I need to know how I can sort this situation out. There is no way on this earth he suffered a whiplash injury but the insurers say if they have a doctor's note to that effect they have to pay out.
  19. I received a letter in the post saying Vodafone had sent out a new Galaxy S3 to me despite not ordering one. I contacted Voda and they confirmed someone had fraudulently setup a phone in my name and using my bank details. Having experienced fraud in the past I got Santander to close the account and open a new one with new sort code and account number, as clearly some fraudsters had the old details. I then had to take time out to setup all the direct debits etc with all my suppliers, and as I had a Santander 123 account I have lost out on commission etc. And I think Voda should pay for this. I have wrote them a letter with a formal demand and threatening legal action, and as yet I have had no response. The way I see it they have negligent processes on verifying individuals. They decided in order to boost sales they dont require to see proof of ID etc, a risk they have decided to take and as a result innocent 3rd parties like myself are open to abuse. I am thinking of persuing under tort of negligence for time taken to resolve and loss of commission and tort of emotional distress as shocked as I lost lots of money due to fraud in the past and this brought it all back. Obviously I am going to small claims court. What do you think my likelihood of success and is there any top tips you can give me.
  20. Hi, I am posting this here on behalf of a work colleague. She has received a letter from Wonga saying she has missed the repayment date on a loan. First off and most worryingly she has never taken a loan from this company and in fact has never taken a loan with anybody. After alot of chasing about she managed to speak to a real person at wonga and they say they have suspended the account, but they require a crime number. As no money has gone in to her account or been taken from her account the police say there is nothing that they can do. Ultimately this will leave wonga chasing her for a debt that is not hers. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated. Many Thanks in advance. Graham
  21. Hi Guys, bit of a strange one. A dealer has been trying to sell my car at his lot for the last 18 months, after a couple of test drives it needed some work which I paid for. I did a deal which meant I got £1500 from the sale and he could have whatever on top. It has been a difficult sale due to the high mileage and I have had updates when I have rung up. Just had a letter from the DVLA stating I am no longer the current owner. I range the garage who sounded a bit flustered, stated that the car had been sold and that he was sending me the £1500. That was over a week ago. They have been in business over 12 years. Any idea what to do? Is it fraudulent for them to change the ownership without my consent?
  22. Hi to all Caggers, I was hoping for some advice. I wish I knew then what I know after reading through this Forum:!:. Someone at my ex partners address did fraud onmy name took out a catalogue with Shop direct on that address, they spentaround £850:shock:. Shop Direct obviously couldn’t get hold of me as I didn’t live there so they passed it on to the debt collection agency capquest who tracked me down to my present address. After speaking to them Itold them the debt wasn’t mine, they told me I would still have to pay the debtas it was in my name and there was nothing they could do:shock:. They agreed to reduce the debt to around £500 I had a lot of pressure at the time and foolishly paid it due to the complexity of the previous relationship:sad:. Recently I applied for credit and was refused I found out from Credit Reference Agency that Capquest has recorded a default satisfied against my name but on the previous address. I emailed them asking them to remove the default, no response so I called they refused to remove it. This default bugs me more than anything because I just cleared my history from a previous default, in hind sight I should never had accepted and not paid them but done is done. Do I have any recourse to rectify this or is it too late. Can anyone please give any step by step advice. Thank in advance. Wolfyman
  23. http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=252669&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 The above thread will give you all the information, but the basic gist is this: * Person parks up at Lidl in Thornton Heath * Is issued a notice for overstaying * Has CCTV from the Tesco over the road that proves that he hasn't overstayed * Points this out in writing and notice is cancelled * The notice appears to be photoshopped by http://www.athena-parking.com. He has provided a copy of what they sent to him on page 3 of the thread. PPC's on the face of it appear to be sinking to new lows, and this seemed the most relevant forum I'm registered with to share the information.
  24. Hi Guys, Trying to help a good friend with a challenge She was living with a partner, he took out a mobile phone contract over the internet in her name, consequently he didnt pay the bill. Now Past Due collections are chasing her for the debt. Is there anything that can be done. Thanks in advance. David
  25. Hi, I am new to this and now at the end of my tether. I don't know where else to turn to for advice. In 2002 after a brief period of unemployment, i was accepted to study as a student midwife. My then partner and father of my only child (who is now 15) wasn't happy as he worked away for long periods of time as a HGV driver and thought that my course would interfere with my spending quality time with our child, so we split. As he was away for work for long periods of time, it was pointless moving him moving into a property and paying rent for a place that would remain empty, so he moved into the spare room. when he returned home, for a few days at a time, that was when I did my course work or shifts at the hospital. He only contributed towards the mortgage and our childs maintenance. I recieved no other help from him, either financially or emotionally. Because of this, I applied for and got working and child tax credits, based on being a single parent (which I was!!) This continued until I qualified and got a job as a midwife in 2006 when this benefit ceased. I casually saw a few people during this period and so did my ex partner. The first letter arrived in 2008 (if I recall), stating that I had fraudulently claimed benefits as a single parent, when in fact they knew that my ex partner had been living there. They were asking for approx £3,500 to be repaid for the year 2003-2004. I spoke to someone on the phone, and they were made aware of the facts of our residence and that we were not in a relationship and at the time that seemed to make the DWP happy, they even turned up at the door unannounced and they were shown the living arrangements. We were still living by this arrangement as it suited the needs of our child, my ex still worked away from home and neither of us had met anyone serious enough to change these arrangements. I heard nothing again until 2010, when the DWP now stated that I owed approx £12,000 for a different time period to the last one stated. This time I asked for proof of what they were claiming and A breakdown of the figure that they were requesting. I heard nothing back. UNTIL February 2012 when I received another letter, this time requesting £21,000 for yet a another differnt time period. And this one threatening court action. I really cannot take any more of this harrassment. I am still paying student debts off, I dont live in a palace, my house is falling to bits as I never have any spare money to fix her up properly and I work full time hours in a very stressful job, so I could do without this stress at home as i know that it is starting to affect my judgement at work. Can somebody please offer some advice!!!!
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